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I HAVE now completed, as \vell as I have been able, the Bolles Genealogy. It has been the labor of 
my leisure hours for rauny years ; oft-times wearisome, and sometimes vexatious, attended with difficulty, 
perplexity, and expense ; yet, on the whole, pleasant, and in many instances productive of agreeable results, 
valuable acquaintances, and invaluable friendships. I almost regret the completion of this self-imposed task ; 
and to part with my manuscript, even to the printer with a view to its publication, is a sort of bereavement, 
not unlike that which we feel when our children leave us, to enter uj^on lives and homes of their own. Ajid 
yet I am glad that my task is done, and that I can now offer the fruits of my labor to those who are interested 
like myself in rescuing from oblivion the early records and the memory of our family. 

Our family record is one of which we have no reason to feel ashamed. If not many great, or famous 
names, adorn our annals, the pages of our history, unstained by vice and crime, are crowded with the names 
of the good, the just, the honest, and the true ; of excellent men and worthy women, whose memory, like that of 
the just, is blessed. To you, my American kinsmen, who feel interested in tracing the growth of our family, 
I need offer no apology for having entered on my work as genealogist. And yet most men are apt to regard 
such work as little better than itUeness. To look forward, and to care only for the future, is the almost 
universal practice ; — to "let the dead past bury its dead," is the prevailing principle, — of this busy and ever- 
hurried generation. How few of us pause to consider that our grand-children, whom we fondly love, will 
soon care as little for us, as we now seem to care for our grand parents, and remoter ancestors. None of us is, 
however, quite willing to die and be forgotten : — 

"For who, to dumb forgetfulness a prey, 

This pleasing, anxious, being e'er resigned. 
Left the warm precincts of the cheerful d.\y, 
Npr cast one longing, lingering, look behind !" 

This latent wish to be remembered is easily excited to action. In the course of my genealoiTical researches 

I wrote to one of our name for infoi-mation in regard to his parentage. He seemed to stand alone and 

disconnected from any known branch of our tribe, but his face bore the unmistakable Bolles ima"-e and 

superscinption. To my first letter he made no answer. Ills silence did not surprise me ; for in many other 

j instances I had already met with the like disappointment. I wrote again,* and my second letter was 

j answered by the statement that my correspondent knew the name of his father, but beyond that was wholly 

I ignorant of his ancestry. A thu-d letter secured a promise that he would write to the far-awav town of his 

i birth, and obtain, if possible, some information. ^Months passed away, and no information came. 

I then made a journey of thirty miles to call in person upon this dilatory correspondent. I found him at 

* And here, once for all, I beg pardon of the multitudes of far-oflf cousins whom I have persecuted and bored with pertinacious inquiries, i 

and muliituJinous letter-, on the unprotitahle suhjwt of "endless genealogies," — hereby promising that I will no more distuib their patience | 

in like manner, altiiough 1 trust they will all, without delay, or further request on mypart. write to me. lO the ca.-e of rrv pnblisliei-s and ; 

friends, Messrs. H. SV. Duttoii & Son, Boston, Mass., and furuiih me witli ail corrections and additio'ns a;ay be necdfiilto a second and j 

more peitcct edition of the Bolles Genealoirv. ; 


home, — surrounded by his family, aiul, at t!io inonieiit \vc met, hoUling iii his arms a beautiful child of four 
years old, uf whom he was manifestly botii proud and fond. "Is it your son, ]\Ir. Bolle.-,"' inqnircil I. 
" No, sir," answered he, '' my grandson." " Do you love him ?'" lie ans^vercd by a hug and a kiss that 
rendered all words idle. " Do you believe he loves vou?" "Of course he does I Don't vou love crand-iia, 
darling ?" and little curly-head returned the embrace and caress. " And yet, ilr. Bolles,"' said I, — " and yet, 
ill forty yeai-s from now, if he follows your example, he will not even renicnd)er your namel"' My remark 
struck home to his conscience and his heart. "With tearful eyes he renewed his promise, and in three weeks 
from that tinie I received from him a document which enabled me to complete, by the addition of the one 
ncedliil link, the genealogical chain which connected him with our common ancestor of 1608. 

I I have studied my own history for the purpose of ascertaining, if possible, why I have departed from the 
j common indifference in regard to genealogical matters. At my graduation from Brown University, in 1820, 
I President Wayland requested me to write an oration on " The Memory of tJie Dead." Whac induced him to 
I assign to me such a topic I can only conjecture. But its effect upon my mind I can very distinctly remember. 

It taught me to look, backward, and to regard the past with unwonted interest. From that time I bcijan to i 
I care especially for the surviving patriarchs of our family, and for its records and traditions, ily father, Rev. i 
I Matthew Bolles, encouraged this disposition, and laid before me such memoranda as he had colkcted in 

regard to our ancestors; as did also rav uncle, Juda-e David Bolles. of Ashford, Conn., from whom I learned 
i much concerning the Bolles settlers of New London. In the State Department of ilassachusetts I 
j found among the Colonial records some traces of the family earlier than its settlement in Connecticut, and 
' some indications of Its English relationships. These discoveries led to a careful examination of the early 
I records of towns, counties, colonies, and states ; and to a large correspondence with men bearing our name 

on both sides of the Atlantic. At last I found myself fairly committed to the enterprise of becoming the 

Bolles genealogist ; and under the influence of that pledge, I labored to perfect this work, and prepare it 

for the press. 

• The arrangement of ray materials became a matter of deep anxiety and careful study. I had never 
! seen a genealogical work which was not confused and confusing ; but it seemed to me possible to overcome 
I this difliculty, and the result of my reflection was the plan adopted in this volume. My publishers pronounce 
! it a success, and I trust that my readers will concur in that opinion. 


' I will endeavor to explain this method. On the magin of the page which contains the record of any name 
appear also the lineal male ancestors bearing the Bolles name as far back as Joseph Bolles the Englishman 
who founded our family on this Continent. Suppose that the Kev. Edwix A. Bolles of Orangeburg, 
S. C, wishes to learn who were his forefathers. He looks for his own name in the Index, and finds it 
recorded on p. 31 of the Genealogy. Turning to p. 31, he finds, by inspection of the margin, that he is the 
sr/7i of Abiel Bolle.s, who was bom in 1780 ; the granrhon of Jesse Bolles, who was born in 1749, and 
died in 1836 ; the great grandson of ExoCH Bolles, who was born in 171-5, and who died in 1800 ; the 
great-great grandxon of John Bolles, who was born in 1677, and who died in 1767 ; the great-great-grral 
grandson of Thomas Bolles, who was bom in 1644, and who died in 1727: and the great-great-great-gntii 
grandson of Joseph Bolles, who was bom in 1608, and who died in 1678. Any other name can be traced 
in like manner, and thus it is easy to discover the relationship, whether direct or collateral, of every person 

I named in this volume. 


To ifr. II. R. Danfortli, the printer; wlui lias .-^o neatly :inil ae<;ur;itely transfomicii my mami.script into 
print I t'e(>l dtn-ply imlehted, and I trust that all of my readers \yill unite in tills feeling. 

Having hecn occupied for the List three years and aiwlCin the military .-erviec of the United States, I have 
been unahh' tt> collect and receive many of the removals, births, marriages and deaths which have oceurreil I 
daring that eventful period. These omissions can only be supplied in a subsequent edition of mv book, j 
Each family in wliiih those changes have occurred will gratify nie by making tliom known in the way already 
suggested. I hope that I may thus hear from all who feel interested In this work. 

It is matter of regret on my part that I have been unable to establish the point of connexion between 
the English and American Bolleses. Perhaps some future inquiry or inquirer may be more successful. I | 
also regret that I have not succeeded in obtaining in all cases the full and exact information which I have 
attempted to procure from some branches of our American family.^ This failure is not owing to anv lack of j 
effort on my own part. It is incident, I suppose, to every inquiry so widely extended in time and space, and : 
I ought to wonder that my endeavors have been so well rewarded, rather than to repine, that some who have 
been harassed by my importunity have failed to give me all the information that I desired. 

Tiu; statements entertained in this little volume may be regarded as authentic, for 1 have, in every case, • 
consulted the best authorities, and have very seldom depended on anything but public records, an'l crio-inal j 
family registers, or the written declarations of the parties themselves in interest. I 

A brief Inspcctiou of this volume will show how widely our family is diffused. From the spot of its first | 

establishment on the coast of !Maine it has spread through every state and territorv of the Union, so that it i 

would bo no very ditfioult task for me to traverse the whole United States, findincr everv night a shelter j 

beneath the roof of kinsmen who bear our ancestral name, and who would, I am sure, be to receive him | 
whose letters have, for many years, made known to them the writer of this Genealogy. To their kindness I 
now commend this product of my long continued, and never unwilling, labor. 

August, 1865. 


Tun name of '-BocLs" is found in tlic Koll of Battle Adbey, as given by lIoi.LiXGsnET). Dccuesne, from a 
cliiirter in ihat Abli'.'v, pives ;i li-t of tlie CoiiquiTors of Eiisland, under "William of Normandy, among whose names 
appears the name of •' Bools.'' — ( Rull of Buttle Abbey, annolutrd bij Jo}(n Bci-nard Biirlc, J-Jsq., Lomlon. Eng., 18-18. J* 
The names of 15011. Pud. Bole, and liolle. oeeur frefpiontly in the Domesday Book.t — (Exon. Domesday, I'J, 25, 29, 37, 38, 
54, 251, 453. 478 ; Wintoii Domesday, 540, 541. 55'.J.J 

'•The family of Bolles. of lung standing in the County of Lincoln, was resident there so early ?.s the reign of Henry 
III.." (A. D. 121G — 1272). "Its principal scat seems to have been Bolle Hall, in Swineshead, until the close of the reign 
of Edward IV. (A. D. 1483.) when the elder branch of the BoUescs became settled at Ilougli, near Alford. in Liiicolnshire, 
while a younger branch establisiied itself at Go.-berkirke. now Gosbcilon. in the same County, and from this younger 
branch descendi;d tlie Baronets of Scampton. Lincohir-hire." — ( Bvrke's Extinct and Dormant Barointcies.) 

The fallowing genealogy, collected in \\\n from Illingworth.l in part from "Visitations of "Warwickshire," Ilarleian M.'^S. 
Brit. ^luseum. Is'os. 143G. 1550, and GOGO. an<l Visitations of Lincolnshire, Harl. ]\LSS., Nos. 15G4, 15'J2, and partlv from 
other sources whicli are therein mimed, will, though defective, be of some interest, viz.: 

1. Alaxe, or Alaixe Bolle, of Swineshead, Lord of Swineshead and Bole Hall, in Co. of Knc. in the rei^n of 
Heniy III. 

2. Thomas Bolle of Bolle. his son. of Swine.-head and Bolle Hall. He had two sons, "William and John. "William, 
the eldest, married, had one child, Cecilia Bolle, on whoso death, in the sixth year of Edward III., the family estates 
descended to his younger brother — 

3. .Joiix Bolle of Bolle Hall ancl .Swineshead, who then GO years old. He had two sons, "William and Godfrey; 
"U'illiam, tl-.c oldest, had but one child, Mabcll. Upon her death, and the death of her father, the estates descended to the 
younger brother — 

4. GoDFiiEY Bolle of Swineshead. William was Escheator of the County of Lincoln, and Godfrey appears to have 
had but one child. On Godfrey's death th.e estate di?sccndcd to — 

5. JoHX i)OLLE. his son. who married Joane, dan. and heir of Walter Godard of Moullon; and on his death to his son — 
G. Eaxuli'II Bollc of Swine.-hcad, who ra. Catlierine Pnlvertoft, dan. and heir of John Pulvertoi't of Bromfield. Co. 

of Lincoln. He di''il before 20tli Kichard II. His wife endowed a ciiantrey in St. Mary's, Algarkirke, Lincolnshire. He 
appears to have had but one child, viz. — 

7. Jonx Bolle. E-q., of Swinesiicad, who m. JIary, dau. and heir of "Wm. Angcvine, by Elinor, daa. and heir of Vrm. 
Alderbio. Then followed his son — 

8. William Bolle of .Swineshead, Esq.. who m. Anne, dau. of John Kyme of Friskney, and was succeeded by his son — 

9. JoHX Bolle, Elsq., of Swineshead and Haugh, Sheriff of Lincoln, IG and 17 Edward IV. (1477). who m. Catheriric, 
dau. and heir of Richard Haugh of Haugli, (Hough). He had eight children, viz.. Richard, RoF.Enr, William. .Ioiix, 
Thomas, Godfrey, ARXi;Lru, and Joax. From Richard, the eldest, descended the BoUeses of Hough and of Thorpe, 
and from Godfrey, the si.Kth, descended the Bollescs oi Neu-bold, Gosberton, and Scampton.§ Burke, in his ••Commoners, 

* "The names of every person of any consuleration " (of those who foiiirht uniler the banners of William the Conqueror in his conquest of 
England,) " were written upon a roll, anil hunfr ap in the Abliey of Battle." " A% to the orihoL;raphy ii is of littie consequence ; the bpeilin<; 
of names was at that time, ami fur many a<ros ul'ierwarci-i, not tixed. every one wriiiP'.' il.em as they [ileaseil." " Grafton, in his Chronieh', lias 
fjiven very many names" "from out of J^jlir Hardin^r's (^hrunicle" ami other sources. " Hollir.^"-)n-a,l mentions upwarl of six hun'ireii; 
Stow, in ii'.s Chronicle, only four hundred and seven. Thomas Serivcn, (copied hy Fuller, in his Church Ili.-tory.) mentions still I'ev.-cr. Fox, 
(Acts and M-inunicnts.) gives a list of William First's otiiciTs and ^loat men — \alualile bev'au-e it jjives the initials of the Christian nar es. 
Ua^'dalc (8ir William) a.;cnses the monks of Battle of flattery, in inseriini; names of persons whose ;'neestors never were at ihn Concjuest. 
Gi.i'.liam Tayleur, a Ni.rman historian, v.ho could have had no communication with the monks of Battle, puhlished the muster roll that was 
called o\cr after the battle of Hasiirjs, to know ivho had i.Ulcn. Fo.\, Ilolinjjshead, and Stow, have each pretended to give a transcript of this 
muster roil, but they are so unlike much reliaaie caimot be placed on any of them. Defective as these collections of naiiies are, they arc 
the only ones thi.t can be had, except what may be learned from IJomesday Book, ami a Fieneli author who has enumerated such places in 
Normandy as ha\e triven n:,mes to families which have settled in Eniland.— C.V(-'i/c's Histimj of the (.'uHtrj" vf Anns, Pri-lim. Dis., pp. 5, 6. J 

t Lower, in Ids Dictionary of the Family Xamcs of the United Kiiitrdom, (Lcii'lon, \ii~>0,j says that " Domesd.iy presents us with two tenants 
in chief called Bolle anf! Boiio, the former in Hants and the latter in l)orsft." Ferguson, {"EmjlUk iSariwuues," London, 1S58,_) derives the name 
from t'ne Norse word t,ai!li, a bull. De Bolle is found in the " R"titii Iltnirindontm." 

X"Tojioijmiihkal Accrmnt of tiie Parish of Senmflon, vilh ArifcJolfs of the Fami'li/ of BoUrs, hi/ jR'-i. Cm/ley lUinynvriA, London. ISIO." This 
writer states that in "the reiirn of Kdwurd II.. (I.'.OT — l.'iiiT.I the Bulbs family nere 'tc''s !i i-a;ile of the "Crown, of lands in Coningshy, and 
at the same time had larje possessions at Swmeshead, near Boston, which they licld of the Earl of Biehmond, bv Kuii;ht service." 

<) Illiitijuw'.h states that Boll I'all in Swineshead, now called B,.ll Hall, s.-nnis to have been their principal residence, till the ci. sc of tlie reicn 

of Edward IV., whsn the elder branch became settled at ifoiK.-li, illou'ih, ILvjh. Hoir.) near Alford, and at Thorpe Hall, near Louih, in Lin- 

i-olnshire, and one of the yonnjer branches nt Gosberkirkc, n,;w .Oo-beilon, in that county. The. family h id previously repres'-nted the Co. of 

Lincoln several times in Parliament (as in i'.l, rifi, and .'iS, Kilward 111., LLifi, I."Jt;.-}, and 1305,) ami had iilhd tlie olhces of Slientf and Escheaior 

of Lincoln Co. U'e fiml tliem ereciin,,; cliantries, and besiicvin;: lands to chaiitablo uses at Al„'a.kirke, 'Vy^toft, and other places in I.incolii- 

I shi'.c, a .lear indication of .he wcaltii uf t:.e I'.imiiy in those ■■aily times. — {llUmjiCurtU.) Swineshead, or .Swinstead. is 7 miles from Boston in 

I Lincolnshire, and II.t mileo from London. The sea formerly f.owed up to this place, and tliiTe was a har'uor near where the market place now 

I stands. In ll'!-t a Cistercian .Monastery founded there, oy liolicit ilo Oreslci, who-e revenue at its dis.-.olution wa^ over xlTj per annum. 

The .Monastery has disappeared. A little southwest of the town arc the remains of a Danish encami.ment, uf wiilch a picture m.\y be loind in j 

I Thompson's Boston (ISJri) p. i2, copied fruiu the London " lliiistiatcd News." The population of the tr,v.'i i.s over i'i\<\). Kin;; .loiiii first i 

rested hc,e ifier the loss of nis baL'!.'a'.;e in crossing the Lincolnshire marshes, darin > his military proj;ress Irom Lyan to Sicafoid, a short time ] 

before his deatii. Newtiold is in Lciceslor-liirc. I 

THE E N U L I s n r. O L I- F. S E 3 . 

■&e.," stutos that the thii-J son. "\ViHi:iiii. is ropiTsuntcil h_v diaries OKll'uM IVilK's (if North Aston, Oxt'onl Co. Illi^!:'^vol■th 
says tli:it, in ISII'). the lineal deseondants from tliat liraneli ot' the taniiiy -whieh setileil at lloii;j:h, vere Lient. Col. Tlioma.s 
James Direli, of His Majesty's 1st IJe'jiment Life Gnanls. and of Thoijic Hall : Lady In^'illiy Amcott^, vife of Sir John 
Ingilbr. Baronet: William Bosville of Uavenlield Park, in tiic Co. of York, E-q., and the IJev. Leonard Ti>\vne of Utterby, 
in tlie Co. of Lincoln. IStirke. "Kxl. and Dormt. I'.aroncteies." fays. "Tlie two sisters were Elizabeth and Sarah. Eliz- 
abeth m. Uev. Tiionias l)o-vil!e, 15. 1).. Keetor of Utlbrd, and bad three dauprbtcrs.\ll m. Henry Eyre, E?q., of 
Braraitv Hall, and bad one dan. and heir. Tlie children of Elizabeth and Thomas 13osvillc were — i. ^Maugauet, b. 
1710, 111. 17J4, to James r>irob. lCs(].. of Coventry; 2d. Eli.xauetii, who m. first, Alexander Emerson. Esq., of "SV'esl 
Retford. Notts, and second. Rev. .Sleiilieu Asliton, vicar of Louth; 3d, Biudget, -(vho m. Ti;omas Lo^vile. Esq., of Hraith- 
woU and of Ulverscroft Abbey, and liad two sons who d. without issue. The children of Margaret and James Birch were 
1st, Thomas of Thorpe Hall, wlio.-e son. Lt. Col. Thomas James Birch, of the 1st Life Guards, asstimed the name of Bo." 
vile, ou inheritincr Ravenlield Park, in Yorkshire, and d. without issue. April 22,1829; 2d, James, Rector of "Wishford, 
"Wilts, who d. 182o, aged 8t; and '-'A. Elizabeth, who m. Robert Lee, P^sq., of Louth and Littlecoates. in Lincolnshire, and 
was grandfather of the present (Sir) Thomas Bosvile Bosvile of Ravenlield Park, (and of the Charles Lee mentioned in 
note to No. l-^, post.) The only chiid of Sarah and Henry Eyre, plargaret.) m. in 172G. William Spencer, Esq.. and was 
gr. grandmother of the present Rev. William Packenbara Spencer of Biamley Grange.— ('jicr/.tf's Ext. and Dormt. Baro- 
netcies, Sfc.) 

- 10. PviCHAKD BoLLE of Hougb (ill right of his mother) and of Go^berton, ni. Isabel, sister and heir of Sir Richard 
Nanfant of Cornwall. Knight. 

11. Richard Boi.i.e of Gosberton and Hough, their son and heir, ni. ^Marion, dau. of John Fitzwilli;mi. and heir of 
Mabelthorpe, and had several children, viz., John, who d. without is=ue ; Gevrye, who m. Catherine, dau. of Bryau New- 
coDibe, of whose family I have no trace; and 

12. Richard Bolle of Go berton and Hough, who was ni. three times, and d. in his 85tli year, Feb. C. 1.501. The 
following is his epitajih yet visible and legible ou a brass plate in the south aisle of the Church of St. Butolph. Boston. 
England, copied recently by my brother, James G. Bolles, E^q., of Hartford. Conn., viz., -'Here lyeth Richard Bolle of 
Hough in the County of Lincoln. EMiuire, son and heir of Richard Bolle of Hough, Esq., and of JIaria his wife. dau. and 
heir of John Fitzwifliam of IMablothorpe, E^q. He had issue by Jane, his lir^-t wife, daughter to Sir "Win. Skipwith, of 
Ormsbie, Kt., Charles Bolle, his son and heir apparent who died in his life time; Maria, married to Anthonie Toumie 
of Cavenbie, Esq. ; Ann, married to Leonard Cracroft, Gent; Gertrude, married to Leonard Kirkham of Kellc, Gent.; 
and Ursula, married to John Kirkham. Gent. He had no issue by Ann, his second wife. He had issue by Margaret, his 
third wife, Richard.* John, and Jane. He died on the Cth day of Febru.ary, l.'iDl, and in y"' 8J"' year of his age, after he 
had sundry times had charge ip France, Scotland, and this realm, and had been twice Sherift" in the said County." His 
coat of arms is also there, "a most brilliaut coat of arms on a brass plate with real metals and tinctures enamelled, as old 
as the reign of Elizabeth," containing sixteen quarterings.— ( Thompson' s Boston.) 

■ 13. Charles Bolles, the above named, married four times,t as appears from the inscription on his monument in the 
chancel of the church at Hough. By his second wife, Bridget Fane, dau. of Sir George Fane, Knight, of Badsill, Kent, 
he had a dau. Katherixe. wiio m. Edward Carr. Esq., and a son John, who became 

14. Sir JoH>f Bolle of Thorpe Hull, born 1-3G0-1 ; d. Nav. 3, IGOO, in the 40111 year of his age.t He m. Elizabeth, 
dau. and heir of Edward Waters of Lynn, in the Co. of Norfolk, and had eight children, viz.. Sir Charles, his oldest son 
and heir, (see below, 15) ; Elizabeth, who ni. Geo. Cracroft ; ilary ; John, who m. Jane, dau. of John Bradley. Esq., of 
Louth; Edward; JIartha ; Catherine: and Bridget. Illingworth, from whom I quote as above, informs us that Sir John 
Bolle lived in the reign of Elizalieth :iiid James, and was distinguished alike by bis learning and military exploits. For 
his gallant conduct in the Expedition of l."*OG against Cadiz, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. During the adminis- 
tration of the Earl of Essex he served with distinction in Ireland, commanded at the taking of the castles of Donolong and 
Lifford, and was appointed Governor of Kinsale. His sons. Charles, John, and Edward, became conspicuous and honora- 
ble men. His portrait, by Zuch.Tro, >till exists, and an engraving of it may be seen in Illingvvortli. He is, undoubtedly, 
the hero cf that beautiful ballad, -The Spanish Lady's Love," wliich forms No. XXIII. of Bishop Percy's "Relics of 
Ancient English Poetry, Second Series."§ 

15. SiK Charles Bolles. son of Sir John, .succeeded his illustrious father in the estates of Hough, Maltby, and 
Thorpe Hcdl. He was knighted by King James, soon after coming of age, in IGIC. He was an active partizan of Charles 
I., and from his tenants raised and armed a regiment of infantry, which was commanded by his brother. Col. Jolm Bolles. 
He m. twice, viz., Ut, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Humphrey Stafford, E-q., of Blathcrwick, in the Co. of Nonhampton, 
by whom he had nine children, viz., John, Charles, who died in infancy, Elizabeth, Anne, ^Mary, Catherine, ^lary, Cather- 
ine, Jane ; 2d, Anne , by whom he had three children, Charles, Edward, and Martha. Most of his olfspriiig died in 

* This may be the Richard who, in 1591, .it Boston, Ens., paid £-20 towards a subsidy levied in that year, aod who, abont 1603, was assessed 
£.W in a countv assessment wherein ho i^ dcscrihfd m of lioston. — ( I /iviiiffson's Bo^^vii, pp. 7ti, 197.) 

t 1st, Katherine, dau. of Edward Dimotk, E<q.. of Scrivebbv ; la. [m above) ; 3d, .Maria, d^m. of Sir Thomas Powtrall of West nabam 
in the Co. of Derbv, Kt. ; J(h. Anna, dau. of Sir Tnomas Dimniock of iVi.-l.nev, Kt. Uy his first and fonrtli wives he ha.i no children. By 
his third wife he a dan. Elizabetl:, who, accoidirii: to one amhoritv, m. Sir GiR.y, Kt., ol St;uuon in ihe Hole, (/nsrnption ir. Homh 
Church, i/mted !■•/ Ilun'niorth, p. .'>4,)aid, aC'Ord:n!;''to anoiiicr, (TI,'m'ii'o:i's Uu.-itin, id id., p. 107,; m. Thomas EUey, and by their gr. dau. 
Sarah, who m. Kicliard Wri-ht, l.ecaine ihe am-estor of the present U..v. Thomas Bailey Wn-ht, Hector of Wrangle, near Boston. 

{The date of his death is from Thomi.-on's Boalon. 

(, See Ladv Dalnienv's illustra'.f d edi'ion of this Ballad, London, folio, 134'j. Tlie iiir lo which this ballad was originally set has been pre- 
served, see tfip Skene Colkction, No. LXIII., p. 242, and D'i'm.ti's Anci-:nl SrcttUh M-lwlits. 4;o. 193?. and al=o, p. 3.51. Comnlt London 
Quart. Rev., Oct. 1S46, Vol. 7?, p. 324, and F.diiiouru'h Kcv., April, 1S46. A writer in the Enjili-h Xotes and Queries, Vol. X., p. 273, says, 
"1 have hoard of the portrait of the Spanish Ladv at Kcv. T. B. Wri-ht's, V.'rnni:le." In Vol. IX., of the same periodical, and in the London 
Times of Mav !, is4r,, U c. l-.ttf r from Charles Lee, brother of Sir Thomas Bosvile Bosvile .-.f liavcnslield I'aric, Yorkshire, wniten at Coldrey, 
Hants, which'a^.-crts that Sir .Tohn Bo'le, the writer's ancestor, was the hero of the ballad, and that the necklace given to hirn by the Spanish 
lady is still e.-ct.ant, in the posicssion of a member of the writer's family ai Coldrey. 


his liie-tinu-. He wa^ ?l:un at Wiiu-oby, tlgliting as a royalist, in Oct. ICilS. — ( Tliompsoiis Boston, 2d ed.. 1P7.J Ills jior- 
trai*. liy \'aiulyko, is copii'd in lUliiLTunrth. Col. John liolli's. liis brotliur, I'onglit liravolyat Ediirliill and oilier places, and 
was killed while di't'endiMS Alton. Kilo. Dee. 2U. — ( (.'lanndnn's Jiehel/ioii, Jwuh VIII.: Purliaiiniilan/ ll'cr/Ji/ Avcoiinfs of 
Dec. '20. 10l.); IHui'jirurtli.) Milner, ( Autiij. of WinchcsliT. ]'uL 2. p. 7o.) states that when Kinj: Charles heard of his 
death, he euloirizcd him as one ot" the best commanders in the kingdom.* Of the four sons born to Sir John, Charles by 
the lir.-t wife died in int'ancy, Charles by the second wife died witliont issue, and Edirurd Bullrs. the yonnciest, estalilished 
himself in London, and d. lij.^^ll. a;ied 77. lie was bnried in Lonlh Church, where an inscription Itdls ih that he bequeathed 
£G00 to be inve-ted in land tor the iK'nelit of the poor. IHingworth states tliat the bequest was judiciously iuve^ted and 
has in its benetits kept ]iMce with the times. 

IG. Joii-V BoLLKS, E-q., of llanirh and Thorpe Hall, born 1030. d. 1G79, married Ursula Bradley, dan. of George 
Bradley, Esq., of Louth, bv whom he had two sons, .John, and Edward. Edward il. in infancy; the other son — 

17. John", E-q., born IGOo, d. 17^2, without male issue, aged 7'J, leaving two daughters. 

Thus, in the 17th generation, seems to have been extinguished the oldest male line of this ancient family. 

I now return to the younger branch, beginning with — 

10. Goi>FREY BoLLE of ^'Virr.OLD, in Leicestershire, son of John, and brother of Blehard, (see 9 and lOV He m. 
Alice, dan. of Humphrey Smallpage of Ilockering, or Bickering, County of Norfolk, and had the following children, viz., 
Thomas, John, and Iinnh/ii. Joiis' m. and left issue, and that is all I know of him. Ran'kvx died without issue. The 
estate descended to the remaining son — 

11. Thomas Bolles of Newbold. in Leicestershire, and Gosberkirke, now Gosberton, in Lincolnshire, who tn. Jane, 
dau, of Geo* Winter of Worthingtou, Leicester Co., and had sons, liobert and George. Robert d. without issue. George 
became — 

12. Sit: GF.oncE Bolles, born in 1538, in the reign of Henry YIIL We find him in London in 1.308 ; Alderman in 
1607; Sheriff in 1G08; and Lord Mayor in 1G18; Knighted, !May ;"!0, 1C18; (see Stoire's London, ed. 1618, dedicated by 
"A. 5L," the editor. (Stowe himself was dead.) "to the Bight Honorable Ge". Bolles. Ld. JIaior." See, also, Al/en's Lon- 
don, Vol. 2, and Ilil/'s Chronicles, end of King James). Oldmixon, in his "History of the Stuarts," relates that when 
King .Tames removed from one place to another. liLs carriages "commonly set out on a Sunday," and that, on one occa^ion, 
as they were thus passing through London on the vSabbath day, "with great clattef and noise." in time of divine servii'e. 
Sir George BoUe.-. the mayor, caused them to be stopped, and would not allow them to proceed until a warrant for tlieir 
passage was procurevl under the siirn manual of the kincr. His Jlajesty remarking that he had supposed "there had been no 
more kings in England but himself." Sir George Bolles m. Jane, dan. of Sir John Hart, through whom, in 160.1, he 
inherited the manor and lands of Scampton, near Boston, in Lincolnshire. He d. Sept. 1, 1C21, and was buried in the 
family vault in the cluirch of St. Swithin, London. He was succeeded by liis son — 

13. Sir Jon\ Bolles, who was born in 1.581. and ra. Catherine, dau. of Thomas Conyers, (Coniers.) E-q., of Brod- 
ham, Xottingham Co. He was knighted in 1627, and created a Baronet. .July 24. 1628. — ( lUinrjworth ; Ilarl. MSS., Xo. 
2145, p. 42 ; Cofo/of/uo of I^oronets prefixed to Baker's Chronicles of the Kinrjs of I^iu/laiid, continued by Phillips, No. 212.) 
He il. ilarch 8, 1G48, aged G7. He had six children, four of whoin, according to lUingworth, d. unmarried in his life time. 
Illingworth quotes from Slowe's London, edition of 1G33. an epitaph, in Latin, from a tablet in St. Swithin's Church, which 
states that George, the ohlest son of .Sir John Bolles of Scanqiton, d. in his twentieth year, in lG32.t The death of Sir 
John Bolles occurred March 8, 1618, when he was 67 years old. He was buried in the chancel on the north side of the 
altar in Scampton Church, where lie the remains of his wife and not less than twelve of their descendants. He nas suc- 
ceeded in the title and estates by hi* son — 

14. Sir Robert Bolles, liaronet, who was born in April, 1619, and m. ]Mary, dau. of Sir Edward Hussey, Kt., of 
Hunnington, in the Co. of Lincoln, in Oct. 1637. Sir Robert was a distinguished patron of the fine arts, and lived much 
among literary men. In 1G52, Shirley dedicated to him .a play, ("The Imposture"). In 1655, Rawlins executed a medal 
of him and his wife, mentioned in "Walpole's Anecdotes of Painters. &c., 3d edit.. Vol. 2, p. 258, and copied in IllinL'worih. 
In 1660, Ive was one of the Grand Jury for trying the Regicides at Hicks's Hall. In ICGl, he was member of Parliament 
for the city of Lincoln. He d. Aug. 1663. aged 44, leaving two sons, (John and Robert.) and five daiighters, each of whom 
inherited a handsome estate. He was buried in St. Switliin's, by torch light. He bequeathed the manor of Scampton to 
his son — 

15. Sir Jonv Bolles, who m. twice, viz., 1st, in Nov. 1663, Elizabeth, dau. of .John Pinsent, Esq., by whom he had 
a dau. Mary, who d. in his life time ; and 2d, Eliz.abetii. dau. of Sir Vincent Corbet, by whom he had four cliildren, viz., 
John, Henry, Sarah, .and Elizabeth. Henry and Elizabeth di(;d in their father's life time. 

16. Sir .John' Bolles. only surviving son of Sir John, succeeded his father, and lived in great splendor at Scamptcn. 
He represented the city of Lincoln in five '-ucce~sive Parliaments. He d. single, Dec. 1714, and was buried in St. Swithin's 
Church. With him ex[)ired the title. In default of ni;ile lieirs Ih.e estate descended to his sister Sarah, who d. single, Nov. 
7, 1746, at the age of 80. Site sutiered the manor house to decay. In 1810, little of it remained except a splendid stoue 
gateway to bear witness of its former grand(-ur. On her death, the manor and estate of .Scampton passed to her three co- 
heirs, descendants of the daughters of Sir Robert, the third Baron Bolles of Scampton, viz., Sir Cyril Wycb, Bart., John 

* A moTisTTientat instription in Winchester Cathedral, ndjoinins Bishop Slorlcy's monument, commemorates his virtues, thoujh by a ftrangc 
blun.ler liis name anj tlie <l;i:e ot' his death arc both tnis-stat'.-J. — W/ilner.) Tlic'inseriptivii is .^ai'l to he en^jravoj on a copper plate] aiBxed to 
one of the pillars in the vielniry of Bishop Hoadley's tomb. — (EffUlt ".Vv^s and (i'le.-ies," July 26, 1856). It was composed and placed in the 
Cathedral, in 16S'j_ (jy Rlthrjrd Boles, Rector of'Whiinash Cluirch. \V;;[tcr BoL-s was Mayor of Winchester in 1 309 and 13*7. Among 
the Kellows of Winchester College, in 1773, was Rev. Mr. Boles. — (L/ist. and Aiill'i. of' ! I'lnr/Wy. r, Vvl. 2, jip. 2S3, 28i;.) 

t The Bolles pedigree at the end of Ulinijworth's very intere.stiri..; volume, ;;ive.s tiic names, .te., of Sir John's children as fellows, viz., 1, 
Gcory, died lG.i2, xt. 20; 2. Ojni,tr<t, b. Nov. 29, 1CI4,'(I. ,Ju!v, Itilb; 3, lioUrt, born 1619, wiio inherited the title and estates; 4, ImUIo, d. 
16.S3 ; 5, Jane, d. 1629 ; 6, KllztiUth, d. I6C3 — .5'ee Nute A, on p. viU. 


'W'a^Iior, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, and Mrs. Mary Tuiton, wilu of John Tuiton, !M. D., of Birniiugliani. — [Bi(rl,e's Ex. avd 
Dor. Boron.) j 

■\Vliile spiaking of the Bolleses of Scaitipton it may be mentioned the CalalnLnic of Hectors of tliat pari-h contain?, | 
DCConUn;: to IHini;worth, the followiii'.'' iiitrics. viz. : A. D. "nit;. iMnidict de I'cke, vicar of I>Io!n, cxihati^cd with | 
Gaunstcde " (of Scampton). ''Anno iurvrlo. TlioMAS BoLi:." •• l-lO-l. AVaynellcct. Abl/ot of Kiik?tcad, dca;li of ]5oi.i;s." | 

Till-: cataloiine, the early entries in which were compiled from "the hooka of in-tilntions"' at Lincoln, coniains, between 
the years llUl and 10(j:j, twenty-live entries of births, bajitisni-. mairia^es, ai.d burials, of the Lotlcs family. Li a larfio j 
majority of instances the name is spelled 1Jollf.:5; but in si-veral cases this is interchanged with Lowlf.s, in recordinjr the 
name of the same individnal. On the ciinimiinion service of this church, a silver chalice and plate, is this in.-cn)ition, " S''. | 
J°. BoLi.i:s, Bar'., to the Church of .S<'ampton, ICJi." But on the [lulpit cloth ((jf Genoa velvet, deeply fringed with 
gold.) his name, according to Illingworth, is emliroidered as '■ Sir John boi.i:s." On the tomb-stones of the Sir J(dm Bolles 
■who died lG4i^, and of Lady Kalherine. his wile, who died l(j-ll. the name is spelled " Boi.LES ;" so, also, in the epitajdi 
of their son George. The diti'erent coats of arms, iScc., of the English family, from liurkc's Eneyc. of Heraldry, Berry's 
Encycl. Heraldica, and other works on heraldry, exhibit the oiiginal unity of the Bolleses, Bowleses, tic., as well us the 
wide diffusion of the family throughout England, 

I have thus traced, as fully as I could, the oldest and the youngest of the six sons of John Bolle, Sheriff of Lincoln, 1477. 
The male issue of William, his third son, as already stated, is represented by Charles O. Bowles, Estp, of Nonh Aston, 
Oxford Co., but I have not llic interniediale genealogical links, nor have I the lineage of Robert, John, and Thomas, the 
three other sons of that distingui-hed ancestor. Perhaps one of these three is the ancestor of John Bolles of 'Wallingtun, 
who, in the ilst year of Henry VHL (l.J.jO) was Sheritf of the County of Herts, and who m. Anne, dau. of John Da\en- 
ish of AVeston. in that Co.— ( 'Ch'tferbi'f/:'s His*, of Herts. Hmi. MSS..\h()\. -p. 9.) This John Bolles of "Wallington, had 
at least seven children, one ( Elizabeth ) m. William Chi-ell ; another ( Dorvthi/ ) m. Sir Balph Bowlett, Kt. ; a third (Anne) 
was m. twice, her (irst husband was John Burgoyne, and her second was Sir Bobert Catlin, Kt., Lord Chief Justice of the 
Court of King's Bench, 1-574, (See Clatterhvck's Hist, of Herts.) but Lord Campbell (Lives of the Chief Justices) says 
that Lady Catlin was a dau. of Thomas Bowles. Esi]., anil had an only dau. and heir, who m. Sir John S[iencer of Althor[ip, 
and that from them are descended the Dukes of Marlborough. Thomas was her brother, not her father.* A fourth child 
(George Bulles of AVallingford) m. Alice, dau. of Richard Fitz Hugh, and had six children — two sons, (Frr.ncis and 
Thomas,) and four daus., (Ellen, Lucy, Anne, and Ursula). A fifth (yicholas) d. without issue. Of Thomas 1 have no 

Richard, the oldest son of John Bolles of Wallington. was Sheritf of Herts and Essex. He was father of 

Thomas Bolles of Wallington, who m. Mary, dau. of Sir Rali)h Sadler of Staiiilon, Kt. bniincrct. and was Sheriff of 
Herts in 157G, ( \.Sth Elizabeth). He had numerous children, viz.. T/io/nci.'s, Hichnrd. Ralph, JIaria. Ell-n. and Jane. 

Ralph d. in infancy. Richard m. , dau. of Bawtry of Cambiidgeahire ; Jane m. Edward AVilsbu)- ; Ellen m. 

Richard Baker; Maria (iLiry) m. Robert Hayes of Enfield; and her brother. Thomas Bol'cs, Esip, Sheriff of Herts. 4Jd 
Elizabeth, (IGt'l) m. Mary, dau. of Robert Hayes of Entield, and had several children, viz., Lewis, Thomas, Charles, John, 
Theophilus. I 

In the days of .John Milton there was a Bishop of Rocliestei- wliosc name was .John Boi.les. One of his descendants I 
w.os the celebrated John Bolles, Ix)rn 1 7:2.5, educated at Oxford, and called, because of his liimous edition of Don Quixote, \ 
"Don Bolles." He was very learned, and d- 1788. j 

In the Transactions of the American Antiiiuarian Society, Vol. 4, I find a narrative of a voyage to .Spitzhergen. in tlie i 
year 1G1."5, accompanied by a map, on which ajipears, on the westerly coast of that i^land, '• Boules's Bay." 
' In the "Minutes of the Council for Xew England" are the following entries, viz., '"1022. July 12. VVhether Will Cross i 
and Abr"" .Jennings, Merchants, be content to enter into the grand patent election of Will. Boles. Clerk of the Council." j 

1622, Xov. 1 G. "William Boles to be Clerk, with a salary of 20/. per ann." — (Calendar or' State Papers, Colonial, 
\blA—\m~), Vol.2, pp. -il.U.) ' . ' i 

In the "Biog. Un'.verselle," Vol. 3, is .i sketch of William Bowles, n.aturali^t, who was bom in Ireland, 1720, and died j 
1790. He went to Paris in 17j2; was a friend of the learned Don Antonio de Ulloa, puljli-hed a woik on the Natural I 
History of Spain, contributed to the Royal .Society a jiaper on the mines of Germany and .'^pain, itc, &.c.. <SLc. 

In Vaperau Diet. Lnivers. des Contem[iorains, Paris, 18.33, is a notice of Sir George Bowles, a di-tiiiiriii-hed English i 
General, born ut Ileale-IIouse, Wilts; Envoy to Sp.iin, 1808 — 1814: served at Waterloo; commanded troops in Canada, ■ 
183-"); !Ma.-ter of the Queen's Household, 184.3 — jl ; Lieut. Governor of the Tower; Knight Commander of the Bath, ] 
Lieut. General, &.c., &c. 

♦ In 1593, Robert Eow'.Ie of LoiiJon published pariLinical works deemed to be seditious. — (Stri/jie's Whilyifl, B. IV., c. 11.) 


IfoTE A, p. vii. T!ii> pedi^'ree from Tllin^'wonh, tnken in connoction with tlie epitaph of Oeor^c Bolles, oldest son of Sir John Bolics (No. 13, 
p. vii.) cspo^cs the error of a family traditir.n of the American Boilescs, thn: Joseph Bolles of Wells, Maine, (i>ee Bollfs Genealoni/, tlui/i. I., 
Se~l. l; Jl- 1) was the ihlrJ son of '.'lis Sir Ji>hn Bulle.^ of Seampton. This eriDmoiis tniilr.ion grew out of an entry in tlie family Biole of that 
Col. Char'cs Frost who married Mary BjIIcs. the iiaii;;hter of Joseph Bulles ot '.Veils, (iiosi, j:. \). entry iiescril)C3 i'rs. Frost as Mary, 
dau. of Joseph Eolies of Wells, tliird son of Sir John Bulks of .Si.niiup'op, Baronkni^ilit." My brother-in-law, Major Gen. John A. Dix, 
examined th:;t entry, and describes it as interlined in a diiierent hand f:'.j :i the rest of the record of Mrs. Frost's niarriairc. The misspelling of 
Scam/itLm casts doa'bt on its accura-y ; and when we rememl.'or that J,-^cph Billies, in hi< own hand, on the Wells town record, pives the year 
of his birth aj 16o8, while the epitaph of GtorL'e, (Ac olJt.~t son of Sir John, prove i that Georsc horn in 161-2. we see that Joseph couh! not 
have been tUf iiti.d son. while the pedigree in liliii;^woitIi ;.i;ow? taai be oouiJ not have been tlie eiiild of Sir John at ali. j 

I have not bccu uble to trace the Euylish lineage of our aii'jjslor, Jo»:ph Bodes of Wells, Maiae. 



Section I. JOSKVH BOLLES, 1608—1678. 

The first of our name who came from England to America was Joseph TjOLLES, the precise period and place of 
whose arrival, I have been unable to a.scertain. In the year 1G40, the earliest date wliich I can lind connected with 
his name, he was ena:aged in tra<Ie ut 'Winter Harbor, near the mouth of the Saco river, in the then Province of 
Maine. — (Folsom's History of Biddeford and Saco, p. bo.) The records of the General Court of Maine for 16-10 con- 
tain this passage : — ".Joseph Bollcs hath presented to the Grand Inquest, Thomas Heard, for being dnaik, 

and threatening iiim with many violent words to break open the store. He (the delinquent^) further declareth that he 
received his drir.k at the iiouse of W™ Scadhick." 

Mr. Bolles afterwards removed to Wells, Me., (Id. p. 58,) where he held the office of Town Clerk from 1654 to 10G4, 
during which period his dwelliiig-iiouse, aud the first volume of the town records, were burned by Indians. — ( J orA 
County Register, VoL XII.. p. 25y.j 

The following cop}' of his Aimily record is from his autograph in the VTells town records : 

The ages of Mr Jos: Bolles was borne in Feb: 1608 
And Mary Bolles his wife in M.areh 1624 
Mary Bolles their daugh"' borne 7 Augs' 1C41 
Tho; Bolles his oldest sonne first Desemb 1G44 
Sam: Bolles was borne 12 March 1C46 
Hafl.ih Bolles Xoveb 25 was borne 1619 
Eliz: Bolles was borne 15 day Jar.u: 1G52 
Joseph Bolles was borne in ilarch 15"' 1654 
Sara Bolles was borne 20 Janury 1657 
Mercy Bolles was borne 11 Agstt 1661 

I have been led to conjecture that Jlrs. Bolles was a daushter of Morgan Howell, who owned land at Cape Porpoise, 
and who devised and bequeathed to Mrs. B. and her children all his estate and property, and appointed her Executrix 
gl of his will, Nov. 17, 1666.— r Vork Co. Reg., II. 120, and IV. 3 and 49. J 

-^1 Mr. Bolles died at "Wells, Me., in the Fall of 1678. His will bears date Sept. 18ih, of that year, and was admitted 
o' to probate in November. 1673. At the end of this Section I insert the Will, and the Inventory of his real and personal 
^^ propertv. His whole family survived !iim, and ilrs. Bolles was living in 1684; after which I know nothing of her his- 
? , tory. He was a large land owner. At his death Iiis real estate, reduced already by divers grants to his children, was 
'■r \ appniised at £5.30. Various circumstances show that he was. a man of high character and standing, universally respected 
p[ and honored. In July, 1653, Commissioners of Massachusetts held a Court at Wells, and appointed him "Clerk of the 
Writts, with power to grant Warrants, Attachments,"' &c. — (Mass. Colonial Records, Vol. IV. pp. 142-3.J In 1660, 
tho King having restored to the Gorges family what had been usurped by Massachusetts, Archdale, Gorges's Agent, 
came to jiaine v.ilh commi-=sions for various persons, and amoni; others Mr. Bolles, as Counsellors and Magistrater. 
In 1664, Sir Ferdinando Gorges, grandson of tlie Patentee, commissioned "Sundry of his loving friends," 
including Mr. Bolles, " as Deputies and C<jmmissioners f(jr the government of the Province of Ma;ne.'' — ( York Vo. 
Re J., XV. 256.J Of Jlr. Bolles's ciiildren, Mary, the first bom, married Col. Charies Frost of Kittery, hy whom she 
had ?i large fanily. The date of her m.arriage is not given. Her father's will, however, shows that fhe was married 
before its date. Sept. lb. 1678. She died Nov. 11, 1704. Col. Frost was one of the most distinguished of the early 
inhabitants of J[::ino. — (Folsom's Blddeford and S-ico, pp. 146, 15!), l'J5; Br. Usher Parsons's Gem-al. of the Fr,-:sf. 
Family ; New Lr.g. Hist, and Gen. Reg., 1840, p. 261 ; t/ie Frost Funuly BiUe.j Fliza. or Elizabeth, married a Air. 
Locke. Mercy seems never to have, married. Hannah and Sarah married ; the one (wliich. does not apjiear), a 
Mr. Becke, and the other a Mr. Ch.adbourne. I cannot trace any of the married dapghiers except Mrs. Frost. Of Mr. 

BoV.cs's sons, Joseph married Mary . and died at Wells, Sept. 25, 1683. His v.ife survived him. and administered^ 

upon his estiite. They had no child. Samuel, tlie second son, married ifary Dyer, daughter of "\^ illiani Dyer of 
j Slieepscot, Me., and n'moved to Roche-^tcr, (See his Genealo'jy hereafter, Chap. II.) Tliomas, the oldest son, 
I removed from Wells. Ms., to New London, Conn., a? related in Section 11. 

I In all cases where I find his name written tij his own hand it is spelled Bolles. But copyisrs, recordinir officers, and 

oilier persons out of the family, spell it capriciously, and in many ditferent way. The blundering ingenuity of clerks 

in regard to this name is curiously illustrated by the town reconls of Ip-wich, Jfa's., and by the Regi.-tries of Deeds 

and of Probate, of Esse.t County, Mass., in regard to the I;)swich BoUc'^l-. who were somehow rela'ed to the family at 

! Wells, Maine. Upon those records and registries the name is variously written as BouLt, Bowls, Botctes, Boals, Bolls, 



JOSKl'lI HOI.LES. 1608—167?. 






Booh, I}<H>'fs, liijoles, liowaUt, and Boireh. 
bui from 175-4 no vestifre of it remains. 

From IGSo to 1754 those records contain frequent mention of the family, 

The 'Will of Joseph Bolles, Esq., of Wells, is in the words and figures following : 

In the name of God, Amen, the I8th of Septem'^'-: 1678: I, Joseph Bolles of AVells in the county of Yorkshyre, 
Gentle" being in pcrtoct memory & remembrance praysed bee God, do make & ordajne tlib my last will & testament in 
manner & forme as followeth 

1: I do bequeath my soule into tlie hands of Almighty God my Maker, hopeing tlirough the mereforious death &. 
passion of Jesus Clirist my onely Saiiior it Redeemer, to receiue free pardon & tbrgiueness of all my sins, <Sc as for my 
body to bee buried in Christian buriall, at the diseretion oi" my executrix hereat\er mentioned. 
1: I giue »fc bequeath unto my elldost sonn Thomas Bolles tenn pomids 
I bequeath unto my sonn .Saniell tenn pounds, 
I do bequeath unto my dautrhter Frost tenn pounds, 
I bequeath unto my daughter Beeke tliirty pounds, 
I bequeath unto my daughter Locke tt-nn pounds, 

I bequeath unto my daughter ^lercy tliirty pounds & as much searge as will make her a gowne & tickeine for a 
bcdd & a bowlster, which is in the liouse & my will is that twenty pounds bee payd to n\y sd daughter by my executrix 
w» shee shall antajne tTTS age of twenty years, or marry, which eyer shall first happen & the other tenn pounds to bee 
payd by my sonn Joseph. 

I bequeath unto my sonn Joseph all my houseing, vpland, meddows & marsh belonging to my homeplace to him & his 
heyres for euer, at'ter the death of my wife, not doubting of his dulifullness & care to his mother, hee paijno- fiuety 
pounds to my children hereafter mentioned to my sonn Tho': tenn [louiids, to my sonn Samell tenn pounds, to my dau"!!- 
ter Frost tenn pounds, to my daughter Chadbourne tenn pounds, &, to my daughter Mercv tenn pounds. 

Further my will is. that my wife shall haue my whoole estate both within doors and without, in this Town or elsew^. 
to dispose of to w' children she sees good, (excepting the houseing & lands that 1 haue given unto my son Joseph) after 
her decease, shee to haue the uss of it during her lite, &. iny wife to pay all debts & k-iracvs, but onely w' Joseph is to 
pay: And I do hereby nominate & appoynt my deare & louing wife Mai-y my soole executrix of this mv last will &. 
testament, «t do hereby nominate and appoynt my loueing freinds Mr. William Symonds & AVilliam Sjmonds to be the 
ouerseers of this my last will and testament, all other wills and testaments being made uoyd. 

In witness_whereunto I have sett my hand & scale, the day & yeare aboue written. . yO . ,.^_^\ , 

Witness, Samell Wheelewn'ght ^ /~ 'T'i ^^7^ ' locus ) 

WUliam Symonds • \OS!jLJdfiCS <. *%i"i / 

The Inventory of Mr. Bolles's estate was as follows :— 

Jn Jnventory of the Estate of Jo": Bolls Gentlema who deceased lately 
Jmp": houses, lands & Meddows belonging to the home lotts apprised by us vnderwritten at foure hnndred & 
eighty pounds ----....... 

" for oxen thirty pounds, 3 Cows 3 Iletfers & 3 three yeare ould 27£, .... 

" 1 yeare ould Ilefler 3£, 4 yearelings 6£, 4 Calt'es 4£, 2 Horsei 8£, .... 

" 19 swine at 20£.10s.0d. Three Acers of Marsh at y« necke of land 15£. .... 

" Two Acers of land at Ogunquelt 30£. 50 Acers of land at Cape Porpus 20£ ... 

" Wollen & lining Cloathing 30£. — 18 yd', of Dowless at 3s p. yd — 543 . . ... 

" lining Cloath 15s. — 2 yd*, of broad searge atlGs- 

" 9 yds. of Carsey at 6s. p. yd. — 2-14-0. 8 yds. of searge at 4Ss. ..... 

" 11 yds. of broad Cloath at 22s. p. yd — 12-02-0. silke thread, buttons gallone Trimg 0£. 

" 8 yds A Cotton Cloath — 25s-Gd. 7 yds h of Tickcing SOs . 

" 3 feather bedds, 3 boulsters. 3 piilows belonging to y™. .... 

« 6 niggs apprised at 5£-10-00. 5 blanketts 3-15-00. 8 sheets nine pou'''. 

" 3 flocke bedds & some other bedding 7£. Curtains & Carpents 4£ - 

" 12 pillow bears & Napkines 35 s. 18 Napkines 2 Table Cloaths 453 

« 2 Tables & 2 formes 32s.— 7 Chests 42s.— 5 Chares 153 - 

" Jndean & Jnglish Coine of of all sorts 'iTi£. - - . . . 

" porke & beife IIX — 20 Loade of Hay at 15s. p. loade 15£. . - - - 

" Butler Cheose & suett 4£. & Bookes foure pounds - - - . . 

" 3 Jron polls & 3 peyr pott hcrkrs 453. 1 Jron kettle & skeilett los 

" one frijngpan & 2 Tramells at 13s. - 

" to an Jron ilorter 4s. to bnxss Kettle a stew pann & other brass 35s. 
403. .-.-.... 

" Earthen ware «& glas3 bottles 203.^— Hodg*. barlls & tubbs 353. .... 

" Molesbcs 15s.^-one peyre of bellows two poyre of shooes 73 .... 

" one peyr of shott Mould' 1 8d. — Toba: tenn shillings ..... 

" a Chume ifc Milke vessell los. — Garden stuffe & pimpkins SOs .... 

" one Grindstoon Gs. — Axes Rings, M'eilges, a marking Jron ik, Hookes 403 ... 

" Wheels & Cart 30s. Ciues pitchforks racks saws (k takeiin 12s - 

" Slcads shares plows & Cowhers l-14-Oi). Yoaiis Cheains and Tackeing belonging to the yoake3 


- 057-00-00 

- 021-00-00 

- 035-10-00 

- 050-00-00 

- 032-14-00 

- 001-11-00 

- 005-02-00 

- 18-02-00 

- 002-15-06 

- 014-00-00 

- 018-05-00 

- 11-00-00 

- 04-00-00 

- 004-09-00 

- 028-00-00 
T 026-00-00 

- 008-00-00 

- 003-00-00 

- 000-13-00 

pewter dishes & other pewter 



JOSEIMI BULLKS. 1608—1678. 

Jmp»: 4 Cussions -ts. one Mu>kett 4 lb. of powd-- & bullett GGs • - - - - - 02-00-00 

" iiayls 10s. a smoothing; Jion 2?. C bnggs Gs. ....... 00-18-00 

" one warmeing p.-xnn at three shillings Gel. -------- 00-03-06 

An Jnventory made & apprised by us the 29th of K'ovemb'' 1G78 : "William Svmoxds — Joseph Stoker. 

Mis M:iTy Bolls taketh oath that this is a true Jnventory of the Estate of her husband Mr Joscpli Bolls deceased, 
accordins: to the best of her knowedc; & \v' more shall afterwards appearc vpon y" same oatii shee is bond to brinjr il in — 
taken in Court y* 7th of Aprill 1079 p. Edw: Risiiwortii Re: Cor. 

vera Copia of this Jnventory transcribed & Compared with the originall Aprill 7: 1679: p. Edw: llishworth Re: Con 

In the ancient records at Alfred. Me., I find the following items, which are interesting as helping to verify or approxi- 
mate the dates of some family incidents : — 

1G72. Mr. Joseph EoUe--, in behalf of his wife, is Plaintiff, and recovers £30.1 l.C. — (Old Court Records, fol. \.) 

1G73. Mr. Joseph BoHe>, in behalf of his wife as executrix of Morgan Howell's will, maintains a number of suits 
for title to land, and prevails. — f Old Cvurt Eecords./ol. '2\.) 

1678, July 2. At a County Court, holdcn at Wells, among those who "took the oath of fidelity" were Sam' Belles 
and Joseph Bollcs ; and Sam' BoUes was chosen "town constable for the yc;ir ensuing." 

March, 1G63-4. Morgan Howell is alive, and sues W"" Kendall. 

memorandum of conveyances, jcc, to and from josepii bolles. 

Mem". Mr. Doctor Child. Jlr. Joseph Bowles hath one hundred acres of land next unto Mr. Mackworth's lott aa 
yet he hath not a deed for it. I pray you contiira it. Yors, Ercn Vines. 

Confirmed the 26"" 4, 54, by Robert Booth, John West, Selectmen of Saco. 

Vera Copia taken G"' of the o"", 54. Ed. Rishworth, Reco^d^ — (Book 1, pa^e 43. j 

John Barret of Wells to .Tos: Boolls, Senior, of Wells, of three acres of marsh. (Consideration not named.) Dated 
19th Sept. 1678; Recorded June 28, 1G79. — (Book o, page b'i.) 

Israeli Il-irding of Wells to .Jos: Bolls of Wells, of "a peece or parcell of meddow sanlt marsh being by measure too 
acres, lying and being in the town of Wells;" bounded by the "sea wall on the Southeast, with a Crieke on the North- 
west, with ve marsh of the s'^. Jos: Bolles, on the Northwest and with the marsh of Josejth Storer on the Northeast." 
Consideration, "Fourty nine shillings." Dated 29th 1C82 ; Recorded July 30, \mZ.—(Book Z, paije 129.J 

Joseph "Bolles," " Gentleman," to Peter Hill of Winter Harbour, of one hundred acres of land. (Consideration not 
named.) Dated Oct. 12, 1659 ; Recorded .Tan. 6, 1607. — (Book 2, page 36.) 

Joseph Bolles and wife JIary of AVells, to Charles Frost of Kittery, "a certain peece of sault marsh lying and being ; 
in the Township of Cape Porpus contayneing tenn acers more or less. wch. was formerly Morgan Howells and given to i 
the s.ijd Mary IJolles as by his will may and doth appeare." Consideration, "a cenain sum of money," and other valua- 
ble considerations. Dated April 3, 1672; Recorded Aug. 9, 1072. — (Book 2, page 120.^ 

Joseph Bolles of Wells and Mary his wife, to John Batson of C;ipe Porpus, of "a certain tract of ujiland and meddow 
scituate and being in to tl e town of Cape Porpus, containeing by estimation about fivety acres, being part of y'. hunlred 
acres granted by Mr. Thomas Gorges unto Morgan Howell, as by deed bearing date the eighteenth of July. 1643, doth 
more amply appear, ..." was lately belonging to the aforesaid Morgan Howell deceased, by his last will and test- 
ament bequeathed unto the s'^. Mary, the wife of the sayd Joseph Bolls, and now bj' the afores"*. Joseph Bolles and ?fary 
his wife soiilJ unto the aforesayd John Batson." Consideration, "twenty-five pounds sterling." Dated July 9, 1674; 
Recorded February 9, 1083. — (Book i, page 3.) 

Joseph Bolls to his daughter Elizabeth Locke, of "a certain tract of upland and ten acres of marsh lying and being 
in Wells nt ve three mile brook, being a hundred acres more or less : which land I bought of Goodman Baker." Consid- 
eration, " For divers good causes and considerations." Dated, Oct. 25, 1678; Recorded July 14th, 1714. — ( Bk. 8, p. 46.^ 

Josepli Boils of Wells to John Bouden of Saco, of "all those messuages, lands and meadows, pastures, feedings, heie- 
ditamentr. whatsoever belonging to that lot which was formerly !Mr. .Sankees and sold to Mr. Wright and left now unto 
the hands of the s'^. Joseph Boles gentleman, lying and being above in the river of Saco, containing two hundred acres 
of land with meadow abutting on the river." Consideration, "thirteen pounds sterling." Dated Oct. 11, 1659; Record- 
ed June 7, 1728.— C.3o»it \2.'page 284.J 

I tind the name of Jos: Bowls recorded as a subscribing witness to an Ass', of Deed from .John Bush to Rich"* Moore, 
of date July 8, 1650. Also, as a witness to the will of Henry Boad of Wells, of date Jan. 8, 1654. 


Mary Bolls of Portsmouth, relict of Joseph Bolls, deceased, of Wells, and Administratrix to the Estate of Morgan 
Howell of Cape Porpus. deceased, to Samuel Snow of Boston, of " my soole right title and interest of y'. neck of land 
lying at Cape Porpus which was formerly Moigan Howells. and in prticular yt. place w'. Morgan Howell's bouse for- 
merly stood, containinjr bv estimation fivety acres." Consideration, "several good causes and considerations." Dated 
June' 20, 1081 ; Recorded Nov. 28. \Z6'k—( Book A. page 49. j 

Samuel Bolls of Rochester, Mass., to Samuel Hammond of Rochester, "one mcs-su-ige or tract of land lying in ye 
township of Wells, in ye County of York and Province of Maine, containing three hundred Jcres, be it more or less, 
with ten ai.res of meadow or marsh, which is called ye Pond marsli, w hioh ye sd Sam'' Boles had given and granted to 
him by ye inhabitants of Wells, .as by their records do fully appear." Consideration, "One hundred pounds." Dated 
June I,'l7l3; Recorded Nov. \~\b.—( Book H. page V20.) 


JOSICI'H HOLLliS, 1608—1678. 

Mary Bolls of Portsmouth, "relict of !^I^ Joseph Piolls of 'Well.s in ye Province of JIaine dec*, and luinf; hv the hut 
will and testam' of my lul^hand 3Ir Joseph Bolls dec'', invc-tcd into and riprhtly possessed of a certaiiie tr.-'.ct of upland 
containing two hundred acres beyounJ 0(iuin<piid Kiver's mouth to Samuel Hatch," convejing the land ahove described. 
Also three acres of marsh. Consideration, "of one and twenty pounds." Dated May oO, 1084; Kecorded Jlay 15, 
}7ld.—(nook 9, pa^e ItU'..; 

Samuel Bolls of Rochester, Mass., and his wife Mary, to Henry Flint of Cambridge, of "a certain tr.ict of land con- 
taining six hundred acres (more or less) situate lying and being in IS'cw Dartmouth, Sheepscot, in the County of 
Cornwall (formerly so called) within the Province above said, conionly known bv the name of Dyer's ^Teck, or Nassoc- 
mek," . . . "which said neck of land was formerly granted by Robbin Hood, Sagamore of the sd. Nassacmek, unto 
William Dver (father of the s''. ilarv) who died seized thereof." Consideration, " tiiirly pounds." Dated June 11, 
1712; Recorded May 21, 17Sfi.—(Ij'ouh \b, page 224.J 

John Dyer of Brantry, and 'William Dyer of Bridgewaler, and als., to Samuel Boles of Rochester and liis wife Jfary, 
of "all their right to a certain tract of land situate in New Dartmouth, alias Sbeepcot, County of Cornwall, containing 
by estimation six hmidred acres." Consideration, "Love, good will and atfection." Dated June 10,1712; Recorded 
July 3, 1733. — (Book lb, page 2tj6.J 

The Deposition of Joseph Storer, aged seventy-nine years or thereabouts, and Sarali Sayer, aged seventv-eight vears 
or thereabouts, testifieth that they well remember that Mr. Joseph Bools, the elder, lived on the land that is now the land 
that Capf. Joseph Hill dwells on, and is in his improvement upward of sixty years aso, and the s'^. Hools died about 
forty-eight years since, and that his son .Joseph Bools lived on the same tract of land after his decease about six or seven 
years and then died. And further saith, that the ditches in the marshes as they now stand were made about sixtv vears 
since and have always stood ns bounds ever since and that it was always accounted that the lots of upland went Irom the 
marsh two miles and a half back into the woods and never heard it in the least questioned until very lately. And Mrs. 
Sarah Sayer further saith that Mr. Joseph Bools Sen'', had his house burnt about seventy years ago or upwards .and that 
she heard it generally spoken of that the Town records were then burnt. Sworn, May Sih, 1727. 

Joseph Storer, Sarah Sater. 

York, ss. Wells, Aug"' ye 12, 1727. This d,ay the above written Joseph Storer and Sarah Sayer both personally 
appeared before us the subscribers and made oath to the above mentioned instrument in perpetuam res memoriam. 

Corum nobis, John Wheelwright, John Gray, Quor™ unis. 

April ye 4"", 1728. A true Copy of ye original Copy rec"!. under seal. Exam'*, by Jos: Moody, Regf. 

Deposition, 1733, XIV. Esther Roberts of Boston aged about sixty four ye,-\rs, Testifieth and saith that she very 

well knew Mr. William Dyer of Shipscot, father of s**. Christopher and John Dyer and Mary Dyer who married to | 

Samuel Bowles. Said Christopher w.os s'*. William's eldest son and had by his first wife two sons Vt'illiam and John j 

and one daughter called Grace, who intermarried with one Allicet: The first mentioned William Uyer lived on a neck 

of land that was known by the name of Dyer's Neck, and had there a house, a field, orchaid, garden and cattle, and at I 

the same time there lived on y« s'' neck at a little distance from him his second son John Dyer. The s"*. William Dyer i 

was mending his garden or orchard fence when the Indians came and knocked him down, which I saw, and ihey killed 

and scalped him and wounded greviously his second son John Dver, but he recovered of his wounds. Christopher Dyer j 

was kill'd by the Indians a few months afterwards, which I also well remember. The above William and Christopher | 

Dyer were killed upwards of forty years ago. _ 'J" -- 

^ ' ^ ./ n . Esther y. Roberts. 

Suffolk ss. Boston, March 31, 1733. Then the within named Esther Roberts psonally appeared and made oath to 
the truth of the declaration signed by her on the other side, t.aken in perpetuam rei rnemorium. 

Jus' Cor". Edwd. Hutchinson, John Ruck, Jus'. P'. Quorum Unus. 

A true Copy of y* original received May 21, 1733. Attest, Joseph Moody, Reg''. 

"Now know yee that I the s'*. Ferdinando Gorges reposing trust and confidence in my loving friends 

Capt. Francis Champroon near Braboat Harbour, Henry .Tosslin of Black Point, John Archdale, Robert Jordan of 
Spurwinck, Thomas Purchas of Pegipscott, Francis Neale of Casco Bay. Samuel Hooke of Saco, Henry Watts of Blew 
Point, Edward Risworth of Georgiana, Joseph Bowles of AVells, Francis Raynci near Braboat Harbour, Robert Cutts \ 
of Kittery and Thomas Witlwrj of Piscataway, gentlemen, all inhabitants and residents witliin the s^. Province have j 
constituted and appointed and by these presents do constitute and appoint them the s"*. Capt. Fran: Champeroon, Hen: i 
Josslin, John Arcliedale, Robt. Jordan, Tho: Purchas, Fran: Neale, Sam". Kooke, Hen: AVatts. Edw: Ri-worih, Jos I 
Bowles, Fran: Raynes, Rob'. Cutts and Tho: Withers to be during my will and pleasure my Deputies, and Commissioners | 
for the Government of the s<*. Province, hereby empowering them or the maj' part of them, or the major part ot the j 
survivors of them to do and execute all such authorities and powers as by ye sd. Letters Patent are to be done and exe- 
cuted by my Lieutenant or Lieutenant's Depuiie or Deputies." Dated June 21, 1CG4. 

I al-o find the n.ame of .Joseph Bowles recorded a.s a Commissioner certifying the acknowledgment of deeds bcanng j 
the following dates, viz.: Nov. l,.l (".58; July 4, IC.OO; April 8, and 18, an.l iMay 17, loOl ; March 2-5, IG.^7; O''''. r'*' ' 
1662; and Sept. 25, 1655; and as a subscribing witness to deeds, &.C., bearing the following d.ites, viz.: Oct. 18, 16<)2; 
April 16, 1648; Dec. 17, 1661 ; and the nann; of Samuel Bowles a.s a subscribing witness to deed from .an Indian Sag- 
amore to John Sanders, Sen'., dated Feb. 19, 1600. The parties to the above named instruments residing in the town ot 


JOSEPH BOLLES, 160S— 1678. 

THOMAS BOLIDES, 1 li 44 --1 rav. 

OC ; f~ 

r- CI 

tf5 C« 

6 o 

O 3 

Thomas Holles, who. as wc liavo seen, was the -iecond cliild and fir.-^t-born son of Jo?e)ih BoUo?, Esq.. of Wells, 
Me., born Doc. 1, 1G14, wa.* iiidiieed by .loUn Winthroi), Guvonior of Connecticut, to remove tVoiA Wells to New 
London, Conn., soon after he rcaclud nianhooil. lie tii t settled in the "town plot." but in 1 G(J8 lie bouirht a house 
and hind on what was thin called " Foxen"s Hill," afterwards, and to this day, known as •' IjoUc-^'s Hill," a most beau- 
tiful slope just north of the jiresent cily of New London. It is ditlicult to lind a lovelier landscape tiiau that v.iiich 
greets tiie eye from this eliarniin!i elevation: aTul nothing can be (dea-anter to the eye of the traveller tlian the grace- 
ful accent from the banks of the Thames of the waving wooils and fertile tields of l5olle>"s Hill. 

Gov. Wintluop gave Mr. Bolles a number of young ajiple trees which he had imported from England, and from 
those trees m_v father (IJcv. ^Matthew Bolh's) the great-great-grandson of Thomas Bolles gathered fruit. Mr. Bxilles 
purchased a portion of BoUes's Hill from Owaneco, son of Uncas. and Sachem of the JMohican Indians. Mr. William 
Bolles (who descends from Thomas, through John. Jo^lula, and Hezekiah BoUcs) now living on part of this ancestral 
hill, has Owaneco's receipt for the final payment on account of this purchase, dated Oct. 14, IG'JO; signed "Owaneco, 
his niarke." The receipt is attested by two witnesses, and certified by " Kich't Christophers, Commissioner.'* 

Mr. Bolles, eontrarv to the trailition entertained by many of his descendants, was married three times: 1st, to Zip- 
poriih Wheeler of Groton, Conn., July 1, lliiiO, by whom he had three children, Mary, Joseph, and .Mm. 2d, to 
Bebecca, daughter of !Malthew Wnller of Xew London, who died without issue, Feb. 10. 1711-12. 3d, to Hopestill, 
widow of Nathaniel Ch'tppell. bv whom he had no child, and who survived him, dying in 1753. aged about 1)0. — (Miss 
CaiMiiis's Hist, of Xew London ; Xew London Jiecords.) Mr. Bolles died in New London, intestate, ilay 20, 
1727, in his 84th vear, and his grave-stone may yet be seen, where I have often visited it. in "the old burial ground." 
His three children were, Miri/. born lG7o ; Joseph, horn lG7d ; and John, born Aug. lt')77. 

On the evening of .June G. 1678, ^lary and .Joseph, with their mother Zip[iorali, were murden-d bj- a boy named 
.John Stoddard. All the legal records and proceedings in regard to these murders will be found appended hereto. 
The account of this tragedv given by Miss Caulkin-. in her excellent History of New London, is sub-taiuially correct. 
I have seen and collated a contemporaneous record of the transaction in the original Diary of Rev. Simon Brad.-trett, 
of the fir~t pari-h in New London, from which I co[iy, verbatim et literatim, some passages: "June G. jVbout sun- 
sett Mr. Thomas BuCes his (BoUes's) wife and two children were murdered here in New London by an Indian or 
Indians."' " Cut 'ometime after this God was pleased very strangely to discover the niurtherer who was a young lad 
named John vStoddard." . . . "one who has been a rebellious and disobedient wretch to his parents al his dayes, 
&c." '* The fir-t cause of suspecting him was his attempting to murther his brother in law, about a year old, or some- 
thing better. He gave him two or three blows with an axe, and, as he thought, let't him dead, informing the neighbors 
tliat some Indians done it : but u])on examination ownd and confe^^t the fact, also the other murthers." 

The Indian tir-t siisjiected of the Bolles murders was Kesuckquancli, a ^Mohican, who had been at Mr. BoUes's 
house ju-t before the murder. The record of his examination, ;ind those of Keweebhunt, Nucquiltaty and his Sipiaw, 
who fir.-t discovereil the crime, are preserved in the office of the Secretary of .State of Connecticut. I have carefully 
studied the originals, and also the examination, confession, indictment, ttc. of young Stoddard, tlie real murderer, some 
of <vliich in part, and some of which in full. I juhjoin hereto. Stoddard in his confession says that he came to 3Ir. 
BoUes's house that evening (.June G, 1G78) his mother and step-father living near by, — asked ^Mr^. Bolles for a night's 
lodging, and was refu-ed. "Then he ownetli," says the confession, " that he drew the latch and came into the house, 
and took an axe that stood by the wall, and strooke the said ^Mrs. Bowles on the head (as she satt on the stoole nei>re 
y« Bedde's feete, with the child in her lap.) with which blow she fell on the flore, (by some venyson that lay there). 
Then he strooke her another blow on the head; then he strooke the girl on the head as she stood by the dore, and 
then strooke the little bov on the head, &c." . . . "when he went from the house to the highway homewards." 

Keweebiiunt, Nucquiltaty and his squaw, state that they came to the house just after dark, and found Mrs. Bolles 
and one child dead on the floor, and the other child wounded and gasping on the threshold. They hurried into town 
to give the alarm. 

At the Hartiord Court. October, 1078, Stoddard was indicted, tried and convicted of the murder of Mrs. Bolles and 
her two children. He was sentenced to death, and was hung "on the 0"' day of October, after the lecture.'' 

Mr. Bolles was much employed in town affairs, and tor nearly twenty years was in the Commission of the Peace. — 
(Caidliiis. 3C.S-9.J He was of the "standing order" in religion, and educated .Tohn. his only surviving chiM, "in the 
rresbyterian way." — ( See .Tohn Bolhs's "True Liberty of Consrienee. Sfc," p. 2').) In 1 073, a considerable betjuest 
was made to New London by Knbert Bartlett, for the education of children. The fii-st Bartlett Committee chosen by 
the town to manage this property wiis elected in 1C'J8, and Mr. Bolles was fir.--t on the list. — ( <.\inlkins. 3'J7-8.j 

JI.-. BoUes's house stoo I a little south of the stone hou-e now (or recently j owned by Mr. Lyman Allen. A couple 
of miles north of that spot is B(dles's Cove, opening into the Tliames. In the Patent of New London, san.^tioned by 
the Governor and Council, Oct. 14, 17iJ4, Thom:Ls Bulles is named as one of the grantees of land conveyed "by cer- 
tain Acts and Grants passed in General Assembly." 

Mr. Bolles, as I have said, died without 1727. and his son .John, sole survivor of the Stoddard murder, 
inherited ids propert}' and name. In signing iiis name iSIr. Thomas Bolles, likc^his father Joseph, alway.s spelled it 
BoUps, and <o it is insciibcd upon his grave-stone. 

I now complete this .Section by presenting loine documents which contain true records, and others which present 
imperfect traditions anil recollections, concerning matters connecltd with Bolles. The following letter is from 
the ollice of the .Secretar}' of State of Connecticiit ; — 


JOSEPH BOLLES, 160S— 1678. 
THOMAS nOLI.ES, 1644—1727. 

* I ^ 



Office of Secret.vry of State, Hortford, oOfli .Vni/, 18.51. 

Jonx A. E^q. Sir: In roin[)li:inco wiili vour (lirt-clioii I have prfpaicd and lit'rewitli sonJ to you 
an otVioe copy of the Uocord in Stollicr'.s ^.Sitnidi-r".-; or Sioddai'd's) c.i>f'. Since receivinj,' your letter, I have made 
t'uillier search ot' the tiles of the early Conrl~, and find several dipositions and exaininaiiuns made in this ca~e. It 
appears that su.-pieion of the minders lirst rested on Suekquaneh and Kewci-ljliunt. two Mohejran Indian*, who \v!>re 
proved to have been at ]\Ir. Bowie's lionse not loiin; belbre the murder of his wife ami children. These Indians 
were arre-;ted and imprisoned. Suhseiiuently the nuirdi r of a brother of tkis John Slodder, and the su-picion attueii- 
ing to the latter ot' beini the perpetrator of the crime, led the anthorities to .-u?pect his participation in the murder of 
Mrs. Bowles. On beimi examined, he confessed the crime. The tiles eoiitaln the examination of K'Si'ilrpiiiiich (or 
Suckqnanch) and KrirecOJudtf ; the testimony of ^ iickf/iiiftiiti/ (a Mohetrau) and his .-quaw, who were the tirst to dis- 
cover the bodies of ^Irs. B. and the children, on visiting the house of Thoiaias B. on the evening after the nnirder, 
(June t), 1G78I; the examination of John Stockier, himself — aged about 10 years — in which he confesses having com- 
mitted the several crimes laid to his charge : two subsci^nent examinations, touching points not suiliciently explained 
in his first; a " Certiticate concerning John Stodder's wicked course," i'roni vitree persons who had known liim "from 
his beginning," — "that he had alwayes bin a most terrible wicked boy, very much indicted to curse and sware bitter 
oathcs and likewi-e to lie and steale," &e. ; and finally, a formal confession made by Slodder before Edw'' Palmes and 
James Avery, Comm". at New London, from which I extract all that relates to the murder of the Bowles fainilv. 

"The aboues'' .John Stother being examined about the death of Jlrs. Bowies and her children, did .-trongly deny to 
Jlr. Bradstreet that hee ever was in the house, but now doth freely owne tlial bee is the person which did the mur- 
ther, declareing that he came that evening with an intent to lodge tliere; but Mrs. Bowles denied him liberty to lodge 
there and thrust him out of doores, strickeing him w''' her hand. Then hee >Jie said Stother owneth that he drew the 
latch and came into the house, and tooke an Axe that stood by the wall, and -trooke the said Mrs. Boules on the head 
(;i3 shee satt on the stoole neere y^ Bedd's feete. with the child in her lap) with which blow ?liee fell on the flore (by 
som venyson that lay there). Then hee strooke her another blow on the liead. Then hee strooke y^ girle on the 
head, as she stood by the dore. and then strooke y"^ little boy on the head, with which blow the axe glanced and eutt 
the boye's face. Hee also ownes that the Girle groaned or snored when l*ec went from the hou-e to the highway 
homewards. For farther tryall, wee caused the ax which the murther was <ion with, to be brought before him, with 
two others with it. and hee y^ said Stother redily owned the right ax to bee that which hee did the murther with. 
This is a true Declaration taken from the said Stother's owne mouth, pr vs Edvvd Palmes, James Averv Com"." 

The criuimal's name is variously spelled Stother, Stoder, Stodder, &.C., anJ is doubtless tiie same now written Stod- 
dard. Very respectfully, Your Obedt. Servt., J. Hammond Trumbull, Clerl; 

For J. P. C. Matoek, Secretari/ of State. 

I have myself taken notes of the examinations of Kesuckquanch and others, from the files in the Secretary's otlice, 
and they are as follows : 

1. Examination of Kesuckquancii. "I had been himting that d.jy — left my gun at TVhecler's — called at 
Mr. BoUes's and demanded a pint of liquor, which Keweebhunt said Mr. U. would give me if I went there. Mrs. B. 

tj i replied she had no licpior in the house, neither did she use to sell liquors. TJien went to Thos. Williams's house and 
sold him a quarter of Veui>on for a ([uart of rum. As I came back, met Xeweebhunt about sunset or a little after, 
half way between Thos. AV.'s and Mr. B.'s house — ran all the way to town — saw no Indians till I came into town to 
the Company between IMr. Wheeler's and Mr. Lattimore's. They gave me food. When I was done eating, the 
alarm was given that 3Lrs. B. and her children were killed." When lirst seized in the night, Kesuckquanch said, 
" What is the matter you lay hold of tne ? Is Thos. BoUes's wife and cialdren dead ?" Being asked why he so 
said, he gave no reason. Being asked whether he did not know who killed ihe woman and children, he answerid he 
'• did not certainly know, but the old man might do it." Mr. Bolles was abs*-nt from home at the time of the murders. 
He was then in his o4th year. Could Kesuckf(uanch have referred to him sls '"the old man?" 

2. Examination of Keweebhunt. " I killed a deer — biougiit part of it to one Perce's for whom two Indians 
were making a hedge — sun 2.^ hours high. Was at Bolles's, sun half an Iic»ur high, with three parts of deer — left a 
half with her — she and her children were then well; then went with the other quarter to Thos. Williams's; on the 
way met Kesuckquanch coming in the path toward Bolles's house; sold luy venison, and went with Xucquittaty and 
his squa-v to Mr. Bolles's near dark — found the door open — went in — found a child making a noise like snoring on i 
the floor — thought it was asleep — tried to wake it — could not ; went to the fire — stirred up the fire, and made a 
light — then saw the child was wounded and gasping, and Mrs. Bolles with another child lay dead on the floor; 
on which sight I stood trembling ancl knew not what to do. Xucquittaty said "for my part I will go to town, and 
inform what 1 find." (This examination was before Major Treat.) 

3. Examination of Xucquitattv. Jane T'^, declared that yesterday he and his squaw were at Thos. Will- 
iams's. About sunset, or a little after, Kesuckquanch came there with a quarter of venison, and sold it for a quart of 
rum. K. went away with the rum ; said he would go to town. I saw no wtaipon. A while afterwards, Kcweebhunt 
came with venison to W.'s and sold it for rum to Thos. .Jones's wife. It bein"! night, the people hastened me and my 
wife away. Coming towards the town Kcweebhunt said lie wo'^ call at his friend Mr. Bolles's house — and they all 
went together — found door open — and a child wounded and gapping, lying down on the threshold — it was dark — I 
called to Keweebhunt to make a light — I went not into the house. The iiglit being made, saw Mrs. B. and one child 
killed, and one child wounded and ga-ping. ily squaw w;is afraid and desired me to get away — I answered I would 
go and inform authijrity thereof. We all came towards town — heard guns — squaw aliaid, and said go not in the path 
lest you be killed — lell the path with squaw, but Keweebhunt said he would keep on in it and inform. Being asked 

B O L L K S G E S K A L O C T . S l. T I O X II. 

THOMAS BOLLKS, 1044—1727. 

51 2 

















who lie tIiou<:ht committed the murder, he answertd he thought it was Kcsuckquaneh. (This examination was be- 
fore John TaU-ott. A^si-tant.) 

4. KxAMiNATiON' Of CoACK ASi.T:»r AS. " Sucquuiis " (KosuckquatK'h) "cominsr into a wigwam belonging to 
Owaneeo's fort, and speaking oonctrning tlie surrciulfrtrs that he luul heard that they sliould be earried out ut' the 
countrv, 'l)ut,' .-^aid lie, "for niv part I am a histy man. and lu'tbre I'll be carried a«ay I'll do some mischief; the 
house./ in >'ew London stand tliin and .scattering, and I'll sjioil one family bet'ore I go.'" Sucquuiis deuied sayuig this 
last part. Keireebfiitiit said he heard Suequuiis say lie had helped eat some Englisii flesh. 

5. JIxAMiXATioN- oi- DKBOiiAil IIkbuins. a girl of thirteen. She said she saw John Stoddard p.ass her father's 
house about, or a little after, sundown. Mr. I.ockwood and her father were then talking together. Mr. Loekwood 
and Mr. liolles met at t/te bn'i/r/e after the boy Stod<lard passed Ilebbiiis's house. 

"TVie brii/r/e" was between 2sew London "town plot'' and Bulles's Hill, about a quarter of a mile from !Mr. BoUes's 
house. I now atfix copies of the indictments, i.V;c., in the case of the boy John Stoddard. It will be observed that 
although ho had repeatedly confessed the murders he now pleaded not (/nitty: 

Court of Assistants, held at Hartford, October .S^, 1C78. 'Wm.Leet. Esq., Govr; Rob' Treat, Esq., Dcp« Gov'; 
Major John Talleott, Capt" John Allyn, ^Ir. Henry 'Woolcot. Mr. James Kichards, Capt" John Nash 

Grand Jnrij — James Steele, John Gilbert, John Trait, Steven Ho<more, Xatli" Loomys, Daniel Heyden, John 
Moore, Xicho: Buckland, .John Kilborne. John Ifuote Sen'', John Judil, James Tujiping. 

TIk; Bills of presentment against Jolin Stolher were by the Grand Jury found Bilk Vera 

John Stothcr, thou are here indicted by the name of John Stotlier of New London, that not haueing the feare of 
God bet'ore thine eyes, thou ha't most wickedly and maliciously ri?en \\\> against Zipporah Bowles, the wife of ThouLas 
Bowles, and smitten her with an axe, an in>truinent of death, and thereby taken aw.ay the life of one of his ]Ma'"^' 
subjects, for which according to the lawe of God and the law of tliis Colony (which hath been sutfieiently published) 
thou descrvest to dve. The Jurv return they tinde the pri-oner Guilty according to the Indictment. 

John Stother, thou art in like manner indicted Ijy the name of Jolm Stother of Xew London, that not haueing the^ 
fear of God before thine eyes thou hast most wickedly and maliciously risen up against Josejih Bowles, the son of 
Thomas Bowles, and smitten him with an axe an instrument of death, and thereby taken away tlie life of one of his 
j£.,tie3 subjects, for which, according to the law of God and the haw of this Colony (which hath been sutfieiently pub- 
lished) tiiou deseruest to dye. The Jury return they finde the prisoner Guilty according to the Indictment. 

John Stother thou art in like manner indicted by the name of John Stother of New London, that not haueing the 
fear of God before thine eyes thou hast wickedly and maliciously risen up against Mary Bowles of New Loiubu and 
smitten her with an axe aii instrument of death, and thereby taken away the life of one of his Mat"^' Sulijeri;-. for 
which, according to the law of God and the established lawe of this Colony, (which hath been sufficiently publislied) 
thou de-eruest to dye. The Jury find the prisoner Guilty according to the Indictment. 

The scuerall Indictments were read to the prisoner, and he was demanded to each of them whither he was Guilty 
of the Indictment or not Guilty. He answered distinctly to each of them that he was not Guilty, and refered him- 
selfe for trvall bv the Jurv, whose names are in the rnargeiit ; haueing challenged two were summoned to serue, and 
the case committed to the consideration of the Jury whoe were sworn according to lawe and accepted by him. 

The Jury haueing brought in their verdicts upon the Indictments against John Stother, and fownd him Guilty, The 
Court haueing considered the same doe see reason to accept of the verdicts of the Jury and grant judgment accord- 
ingly, and this sentance past : 

John Stother, thou art to goe from hence to the place from whence thou camest. and from thence some convenient 
time after thou shalt be carryed to the place of execution, and there be hanged by the neck till thou dyest, and thy 
body di-posed according as the Court shall direct. 

This Court doth appoynt that execution be done upon the prisoner, according to sentance, upon the 0''' day of this 
instant October, after the lecture ; and the Secretary is appoynted to signe a warrant to the country ilarshal to see 
execution done aceordinj to the sentance. 

Jury. — Barth: Barnai^d, Nath": Stanly, Caleb Stanly, Paul Peck Sen^ John Stanley, John "Woolcot, John Deming. 
John Loomys, .Joseph Loomys, Jacob Drake, Benedict Aluard, Sam'-^ KuckwtU. — (Records of Court of Assistants, 
lGG'J-17Ul,y)/>. 20-27.J 

The facts which I have stated in regard to Mr. Thomas Bolles are matters of public record, and of their acuracy 
there can be no doubt. I now copy a statement made to ray uncle, the venerable Rev. Augustus Bolles ot Colches;er, 
Conn., by a grandson of Thomas ' Bolles, at the age of 8'j. when his memory seemed clear and exact. My uncle 
wrote it down verbatim, and save it to me some years afterwards. It is a curious mixture of truth and error.^ The 
erroneous statements are those printed in italics. The narrator was Mr. Samuel Bolles, the 1-tth child A)t John 
BoUes, tiic infant son of Tiiomas rel'erred to in the Statement. Mr. Samuel Bolles. as will appear hereafter, was born 
when John Bolles his father was a very old man, and his -tatement as to the murder was made more than one hun- 
dred and sixty years after the crime was committed. He lived to be almost 'J'J years old, and was known to the 
BoUeses of New London :is •" Sam uncie." 


" T7iere came three brothers from Englnnd. in what year is^not known. Th-y landed below Boston ; not know.i at 
what place ; but soon f mind their way to Boston, where one died without issue. One settled at Wells, in Maine, and thi 
other, Mr. Thomas Bolles. came to settle in New London, at the solicitation of Mr. Winthrop, at that time Governor 
of Connecticut, who gave him ten young apple trees, which Jlr. Bolles set out near what is now the northea-t part of 


JOSCPII BOflLKS, 1G03— 16:8._ 
TUOMAS ISOLLKS, 1644—1727. 

I s - 

T' I' 

s S 


the cit/. Thpy were pc:irm;iins. ]Mr. Lolles married a jMiss "Wheeler of Sloninfjion. b_v whom he h;ul three 
cUilihon, Jo^e[lh, Mary, .ind Joliii. lie dwelt one mile luutii of tlie city, on llioeast side of tlie road to JSurwith, iu 
a Iol: house huilt adjoiiiinor a hirso flat roek, whieli still rimaiiis to mark to posiei-ily the fatal siiot." 

[•• Tliis tlut reek wa< siiowii me by my prrandlather, F.iiocli rinlies, whose house was near to it. It was, a lew years 
since, broken nj) to build wall. Aucit^TCs 1{oi,li;s, Jlay 5, IffJI."] 

'^John JiiiUfS fif'iresoid Wits born in KuO. late in An^nist or early in September, and when nine months old was the 
only 0!ic of the three children who survived tlie mnrdrr of his mother, brother and si-ter, and was found ndlins in 
his motlier's blood. II»'r hn-band bein^' gone to the city, and she willi the children alone, a boy IG years ohl. named 
Stoddard, whose lather lived at what is yet called Stoddard's Neck, on the Thames, a mile and a half north of Mr. 
I-Jollc?, came to her house, and. it is said, dsled fur the Inun of some ard'rle,, or sonu-thiiifj tinit )vas n't'iiset/. He 
vaf c.rpostnlated with bi/ Mrs. B. for his iHshonest)/ in ]iilferliig small nrticles. when he became <}nr:v^ci\. went to the 
xcoo'lpile took up the axe and came to the door where ^Ir<. B. was sittinjr, with .John in her lap, combiner her hair, 
and killed licr by slrikin;: the axe into her head. He then killed .Jo-cph and ilary. u-ho were playing un a rock 
adjoiitiitg the house, and left them there, sparing only the infant John. Jlr. 1>. found liis family in this condition, and 
was himself first examined ; liien an Indian was arrested, taicen to Hartford, tried once and again, andfniillij an/t/itfed. 
One year and a half after the murder Stoddard was left at home by his parents to take care of his little bii.tlier while 
they went over the river to sell cakes at an Indian Pow-wow, at Groton. To get rid of the care. Stoddard killed the 
child, (or thought he had.) and then set of}' for town to give the alarm that Indians had killed his brother. He met 
two men on the way, one of wiiom went with him to the house, the other to the town. The result was, he 
charged with the murder, and confessed it. He was then charged with the murder of Mrs. Bolles and confessed the 
wliole, and was tried and executed at Hartford. Mr. Thojnas Bolles, thus bereaved, never inarried after! He was a 
magistrate, and died respected at 84 years of age. John was put to nur.-e at an Aunt Bennett's," and afterwards at 

Such is the Statement of Mr. Samuel Bolles, who must often have seen his step-grandmother, the third !Mrs. Thos. 
Bolles, when he was a boy of three to nine years old : and w ho must al^o have seen and read the family record of his 
father John, (which his. 'Sh: .S. B.'s grand-daughter gave me.) in wliich. in the writing of John it appears that Jlrs. 
Bolles was killed June G. 1078, and that John was "41 years of age in -Vug. 1718." and must therefore have been 
born hi Aug. 1G77, and not in "Aug. or Sept. 1C76." of "Sam Uncle's" mistakes have been perpetuated in 
the memories, and even in the family genealogical records, of many of John Bolles's posterity. My uncles. Jud'.'c 
David Bolles, and Rev. Augustus Bolles, and my father. Rev. Matthew Bolles. were thus m.i.-Ied, and by their several 
records have uinntentionaliv misled others. " 

Here is a fac simile of Thotnas Boiler's signature: — , ,^7, ,—7- ^ - , 



JOHN BOI.LES. 10rr--1707. 

i I 











John Bolles, third and only surviving child of Thomas and Zipporah Bolles. was born in New London. Comi., 
August, 1C77, and died there in his OOtli year, .Tanuary 7, 17G7. His ^Vill bears date June 21, 17C0. He was 
twice married, viz.: l>t, to Sarah Edtrecombe. dau. of John Edgecombe of New London, Conn., and grand-dau. of 
Nicholas Edgecombe of Plymouth, England, July 3, IGUO, by whom he had ten chiMren ; 2d. to Elizabeth ^Vood 
of Groton, Conn., by whom he had four children. 

Tiiese fourteen childien were all born in New London, and were — 1. Joseph, born !Maieh 1. 1701 : died Jiilv. 
1785; Sect. IV'. 2. John, b. Oct. 22. 1702: d. 1777: .Sect. V. 3. Thomas, b. June 12. 1704; d. 1705; Sect. 
VL 4. Samuel, b. April 22. 1707; d. 17;J.3; Sect. VIJ. 5. Ebenezer, b. Julv 12, 1708; d. June 24, 17C2; 
Sect. VIH. G. Patience, b. Nov. ii^. 1709; d. ; Sect. IX. 7. Zipporah, b. Oct. G. 1711; d. 1793: Sect. X. 
8. I-aiah. b. Oct. 11. 171.5 ; d. Jan. 2». 1789 ; Sect. XL 9. Enoch, b. Oct. 20. 1715 ; d. Dee. 3, 1800 ; Sect. XIL 
10. Joshua, b. Aug. 5. 1717; d. 1800; Sect. XIH. 11. Marv. b. April 11. 1737: Sect. XIV. 12. C!ni>tiana, 
b. March 5. 1738; d. 1782: Sect. XV. 13. Elizabeth, h. MaVch 5, 1742; Sect. XVL 14. Samuel, b. May 10, 
1744; d. Aug. 10, 1842; Sect. XVIL 

I have his autn2rrai)h family record, containing the names of the first eleven of these children, his own age, and 
the following entrv : "."Sly ^Mother was murdered the sixth day of the fourth" (month) " 1G78." At the age of j 
thirty he became dissati;lied with the tenets of the Pre.-byterian Church, in which he liad been educated. That | 
church was the oidy one recognized by law. Its members composed "the standing order," and from the founda- ! 
tion of the Colony imtil the adoption of a State Constitution and the principle of reliiiious toleration in ISlJi, every i 
person in Connecticut, whatever his creed, was compelled by law to b'dong to. or pay taxes for the support of ''the , 
standing order." It was as complete an '• EstablL-hment " as is the " Est;ibli,-hed Church of England." 3Ir. , 
Bolles became a Seventh-day Baptist, and was immer-cd by John Rogers, the elder. AVell educated, familiar ' 
with the Biblr, independent in fortune, earne.-t in his convictions, and of a pro-elyting spirit, bold and tijnd of dis- 
cussion, Mr. BoUf-s eng.'iged very actively in polemical controveivy, and wrote a;id publi-hed many books and | 
pamphlets, some of which yet extant prove him to have been, as Miss Caulkin?, the historian jof Ni:w London, ' 
describes him, "fluent with the pen and adroit in argument." 


JOSF.ini BOLLES, IGOS— 1678. 
THOMAS BOLLKS, 1G44— 1727. 

JOUX BOLLES, 1677—1767 

S .=2 ' 5 

TiT T 























From one of his "books" in my possession it appears tliai liis escape when liis mother and lier two other chil- 
dren were murdered by Sioddard.'and ids deliveraiiee I'roni other imudnent perils, " When," to use his own words, 
"there was but a hair"'s bieadth between mo ami death," made a deep im[u-ession on his nund, and made him li;el 
that God had spared him tor some special work. This belief is exjiresscd in some homely verses, limiyan-like in 
sound, which his grand dau<_'iiter, .Mrs. Berg, (dau. of Enoch liolles,; quoted to m& in ISGl, from one of hi.s 
•'books," whose title she could -not remember: — 

" Kind rctifler, here I offer thcc a book, 

Pesiriug thee therein iu love to look; 

'Tis for no wisdom, nor no college phrase 

That I bestow this book, thereby to praise. 

I forruerly JiJ lose a teuJer mother; 

I also haii a sister and a brother; 

My mother she was murdered with the rest. 

And I, a babe, found sucking at her breast: 
Yet was my life preserved by God's Almighty hand. 
Who since has called me forth for his great truth to stand." 

Under the spur of this conviction he devoted himself to the great cause of religious freedom, encountering op[)0- 
sition and per-ecution, and suffering tines, imprisonments and beating with many stripes. I have befure me a copy 
of the record of proceedings in .July, 172.J, before Joseph Backus. Esq., a niagi.-trate of Norwich. Conn., against 
Andrew Davis, John Bollcv-, and his son, Joseph BoUes, (a young man of --'.J years.) John Kogers, (the younger,) 
Sarah Culver and others, eharged with Sal)bath-bre:ikitig; by which it appears that for going on Sunday from 
Groton and New London to attend Baptist worship iu Lebanon, they were arrested on Sunday, impri-oned till the 
next day and then heavily fined, the sentence being that if tine and eo^ts were not paid, they should be flogged on 
the bare back for non-payment of line, and then lie in jail till payment of costs. As none of thein wotdd pay, they 
were all flogged, the woman as well as the men — John Bolles receiving fifteen stripes — and each of the others ten. 
According to the statement of one of the sufferers, Mary Mann of Lebanon wished to be immersed, and api)lied to I 
I John Kogers. (the younger.) and his Society for baptism. Notice was publicly posted some weeks beforehand thai 
on a certain ^fondav, Julv 2(j, 1725, she would be bajitized and tiiat a religious meeting would be held in Lebanon 
on Sundav, Julv '2'), ''the d;iy" (says Rogers) ''on which we usually meet, as well as the rest of our Neighbors." 
AYhen the Sunday came, a company of Bajitists. men and women, from Groton and New London, set out for Leb- 
anon by the county road which led through Norwich. The passage through Norwich was so timed a-, not to inter- 
fere \vith the hours of public worship. After they had passed through the village they were pursued and stopjied. 
brought back to Norwich, imprisoned until 3Ionday. and tiien tried, convicted and sentenced for Sabliath-breaking. 
It must be added that the woman who was thus stripped and tlogged was pregnant at the time, and that the magis- 
trate who ordered the whipping stood by and witnessed the execution of his sentence. This outrage much 
talked of throughout New England, and led to the publication of divers proclamations and pamphlets. Deputy 
Governor Jenks of Rhode Lland, the following January, having obtained a copy of the proceedings against 
Davis, ordered it to be publicly posted in Providence to show the people of Rhode I-land "what may be expected 
from a Presbyterian Government," and appended to it an indignant ollicial proclamation. I copy the entire hand- 
bill :— 

"Here folio weth a Copy of a Record of the proceedings of a Justice's Court, held in Norwich in July last, with 
one of John Rogers his" (Rogers's) " brethren, who, together with him and several otiiers, I am informed were 
goi:ig on the First Day of the AVeek from New London and Groton to a religious meeting at Lebanon, in order to 
Baptise, or see a person Baptised, &c-, and were all appreliended as Malefactors and unmercifully whipped. 
"•Norwich Jidy 20, 1725. 

" ' At an inferior Court, pre-cnt Joseph Backus, Justice of the Peace, for the County of New London. Andrew 
Davis of Groton being brouciht before this Court, upon the presentment of the King's officer, for his transgression 
of law in Norwich, by travelling upon the Sabbath, or Lord's day, being the 25"' instant, and the said Andrew 
acknowledging that he did travel from Groton to Norwich, and was going to Lebanon on said day. This Court 
have considered the case, and do sentence the said Andrew Davis to pay twenty shillings, as a fine for his trans- 
gression, for the use of the poor of this town, or upon his refusing to pay the same, or to tender estate to answer 
Execution, then to be whipped ten stripes on the naked body, not exceeding, and to p:iy the charge of prosecution, 
and to st.and committed till this be performed ; said Davis refusing to pay his fine received the stripes and was 
committed for the charges. Costs allowed is 00.13.07. A true copy, Te^'. Josei'H Backus, Justice of th& Peace. 
A true copy of the aforesaid copy. Test. JosEl'U .Ji:xK.s. Dcp. Governor.' 

"I order this to be set up in open view iu some public pl.ace in the town of Providence, that the inhabitants may 
sec and be sensible of what m.ay be expected fi-om a Pre--bytcrian goverimient, in case tbey should once get the 
rule over us. Their mini.-tcrs are creeping iii among.-t us witli adul:itii)us pretence, and declare their great abhor- 
rance to their forefathers' >angiiitiary proceedings with the Quakers, Bapti.-ts, and others. I am unwilling to apply 
Prov. xxvi. 2-5, to any of them, but we have a specimen of what has lately been acted in a Pre.-byterian govrn- 
ment, which 1 think m.ay suppose it sits a Queen, and =iiallsce no sorrow. I may fairly say of some of the Pres- 
byterian Rulers and I'a'pists, as .Jacob once said of two of his sons. Gen. xlix. 5, C, verses, ' They are Brethren ; 
instruments of cruelty arc in their habitations. O my soul, come not thou into their secret! Lnlo their assembly, 
mine Honor, be not thou united!' Jnws, v. and 7, ' Tl.ey who turn judgment into wormwood, and leave o*f 


B O L L K 3 O l: X K A I. O C, V . S K O T I O X III. 

THOMAS r.OI.LKS, IG44— 1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677— 17ti7. 


■-3 • 

3 I 

riglitooinnc~5 in tlie earth ;' Clmp. vi. ami 12. ' For t1>' v have tiiriieil jml'.'tni-nt into ^M and th-' fiiiit of riplitcon.-!- 
ne.-s into lu-nilock !' And I tliink in wlioniso'^-.if the sj.irit tit' (» I'Mciitinii ie>titii tlicie taniiot be nunli of t)ic 
j spirit of God. And I inu?t olj-ervo tiuit nolwiih-lamllM'j the I'le.-livterian pretrncied zral to a jtriet ol.>er%anee of 
j a Fir^t diiy Sahl.ath was siuli that tho^e poor pinple niiirlit not be ,-utlered to travel from Groion to Lelianon on 
tliat day, on a reli;2iou- occasion, as liath been minded, but nin^t be aiiprchended as prro-s nialefaetors, and uniner- 
cifully puni-hid. yet when a Presbyterian inini-ler which liaili .a sreat fame lor abilities, hatli been to preacli in 
the town of I'rovidenee, why trnly then the Tre-byterians liavc eonie floi'kin^ in upon the lir>t dav of the Week 
to hear him from Kehobotii. and tiie t'nrtherest parts of Attleborough. anil t'rom Killinjrlv. which is nuicii further 
than .Tohn IJocrers and his i'riends were travellin!.'. and this may pass for a Godly zeal; but the otlier must be pun- 
ished for a sinful action. Oli, tlie partiality of such nominal Christians! JosEiui Jenks, Dep. Gov. 
•■Providence, Jaituuri/ 29. 17'2J-G." 

Mr. Justice Backus, in a pamphlet of 32 pp.. endeavored, quite unsnccessfuilv, to justifv or palliate his crneltv, 
and was answered by EoLrers wiiji becominir severity. As I read these several documents I am constrained to 
wonder that such ouiraiies could have been eillier inflicted or endured. There seems to be a son of poetical justice 
in the fact tliat Justice Backup's grandson, a cliild of eigiiteen months at the date of this tloggin", became himself a 
Baptist preacher, and the historian of the Bajni-Is. 

Mr. Bollcs sutlered many otlier hard^liips at tlie liand of the law, some of whrch he has commemorated in his 
"books." I Lave a volume containing tliree of his productions, viz.: 1. "A Messasre to the General Court at I 
Boston, ;May, 1754." 2. A tract entitled (in part) "True liberty of Conscience is in bondage to no flesh, >ie." I 
3. A ■' Reply to Jacob Joluiion's Answer to my b<x)ke. lic. by John Bolles." In one of these he says, " To mv i 
knowledge was taken from a man. only for the co?t of a Justice's Court, and Court cliarge of whippinL' Isim, for ^ 
breach of Sabdatii. (so called,} a mare worth a laniJred poruids. and nothing returned; and this is known by us i 
yet living, to have been the general [iractiee in Connecticut." — (-True LiUriij.'' Ac. p. 'JS.j Mr. Bollcs. doubtless. I 
was that " nicin." Another of his "books" in my po.-session is. "A Brief Account of Persecutions in Boston and I 
Connecticut Governments,'' (175S). Another, dated from "New London, tlie eleventh of tiie seventh month, I 
172S," (jMarch being then the first month of the year.) is a pamphlet conraiuine Jolin Bolles's Apjilication "to the l 
General Court hoKlen at IS'ew Haven the 10th of the ^th monili. 172S." inforniinrr that honorable bodv "in all tiie I 
Honour and submi-.-ive obedience that God requires nie to show unto vou. kte.." that lie had examiued the Confes- i 
sion of Faitii established by them, and f'ound therein "Principles that seem not to be ])roved by the Scriptures 
tlicre quoted," and had drawn up some Objections thereto, and "taken a journey for no otlier eiid but to deliver 
them to one of the Elders in each" -'County in this Colony of Conneetieui." "to be bv him delivered to their 
several Associations, desiring them to peruse tliem and answer them." &c. ; a copy of which Objections is set out 
in the Application, .and requesting the General Court to call a general Association for the consideration of these 
Objections. In tliis pamphlet he mentions various instances of cruel persecution to which he and his friends had 
been subjected. He eiids the "book" with these words: — " But we, on our parts, have h;id the witness of a "-ood 
Conscience towards God in all our Sufferings, and Loss of all these Things, and do niake it our Care to live inof- 
fensively towards all men. except in the ca>e of Daniel, Chap. G. A'erse .5. And whether this be not oppres^iii'^ 
and afflicting them that have no Power to help ihem::clve5 for Conscience sake, let God be judce. Prav peruse 
what is above written, and let it have a due Sense upon your J\Iinds ; and so act and do in all the Paniculars 
above mentioned, as you may have Confidence and Boldness to hold U]) your Heads bef'ore the Great, and Terrible, 
and Righteous Judge of all the Earth, wlien he shall come with ins mitrhty Angels in fiamin" Fire, lakiiic Ven- 
geance on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ." 

I have another of his "books'' called " Good itfus from a Far Country," whose areument is to prove that the 
Civil Government "have no Authority t'rom God to .Judge in Cases of Conscience;" to which is added "An An- 
swer to an Election Sermon preached by Nathaniel PZells." This double pamphlet was printed at Newport. E. I., 
1749. Another of his works in my possession, "printed for Joseph Bolles. 17J7," discourses " concerninir the 
Christian Saljbath," and advocates the seventh day tenet. Ho pu'tli.-hed many other "books," as he loved to. call 
them; and from 170.S to 1754 liardly a year elapsed without his thus assailing the abuses of the established church, 
and vindicating the great princi[>le of "soui-libeny." Once a year, as a general rule, he mounted his hor-e. with 
saddle bags stutfed full of "books," and rode from Co'itity to County chaileniring di-cussion, invitin:r the "Presbv- 
terian Elders '' to meet him. nian-f'a.-hion, in argument, or confers and abandon their errors. " But,'"^ savs he. in one 
of his "book-," "they disregarded my re<;ue-t." He even made a piigrimaie to Boston, Mass.. in 1754, to move 
the General Court of ^lasraehusetts in this behalf, as he had often en<ieavored to move the Connecticut LcisLa- 
ture. This la-t exploit, a horseback ride of 200 miles in his 77th year, may be regarded as a tit climax to a Ion" 
life of zealous etfort in tlie oau-<.' of truth. 

From Mr. Bolles's Application to the General Court I copy these passages: — "And as he (.John Rogers) saith 
hitherto, so may we say now. Fathers taken from their "SVives and Children, witiiout any Regard to Di.-tance of 
Place, or Length of Time. Sometimes Fatliers and Mothers both taken and kept in Prison, leaving their Father- 
less and ^lotherless Children to go mournint: about the streets. 

"AVhen a poor in:in hath had but one 31ilch Cow for his Families Comfort, it hath been taken awav; or when 
he hath had only a -tmall Beast to kill for his family, it hath been taken fiom him. to answer a fine for :roinr: to a 
Meeting of our own .Society, or to defray the Cbar^'es of a cruel'j, for going to such a Meeting, or ihin^ 
of this Nature. Yea, twelve or fourteen Pounds' worth of Estate hath been taken to defray the Charges of one 




THOMAS BOLI.ES, 1G44— 1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 

J« »- r- 

00 Z 






















such cruel Wliijuiiiig, without making an}- Koturn :is the Law Jiicets. And tliis latter Chiu.-e in ihe Law is >el- ' 
dom attemlod. I 

'• Yea. Fourscore and oild Sheep have been taken from a !Man, being .all his Flock ; a Team taken from the ' 
Plow, with all its Furniluri'. and led away. But I am not now about giving a particular Account, for it would \ 
contain a IJook of a largo Volume, to relate all that hath been taken from u.=, and a.s unreasonable and boundless | 
as these; besides the Cruelties inflicted on oiu' Bodies, and many and long Impri^'omnents, of which I .'•hall 
mention one Instance of a Woman when she was condemned by a Judge in a Case of Conscience : Because she 
stopped her Eais, and would not hearken to his Sentence, as not belonging to him to judge in such Cases, but with 
a cheerful Spirit ^ang Praises to God, and then turned to the Judge and said. That if he went on persecuting 
God's People, (jod"s Judgments would come upon him or his. Whereu[)on said Judge condemned her to Prison, : 
where, after further Detonuination. she was re(|iiired to remain till she should pay the Charge of her Prosecution, 
so called, and there continued .-ix 3Ionths, till CJod made way by moving the Hearts of the People with Conipas- j 
sioa for her Diliverance, by seeing her Affliction: She being not oidy locked up in Prison, but also a high boarded ; 
Yard round the Prison, locked also, and the Prison-Keeper living near half a mile from the Prison, it being an I 
extream cold "Winter, and in the Heighth of it. she miscarried, being without any Help, nor coidd call for any, her 1 
Husband living about a mile and a half from the Prison, and was not suft'ered to come to her; As if God suffered i 
such Things to be done, to lay Conviction before all Faces. But after her Kelease, she was carried liome on her i 
Bed in a Cart, and after some Time she was, thro' God's Goodness restored to Health again." — (Pp- 14-17.^ I 

My edition of Mr. lioUcs's "True Liberty of Conscience" has lost its title page, but Irom many passages therein ; 
it is manifest that the date must be later than 175G. At p. 103. he ret'ers to his having gone '"to the Genera! i 
Court at Hartford, and al>o to the General Court at Boston," "in the year 1754;" and says, "1 have published \ 
three treatises already, touching these things; but there has been no answer made to any; and this is the fourth." ! 
I quote al^o. in full, the passage from this little volume which relates to Mr. Bolles's conversion. He say.s, p. 25, , 
'• But before I go any further, I think it not ami.-s to give some account of my own life from my infancy, and of ! 
God's dealing towards me ; as David saith, Psal. Cfi, IG. That was his exiierience of Giod's goodness towards j 
him. And as to myself, my father lived about a mile out of New London town ; and my mother wa^ at home i 
with only three little children, I being the youngest, (about 10 months old.) she with the other two were murdered ' 
by a youth .about 10 vcars of age, who was afterwards executed at Hartlbrd; and I was found, (as was said.) at my ' 
dead mother's breast. And since in the course of my life God hath preserved me out of many eminent dangers, | 
when there was but a hair's breadth between me and death, which I have a particular remembrance of to this day ; I 
and the most of tliem by water. And I was .brought up in the Presbyterian way till I was about thirty years old, : 
and had four or five children, but baptised none; for reading the Scriptures, and as my age gave me understand- | 
ing to consider what I read, it aiijieared to me by the .Scriptures that we must first believe before we were bap- ' 
tised. and in our baptism we must be buried in water. And now, living to this age in the neglect of baptism, my \ 
conscience accused me. so that I read the Scriptures that I might be fully informed what was for me to do. And \ 
the more I read them I was confirmed in my first belief, and accordingly was baptised by John Rogers, a Baptist I 
teacher. And now. as I had made a profession thus far, and going on in my Christian juogress, I found no com- I 
mand in Scripture for the first day Sabbath; and therefore began to work upon it. not thinking that the civil j 
authoritv would rise up against me. For tho' I was baptised by said Rogers, and joined in fellowshiji with that i 
people that had suffered much for conscience sake, by Whipping, imprisoning, .and setting in the stocks, and loss of | 
goods, and particularly for working on the first day of the week, yet of late they had not been mole-ted as at the first, \ 
though they work't as freely, and openly: but I was soon presented" (by the grand jury) "and brought before the ' 
authority, and fiiuil, and then they would let me alone till after three first-days, and then send for me. and fine. me. , 
for three days together. And now as the battle grew hotter, God gave me more courage, and I gre^^*stronger and | 
stronger, that what was said of Israel under the oppression of Pharaoh, and the Egyptians, was very lively whh ] 
me, (Exod. 1, 12,) and also that of the house of Saul .and David, (2 Sam., 3, 1,) and so it proved between me j 
and the Aiuhority. for the consolation that I injoyed, set me over the loss of my goods," . . . '"for God gave I 
me such a chearfid spirit in this warfare, that when I had not the knowledge that the grand-jury man saw me at ! 
work on said day. I would inform against myself before witness, till they gave out, and let me plow, and cart, and 
do whatsoever I have occasion to this day." — (Pp- 25-6-7-8.^ | 

His study of the New Testament convinced him that slaverj- is unchristian, and he manumitted .all Ids slaves; 
providing generously for their support, and watching, all his life long, over their welfare. It is no extravagant j 
eulogy to say that .John Bolks was a great and a good man: and I deem it alike strange and discreditable to his 
immediate descendants, that no monument marks his grave and no man knows where he is buried. It is worthy j 
of notice, as indicating the extn'.ordinary vigor and energy of the man and of tlie constitution which he tran.-mit- 
ted to bis children, that nearly all of them reached a great old age; that he himself died in his 90th year; that 
the four last of his fourteen children were born after he was CO years of .age ; .Samuel, (".Sam Uncle,") the 
fourteenth and last, born w lien the father was 67, altaineil to almost 99 ye.ars ; and that Sanmel's son John died at 
the age of 90. It wouhl be ditlicult to find a more remarkable longevity of four successive generations than this 
of Thomas, 84; John, 90; .Satnnei, 99; and John, 90 ; u])wards of 3G0 years. A ijf . 

To the genealogy of this long-lived race I now proceed, promising to make my notices /7 / y'J. // 
more brief as I come down nearer to our own times. I close this Section with a fac simile y i> n-ry- / c/^ t-w/ 
of the signature of John Bollcs : — ^ ^ 




» S 

' "> rZ' 









JOSKPH nOLLES, 1G08— 1678._ 
_TnOMAS nOLLKS, 1644—1727^ 
JOHN BOLLES, 1677— 17C7. 

JOSEPH BOLLES, 1701— 178.5. 

JosEril EoLLES, the first child of .John Eolle? and Sainh Ed;^ccomln\ burn in Now Loinldii. Conn., Jlnrcli 
1, 1701, ;>ml ilieJ tliiro July, I78J, in lii~ SolU year. Ho was a fanner, ami i)oi-;uioiiallv I find his nanii' as 
publislier on tlie title pajre of his fathei's and of .John IJogi-i-s's jianiphlct-;. Ho was a IIn<;iTino, (Ivoyc-rine 
Baptist, or Quaker,) aiul like his father sull'ei'ed persecutions, and rejoieed in them, for eon-cie:u-e's Ho 
was one of the number whipped at Norwich in 172d, by order of Ju.-tice Uackus, for violating llie Sabbath by 
going to a Baptist religious meeting. 

His wife's Christian name was INIartha, but the family name, and the date of marriage, I cannot ascertain. 
Indeed, as to the marriage, the public records would contain no evidence, inasmuch as !Mr. .Joseph ]]olles wfis 
one of those extreme Kogerines who, regarding marriage as a. religious covenant, and not a civil contract, 
deemed it a sin to conform to the requirements of what he considered as an unjust law. There is a tradition in 
the family that Governor Saltonstall. (Uev. Gurdon Saltonstall of New Loudon.) wlio had a high regard for 
Mr. and ^Irs. Bollcs. contrived to marry them without their suspecting it. The story has been told of so many 
that I doubt its authenticity, though it is not improbable, and is too good to be lost. It is said tliat after Mr. 
and Mrs. B. had had one or two children, and had been threatened by "Some rude fellows of the baser sort" 
with prosecution, the Governor one day invited himself to dine with friends .Joseph and ^Nlanha. As the dinner 
went on, " Friend Gurdon," in easy conversation, verv' adroitly led both !Mr. and !Mrs. 15. severally to declare 
that they had taken each other as man and wile in a life long union, and regarded themselves bound by the 
marriage covenant before God and man. As 3Irs. B. assented to her husband's declaration, with her smiling 
" Yea, yea," the Governor rose to his feet and spreatling out his hands exclaimed, " By virtue of my otlice as 
civil magistrate, and as minister of God, I deelai'e you lawful man and wife 1" "Ah, friend Guidon," said Jo.-eph, 
" thou art a cunning creature !" 

Mr. and Mrs. Bolles had tive children, viz. : 1. Joseph; 2. Thanl.fvl ; '.i. Saroh ; 4. Martha; 5. Zipporah. 
Tlioidfid married her cousin .John. — (See Sect. V.J Samh, born Dee. 0, 17o0; married John Ilender.-on. 
Marthit. born Dec. 01, 1738. Zipporah, born May 9, 1741. Of ihe three last I have no further knowledge. 

JOSEPH BOLLES, 1st son of Joseph Bolles, 17.l:i— ^ 

CO ! 


JosErn Bolles, the first of the above named children of Joseph and Martha Bolles, and their only son, 
w'.'^s born in New London, Conn., and there lived and died. I cannot find the date of his marriage, nor that 
of his, or of his wife's death. They were Rogerine Quakers, and of these dissenters the Kstabli.-hed Church 
and the Civil Authority took little thought, except to persecute, and made little record, except of pro:-i-cu- 
tioiis and convictions. He married Deborah Rogers, daughter of Samuel Rogei.:, and sister of that .John 
RDgere who married his aunt Elizabeth Bolles. — (See Sect. XVI.) 

They had tea children, viz. : Z'^ciV, who was deaf and dumb, born 1775; lived in New London, never 
married, and died in Waterford. Conn., Jan. 17, 18.33, aged 78; — Samuel, who never married; — Am;/, who 
m. a Mr. Smith; — Jemima, who m. John Cline ; — Sarah, who m. Asa Caulkiits ; — all of Great Barrington, 
Mass. Martlia ; — Anna, who m. a 3Ir. Langworthy ; — and James, .foseph, and Eht.iiezer, of wiiich la.-t three 
alone have I been able to get any information except what is above given. 

JAMES BOLLES, (son of Joseph and Deborah), dates of birth and death aukaown. 


I ■— -s 

31 : 

James Bolles, son of Joseph and Deborah Bolles, b. , in New London, where he married an(' 

died. Of the dates of hi-, or his wife's birth or doatli, I find no record. lie married Eunice, daughter of 
Samuel Strickland, Nov. », 1777. Thej- had six children, all daughters, viz.: 

1. Eunice, who was murdered, as is below stated, born Jan. 17bO; d. July 21, 1736. 2 Sarah, bom 

; m. Er.a-tus Cha])pell ; d. 1.8-38. 3. Eunice, h. ; m. Samuel Howard; d. 18-30. 4. 2ianc'j, 

h. 1788; m. Ezr.i Brown; d. April 7, 1840. 5. Lucretia, b. ; m. .John Beebe. C. Fanny, b. ; 

died in childhood. i 


Euxice Bolles. olden child of James and Eunice Bolles, was killed July 21, 178C, when only six 
and a half years old. !Miss Caulkins thus states the facts connected with this shoi-kinj aflair: — 

'•The murdered child was found about 10 A. M., on the Norwich roail, two or three miles from to>vt]. 
She lay under a wtdl. heavy stones from which had Ijeen thrown down upon her body. After a day 
or two su-picion was directed to the Indian girl — Hannah Oc-cu-i-h — a Fequod, IciS than 13 years 
old — who lived with a widow woman near by. On examination she confessed the crime. It was .a 
case of cruel and malicious murder, growing out of a di.-putc that occurred in a strawberry field a lew 
days before. The fierce young savage, nursing her wrath, and watching an opportunity for revenge, 
at length came upon her victim, on her way to school alone, and after coaxing and alluring her into a 
wood, fell upon her, and beat her to death. The only alleviating circuni.-tanoes in this ca.-e were the 



<^^ »^ 55 

:; 5 S 

JOSKrii i5or.T,i:s, icos— lers. 

_T1I0.MAS BOLI.r.S, 1044—17^:7 

Joiix DOLLES, 167 7— irs:. 

JOSKIM! UOLI.F.S, i:ni — i:?j. 

Josicrii D()r,Lr.s. i:.)2- 

JAMES LULLKS. (^Oll of J oseph an.l Ucbor.ili), dates of birth and death unknown. 
EUNICE BOLLES, liso-^H. ~~ 

extreme i-tiorance and youth of tlio ciiiuiiial— not at that ilav of suiricitnt wei-ht to rciirieve from ex- 
ecution, riio gallows w;is ereoloJ in (he roar of tl.e old" ;Salton-tall) "mofting Loi.~e (on the bill) 
near the corner ot Granite Street." The exceution occurred Doc. :.'n. 17SG. 

"The Sermon on the occasion was delivered hv Kcv. Ik-nrv Chaiinir.- from Yale Collce who was 
then preaehin- a^ a candidate to the Fi.-t Congrocr;itional Soeietv. It \vas j)rinted at New London, bv 
rimoihy Oiocji. 1 , SG. and entitled ' God adtiiouishiiig his people of their duty as parents and master^.'"" 
(l/islorj/ oj JSeic London, 57G-7.J 

JOSEPH BOLLES, 1759-1827 

I! 1:7 

'- I - 

i f; 2 




^ ^ :^ 

: ~ y^ -r, 

. cc -^ O 

" w '-' _ r- 
E < J-. E S 

O O X 

= -^ o 

E-1 : "S 


' o => 



en I = -^ 


Iga [i 

Joseph BoLLES, one of the children of Joseph and Deborah Bollcs. bora at New London, Conn., in 
lioO ; m. Betsey Cobb, had nine children, and died in 1S27. His wife d. lS-17, atred 31. Their children 
were as follows : 

1. Josepfi, 1st child of .Jo.=eph and Betsey BoUc:-. b. 17S3; m. Lrdia Kice, Au-. 10, 1304; and died 
He was a trader in New London. Conn. They had two children, viz., 1. 27,omas, "bom 1308; d. sii)-le 
Dec. 20, 1820. 2. £/[,n £., h. : m. Samuel .McClinioek. March 1. 1320. 

2. Siimuel, 2d child of .To~eph ami Betsey Bolle-, b. ; d. , sin-.'le. 

3. Johnson, Jd child of Jo^epli and Betsey Bolles, b. ; d. single, aged 26. 

-L B,lsy, -Itli child of Joseph and Betsey BoUes, b. 1700; m. ivTu^e, viz., lJt,'to Justin IVortbv; .and 
2d, Carpenteiv 

^ ,^,- :{!"''•'/• ^''' '^''■'^ °'" '^"^'^P^' ''^"'i ^<^'-=0- Colics, b. 1792 ; m. Charles Powers; was a widow in New- 
field, N. 1., in I3i'>l. 

G. Polhj. Cth child of Joseph and BeUey Bolles, b. 1793 ; twin with Lydia ; m. Dennis Dewey. Great 
Barnngton, ^lass. 

7. Lj/dia, 7th child of Joseph and Betsey Bolles, b. 1793 ; twin with Polly ; m. Solomon Kenney, Ca-, Conn. ■' 

8. ^«r«/, 8th child of Joseph and Betsey Bolles, b. ; m. Stephen Green; Uves in Waterford, 

Conn.; h;i,s had six children. 

0. Hannah, 0th cliild of Joseph and Betsey Bolles, b. 1800 ; m. WilUam Woods of New London ; has 
had seven children ; lives in New London. 

EuEXEZEK Bolles. one of the children of Joseph and Deborah Bolles. and the only one whom I have 
yet to mention, was born in New London. Conn.. 177G; m. Pollv Cooley Gilbert, data, of John Gilbert; 
was a manner; lived in Montville. Conn., and d. there. lrf4G. ilis widow was still livin? there in 13G0. 
They jiad eight children, three sons and rive daughters, viz.. 1. Famvj ; 2. Charles; 3. Jlenry ; 4. Jemi- 
ma; 5. Eniidine; G. M'inj Ann; 7. A/inira ; and 8. Xathan. 

The family- record of the sailor is imperfect : 

Fanny, his oldest child, w.xs born ; m. Gurdon Brown of IVaterford. and had six children. 

Charles Bolhs. the second child of Ebenezcr .and Polly Bollcs, b. 1703; m. :Marv Ann Gale. Nov. 
, =, « I?,' ''^--' J- -\^l'ril f', 1-^"1. lie was a trader in New' London. Conn., and had lour cliildreii, viz., 
I S I ^ Charles, EUznbvik R., William G.. and Xathaniel R. 
-' " = J 5 _^- Chnrks BoUps. the rir,~t of these four, is an iron-founder in New London; bom Feh. 23, 
< -^ { 1824; rn. Mary M. Destin. March l.">, l.s4S and has no children. 

^^ \ 2. Elizahrth R.. the second child of Cliarles and Mary Ann. born Dec 6, 1825; m. Gaius P. 
S ^ - Pomeroy, Nov. l.>543; and has two children. Annie aad Addie ; Addie was bom on board ship, 
= s ( in the =ea of Okhot-k. 

. , Z° I . ^- "''''''''" G. B-jlles, third child of Charles and Mary Ann, born Nov. 19, 1827 ; d. in Cali- 
2; J = ( fornia. Aug. 1. 18.j2. single, 

21 ^ ^ f "*• -^'(i'licnid R. Bolles, ionnh child of Charles and Mary Ann, born Nov. 11, 1329 ; m. Ann 
"11 o _j E. Geer. July 13, 13 J4; is an iron-tbunder in New London; has no children. 

Z { lie and hi- brother Cliarles Bolles are the only lineal ile^^cendants of .Joseph Bolles, the olde-t 
son of John Bolles and Sarah Edsreeombe. bearini the name of Bolles. If thev remain child- 
less, the family name of Jo-oph and Murtha Bolles will die with them. 

Henry Bolles. third cliild of Ebcnezer and i'olly Bolles. b. . in Kome. N. Y. ; d. single. 

Jemima BJUs, fourth child of Ebcnezer and' Polly BoUes, b. ; m. Perez Pratt of Montville, 

Conn., and had ten cliildren. ' I 

Emeliiie Bolles, tifth child of Ebenezcr and Polly Bolles, b. 

m. Robert Fox. 





i 2 

IT BOLLES, 1608—1678. 

_TIIOMAS ROLLKS, 1644—1727. 

_J01IN BOLLES, 1677— 1767. _ 

_J0SE1'1I BOLLE.S, 1701— 1785^ 


EBENEZER BOLLES, 1766—1846. 

« § 


JAiry J)(n Z?o//m. >ixth child of ELonczor ami Tolly Dollcs, b. 1797; m. Levi Case of Xcw I.ontlon. 
m.iriner, April 13. l,-.2.3. lie d. Maixh -1, 18J'J. Slie is now living in New London. They had two 
chihiron — Jiuirt E. and Ilcniy C. 

Alinira Jio/f,:i, .seventh child of Ebenezer and Polly Bollc.-;, b. 1812; d. 1838. single. 

Xat/ion BoUcs, eighth child of Ebenezer and Polly BoUes, b. ; d. , single. 

This completes the genealogy of Joseph, eldest son of John Belles and Sufah Edgecombe. 

JOHN' BOLLES, 1703-1777. 

« 50 n 

i-s , 

John Bolles, second child of John and Sarah Bollcs. born at New London. Conn^ Oct. 22, 1702; d. there, 
1777. He was twice married; 1st, to Lydia Starr, July 20. 1727, by whom he had three children; 2d, to 
Widow Miriam Driaraore, July 2G, 1758, who died without issue. His three children were, 1st, /o>^«; 2d, 
Samuel; and 3d, Patience. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1728— 1 802. 

John Bolles, the first child of John and Lydia Bollos. was born in New London, Conn., .July 8, 1728. 
He married his cousin Thankful, dau. of Joseph and Martha Bolles, (See Sect. IV.,) Oct. 30, 175.5, and died 
in New London, Aug. 28, 1802. They had five children, viz.: — 1. John; 2. Henry D. ; 3. Lydia; 4. Han- 
nah ; 5. Amy. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1756-1787 


H I .-: g « 

;j' Oj ^' 2 

Jou>f Bolles, fii-st child of John and Thankful Bolles, -was born in New London, Aug. 24, 175G. He 
served during the v,i\T of the Revolution on board the armed vessels of Connecticut, and in privateers, 
and died July 16, 1787. Mr. John RajTnoud Bolles says that he died in the "Jersey" priso!) ship. An 
old family record says '"on board a ho-pital ship." Mr. Raymond, an intelligent man of about 70 years 
old, whose fatiier and uncles served with John Bolles, 4th, describes him. on their authoritv. as a youni^ 
man of extraordinarj' intelligence, information and gallantry, and states that he died a prisoner in the 
enemy's hands. He never married. 

HENRY D. BOLLES, 17tiO— 1805. 

I Henry D. Bolles, second child of John and Thankful Bolles, was born in New London. Conn., April 
3, 1760; m. Eunice Raymond; had one child, Jolin Raymond B'jlles, and died Oct. 28, 1805. 

JOHN R. BOLLES, 1787—. 



c a 

1» a 





John R. Bolles, only chiU of Henry D. and Eunice Bolles. born in New London. Sept. 27, 1787, 
was living in Moutville, Conn., in 18G1. He married Juliana Hewlitt. of Groton, Conn., who d. 1855. 
By her he had five children, viz., John, Juliana, Henry D., Stephen, and Frances, who were born, &c., 
as follows, viz. : 

.j 1. John Holies, first child of .John Raymond Bolles and .Tidlana Hewlitt, was bom at Montrille, 
^ Conn., Sept. 11, 1820. He is a whaleman; resides in ^Montville ; married Nancy Chapman of 
Ledy.ard, Conn., in 1848, and has had six children, viz., John, Isahdla, Alice, Elizabeth, Walter, and 

2. Juliana H^Ili's, second child of John R. and .Juliana Bolles, b. April 3,1822; ni. Lyman 
liichards of Franklin, Conn., and has had four children. 

3. Henry D. Bolles, tiiird child of John R. and Juliana Bolles, b. March 8, 1824; is a wliale- 
man ; lives in Waterford; m. Almira Latimer, May 16, 1847; Las had two children, viz., Henry 
and Franklin. 

4. Stephen Bolles, fourth child of .John R. and Juliana Belles, b. Nov. 9, 1825 ; is a whaleman ; 
lives in AVaterford ; m. Hnunah M. Avery. Aug. 31, 1856. 

5. Frances Bolles, fit'th child of .John R. ami .Juliana Bolles, b. June 2, 1827; m. Austin Ben- 
ham, farmer, of AVaterford, and has had six children. 

Ltdia Bolles, third child of John and Thankful Bolles, b. Sept. 3, 1765 ; died single. 


15 > 

JOSEPH BOLT.ES. 1608—1678. 

_TIIOMAS BOr.LES, 1644— I727j_ 



JOHN nOLLES, 1702—1777. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1728—1802. 

1 1 IlAN-yAn BoLLES. fourth child of John and Tlinnkfnl 15ollc<:, b. Oct. 17, 17G7; ru. Joseph Gates of i 
Si Wiilcrford, Cuun., and had two cliildron, viz., Ilinnuh and Bdsry. I 

oLLKS. ti:['ii ihild of Jolin and Tliankfid IJulks, b. Oct. 1,1770; m. Peter BL-Iiop, June 20 '■ 
moved to Ilonton, Nov.a Scotia, in 17'J0. ' I 

^i Amy K 

Ei 1700, and 

SAMUEL BOELES, 1730—1766. 

S.XMCEL BoLLES, seeond child of Jolin and Lydi.a Holies, boin in New London, Conn.. Dec. 29, 1730; 
m. ; and d. in Xow London, Jan. 30, 176G. Thej had but one child, viz., Stephen. 

STEPHEN BOLLES, 1763—1841. 


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W «= S 

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Stephen' Bolle:', only child of the last above-named Samuel Bolles, was boiii in New London, Conn., 
in 1763. His trade was that of saddler, lie m. Susan Dunton, Jan. 1, 1787, and removed to Hartford, 
Conn., where he died. April 1, 1841. She d. July 31, 1849. They had eleven children, viz.: 1. Isaac; 
2. Stephen; 3. Siismi ; 4. Frederick!).; 5. William; 6. Fanny; 7. Edwin; 8. Charles; 9. Mary; 
10. Franllin ; and 11. Thomas. 

Mr. Bolles owned considerable land in the city of New London. In 1786, Union Street war-, opened 
through his land, and he himself laid out and opened Jlasonic Street at the same time. Part of his citv 
land went by the name of " Bolles's Hill." but must not be confounded with Bolles's, sometimes called 
Quaker, Hill, nortli of the city, on which our aneotur, Thomas Bolies, settled, as stated in .Sect. IL Miss 
Caulkins, in her History of New London, states that the Cunjrregational Society, abandoniu'-' the old 
Saltonstall meeting-house, began to build a new house in 178o, in a more central and accessible site, on 
Stephen Bolles's land (15olles's Hill) having bougiit a lot of Mr. Bolles, for £7.'» ; Sir. Bolles throwinir in 
£25 of this amount as his contribution towards tlie church. — (Caulkins, 591, G27.J It is remarkable 
the first sermon preached in this new church was that occasioned by the murder of little Eunice Boiler 
by the Indian girl Hannah Oc-cu-ish, Dec. 20, 1786, as already related in Sect. IV. 

The children of Stephen Bolles were born, &c., as follows : 

ISAAC BOLLES, 1787—1814. 



Isaac Bolles, first child of Stephen and Susan Bolles, b. Oct. 9, 1787. He was by trade a paper 
stainer, and lived anil died in Hartford, Conn. He married Deidamia Bowles, daughter of Jolin 
Bowles (one of the Koxburj-, Mass., family of Bowleses) Oct. 13, 1811 ; had two children. Isaac N. 
and Ce/t'a, and died, Oct. 15, 1814. His widow afterwards married Philemon Canficld of Haitford, 

Isaac Xfwton Bolles, first child of Isaac and Deidamia Bolles, was bom Oct. 13, 1812, and is a 
printer in Ilartlbrd, Conn. 

Celia Bolles, second child of Isaac and Deidamia Bolles, was bom June 5, 1814; m. Kichard Kirk- 
ham, April 15, 1835, and d. April, 1836. 


This interm.irriage of Isa-ic Bolles and Deidamia Bowles is the only instance I know of a marriage 
connection between these two branches of the old English family of Bolles. By the kindness of J. 
"Wingate ThoriUon, Escp, of Boston, Mass., I am enabled to give the following genealogical sketch of 
the Roxbury Bowleses: — 

.JOHN ilO^V'LIiS, of England, was a member of the Massachusetts Company and gave them £25, 
in Jlarch, 1029. He was in Roxbury as early as 1640. lie was a founder of the Grammar School; 
Representative; Member of the Artillery C'om[)any, 1645; and Elder of the Church. He was thrice 

married, viz., 1, to Dorothy ; 2, to Elizabeth Heath, dau, of Elder Isaac Heath of Roxbury; 3, 

to "Widow Sarah Cliickering. He had four cbildnti, Elizabeth. I-aac, John, Jr., and Mary, 

JoH.v, Ji:., wa-i born 1653 ; grad. at Camliridge. 1671 ; studied theology and became a minister; m. 
Nov. 1681, Sarah, gr. dau. of the Apostle t;iiot. :uid of Thomas Willett, first mayor of New York: he 
was frequently Representative from Roxbury, ami in 1690, Speaker of the ilou.-e of Representa- 
tives; d. 1691, leaving only one child, viz.: 

John Bij\vr.i;s, 3d, who was born March, 1685; grad. at Cambridge, 1702; was a leading citiz<?n 
of Roxbury, .Ju-tiec of rhe Peace, Jlajor, and Representative. He was twice married, viz., 1st, to 
Lydia Chetkley ; 2d, to Frances White. He d. March 2», 1737. His children were — Mary, 1709; 
John; .Samu<l W., 1715; Joshua, 1722; Isaac. 1721. 

JosiiL-A liiMVLES, .-xbovc-naraed, b. 1722; d. 1794; m. Mary, dau. of Ralph Ilartt of Boston, and 
became the father of Ralph Hartt Bowles, 1757; of William ; 'and of Samuel Bowles, 1762. 



JOSEPH COrXES, 160S— 1678. 
TIIO-MAS ROLLKS, 1644—1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677— 17ti7. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1702— K7J^_ 

SAMUEL BOLLES. 17.30—1766. 

i - ^ 



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' 03 


Ch 5 s^ 

STEPHEN BOLLES, 1763—1841. 

ISAAC BOLLES, 1787-1814. 

Capt. RAi-rn ITartt Bow-i.f.s, ?on of Jo-luui. b. 17.')7; Ciiptain in the IJcvolutionaiy Armv; saw 
much service; .-eltliMl, and died in !Maelii;i;. Me., .Sept. If^l.j; and was tiie father of the late Stiphcn 
Jones Boides of Ilo.xbiiry (wliosc daiigiiler. Elizabetii W., is ncv wife of J. AViiigate lluirnton, E-q.) 
aud of Leonard C. Jioic/es of ISo^ton, jHiblisher. 

Samuel riowLi-;s, another son of Jo>hua, was the father of tlie late Samuel Bowles of the Sprin"-- 
field IJepublican, and gratidfather of Samuel Lewies tiie jaesent editor of that verv able paper. 

William Bowles, the other son of Joshua, was a master mariner; was with Cnpt. Gray when he 
discovered the Columbia Kiver, May 7, 171*2. In lSl).3, while on the Xoitii-west coa?t,"defenuinf- 
Capt. Salter and his crew from an attack of the Imlians, he wa- mortally wounded by a poisoned 
arrow. lie was father of Joun Bowles of Hartford ^b. March 2, 17G9) "whose dau. Deidami.i m. 
Isaac Bollfs. 

Although the precise point of connection cannot be shown, it is evident that the Bolleses and 
Bowleses all sprang from one and the same original stock. See ante, Introductiox, '•Bolleses ix 

• 3^ 

i-:i z: ^ 




Stephen Bolles, second child of Stephen and Susan Bolles, born March 2.3, 1789; died July 29, 

SrsAN Bolles, third child of Steplien and Bolles, born Jan. 22, 1791 ; d. Nov. 2-5, 1839. 

Frederick D. Bolles, fourth child of Stephen and Susan Bolles, b. Dec. 20, 1792; many ye.irs 
printer in Hartford, Conn.; moved to Cambridge, JIass., and died there Nov. 7, 1S58. He ui.' Fanny 
Bradley, Aug. 3, 1817. They had twelve children, who were born, &c., as follows, viz.: — 

1. William Frederick Bulks, first child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. March 23, 1819; m. Harriet 
Benedict ; is a bookseller, in Schenectady, N. Y. 

2. .Varia E. Bolles, second child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. ISIareh 23. 1819 ; d. April 18, 1846. 

3. Jane Bolles, third child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. Sept. ii, 1820; d. Dee. 21, 1821. 

4. Harriet B. Bolles. fourth child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. Jan. 22, 1822; m, Thomas Mickell, 
Jr., June .5, 1849 : lives in Cambridge. 

5. Jane Bnlles, iiiih child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. July 13, 1823; m. George W. Beach, Aug. 8, 
1843 ; livesin Cambridge. 

fi. Frances Bolles, sixth child of Frederick D. Bolles. b. Dec. 8. 1824. 

7. Sarah Bolles, seventh child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. Feb. 11, 182G; m. Reed "Watson, E;ist 
Windsor Hill, Conn. 

8. Bosella Bolles. eighth child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. Oct. 29. 1827; d. Mav 27, 1828. 

9. Bosella Bolles, ninth child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. May 3, 1829 ; m. AV. H. Bourne, Sept. 26, 
1849, and d. April 2.5, 18o3. 

10. Charles H. Bolles, tenth child of Frederick D. Bolles, b. Oct. 7, 1831 ; resides in Boston; m. 

11. George F. Bolles, eleventh child of Fred. D. Bolles, b. Dee. 22. 18.53 ; resides in Schenectady. 

12. James T. Bolles, twelfth ciiild of Fred. D. Bolles, b. .June 9, 1836; resides in Boston. 
WiLLi.vM Bolles, fii''th child of Stephen and .Suaan Bolles, b. Sept. 14, 1T94; d. Dec. 24, 1814. 
Fanny Bolles, sixth child of Stephen and Susau Bolles, b. Oct. 20, 1790; m. Elisha Harrington, 

Oct. 29, 1821. 

Edwin Bolles, seventh child of Stephen and Susan Bolles, b. Oct. 9, 1800; m. Mary Chapman, 
May 13, 182G; resides in Hartford, Conn. They have had one child, viz.: — 

^1 Edwin Cortland Bolles, only cliild of I'dwin and Mary liolles, b. Sept. 19. 1836. He is a Uni- 
a\ versalist clergyman in Portland. Me.; graduated at Trinity College, H.irtt'ord, 1855: m. Mary D. 
.| I Waters of Hartford. Sept. 19, IrtuG. aii4 has one child, viz., Mary E. Bolles, b. Nov. 2, 1857. 
^\ Mrs. Bolles d. March 5, 1802, and Mr. Bolles married Margaret A. Barstow, May 6, 1803. 

Charles Bolles, eighth child of Stejihen and Susan Bolle^, b. Aug. 29, 1802, in Hartford, Conn. 
He w'as a printer of extraordinary skill and ta-te. in Boston and Cambridge, Mass. ; m. Susan, dau. of 
Hon. Francis Gardner of Boston, Sept. 25, 1832; d. Dee. i^, 1854. His widow d. Oct. 24, 1858. 
They had two children, viz. : 

1.' Joseph, b. Aug. 22, 1333 ; d. .March 31, 1839. 2. Caroline, b. Sept. 27, 1845 ; d. June, 1863. 

Mary Bolles, ninth child of .Stephen and Susan Bolles, b. Jan. 12, 1805; in. William A. Siick- 
ney, Cromwell, Conn., Aug. 27, 1835. 

Fkanklis Bolles, tenth child of Stephen and Susan Bolles, b. July 26, 1812; m. Cornelia ?.r. 
Church, Jlay, 1834; lias one child: 

Frank Bolles, b. ; is an engraver; and like his father resides in Hartford, Conn. 



JOSEIMI BOLLES. 1603— 167S. 
THOMAS ItOLLES, 1644—1727. 

! m 


■ k^ 


JOHN BOLLES, 1677— 17t.7. 
JoilN BOLLES, 1702— 1777T 

SAMUEL BO LLES . 173 0—1766. 
STEPHEN BOLLES, 1763—1841. 

TnoM.*.s BoLLF.s, eleventh child of Stephen and Susan Bolle?, b. July 23, 1814; d. Oct. 13, 1814. 

g P.vTiE.vcE B01.LES, third child of John and Lydia Bolles, b. Jan. 9, 1734; m. Steplien Chiv of New 
Z London, Conn., and died there. 


^ will contain that of their third child, Thomas BoUes. 

Here ends the .genealogy of John, tlie .second child of Jt)hn Belles and Sarah Edgecombe. Section VI. 

!: t-:! 

T' i 



I T 




' n 



THOMAS BOLLES, 1704— 1795. 

Thomas Bolles, third child of John Bolles and Sarah Edgecombe, was born in New London. Conn.. June 
12, 1704, and d. tliere, K'.i.x His will indicates that he was at once larmer, carpenter, and coopfr. He mar- 
ried throe times, viz., 1st, ;Mury Rogers, dau. of Daniel Rogers and Grace Williams. May 2, 1728; 2d. Anna 
Smith, dau. of James .Smith, and aunt of Anna Gardner, who m. his son, Amos Bolles; 3d, Isabel Whitney, 
w";:o survived him. ilr. Bolles had nine children, viz.: 1. Saraii ; 2. Thomas; 3. Joanna; 4. Stephen; o. 
Lucy; 6. Daniel; 7. Amos; 8. Jlary; and 9. Zebadiah ; who were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

_^i Sarah tirst child of Tiiomas Bolles and Mary Rogers, born at Xcw London, Feb. -I, 172^; m. 

£| John Jones, and h.-id two cliildren, viz., Judith, b. May C, 170'5, who m. Elijah Newton; and Miiri/. b. Dec. 

CQ; 15, 1765, who m. Rev. Ralph Hurlbut, and d. without issue. 

THOMAS BOLLES. 1730—1814. 

Thomas Bolles, the second child of Thomas Bolles, b. in New London, Conn., Aug. 19, 1730. He 
removed to Western New York, and d. March, 1814. He. was twice married, viz., 1st, to Grace Jetfrev of 
New London, who bore him eight cliildrcn, and d. Feb. 2G, 1791 ; 2d, to Mary Ballard, 179,5, who bore him 
four children, and d. Feb. 27, 182i'). Of their family I have been able to obtain only imperfect intormation, 
and this chiefly from Mr. George W. Bolles of Hillsdale, Mich., tlie severnh of Mr. Thomivs Bollos's chil- 
dren. The twelve cliildren were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

1., b. ; lost at sea, 1 781 •, quite 3oung. 2. Anna, b. ; d. . 3. Charles, b. ; 

and m. ; had three sons (Calvin, Frederiok, and Tliomas, of whom I iiave no trace) and d. in Franco, 

in 1797. 4. Polly, b. ; was blind, and d. in New London, single. 5. Grace, b. ; d. It505, sincrie. 

6. Catherine. 7. George W. (see below). 8. Lucy. 9. Candace, b. ; m. Charles Camnb.-ll ; had 

several children, and on his death married ;igain and died about 1819. 10. Solomon, b. 1799 ; d. .ibont 1819. 

.11. Ruth, b. ; m. .Joseph Bi-^iby, had 4 children, and d. 1S3.3. 12. Olive, b. ; m. David Deming, 

21 ; and had several cliildren. 


The seventh of the above children, Jlr. George W. Bolles of Hillsdale, Mich., was b 

" I 

03 I ti. 

< M 

S ; ^ 

a. ■ 
■« . 

~ ^orn in New 

London, Conn.. July 2, 1777. He m. Mary. dau. of .Jonah Davton, of New Milford, Conn., Oct. 1, 1797, 
«ho bore him ten children, and d. in Hillsdale, Mich.. Oct. 15, 'l853, in her 76th year. Their ten chil- 
dren were, 1. Ciilvin ; 2. Ira; 3. Sarah; A.Amy; 5. Amazi'ah ; 6. Ca/harine ; T.Daui'el; 8. Thomas; 
9. Mary Ann ; 10. George W.; who were born, &c., as follows : — 

m 1. Cahin L'o/les. first child of George W. and Mary Bulles, born June 7, 1799 ; lives in Hillsdale, 

3 Mich.; m. Hannah Hart, Aug. 14, 1825, and had five' children, viz.: 

^ n 1. Amaziah H., b. July 8, 1826; single. 

« I 2. George W., b. Sept. 18. 1S29 ; m. Nancy Mclntire, Jan. 2G. 1853. and has three children, viz. 

go 1. William y., h. Oct. 19, 1855. 2. Geor-e E., b. Oct. 9, 1858. 3. Mary E., b. Dec. 24, 1859. 

^i "3 3. Simeon, b. Oct. G, 1834; d. May 13, 1836. 

^ = 4. Seth. b. Feb. 14, 1837 ; is a carpenter iu Ililbdale, Mich. 

0.0, 5. Martha Laura, b. Sept. 8, 1839. 

2. Ira Bolles, second child of George W. and Mary BoUcs. b. Oct. 18, 1801 ; lives in Reading, 
Mich. ; m. Elizabeth Burroughs, in Utica. N. Y., Nov. 1824. They have had eight children, all but 
two of whom iL young. The two living are — 

Charles L. Bolles. b. April 5. 1839 ; and .Julia A. Bolle«. 

3. Surah Bolles, 3d child of G. W. and Mary B., b. Oct. 11, 1803; ra. Francis T. Lewis, Nov. 1828. 

4. Amy Bolles, fourth child of George W. and Mary Bolles, b. July 16, 1806; (Itrin) m. Job RecJ 
of HiUsdile, -Mich. 




JOSEPH BOr.LES, 1608—1678. 
j:nOMAS BOLLES, 1644—17277 
^JOHN^BOLLES, 16"— 17677^ 

THOMAS BOLLES. 1704—17957 
JTHOMAS BOLLES, 1700—1814. 

GEORGE W. BOLLES, 1777—7^ 

I ^ 









J •= 











I* to 

i ij "-^ ii 


5. Amaziah Bolles. tifili child of George "\V. ami M:ir_v Bollo?. b. July IG, ISOG; (rirjV) is a car- 
penter, in Hillsdale, MIlIi. ; ni. twice. 1st, to Alzada, dau' of .leliicl l{o:k\vood of llenifen. N. Y., who 
bore him two eliildivn. and d. iMav 2!i, ItsJO ; 2d, rvachcl Sutlon. The two children were, Cornelia, b. 
Nov. 2, 1843 ; .and Medora, b. Oct. 19, 181.5. 

6. Catherine Bolles. sixth child of George "\V. and :MaiT IJcllcs, b. Oct. IG. 1808; m. Thomas 
Iluphes of Hillsdale, Mich., Jan. 3, 1832 ; has bad three children, viz., 1. Wellington ; 2. George ^Y.•, 
3. Surah L. 

7. Daniel Bolles, seventh child of George W. and Mary Uolles, b. Oct. 15, 1811 ; is a carpenter in 
Hillsdale, Mich,; m. Candace Ingraham, Feb. 25, 1838; "had one child, Eineline, b. April 8, 1839, m. 
Robert AVeir, Jan. 1, 1800. 

8. Thomas Bolles. eighth child of George "VT. and Mar}- Bolles, b. Nov. 23, 1818; rn. three times, 
1, Louise 01in>tead. March, 1842, who d. Sept. 10, 1845." ]'>y her he had one son, Thomas L., who d. 
at the age of one month. 2, Belinda L. Sears, May, 18 If., wlio bore him one child, Belinda L., b. Oct. 
1847, and d. Nov. 15, 1847. 3, P:iiza Sears. Mr. Bolles was in California, in 18(50. 

9. Munj Ann Bolles. ninth child of George V,\ and Mary Bolles, b. Au". IG, 1817 ; m. Henry IM. 
Carpenter, March 4, 1849; d. Feb. 2G, 1850. 

10. George W. Bolles, tenth child of George W and !Mary Bolles, b. Jan. 0, 1819; is a carpenter, 
Holland Patent, N. Y. He m CIcora M. Stacy, 3Iay 27, T^IO, and has four children, viz., 1. Gene- 
vra A., b. Nov. 3, 1850; 2. George W., b. March 2i; 1853; 3. Francis 0., b. May id, 185G; 4. Marv 
S., b. Feb. 14, 1860. 



2 o, 

















Joanna Bolles, third child of Thomas Bolles. b. Feb. 7, 1783. in New London, Conn. ; m. John IMorris, '■ 

a Welchman. and moved to Unadilla, N. Y., and several children, one of whom was Charles Morris, ' 

Esq.. of JMilford, New York. i 


»:: I 

Stephen Bolles, fourth child of Thomas Bolles, b. Sept. 16, 1734; d. very young. 

DANIEL BOLLES, 1736—1818. 

Daniel Bolles, fifth child of Thomas Bolles, b. Mar 4, 1736. in Waterford. Conn.; m. Lucrctia Fargo 
of !Montville, Conn., and d. there, 1818— They had five children, viz., Stephen, Martin, Polly, Lucretia, and 
Daniel, who were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

1. Stephen Bolles. first child of Daniel and Lucretia Bolles. born in New London; m. twice, viz.. 1st, 

Rebecca Lamphere of Slonington, Conn.; and 2d, Brand. He moved to Rensselaerville, N. Y., about 

1792, .\nd to Ilardwick, N. Y., about 1803, By first wife he had six children, viz., 1. Rebecra; 2. Stephen ; 
3. Nathaniel; 4. Lucretia; 5. Daniel; 6. ]\Iartin. Of these I only know that Rebecca, the first, b, Dec. 
8, 1787, m. David Street of Norwalk, Conn.. Aug. 10, 1810, and is now livinj in Montville. Conn. He d. 

" 1832. They had nine children, from one of whom, Lorenzo D. of Montville, I derive the above information. 

2. Martin Bolles, second child of Daniel and Lucretia Bolles, b. ; ra. Amy Dart of Montville, 

Conn., had three children (Lucretia, Jo-hua, and Robert) and d. 

1. Lucretia Bolles, fir>t child of ^Martin and Amy Bcjlles, b. Jan. 30, 1801. 

2. Jo.ihua Bolles, second child of ^lartin and Amy Bolles, b. Aug. 19. 1802. 

3. Robert Bolle^, third child of Jlartin and Amy Bolle-', b. Aug. 22, 1804. 

3. Polly Bolles, third child of Daniel and Lucretia Bolles, b. ; d. young. 

4. Lucretia Bolles, fourth child of Daniel and Lucretia Bolles. b. ; d. young. 

5. Daniel Bolles, fifth child of Daniel and Lucretia Bolles, b. . 

This is all 1 have been able to learn of this familv. 

LUCY BOLLES, 1737—. 

oj LuCT Bolles, sixth child of Thomas Bolles, b. Oct. 1, 1737, at New London, Conn.; m. Tur- 
■^j nor, and raovecl first to New York, and then to Oliio. I have no furtlier trace of her. 

AMOS BOLLES, 1739— 18U. 

2j Am03 Bolles, Fevcnth child of Thoma.^ Bolles, b. May 15, 1739, at New London, Conn.; w.-w twice 
^ , maiTied; Ist, to Abigail Smith, in 17G3, by whom he had three children ; 2d, Anna Gardner, by whom he 


JOSETH BOLLKS, 1603—1678. 

T HOMAS EOLLKS, 1644—1727. 
JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 






























THOMAS BOLLES, 1704— 1795. 
AMOS BOLLES, 1739—1814. six children. lie il. 1811. lli.« cliilih-L-n were — 1. liolinson ; 2. Ami/; 3. Amos, Jr. ; 4. JW; 5. 
Daniel; G. Abigait ; 7. Anna; 8. Sarah; 9. EUzaheth ; who were born, &c., as follows : 

ROBIXSON BOLLES, 1766—1842. 

_ ^ f- — 

,-J •— & T 

>-! :^ -: - 


1. RoniNSO.v HoLLF.s, first child of Amos BoUcs, b. in Now London. Conn., Jan. 2.5. 17CC; ni. Hannah 
Stoddard, Nov. 20, 1781'. IIo removed to Pennsylvania in 1810, and d. at Fairdale, Pa., Jan. 28, 1842. 
His wife survived him, and d. Nov. 20, 18-32, at tlio age of 84. They liad twelve children, viz., 1. Jlan- 
nah ; 2. Simeon A. ; o. Maria; 4. Abel; 5. Xehon ; C. ElkaiiaJi ; 7. Hannah; 8. John; 9. James; 
10. Lyman: 11. Xancy ; 12. Prudence. In the s[iritig of ISGO, I visited Fairdale and llio, jn 
which reside the children of this worthy pair, and a more vifroroiis and manly race I ntver saw. The 
men were farmers, all of them tar above the medium height, most of them upwards of six feet, and .had 
never tasted ardent spirit or tobacco. I felt proud of tliis branch of our tribe The twelve children of 
Robinson and Hannah Holies were born, &.C., as follows: — 

Hannah bolles. 1790—1792. 

1. Hannah Bolles, first child of Robinson and Hannah Bolles, b. Aug. 29, 1700; d. April 25, 1792, 
in New London, Conn. 

SIMEON A. bolles, 1792—. ~^ 






5 .' 

ra co: 

< P5 







2. Simeon A. Dulles, second child of Robinson Bolles, born in Xew London, Conn.. Oct. 13, 1792; 
is now a farmer, in Fairdale, Pa. ; has been twice married: 1st, to Ruth Dewers, July 27, 1823, by 
whom he had seven children, and who d. May 2, 1844; 2d, to Cynthia Lang, July, 18 if, by whom he 
hai had none. Of these seven children 

Charles Bradv Bolles, the tirst, was b. in Fairdale, Pa., May 17, 1824. lie i.s a farmer, living in 
that town ; m. Adelia Chatlicld, April G, 1817, and four children, viz., 1st, Ruth S., b. June 12, 
184S ; 2d, Mary J., b. May 12, 1850 ; 3d, Helen ¥.., b. Nov. 27, 1852 ; and 4tli, Franklin, b. Dec 
11, 1855. 

NeUon Bolles, second child of Simeon A. and Ruth Bolles, b. Oct. 23, 1825 ; m. Comfort C. Sher- 
man, Jan. 30, 1849, and has two children, viz., 1. Ruth A^ b. ilarch 1, 1850; 2. E^ther J., b. July 
2, 1850. 

Amos Bolles, thii-d child of Simeon A. and Ruth B., b. Dec. 2G, 1828; is a builder in Fairdale. 

Anson liolles, fourth child of Simeon A. and Ruth Bolles, b. Feb. 2, 1831 ; is a cabinet-maker, 
Pittston, Pa. 

Henry Bolles fifth child of Simeon A. and Ruth Bolles. b. March 31, 1833 ; d. June 7, 1833. 

RoI)inson, sixth child of Simeon A. and Ruth Bolles, b. July 2, 1834; m. Lucy Camp; resides 
with his father. 

Hannah, seventh child of Simeon A. and Ruth Bolles, b. March 8, 1840; d, April 18, 1840. 

MARIA BOLLES, 1704 -1S54. 

;5 3. Maria Jhlles. third child of Robinson Bolles, b. Sept. 2G, 1794; m. John C. Stevens of La Rays- 
^ ville. Pa., Sept. 22, 181G; d. Jan. 5, 1854. Tiicy had two children — Amos C. and Elizabeth. Amos 
S C. is a merchant in Herrickville, Pa., and m. Sarah Hurlbut ; Elizabeth m. Alden J. Reed, farmer. 



4. Abel Bolles. fourth child of Robinson Bolles, b. Dec. 14, 179G; is a farmer in Herrickville, Pa., 
Justice of the Peace, &c. ; m. Anna, dau. of Col. Aden Stephens of Stevensville, Pike, Pa., Sept. 4, 
1827, and has had rive children, viz.: — 

1. Annis R. Bolles, first child of Abel Bolles, b. July 8, 1828; m. Maj. Edward C. Wells, farmer, 
Tuscarora, Pa., and d. Jan. 14, 1855. Slie had one child, viz., Annis R., b. Jan. 13. 1855. 

2. Aden R., second child of Abel Bolles, b. Sept. 15, 1829 ; m. M. A. Woodbourne, July 22, 1857; 
is a farmer in Herrickville; has had one child, viz., 

Frederick R. Bolles ?on of Aden R. Bolles. b. June 9, 1858; d. Feb. 9. 1861. 

3. Hannah Maria Bolles third child of Abel Bolles b. Nov. 27, 1830; m. Maj. Edward C. "Wells 
(on the death of her sister, Annis R.) Dec. 2, 1857, and has two children, viz. — 1. Lida M., b. Oct. 5, 
1858; 2. John A., b. May 12, 18G0. 

4. Elmore L. Bolles, fourth child of Abel Bolles, b. Aucr. 11, 1837. 

5. Philena A. Bolles, Huh child of Abel Bolles, b. Feb. 22, 1842; m. Lacy, Sept. 1863. 

5. Nelson Bolles, fifth child of Robinson Bolles, b. ilay 25, 1799; d. Dec. 1, 1825. 




. THOMAS BOI.LES, 1641—1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 

THOMAS BOLLKS, 1704—1795. 

AMOS BOLLES, 1739—1814. 

ROBINSON BOLLES, 1766—1842. 


6. Elkanah S. Bolles, sixth child of Robinson Bolles, b. April 28. 1801 ; ra. Sallv, dau. of Col. 



Stevens (sister of Mrs. Abel Bolles) Feb. 8, 1832; lives in Fairdale, Pa.; farmer; has three children, j 



1. Edgar \7. Bolles. first child of Elkanah S. Bolles. b. Ji-lv 13. 1833; sinijlc ; Fairdale. 


2. Sallv R. Bolles. second child of Elkanah S. Bolles, b. March 31, 183G; m. Amos Hurlbut of i 


Gales Ferrv. Conn.. Feb. 8. 1850. 

3. Anna M. Bolles, third child of Elkan.ah S. Bolles, b. May 19, 1847. 



7. Hannah Bolles, 7th child of Robinson Bolles. b. Sept. 9, 1803; m. Daniel Picket; lives in 


d.ale ; has three children, viz., 1. Julia, V). April 17. 1831 ; m. Lvsander Dav of Fairdale, and 

has a 



daughter, Alice. 2. Maria, b. Jan. 28, 183G. 3. Lyman, b. Nov. 30, 1839. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1805—. 


8. John Bolles. eighth child of Robinson Bolles. b. Sept. 5, 1805 ; lives in La Raysville ; is a f; 

irmer ; 



m. R.achel Marsh. ^March 10, 1833 ; has four children, viz.: — 


1. Robinson G. Bolles, tirst child of John and R.-xchel Bolles b. M.arch IS, 1834; m. Sai 

ah A. 


Brigg~, Sept. 17. 1859. Thov have one child, viz.. Artiuir ^I.. b. July IG, 1860. 



2. Bvron D. AV. Bolles, second child of John and Rachel Bolles, b. Feb. 14, 1837. 





3. William Henrv Bolles. third child of John and Rachel Bolles. b. Julv 12, 1840. 


















4. Joseph E. Belies, fourth child of John and Racliel Bolles, b. May 5, 1849. 

JAMES S. BOLLES, 1807—. 


9. James S. Bolles. 9th child of Robinson Bolles. b. Julv 28, 1807; lives in Fairdale; m. 

Susan 1 



iJ a 


Headv, Dec. 1832. who bore him seven children, and died Mav 7, 1860. Their children were 

as fo!- 



►J "-; 


lows. VIZ. : — 




n o 

a: " 



1. Isaac S. Bolle=. first child of James S. Bolles, b. .Jan. 24. 1836. 



2. Angeline Bolles, second child of James S. Bolles, b. ]\Iay 20, 1838. 





3. Sarah Bolles, third child of James S. Bolles. b. A»-s. 27, 1841. 

1 Ul 







4. Daniel Bolle^, fourth child of James S. Bolles, b. Nov. 27. 1843. 






5. Blendina Bolles. fifth child of James S. Bolles, b. Nov. 27, 1845. 

6. George Bolles. sixth child of James S. Bolles, b. July 3, 1849. 

7. Elizabeth Bolles, seventh child of James S. Bolles, b. Aug. 1, 1852; d. ilav 15, 1860. 

10. Xancy L. Bolles, tenth child of Robinson Bolles. b. Mav 17. 1809 ; m. Silas Baldwin of Fair- 

dale, Dec. 9, 1850. One child— Eliza Baldwin, b. Dec. 20, 1852. 

11. Lyman Bolles, eleventh child of Robinson Bolle.s b. April 20, 1811. 

12. Prudence Bolles, twelfth child of Robinson Bolles, b. Feb. 4, 1813; m. Almon Pickett 

, July 

15, 1832, and d. Nov. 7, 1833. 

AMY BOLLES, 1767—1861. 

2. Amy Bolles, second child of Amos Bolles. b. .Jan. 19, 17G7; m. twice, viz., 1st, Benjamin Bill, 

May 9, 1791, by whom she had two children, and who was lost at sea, Jan. 1795 ; 2d, to Jonathan 


„■ dard, in 10, 1803. Mr. .Stoddard was brother of Mrs. Robinson Bolles. He died July 12, 


« His widow died at Gales Ferrv. Conn., Feb. 11. ItiGl. 

1 The three children of Amy Bolles were Faii/iy, Sarah, and H-isler, bom, &c.. as follows, viz. : 

S 1. Fanny RjUes Dill, first child of Amy Bolles, b. Sept. 20, 1792 ; m. Tetcr L. Hurlbut, Gales 
^. Feb. 3, 18.32; has had four children, viz..' 1st. Surah B., b*. March 13, 1823; m. Amos C. Stevens, 


son of 

W; J. C. .Stevens and 3Iaria Bolles of Pike, Pa., who is now living in Herrickville. She d. Nov. 22, 


J3 2d, John Hurlbut. b. June 2G. 182G; m. Abbv .1. Bailev, Jan. 7. 1857. 3d, Amos, b. Nov. 10, 


g 4th, Peter L., b. June 17, 1837 ; d. Dec. 6, 1»53. 

>, 2. Sarah Bill, second child of Amy Bolles, b. April 9, 1794 ; d. June 14, 1795. 

5 3. Hester Stoddard, third child of Aniv Bolles. b. iMarch 2G, 1804 ; m. Elisha Sattcrlee, \i-i%. 28, 


They live at Gales Ferry, and liave had tour cliildren, viz., 1st, Jonathan S., b. Nov. 2, 182G; 2d. 


eline S., b. Oct. IG, 1829, d. May 2G, 1834; 3J, Charles A., b. Sept. 17, 1835; 4th, Dwight, b. 



24, 1837. 



_J0SE1MI COLLES, 160S— 1678^ 

^nOJlAS BOLLICS, 1644—1 727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1G77— 1767. 

THOMAS BOLLES, 1704—1793. 

AMOS BOLLES, 17.i9— 1S14. 

AMOS BOLLES, 1769—. 

2 - S S 






r- 1 







3. Amos Bollks. Jr., third chiUl of Anio.« Boiler b. Oct. 16, 17G'J; m. Elizabeth MWh, had five 
children; vas knocked overboard by the boom of a vessel and drowned. The five children were, 1, Al- 
fred; 2. Elijah ; 3, Orlando ; 4, Nancy ; 5, Emily ; bom, &c., a.-* follows : 

1. Alfred Bvlh's, first child of Amos IJoUes, Jr.. b. June 3, 1705 ; m. Julia A. Stoddard, July 8, 1821 ; 
lives in Uncasville. (rtlontviUe.) Conn.; has four children, viz.: 1, Ellen S. Bolles, first child of Alt'red 
Bolles, b. Au<r. 9, 182-i: m. AVilIiam M. Ackley, Oct. 2:5. 1854; has one child, Edward W., b. June 15, 
1856. 2, Enudine F. Bolles, second child of Alfred Bolles, b. Oct. li". 1826; m. Era-mus D. Uosers, 
May 11, 1848; has two children, viz., Louise D., b. June 12, 1854, and Fiank B., b. Feb. 10, 185'J. 
3, Amos Bolles, third child of Alfred Bolles, b. June 25. 1820. 4, Xel=on Bolle::, fourth child of Alfred 
Bolles, b. :May 2, 1830. 

2. Elijah B. Bolles, second child of Amos Bolles, Jr.. b. April 10, 1708; master mariner, and keeper of 
K"ew Loudon Lidit House; m. Nancy Cornell, Oct. 15. 1827; has one child, viz.. Ann Eliza Bolles, only 
child of Elijah B. Bolles, b. July 30, 1828; m. Al'yn llichards of New London, June 11, 1848; h;us had 
three children, viz., 1, Frederick, b. Sept. 14, 1840; 2, Ann E., b. Aug. 31, 1851; 3, John E., b. Dec. 
18, 1854. 

3. Orlando Bulks, third child of Amos Bolles, Jr., b. ; m. Ellen Fitch, Jan. 18, 1835 ; is in 

iposa, Cal. 

4. Kancy Bolles, fourth child of Amos Bolles. .Tr., b. ; m. John Smith ; d. . 

5. Emihj Bolles, fifth child of Amos Bolles, Jr., b. — = ; m. Calvin Stoddard ; is now a widow in Wa- 

terford. Conn. 

^ ?'. 




































4. Abel Bolles, fourth child of Amos Bolles, b. Nov. 11, 1771 ; lived and died at Gales Ferrj-, Conn.; 
master mariner ; never married ; d. Oct. 17, 1857. 

5. Daniel Bolles, fifth child of Amos Bolles, b. Feb. 21, 1774; d. :\ray 2, 1780. 

6. ABIG.A.IL Bolles. sixth child of Amos Bolles, b. Aug. 14, 1777; m. Bliss Baker of New London, 
Jan. 6, 1700 ; d. 1826 ; had four children, viz.. Lemuel, Eunice, Amos, and Gideon. 

7. Anna Bolles, seventh child of Amos Bolles, b. March 17, 1782; m. Thomas Douglas, farmer, of 
Sterling Hill, Conn. ; seven children, viz., Anna 0., Artemas G., .John A. B.. Horatio N., Archibald T., 
Sarah 15., and Benjamin G. The two last are dead. Artemas G. is a machinist, Horatio N. a pattern 
maker, and Archibald T. a phy^ician, all of New London. 

8. Sarah Bolles, eighth child of Amos Bolles, b. Oct, 15, 1788 ; single ; lives at Gales Ferry, Conn. 

9. EnzAr-ETii Bolles, ninth child of Amos Bolles, b. May 20, 1701 ; m. David Adams of New Lon- 
don, Conn., Dec. 25, 1811, where she now lives, a widow. The}- had six children, viz.. 1, Eliza Ann; 
2, Leander ; 3, Francis ; 4, John ; 5, David F. ; and 6, Charles E. All but the second and sixth are 


MARr Bolles, eighth child of Thomas BolleS;_b. June 1, 1741 ; m. 


ZEBADIAH BOLLES, 1743-1817. 

Zebadiah Bolles, ninth child of Thomas Bolles, b. June 11, 1743. He was a farmer in Wateiford, 
Conn.; m. Margaret Green, 1803; had two children, and d. 1817. The children were Diana and Marga- 
ret, born, «S;c., as follows : 

1. Diana Bi'lles, first child of Zebadiah Bolles, b. May 10, 1806; m. Daniel Williams, cabinet maker, 
"ilaj 20, 1825; had two children, Su-an E., who m. Dr. 11. W. Mathewsoa of Durham, Conn., and has six 
children ; and Alonzo A. Mrs. Williams lives ;it Gales Ferrj,'. 

2. Margaret Bolles. second chWtl of Zebadiah Bolles, b. 1813; m. Kalph Ilurlbut of Gales Ferry. .Jan. 
27, 1333; farm.T. They have had five chJJren, viz., Ralph W., Mary A., Tabitha E., George "\V., and 
Henry W. 

SAMUEL BOLLES, 1707—1735. 

^j Samuel BoLtES, fourth child of John Bolles and Sarah Edgecombe, was born in New London, Conn., 
p' April 22, 1707, and died there in 1735. It will be remembered that the fourteenth, as well as his fourtli, bore 
^ ihe name of Samuel. The first .Samuel died at the age of 28, nine years betbre the i)irtii of tlie second. Tlie 
xi second Samuel died in his 90th year. The oldest son of the second S.amue!, Mr. John Bolles ( iSee Sect. XV JI.) 







JOSEPH DOLLES. 160.S— 1G78. 

THOMAS BOLLES, 1644—1727. 

_JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767^ 

SAMUEL BOLLES, 1707—1735. 

g whom I snw in his OOih year, in Jlontrose, Pa., had outlived the rconllection of tlie fir.~t Saniutd. He recol- 

gj lected tliat his grandfather. .Tohn. liad fourteen cliihhvn, but could rei-all only thirteen names. AVhen I reminu- 

:*j ed him of the other .Samnol. his memory revived, and was greatly relieved, and it was very pleasant to hear 

coj him exclaim, "Oh, yes, cousin, now I shall die more comfortable." 


EBENEZER BO"LLES, 1708-1709. 

EBExn:zF,n IJollf.s, fifth child of John and Sarah Bolles, b. in New London, Conn., Jidv 12, 170S: m. 
Mary Rogers, dau. of John, and grand-thiu. of Jas. Rogers, Nov. 20, 1744. He had but one child. Mary Bolles, 
who was born Oct. 7, 174.5, m. Jos. Ilurlbut. and had but one child, Mary Ilurlbut, who m. Job Taber. Mr. 
Bolles was a wealthy merchant, and a Rogerine Quaker of ultra riLTOr. Among his other extreme notions was 
tlie idea that it was wicked to attempt by the use of medicine to cure disease. This notion cost him his lift, for 
being accidentally jwisoned by handling ivy, or other similar substance, lie refused all medical treatment, and so 
died. I state these facts partly on the authority of Jliiii/iun's '•Puritan Settlers, S^c," and partly on the author- 
ity of records. His grave-stone I have seen in the "Old Burial Ground." at New London. His grand-dau.. 
Mrs. Taber, hud live children, one of whom, .Julia, married and survived William 3Iar\in, and is now a resident 
of New London. 


-; "i ?;! H 

P.\TiEXCE Bolles, sixth child of John and Sarah Bolles, b. in New London, Nov. 26. 1709; m. Thomas 
Turner, Nov. 2.3, 1727, and had eight children, from \5-liom are descended most persons of that name in New 
London and ^lontville. Conn. Those eight children were, Jolin, Sarah, Delamore, 2latthew, Mary, Samuel, 
Zipporah and Delight. 


ZIPPORAH BOLLES, 1711-1703. 

Zippon.\H Bolles, seventh child of John and Sarah Bolles, b. in New London, Conn., Oct. C, 1711; m. 
Whipple, and d. without issue, 1793. 



ISAIAH BOLLES, 1713—1789. 


l3.\.iAn Bolles, eighth child of John and Sarah Bolles, b. Oct. 11, 1713; m. Lydia Power. 173.5, v, ho d. 
in her G2d year at Saybrook. Conn., Sept.. 10, 1774. He d. there .Jan. 28, 17S9. They had five children, viz., 
l^^Joseph; 2, Margaret; 3, Ahir/ail ; 4, and o, Bathsheha. Margaret was b. Feb. 12, 1738; m. twice, Ist, 
t ^ ' ^ ' V Lee; 2d, Greene Plumbe ; by her first husband she had one child, viz., Samuel Edgecombe Lee ; by Mr. 
Plumbe she had several. The two Bathsheoas d. young. As to Abigail I know nothing. As to Joseph, see 

JOSEPH BOLLES, 1736—1794. 

J Joseph Bolles. only son of Isaiah and Lydia Bolles, i,>. in New London, Conn., ISIareh 24. 1736; m. 
^1 Lydia Kirkland. at Saybrook, Conn., Dec. 2, 1700, where he died Sept. 7, 1794. They had eight children, 
T I all born in New London, viz., 1, Esther; 2, Isaiah; '6, Lgdia ; -i:, Edgecombe ; 5, Gilbert; li, Margaret ; 
»| 7, Mary; 8, Fayintj ; who were born, &c., as follows: 

— I I Esther Bolles, first child of Joseph and Lydia Bolles, b. March 17, 1762; m. John Jones of Saybrook, 
Conn., farmer, April 13, 1788 ; and had five children. 

ISxMAH BOLLES, 1763—1533. 

Isaiah Bolles, second child of .Joseph and Lydia Bolles, b. Oct. 30. 1763 ; m. Phebe Daniels of Water- 
ford, Cona. ; d. there, July 3, 1833. She d. .Sept. 19, 1814. They had fourteen children, viz., 1. Lydia; 
2, Abigail ; 3, Mary ; 4. Fanny; 5, .Joseph ; 0, Gilbert; 7, Hannah ; S.Eliza; O.Reuben P.; 10, Henry 
D. ; 11, William K. ; 12, Margaret; 13, Elijah; 14, Joshua; who were born, itc. as follows, viz.: 1st, 
Lydia was born in .Saybrook, Conn., in 1792, and ra. Edinuud Richards; she d. 1825. 2d, Abigail, b. 

BOLLES gkni;alogy. 



JOSEIMI BOLLES, 1608—1678.^ 

JTHOMAS BOLLES, 1644—1727^ 

JOHN BOLLES. 167 7—1707."' 




ISAIAH BOLLES, 17fi3— 183.1. 



I „ CT » -- 
\ ft ^ ^ ^ 

O '^ J. 

ro O »^ 

to o p; CO 

►J "J 

■^ o 
n « 


S =5 

in S;iybrook. 179.3: m. twice, Ist, Jacob S. AViiglit ; 2il, Freik-rick Rogers; was a widow living in Mont- 
villc, Conn., in ISGi). od, Mauy, b. 17'J.5; m. Malilon Force of New York; lives in Norwich, Conn. 
4tli, F.vxsY, who. in 18G0. was living in Laliaina, Samhvich I.-lanils. 5th, Joseph, (See below). Gthj 
Gilbert, b. 0:-t. 1799. who m. twice, and had two cliiiJren, botii of whom d. witliout is>ue; he d. at 
Green Creek, Oliio, Aug. 18.j3. 7th, II.\.N.v.i.n, b. 1800; never married ; was living in ^lontville. Conn., 
in ISGO. 8lh, Eliz.^, b. 1802; d. 182.'). 9th, UeU-'sen- P., b. 180.3; m. Fanny C. Baker, Montville] 

Conn., Dec. 21. 1825; lives in , Illinois. 10th, IIexuy D., b. 1804; m. Goodwin, JIarttord, 

Conn. 11th, William K., b. 1805; m. Mary "West; lives in Illinois. 12th. Margaret, b. ISOG;' 

nevei- married. Tiiese meagre particulars are all tliat I have been able to learn of the foretroing members 
of tliis family, after years of corresi.ondcnce and research. Of the other three children, JosEl-n, Elijah, 
and JosuL'A, I have learned more, viz., as follows: 

I'i 5. Joseph Bolles. fifth child of Isaiah and Phebe Bolles. b. in Waterford, Conn., Sept. 15, 1798; 
§! resides in Montville. Conn.; ra. Widow Sarah Sterry (Miss Sarah Gray) Jan. 3, 1S.30. Has I'lad six 
- children, viz.: 1, Jane E. Bolles, first child of Joseph' and Sarah Bolles, b. Scjit. 28, 1831. 2, Francis 

L. Bolles, second child, b. 3Iay 10, 1833; ni. Julia Iloldridge of Ledvard, Conn., June 26, 1859. 

3, Jared Bolles. third child, b. May 26, 1835. 4, Beiihen C.'' Bolles. fourth child, b. Julv 30^ 1837! 

5, Ahnlra A. Bolles, fifth child, b. Dec. 2C, 1839. 6, Mary C. Bolles, sixth child, b. June 25, 1842 ■ d 

Jan. 25, 1844. 

13. Elijah Bolles, thirteenth child of Isaiah and Phebe Bolles, b. Nov. 22, 1810; m. Abby B. 
^ Swain of Lyme, Conn., July 1, 1832; lives in Waterford, Conn. They have had seven children, viz., 

. » "Z < ^ 1. Elijah I.; 2, Mary A.; 3, Thomas P.; 4, Sarah E. ; 5, Grace M. ; 6, Charles William; 7, Henry 
£ - E ^i3- •'■'•' ^^'"^ "■'^'■'^ '^O"""' '^■'■•' '''* follows, viz., 1. Elijah I. Bolles, first child of Elijah and Abby Bulles, b. 
T '^ S % ^''l^'- -^' ^'^•'''- -' ^^"''J *^- ^*^''''«' second child, b. March 11, 1840; d. A[)ril 14, 1840. ' 3, Thomas 
"^ P. Bolles, third child, b. Jan. G, 1842. 4. Sarah E. Bo/les. fourth child, b. April 15. 1844; d. Nov. 

30, 1844. 5, Grace M. Bolles, fifth child, b. Mav 2G, 1847. G, Charles William Bolles, sixth child, b. 
Oct.- 3, 1850. 7, Jlenri/ P. Bolles, seventh child, b. Dec. 29, 1854. 

14. Joshua Bolles, fourteenth child of Isaiah and Phebe Bolles, b. 1812; twice married, viz., 
1st, Cornelia C. Harris of New London, .Jan. 12. 1839; by whom he had three children, viz., Jolm N.' 

j-j Cornelia, and Anna C. Slie d. Dec. 25, 1854. 2d, Harriet Ilobron of New London, 185G. He lives 
in New London. His children were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 1, John N. Bolles. first child of Joshua 
and Cornelia Bolles, b. 1840; d. 1842. 2, Cornelia A. Bolles, second child, b. 1814; d. 1850. 
3, Annie C. Bolles, third child, b. 1847. 

Of the six remaining children of Joseph Bolles and Lydia Kirkland I have gathered the following facts : 
3. Lydia Bolles, third ciiild of Jos. Bolles and Lydia Kirkland, b. July 29, 17G.5 ; m. Elizur Kirklan'd, Oct. 
8, 178G; went West; had two sons, and d. young. 4. Edgecombe Bolles, fourth child, b. Julv 23. 1767; 
m. Mary Dickinson. 3Iarch 7, 1795 ; lost at sea, April, 1795 ; she d. in Savbrook, Mav 1 1, 1856, aged 84. 
5. Gilbert Bolles, fifth child, b, Sept. 22, 17G9 ; lost at sea. Oct. 1804. Q.' Margaret Bolles. sixth child, b. 
April 3, 1772; d. Sept. 9, 1804, aged 28.- 7. Mary Bolles, seventh child, b. Sept. 27, 177G; d. in New 
London. 8. Fanny Bolles, eighth child, b. Feb. 4. 1779 ; d. Sept. 10, 1833, single. 

ENOCH BOLLES, 1715-1800. 




Enoch Bolles, ninth child of John Bolles and Sarah Edgecombe, was bom in New London, Conn., Oct. 
20, 1715, where he resided until his death, Dec. 3, 1800. He was a saddler, harness-maker, an<l farmer, living 
on Bolles Hill,^ and devoutly adhering to the tenets of the Rogerine Quakers — in religious matters — though 
free from all of their otiensive and Ishmaeliti-h peculiarities of conduct. He inherited none of the proselyting 
ze:al of John Bolles, his father, but was an example of a peace-loving, quiet, exemplary chri-tian. He wa^ 
twice married, l^t to Hannah Moore, Nov. 2. 1738, by whom he had ten children, and'who died ilarch 18, 
1765 ; and 2d, to widow Lucy Wheeler, daughter of Charles Thompson, who bore him four children, all girls, 
survived him, and dieil 3Iarch 21, 1812. I have his aulograi>li family record. One of his sons became a Bap- 
tist clergyman, one of thern a Methodist class leader, and four of them Baptist deacons. As already stated, 
Mr. Bolles's first wife w.xs Hannah Moore. Her two niece-, Mirgaret M,ore and Susannah M<ore. married, 
the one Samuel Bolles, Enoch's brother, and the other David Bolles, Enoch's son, so that the children of David 
Bolles were iloubI\- indehti.-d to the Moore blood. The Moores were a remai-kably long-lived nice, and were 
distinguished by extraordiiiary vigor ot' both body and mind. 



THOMAS BOLLi:S, 1644—1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677— 1-S7. 

ENOCH BOLLES, 1715—1800. 

Mr. Bolles's fourteen cliililrRn \'-cre : — \ , Enoch ; '2, Jonathan ; 3, Durid ; 4. Jonathan ; 5, Asa ; &, Jesse ; 
7, John; S, Jsaiah ; 'J, ^^athan ;. I'd, Richard ; 11, Hannah ; 12, Lucy; 13, Naomi; 14, Susan; who were 
born, &o., a.s tollow.'S : 

ENOCH BOLLES, 1739—1770. 




Esocn BoLLES, tir.-;t cliiUl of Enocli Bolles and Hannah !Moore, wa.^ born in New London, Conn., July 

19, 1701', married Kobin.-on, and died there. 1770. Their only eiiild wa.s 

John Robinson BoUes who was born in New Lon<lon (I liave not the date); married lii.e eou=in iMar- 
garet Bollc.s daii. of Samuel BoIIes, 17b8, and removed to IItld^on. X. Y., wliere he died. (I have not 
the date). Ilis widow married Georse Lapham of Pownai, ^'t.. liS"J8, moved to Jliehijran, and died 
1851. Jlr. John Robin.-on Bolles was a saddler and harness maker. He liad ciiiht cliihlrcn, four of 
whom died in infancy. The other four were Edward R., Frederick A., JJurietta, and Amelia, who were 
born, &c., as follows : 

Edward R. Dulles, oldest child of Jolm R. and Rebecca Eotles, was born in Ilud-on, X. Y., 'May 
14, 179"J; was a liarness-maker ; livinjr in Alli.niy in IsiiO. He m. Clarissa Ingrahani of Hudson, 
April 11, 1818, and had nine ehiUlren, viz., Rel>ecca, Jemima, C>jmanthe, Olive, Celia, Edward A., 
Lydia J., Anson W., and Charles E., who were born, &e., as follows: 
j 1. Rebecca Bolles. first child of Edward R. and Clarissa Bolles, b. in Bethlehem, N. Y., April 
_ 12. 1819 ; ru. Jeremiah ■\Vallace of Albany, and d. Oct. 12, 1849. 

S I 2. .Jemima Bolles, second cliild of Edward R. anil Clari-sa Bolles, b. in Bethlehem, X. Y., !M.ircn 
3, 1821 ; m. Henry Van Benthnysen of Albany, Jan. 22, 1844. 

3. Cvmanthe liolles, tliird child of Edward R. and Clarissa Bolles, b. in W'esterlo, X. Y., Ji'iy 
12, 1S24 ; m. William Bnrnap (now of Utica) Aui. 10, 1849. 

4. Olive A. Bolles, fourth child of Edward R. and Clari-sa Bolles, b. at "Westerlo, Dec. 22, 1826; 
m. Thomas Easterly of Albany, :Mav 10. 1846. and d. S'-pt. 22. 18.5-5. 

5. Celia J. Bolle^. tlfth child of Edw. R. and Clarissa I'.oUes, b. Xov. 20. 1829 ; d. Feb. 18, 1847. 

6. Edward Augustus Bolles sixth child of Edward R. and Clarissa Bolles, b. April 11, 1832; 
m. Henrietta Burni of Albany, Xov. IS, 1852 ; d. April 10, 1858. He had one child. 



2 o k; 

1 :*< ^ 

I ! 


7. Lydia -L Bolles, seventh child of Edward R. and Clarissa Bolles, b. July 1 C, 1834 ; m. Henrv 
Halsev of Allianv, Auc;. 10, 1849. 

8. Anson W. Bolles' eighth child of Edward R. and Clarissa Bolles, b. Aug. 24, 1837 ; is a sash 
and blind maker in Alliany; m. Margaret Mann. ]Mav 21, 185G. 

9. Charles Elsworth Bolles, ninth child of Edward R. and Clarissa Bolles, b. vSept. 25. 1842. 

! I 

2. Marietta Bolle^, second child of John R. and Rebecca Boiles, b. in Hudson, X. Y., 1797 ; m. George 
TT. Peters of Hud-on, 1824. and d. in Scio, 3Iich., Sept. 1840. 

3. Amelia Boiles, third child ci' .John R. and Rebecca Bolles, b. in Hud-on, Sept. 17, 1801 ; has been 
m. twice, viz., 1st, to Daniel D. Robinson of Adams, ]Mass., ottorncy-at-Ia\v, 1819, by whom she had three 
children, viz., Sarah. R., Eliza A., and Josiali Q. ; and 2d, to Henry .Jencks, now of Dundee, 111., by 
whom she hxs had 'wo children, viz., Lydia E., and Dcnnison R. Her children were born, &c., a.s fol- 
lows, viz., 1. Sarah R. Robin=on, b. at SoiUh Adam-. Xov. 15, 1820; d. ^larch 5. 1857. at Cleveland, O.; 
at the age of eighteen she m. E. B. Penniman of X'orth Adam-, atiorncy-at-law ; liad one child, viz., 
Edmond B., b. 1S41, now in Williams College. 2. Eliza A. Robinson, h. in X'orth Adams, Aug. 13, 
1824; ra. Lyman C. Th.ayer, attorney-at-law in that place, and has four children, viz., James L., Daniel 
D., Josiah Q., and Xellie. 3. .Josiah Q. R(7binson. b. in Xortli Adams, April 14, 1822; m. Ann A. 
Boardnian of that place, and has one child, viz., Ida, b. 1855. 4. Lydia E. Jencks. b. .Sept. 22, 1834; 
m. H. G. Wilmartli. April 12, 1853; three children, viz., Charles, Henrv. and Alfred. 5. Dennison 
R. Jencks. b. Oct. 13, 1837; m. Elizabeth A. Ilollister of Dundee, 111., Oct. 28, 1»59. 

4. Frederick A. Bolles, fourth .son of John R. and Rebecca Bolles, b. in Hudson, .Jan, 23, 1812. He 
is a farmer in Svivan, Jlich.; m. Sarah A. Woo<ter, Oct. 21, 1.S38. Tliev have hail si.v children, viz., 
1st, Frances E.,'b. Aug. 27. 1839; 2d, Celia Harriet, b. .Jan. 10, 1842: 3d. Clarintha A., b. Feb. 19. 
1844; 4tli, John Edward, b. Xov. 10. 1847; 5th, Adaline, b. June 29, 1851, d. Xov. 7, 1851; Gtb, Eifie 
F., b. Oct. 14, 1853, d. Dec. 24, 1856. 

Ret. DAVID BOLLES, 1743—1807. 

JoxATn.i.>« Bolles, second child of Enoch Bolles and Hannah Moore, bom Oct. 27, 1740; died April 
18, 1744. 

David Bolles, third child of Enoch and Hannah Bolles, b. in Xew London, .Jan. 14, 1743; m. liis 
cousin, Susanna, dan. of .Jo-hua Moore and Elizabeth Grant, Jan. 10, 1765; d. in Ashford (now Ex-tford) 
Conn., Feb. 14, 1807. His widow d. Xov. 2, 18(»7. He was f;irmer, tanner, currier, &.c., until hitc in lite 




TIIO^^AS BOLLKS, 1644—1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677—17^7. 


Rkv. ])AVXD BOLLES, 1743— 1S07. 

o *^ r- 



>= ri 2 

" •- r- 

7? 2 -J 

W yf S 

« 5 2 ~i= a 

CO 2 ^ . — 1 ? -5 

lie becunie a Bapti-t niini*ter. lie was one of tlie first preachers of that Baptist Church in Hartford, Conn., 
of wiiich iii> Iirotlior JoiiM. ('-gooil Deacon Johnny."' as he was caUini.) was ^o low^ Deacon. 

Rev. Davl.l 15olles had ^even children, viz., David, ^Matthew, Kbcnczer, Charles, Augustus, Lucius, and 
Matilda, born, lic, as follows : — 

1. D.vviD BoLLES. Jr... fii-st child of Rev. David and Su<:anna Bolle-;. b. in AshforJ, Sept. 2G, 17C5; 
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel Dow. Nov. 12. 178i5. He d. in Ashford, May 22. 1830. yiie d. Dec. icj 
1833. He fir-it studied and jiractised medicine, and afterwards law, and at the time of his death was 
Judge of the Windham County Court. He received tiie honorary degree of A. '}>!. from Brown Univer- 
sity, in 181'.). He was a Jlelhodi-t in religion, and to his long continued and zealous services as advocate 
of "the^ Ba|)tist petition." before successive Legislatures, is Connecticut largely indebted for the establish- 
ment of religious lil)orty and the incorporation of the jirineipie of unitbrm toleration into the State Con- 
stitution. ]Nir. and Mrs. BoUes had eight children, viz., Susanna, Elizabeth, David C, Armin, Lorenzo, 
Marcirt, and Asa, and an infant of four days. These children were born, tte.. as follows, viz. : 

1. SusASXA BoLLES, tirst child of judge David Bolles b. July 20, 1787 ; d. April 8, 1790. 

2. Elizabeth Bulled, second child of Judge D. B., b. Nov. 12. 1789; d. Nov. 11, 184:6; sin^e. 
' 3. David Charles Bolles, third child of Judge David Bolles, b. Feb. 2,1793; m. Frances 

Mather, dau. of Elcazer Matlier of Brooklyn, Cunn., Nov. 5, 1821. He d. at Jackson, O., April 20, 
1840, where his widow now live-. He was educated to the Bar, and was Clerk of the Courts in 
Windham County for several years. He then studied theology at Newton Seminary, was ordained as 
a Baptist minister, and prcaciied successively in Southbridge, ;Mass., and at Granville, Athens, and 
Jackson, 0. He had seven children, viz., jiilia A., David 'C, William M., Frances M., Hunaali W., 

S -r John, and Asa, who were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

[ g 1. ./itlia Ann Uo/les. first child of Rev. David C. Bolles, b. at Brooklyn, Conn., Feb. 22. 1823 ; m. 

|j U Sept. J, IS'jO. at Athens, O., to Robert S. Lewis. Esq.; resides in Alabama; has had four children, viz., 
1, -Mather B., b. J^dv 4, 1851, d. Nov. 5. 1850 ; 2, Mary L., b. March 18, 1853 ; 3, Fannv, b. Nov. 7, 
1855 ; 4, Elizabeth V., b. July 1 1, 1859. 

2. Diirid C. Bolles, Jr., second child of Rev. David C. Bolles, b. at Brookh-n, April 11, 1825; d. 
at Athens, O., while on sick leave from West Roint ^Militarv Academv, ^Nfarch 17, 1849. 

3. William Mather Bolles, third child of Rev. David C. Bolles, b. at Brooklyn, Feb. 28, 1827. He 
is an iron manufacturer, at Ironton, O. ; m. Emma, dau. of Elias Long of Jackson, 0., Oct. 21, 1852; 
has one child, viz., Lena Bolles, b. Sept. 8. 1855. 


>:> s: 

~ 4. Frances M. Bolles, fourth child of Rev. David C. Bolles, b. at Brooklyn, Jan. 19, 1831 ; m. G. 
, ^ W. ;McConn, merchanr, Washington, O., May 5, 1852, now in the iron business, in Ironton. 0. 

have three children, viz., Charles, b. Feb. 24, 1853; Edward B., b. April 18, 1857; and Thoma-, b. 
Aug. 2, 1859. 

5. Hannah W. Bolles, fifth child of Rev. David C. Bolles, b. at Southbridge, Mass., Sept. 5, 1833; 
m. D. AV. C. Loudon, attornev-at-law, of Georgetown, O., April 28, 1852; has two children, viz., 
Fanny M., b. Feb. 19. 1854: and Elizabeth, b. .Jan. 15, 1858. 

6. John Bolles, sixth child of Rev. David C. Bolles, b. at Granville, O., Feb. 26, 1837; single; 
merchant, Selma, Ala. 

7. Asa Bolles, seventh child of Rev. David C. Bolles, b. at Jackson, O., June 20, 1840; entered the 
U. S. Military Academy at West Point, 1858; grad June, 1862; d. at Sacramento, Cal., April 21, 
1863. ^ 

ARMIN BOLLES, 1795—1860. 

4. Armin- Bolles. fourth child of Judge David Bolles, b. at Ashford. (now Ea.-tford,; Conn., J 
5, 1795; died July 26, 1860; in. twice. Ut, Roxey B. Backus of Ashford, April 8, 1829, bv wl 
i had six children, and who died; 2d, Alice Searls of Brookh-n, Conn., April" 8, 1839, bv whom 

„, 1 3 ^;,- „l.;l-j ***!.„*: . r i.- .i_ . .1 1. . _ j. ' _ • ,- ■ -n it V, 

, . May 

16, 1795; died July 26, 1860; in. twice. Ut, Roxey B. Backus of Ashford, April 8, 1829, bv whom 
he had six children, and who died; 2d, Alice Searls of Brooklyn, Conn., April" 8, 1839, by whom he 
has had six children. At the time of his death he was a farmer, residing in Biooklvn, Conn. He 
died July 24. 1860. His twelve children were, Eliza, Helen M.. Jeremiah B., Susan M., Janet, John, 
Edwin A., Ellen S., Jane, Charles D., Alice, and George A., born, &c., as follows: 

1. Aliza Bolles, first child of Ai-min Bolles, b. Feb. 15, 1820; m. Asa Bolks Clark, son of David 
Clark and E.-ther Bolles, (dau. of A.-a Bolles.) Oct. 1837. :Mr. Clark is a broker in New York city. 
They have had two children, viz., Jennie R., b. Sept. 18. 1838; and Julia J]., b. Dec. 12, 1847. 

2." JMe?i M. Bolles, second child of Armin Bolles, b. Nov. 1821 ; d. ilav 22, 1825. 

3. Jeremiah B. Bolles. third child of Armin Bolles, b. March 6, 1825. 

4. Susan jr. Bolles, fourth child of Armin Bolles, b. Oct. 18. 1830; m. Edmund Spaulding, March 
18, 1851. They live in Wc'cester, and have one child, viz., Jennie, b. Jan. 4, 1854. 

5. Janet Bolhs, fifth child of Armin Bolle-, b. Nov. 26. 1><32 ; d. Dec. 19, 1833. 6. John BoUes. 
sixth child, b. Feb. 10, 1836. 7. Edwin A. Bolles, seventh child, b. July 3, 1840. 8. Ellen S. Bolles, 



JOSEPH COLLES, 160S— 1678. 
THOMAS I50IXES, 1644—1727. 

JOUX BOLLES, 1677— 1767. 

' :S - o 


Rev. DAVID BOLLES, 1743— 1S07. 

JrDGE DAVID EOELES, 176.i— IS.3n. 


- o : 13 

o 2 v 

AUMIN" BOLLES, 179.-)— 1S60. 

eiglith child, b. Jan. C. 184-2. 9. Jane Bollcs, ninth chiW, b. Sept. 9. 184-3. 10. C/ianis D. BuUes, 
tenth ciiiUl. h. March 20, 1X4-). 11. AUce Bulks, elevtMuh child, b. .Sent. 12, 1S4G. 12. Geoiv/e A. 
Holies, twelltli chiKl. b. April 9, 1850. 


LoKEXzo BoLLES. fiflli cliihl of .Judge David Bollc?, b. at A>h!bid, Sept. 19, 1707; m. Mary 
rrowbridge, dau. of Elisha TroM bridge of A>lifbrd, Oet. i;>. 1819. He is a farmer; lives in A-h- 

1 I - - I o 

«D r- zi — : 















;— J 




" a; .-'; 



03 ^ 

g i 

Z "3 




. : a 

a. a 

W. Tr 

ford ; has had nine children, viz., Mary W., Lorenzo, Jr., Eli^ha T., Caroline 31., two Davids, an 
infant, John, and Enoch, born, ttc as follo«>, viz. : 

1. Mary W. BalU's. first child of Lorenzo Bolles. b. July 4. 1«20, in Ashfor.l ; m. Moses Arnold, 
now of Greenville. Conn., ^May 30, 1842; has had four children, viz., Lorenzo !)., b. April 27, 
1843; Ann L., b. Dec. 14, 184".3 ; p:sther W., b. Aug. 17, 1818; an.l Juriel P.. b. Aug. 24, 16J1. 

2. Lorenzo Bulks, Jr., second child of Lorenzo Bolles. b. in A.-hford, Oet. 13, 1822; twice mar- 
ried, viz., 1st, Ann A. Eliworth, 1815, h\ whom he had two children, and wlio d. June, 18.52; and 
2d, Rachel M. Sibley, by whom he has had three children. The five were born, etc., as ibllows, 
viz., 1st, Celia, b. Aug. 10, 184G; 2d. Mary L., b. Dec. 1, 1850; 3d, Lorenzo, b. 3Iareh 5, 1S54; 
4th, Caroline, b. 185G; and 5th, Eliza, b. S'ov. 24, 1858, d. March 21, 1800. Mr. Bollcs resides 
in the town of Sand Spring. Delaware Co., Iowa. 

3. EUsha T. Bulks, third child of Lorenzo Bolles. (Senior.) b. April 20, 1825; m. Adaline 
Smith. Nov. 5. 1849; lives at Merrow Station. Conn.; ha< ha<l thi-ee children, viz., 1st. !Marv L.. 
b. Dec. 14, 1851 ; 2d, David C. h. Nov. 9, ISJO. d. Jan. 10, 1858; 3d. Caroline M.. b. Aug. 1859. 

4. Caroline J/! Bulles, fourth child of Lorenzo Bolles. b. .June 19, 1827; m. David Clark of A.-h- 
ford, May 1, 1850; resides at Plymouth, O. ; has had one child, viz., Lorenzo, b. Julv, 1858. 

5. David Built s, fifth child of Lorenzo Bolles. b. 3Iay 4, ISoO ; d. ilay 4. 1832. 

6. Dat-id Bolles. sixth child of Lorenzo Bolles. b. Aug. 10, 18;!2 ; d. M:iv 27, 183G. 

7. An infant, seventh child of Lorenzo Bolles, b. Nov. 5, 18-U; d. Nov. JS, 1834. 

8. John Bolles. eighth child of Lorenzo Bolles, b. Dec. 1, 1835; m. Harriet Bottum. .Lan. 1857; 
lives at Bolton, Conn.; has one child, viz., 3Ltry A., b. 3Iarch 2, 1858. 

9. Enoch Bolles. ninth child of Lorenzo Bolles. b. Sept. 28, 1838; single. Mr. Bolles is now in 
the military service of the United States, in the 21st Keg. Connecticut Vohmteers, Comjianv D. 

C. Marcia Bolles, sixth child of Judge David Bolles. b. in Ashford. Mav .3, ISOO; ni. Henry 

lidren, viz., 1st. James 

25, 1833; d. May 3, 1836. 

ASA M. BOLLES, 1802—1832. 

7. Asa Moore Bolles, seventh child of Judge David Bolles, liorn in Ashford, Sept. 22, 1802; 
grad. Brown L'niversity, 1823; read law with Judge Jud-on of Canterbury, Cor.n., and had attained a 
distinguished position at the Bar. and among the poets and prose-writer- of Connecticut, when he ilied 
at Killingworth. (now Clinton.) Conn., Se[>t. 1832. He m. Elizabetii M. Rutty, March, 1828, and had 
two children, viz.. David IL. and Ellen ?il.. born, 6cc.. as follows: 

1. David Huntington Bulks, fir-t child of Asa 'SI. Bolles, b. Dec. 18. 182S: at Yale Coll. 
1850; .admitted to tlie P>ar of New York, 1853: is now an attorney in Ellicoitville, N. Y.; in. E'^lan- 
tine E. Moulton. Nov. 14. 1855, and has one child, viz.. Asa M., b. Sept. 12. 1^50. 

2. Elkn Jf. Bulks, second child of Asa iL Bolles, I). Nov. 11, 1.S30; m. Oliver Payne, Esq., atfor- 
ney-at-law. Cornincr. N. Y., Aug. 13, 1852. Thev have had three eliildren. viz., 1st, Edward T.. b. Oct. 
10, 1853; 2d. Nellie Elizabeth; b. Aug. 22. l{55.i', d. April G, 185G; 3d. Orace II., b. March 13, 1857. 

The widow of A-a M. Bolles, Esq., ten years after his death, married Rev. Owen B. .Street, now of 
Lowell. Mass. 

MATTHEW -BOLLES. 1769—1838. 

a' 2. MAXniEW Bolles. second child of Rev. David Bollos. born at A-hford. now East ford, Conn., 

p' April 21, 17G9; in Anna llibbar'. dau. of Eliohaz Ilibbard and Jeru-ha Pride of Man-fiild. Conn.. 

i- .Sept. 15, 1793. He was in ;ictive bu-ino-s life uiitil 1813. when he becarn" a IJaptist preacher, and w;is 

' 2 ordained at Lyme, Coim. He afterwardi preached in Fairfield. Conn., Millbrd, N. II., and Marblehead, 



JOSEPH BUr.LES, 1603—1678. 

jrnoMAS ]5oi-Li^s, 1644—1727. 

JOHN COLLES.^fi"— 1'6'. 
KXOCH liOLLES, 1715— I SOO. 

Hkv. UAVII) UOIJ.ES. 174.3— 1S07. 

ilATTJlEW liuLLES, 1769- 1S3S. 

and Mc.<t KnJirewator. M:i>.-=. lie .1. in Ilarifonl, Conn., Sopt. 2G, His widow, (hoin June 10, , 
1< / 1.) now ilskIl-j thci-f, and is 1 Ulicvo. tlic oldi-.-^t livinjr it'pie:i*iitative of tlji- Lollcs fainilv. P.v Iict I 
he had nin.- chiUlivn, viz., 1. Utison A'/izK ; l>. KUphuz lUhburd ; ;5. Anna Ilibbonl ; 4. Jer'vsha Pn,lc : I 
o. James Grout; 0. Coruline Matilda;"!. Maltliew ; 8. John Augustus; 0. Dadd. The,-e childrei'i 
were born, »tc., as iljUows : 

1. Susan E., born at Ashford, now Ea.-tford, Conn., Aug, 31, 1794; died sinr-le at Milibid \ II 
Nov, I'O, 1619. "" ' - -5 

2. EUphaz //., born at Ashford, now Eastford, Conn., -June 10, 1706; diwl there, Dec 30, ISOO. bv 

3. Anna H. Bolhs. tliird cliild of Rev. Matthew Bollcs, born at Ashford, now Eastford, Conn., Feb. 

28, 17',18; m. .Jonatiian Bartlett, E.q.. of Milford, N. II., April 23, 1823. lie died in :Milli.rd. .Jan. 
2(5, 18.j7. She died tliere May 31, 18.37. They had three ciiildren, viz.. 1, Anna Eliz.i. b. Feb. 1.3, 
182G; HI. Tiiomas .1. Lane of 3Iilfoi-d, N. 11., where she now resides. Sept. 14. 1847; Las one child! 
Mary Florence, b. June 27, 18.)1. 2, Matthew liolles, b. in Milford. X. II., Dee. 2G, 1828; m. Marv 
E. Tate of .^liddleiown. Conn., Si'iit. IG, 18.51 ; and now lives in Milford, X. II. 3, Jonadwn, b-Dec. 

28, 1830; d. Jan. 7, 1831. 

§ 3 

Ti I 





^ 3 '^ - 

I 4. Jerushn Pride Bolles. fourth child of Kev. :Matthew Bolles. born at Asliford, now Ea.stford, Conn. , 
March; ni. Hon. Stephen I'eabody of Milford, X. H., Sept. 20, 1824. Col. Peabodv was a i 

I graduate of Harvard University, began life as a lawyer, but because of impaired health became a ' 
g fanner. He ,*illed many important public offices in town, county, and State, and was a model of excel- 
jj lence in all the relations of both public and private life. He d'. at Amheiv-t, X. II., January 19. 1,S47. 
J, I His wife survived him, and died at her daughter Clara's, Xewton Corner, .Al.ass., Sept. 24". 18.57, on j 
i; the same day as her sister Caroline. Mr.' and 3Irs. Peabody had four children, viz., Clara Eliza, i 
_,\ Francis Bolles, Augustus Stephen. an<l Jerusha ISolles, wlio were born, &c.. as follows: i 

1. Clara Eliza I'eabody. b. Oct. IG. 1825 ; m. Edward P. Bancroft of Boston, broker. Dee. 24. 184.5. j 
2 ; S!ie has had 2 chil., viz., 1st, Edith P., b. June 20. 1854, d. Sept. 1, 1855 ; 2d, Clara E.. b, Feb. 5, 1857 '■ 

2. Francis Bolles P ' ' ' " ,- - ,_ . _ 





S 5 

2 2. Prancis Bolles Peabody, b. Oct. 27. 1827; grad. at Trinity College, Hartford. Conn.; read Jaw I 
^. with Pre-ident Pierce in Concord, X. H.. and is now an attorney in Chicacro, 111. He m. Harriet C. ' 
■- dau. of Kev. P. .S. Tenbrceck, Portland. ^Me.. Sept. 20. 1854, and has had three children, viz., LucretiaX •■ 
2 T., born at Portland. June 14. ls57;.'Frank S., b. at Chicago, July 24, 1850; and Edward B., b. aD 
25' Chicago, Sept. (, 18G1. d. in Portland, Me., Aug. 17, 18G3. i 

2 I 3. Augustus S, Peabody, b. Xov. 7, 1820 ; m.' Fanny, dau. of J.-G. Sanderson of Boston, Sept. 20, ' 
^ ISoo ; IS a broker in X. Y. ; has two childi-en. viz., Stephen, b. March 23, 1858. and Richard Aun-ustus. 
b. Oct. 12, 18G0. '^ ' \ 

4. Jerusha Bolles Peabody. b. :May 1, 1834. m. Arthur L. Frotliinsham. Boston, niereliant, Xov. 8, , 
1854; has two children, viz., Arthur !>., Jr., b. June 21, 1859 ; Jessie P., b. Feb. 12, 18G2. \ 

I _b. James Grant Bdhs. fifth child of Rev. .Alatthew Bolles, b. at Ashford, now E.astford. Conn.. Jan. ' 

Oj It, 18n2; m. Orra A. Lyman, at Hartford, Conn., Jan. 17, 1827, where ther now reside. He was 

g! many years Secretary of the Hartford Fire Insurance Co., was Clerk of the "Hartford Courts. Maior 

S I and Commandant of the Governor's Guards, and President of tlie Xorth American Insurance Co.. and ; 

<l IS now Deacon of the First Baptist Church, and Collector of Internal Revenue for Congressional Dis- ' 

I trict Xo. 1. "^ " ' i 

6. Caroline Matilda B^Ues, sixth cliild of Rev. Matthew Bolles. b. in Hartford, Conn., Feb. 10, 
1804 ; and d. there Sept. 24. 18.57. (the day of her sister .Jerusha's death). Slie m. William "Wallace. 
Esq.. Milford. X. IL, May 14. 1822, and had five children, all born in Milford, viz., William M., John 
A., Anna H.. James B., and Caroline G.. born, &c.. as follows, viz.: — i 

1. William Matthew Wallace, b. Feb. 3, 182.5; in. Xancy B. Kneeland of Boston. Oct. 1, 18.51. ' 
^ They have one child, viz., AVilliain K.. b. at Wjnon.i, 3Iinncsota, Julv G, 1857. Mr. Wallace is an In- 
surance Agent, and lives in Hartford, Conn. 

2. John A. Wallace, b. Dec. 28, 1828; m. Clara Litchfield of Hartford, Oct. 10, 185S, and died in 
Hartford, May 2. 1859. » > > 

3. Anna Il'ibbard W.illace, b. July G, 1832 ; d. May .5, 1837. | 

4. James Bolles "Wallace, b. Feb.' 3. 1838; rcsides'in Xew York; m. Louise R. Lozicr, Jlarch 20, i 
18C1 ; has had one child, Caroline M., b. Jnlv 11, ]8t;2. d. 18G3. j 

5. Caroline Gertrude Wallace, b. JIarch Id, 1844; d. Aug. 28, 1847. j 

7. Matthew Bolles. seventh chil.l of Rev. Mattlicw Bolles, b. at Ashford, now Eastford, Conn.. June 
11, 1807.y He is a^ banker, residing in Boston, Mass^ He has been twice married, viz., 1st., to Debo- 

'~ I J J^'^Z--^L, ^-' 



JOSEPH COLLES, 160S— 1678. 

THO MAS EJJLEES, 1C44--1^727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 

/ /. 

ENOCH BOLLES, 1715—1800. 

Rkv. DAVH) BOLLES, 174.i— 1807. 

= - ph 3 
= T t-* *-; 

Kkv. MATTHE\V BOLLES, 17H9— 1S38. 



rah CalJttoll. dauglitci- of Rev. Daiiit-l Sliarp, D. D.. of Bo-ton, liy whom he liail four children, and 
wlio difd in Bo-ton, Feh. 2t), 1840; 2(1. to Harriet Clarke, dan. of the late Michael Shejiard of Salem, 
M:is^., Oct. .>, 1842, bj' whom he ha,< had four children. Tliese eight children of 'Mr. BoUes were 
born, &c.^ as follows : 

1. .lames Grant Bolles, b. m Boston, Nov. 7, 183.3; d. by lightning in Kan.^as Territorv, single, 
Juh- is, ISoG. 

2. !Mary Larkin Bolles. h. in Bo.-ton, 5Ia_v 4. LS.j.j ; d. .-ingle, in Chicago. 111.. Jnne 14, 18G0. 

3. Annie Sh:xrp Bolles. b. in Bo.-ton. .July 0. 18;;(;; ni. Dr. F. II. Krebs of Bo?ton, Oct. 21, 18G3. 

4. An infant smi, b. Feb. 14, and d. Feb' 28. 184U. 
. ^Michael .Sliepard Bolle-. b. in Boston. May 21. 184 4; now residing in Boston. 

6. ^Matthew Bolles, b. in Boston, Sejit. .j, 1847 ; now in the U. S. Naval School, Newport, E. I. 

7. Richard Fairfax Bolles, b. in South Reading, Ji;u<s., Sept. 10, 1S55. 

8. Harriet Bolles, b. in 15oston, Dec. 24, 4800." 

.- 2 

Ii7 7 

■r. '/z 




— CC "^ ,^ " 

8. Juhii Aiiffiisti'S Bolles, eighth child of Rev. ^Vfatthew Bolles, born in Ashford. now Eaptford, 
Conn., April 10, 1809; graduated at Brown I'niM-rsity. Providence. R. I.. 182D; Ma-tcr of Arts, 
18v32; admitted to the Boston Bar in 183S; Secretary of State of Massachusetts, 1843; ^Member of 
Board of Educ.ition ; Commissioner of Boston Ilarl or and Biack Bay, 18.!)2 ; M.ajor and Aide de 
Camp, and Judge Advocate Seventh Army Corps, 1 8<i2 : resides in "Winchester, near Bo.-ton, Mas.«. 
He m. Catherine Hartwell Dix, dau. uf Col. Timothy Dix of ISo.-cawen, N. II.. Nov. 11, 1834, and is 
now on the staff of Maj. Gen. .John A. Dix. They have had the six following children: — 

1. Judith T. Bolles, b. at Roxbury. Ma.-s.. Nov. '7, 183.3. 

2. Lucy Dix Bolles, b. at Roxbury. Mass.. April 3, 1837. 

3. Caroline MatiMa Bolles, b. in Boston. Ma-s., Aug. 20. 1839; m. George L. P.iddock, Esq., coun- _' , 

.. sellor, of Princeton, 111., Oct. 1, 1802; has one child, viz.. Katie Dix, b. Dec. 3,^/.^, <«^^-~f j^^^^^, 
;| 4. John David BoUes, b. in Boston, Ma.-s., Aug. 12. 1842; broker, New York city ^Aurjf ^ . i^^t^li^^ ' J 
'■ 5. Timothy Di.x Bolles. b. in Bo-ton. Mass., Oct. 31, 1847. ' ^ 

i 0. Frank Bolles, b. in AVinche^ter, Mass.. Oct. 31. 18.56. 

; Mr. Bolles is the author of a Prize Exs'ii/ on a Congress of Xdtions, published by the American 
i Peace Society; of an £ssay on Usury and Ust'r;/ Laws, \m\i\\Ait'(\ by the Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce, and which led to the sus]iension of tl.e n.-ury laws on short bills of exchange; of various articles 
in the North American Review. Cliristian F^xaminer, Chi-i^tian Review, New England Magazine, and 
I other periodicals, and was the first editor of the Boston Daily Journal. 

I 9. Dmid 'Bolles, ninth child of Rev. Matthew Bolles, b. at Ashford. now Eastford, Conn., March 
i 19, 1811 ; d. at Milford, N. PI., Oct. 20, 1824. 

EBENEZER BOLLES, 1772—1777. 

3. Ebenezer BoLLE.4. third child of Rev. David Bolles, born in Ashford, now Eastford, Conn., March 
28, 1772; d. there Feb. 27, 1777. 

CHARLES BOLLES, 1775-1790. 

4. Bolles, fourth child of Rev. 
1775; d. there Feb. 27, 1790. 

David Bolles, b. at Ashford, now Eastford, Conn., Feb. 19, 







5. AcGCSTi-3 Bolles, fifth child of Rev. David Bolles, b. in Ashford, Dec. 28, 1776; m. twice, 1st, 
Fanny Trowbridge, Nov. 27, 1798, who bore him seven children, and d. April 9, 1841 ; 2d, "Widow 
Esther Wheeler, Feb. 27, 1842. He is a Baptist clergyman, re.-iding in Colchester, Conn., and has 
preached many years, both as settled minister and as missionary to destitute churches in Connecticut. 
His seven children, Mary Ann F., Angnslus L., Susan, Lucia, Samuel A., ]£dwin M., and James T., were 
born, &c.. as follows, viz.: — 
I 1. Mary Ami Franres Bolles. first cliild of Rev. Augustus Bolles. b. at Ashford. Aug. 30. 1799; m. 
Dr. Elam Stim-on of Bloomtield, Conn., (now of St. Gecrje, Canada West.) .Jan. 10. 1819; d. in 
i», Canada. .July 30. 1832. of Asiatic cholera. .She had si.x children, viz., 1, >Su?an 1^. Stimson. b. Sept. 
.,^1 12. 1819, (now ]Mrs. Samuel T. .Stanton of St. George, with six children, viz., Frances, Susan, Elam, 
^ 1 Robert. Kitty, and So|)hia) ; — 2. ICdwin B. Stimson. b. March 12. 1822. m. Mary Z., dau. of Mrs. E-ther 

— ■ AVheeler, (tlie second wife of Rev. Augustus Bolles.) .July 18. lSiJ7; he wa^ a physician, d. M.ay 16, I 

— I 18.38; she d. April 3. lS.j8; their only cliild, a son, is now the adopted cliild of iii,s uncle. Rev. Elam 

I R. Stim-on; — 3, Elam R. Stimson. b. ilarch 4. 1824; is an Epi-copal clergyman, Brantford, C. W. ; I 
I m. Effie. dau. of Hon. Zach. Burnham, Sept. G, 1847 ; — 4. Mary Ann Matihla Stimson, (now Mrs. Dr. 1 



THOMAS nOr.I.ES, 1C44— ITi'T. 



ENOCH nOLLES, 1715—1800. 

Rev. UAVID DOLLES, 1743—1807. 

Rev. AUGUSTUS liOLLES, 1776- 







Robert Cliri.-tie of Pari-;, C. AV..) 1). Feb. 17, 1S2G; had one cliild, viz., Jlaigaiet Cliristie: — 5, He- 
bccoa K. .Stitiijoii, b. ^larch 12. ISiS ; m. Dr. Xathaiiiel E. 3Iaiiwaring of iSt. George. JIareli o, ISll); 
has two children, viz., llieiizi and Florence Manwaring; — G, James T. Stimson, b. March 17, 1830; 
d. 1832. 

2. Augustus Leverett Bolles, second child of Rev. Augustus Bolles, b. at Ashford, Nov. 23, 1802; 
d. March 12, 1804. 

3. Susan Bulles, third child of Rev. Augustus Colles. b. at Ashford, .Jan. 27. 180.">; ni. Dr. Slimson, 
the widower of her sister Mary Ann, Nov. 13, 1832; lives at St. George, and has had three children, 
viz., 1, Dr. James Stimson of I'hittsville, C. W.. b. Aug. 28, 1833, wiio m. Anna Bigger, Aug. 28, 
1856 ; 2, Auirustus Stimson, b. April 2, 1835 ; 3, William Stimson, b. Feb. 10, 1837, M. D., at Uuiialo 
Med. Coll. 1850-GO. 

4. Lucia Bolles, fourth child of Rev. Augustus Bolles, b. at Ashford, July 27, 1807 ; in. "VTiiliani J. 
Bumstead, now tarmer of Union ilills, Indiana, May 10, 1837, and has had seven children, viz., 1, 
John A., b. June 14, 1838 ; 2, Lucius J., b. May 18. 1840 ; 3. Edwin S., b. July 20. 1842 ; 4, William, 
b. Sept. 13, 1844; 5, Fanny, b. July 3, 184G, d. Oct. 21, 1847 ; 6, Samuel, b. Feb. 5, 1850; and 7, 
Francis, b. Dec. 21, 1852. ' 

5. Samuel Augustus Bolles, fifth child of Rev. Augustus Bolles, b. Sept. 7, 1809 ; d. Sept. 9, 1820. 

6. Edwin Montgomery Bolles, sixth child of Rev. Aug. Bolles, b. Dec. 21, 1811 ; d. Feb. 13, 1820. 

7. James Trowbridge Bolles, seventh chihl of Rev. Aug. Bolles, b. Feb. 9, ISlC; d. Aug. 17, 1823. 

i= ?> 

5 :? 

Rev. LUCIUS BOLLES, D. D., 1779—1844. 

§ 2: f^ 




CO 1 


o i 13 ^ "^ ' ~ 
p o 

CO P' 


= ,>. - 

6. Lucius Bolles, (Rev., D. D., and S. T. D.,) sixth child of Rev. David Bolles, b. at Ashtbrd. Sept. 
25, 1779 ; grad. at Brown University, 1801 ; studied theology with Rev. Dr. Samuel Stilhnan of Boston ; 
was for more than 22 years pastor of the First Baptist Church in Salem, IMass., and for many years Sec- 
retary of the American Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, and Fellow of Brown L'niverrity. He d. 
in Boston, Mass., .Jan. 8, 1844. No man of his denomination occupied a more prominent position, or exer- 
cised an influence more strong and universal. lie m. his cou-in Lydja, dau. of Dea. John Bolles of Hart- 
ford, Conn., Sept. 8. 1805, and had four childi'en, viz., 1, Lucius S. ; 2, Jo/in E. ; 3, William C. ; and 4, 
Lydia A. ; born. &c., as follows : 
J 1. Lucius Slillman Bolles. first child of Rev. Dr. Lucius Bolles, b. at Salem, July 10, 1808 ; grad. 

'"5^ at Brown University, 1828; M. D. at Harvard College, 1831 ; studied theology at Newton Tlieolog. 

^ • Inst., and was onlained and settled as jia^tor of the Baptist Church' in Lynn, Mass., 1833. He m. 

Ci Sarah, dau. of John M. Noyes of Providence. R. I., Dec. 4, 1833, by whom he had three children, and 

^j d. in Boston, July 24, 1837. Mrs. Bolles died May 20, 1802. The three children were born, &c., as 

M I follows, viz. : 

g| 1. Nicholas Brown Bolles. first child of Rev. Lucius S. Bolles, b. at Lynn, Feb. 20, 1835; grad. at 

~ Brown Universitv, 1850; d. Sei>t. 22. 1803, at Providence, R. I. 

&I 2. John N. Bo'Ues, ) twins, b. at Boston, ) d. Julv 12, 1838. 

^ I 3. Lucius S. Bolles, ) April 21, 1837 ; )" grad. at Brown Univ. 1859. 

2. John Edward Bolles, second child of Rev. Dr. Lteius Bolles, b. May 7, 1812; d. Feb. 27, 1814. 

3. William Carey Bolles. third child of Rev. Dr. Lucius Bolles, b, March 8, 1814; m. Frances M. 
Smith, Nov. 22, 18 41 ; had one child, and d, Nov. 23, 1850. His widow is now Mrs. P. S. Stoddard 
of Syracuse, N. Y. Frances Amelia Bolles, only child of William C. Bolles, b. Jan. 27, 1844. 

4. Lydia Ann Bolles, fourth child of Rev. Dr. Lucius Bolles, b. Oct. 12. 1815; d. Dec. 2.5, 181.5. 

MATU.DA BOLLES, 1783-1857. 

7. Matilda Bolles. seventh child of Rev. David Bolles, b. at Ashford. Sept. 22. 1783; m. Benja- 
lin. son of Jacob and Sybil Cliilds of Woodstock, Conn., farmer, 3Iarch is, 1802. He d. Sept. 13, 
■'49. She d. 1857. They had two children, viz., Danforth and Lucius C/n'lds, bom, &c., as follows: 

1. Danforth Childs, b. Sept. 18, 1804; m. Clarissa, dau. of Jethniell and Prude Perrin. Nov. 24, 1831 

> 1 1 L- „i.:t.i . ,...., CI :jr ... *i.,. .: -i* i* _i_ ..i .. i\- i . _ i_ t , ,, ,l>z-. tt:. ...•t 


Bolles Childs dau. of Danforth Childs, b." Oct. 0, 184.3. 

2. Lucius Bolles Childs, b. Sept. 20, 1809; m. Mary W. Wing of Hartford, Conn., dau. of John an.l 
Elizabi-th AVing, and had one child, viz., Frances Amelia Childs, b. July 17, lf(39. Mr. Childa d. April 



JOSEra BOLLKS, 16ns— 1678^ 
THOMAS ROLLES, 1644—1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 

ENOCH BOLLES. 1713—1800. 

Ret. DAVID BOLLES, 1743—1807. 

MATILDA BOLLES, 1783--1857. 

10, 1843, at ILuttorJ, nierclmnt. His widow afterwards ni. Dr. J. C. Jack.-(«i of that city, JI. D. The 
daugliter m. AUoii .J. Orinsbee, and resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


4. J0X.4.TIIAX BoLLE.s, fourth child of Enoch and Hannah Bolle.s. b. at New London, Conn., Nov. 1, 
1744; ni. I\Iarf::iret Taber of New London, and had eight cliildren, viz., Hanmih, Margaret. Job T., Ilttija- 
min, Mary, Sarah, Jonathan, txnd Naomi. lie d. 1812. She d. 1810. Their cliildren were born, &c., as 
follows, viz. : 

1. Hannah Holies, first child of Jonath.Tii Bolies. b. 17(57 : m. .Jedidiah S. Bcebe, and moved to Ithaca, N. 
Y., in 1823. and d. there 1840. He d. 1840. They had children. 

2. Margaret Bol/es. second child of Jonathan Bolles. b. Feb. 5, 17C0; ra. Theodore Olcntt, May, 1788, 
and had eiglit children, all of whom d. without issue ; their names were ilary, Julia, Job T., Harriet, Jere- 
miah, Jolin X., Lewis, and Eliza. Mr. Oleutt d. 1837. Mrs. OKutt d. March, 18G1. 

3. Jub Taber Bulles. third child of Jonathan Bolles. b. 1771 ; m. Eliza Crocker, 179G; had ten children. 
She d. 1830. He d. 1840. The whole family is extinct. 

Capt. benjamin BOLLES, 1773— ISrtl. 

■ cc 

— '-' I 
i § 

1-3 '-; y^ <; S 







4. Benjamin BoUes, fourth child of Jonathan Bolles, b. June 10, 1773; m. 1st, Mary Morley, Nov. 30, 
1707. She d. March 14, 1845. 2d, "Widow Orra Eowland, Nov. 8, 184-5. He was a master mariner; 
d. in Hartford, Feb. 13, 1801 ; had six children, viz., Benjamin, Jr., Samuel S., 3Iaiy, Henry, William, 
and Carolina ; who were born, &e., as follows, viz. : 

1. Benjamin Bolles, Jr., first child of Capt. Benjamin Bolles, h. Feb. 1, 1802 ; d. 1824. 

2. Samuel S. Bolles, second child of Capt. Benjamin Bolles, b. ^fay 31, 1804: m. Mary A. Shcpard ; 
lives in Hartford, Conn. ; is a manufacturer and dealer in picture frames and looking glasses ; has had 
five children, viz., 1, Caroline, b. June 24. 1828; d. June 2.3, 1830;— 2, Franklin H.. b. Dec. 2, 1837; d. 
Sept. 16. 1839;— 3, Francis :M.. b. Sept. 25, 1839: d. Oct. 1, 1843;— 4, Samuel Henry, b. Dec. 17, 
1841 :— 5, Charles Marion, b. Feb. 20, 184G. 

3. Mary Bolle?,_ third child of Capt. Benjamin Bolles, b. Nov. 20, 1806. 

4. Henry Bolles, fourth child of Capt. Benjamin Bolles, b. April 12, 1809 ; m. Fanny A. Steele; lives 
in Hartford, Conn.; has one child, viz., Caroline Augusta Bolles, dau. of Henry Bolles, b. Dec. 8, 1833. 

5. William Bolles, fifth child of Capt. Benjamin Bolles, b. Sept. 9, 1811 ; m. Emma Legrand, and 
lives in New York ; no children ; d. 18G0. 

6. Caroline Bolles, sixth child of Capt. Benjamin Bolles, b. March 4, 1814; d. 1824. 

5. J/rtry i?'j//cs, fifth child of -Ton.ithan and ^largaret Bolles, b. 1775 ; ni. Benjamin Case, 1790. They 
had three children, viz., Mary, Benoni, and William. • Tlie two last died single. 

6. Sarah Bolles, sixth child of .Jonathan and ^Margaret Bolles, b. 1778 ; m. John Peftibone, 1796. He d. 
1814. She lived in Savannah, Ga., and d. Sept. 14, IbGO. They had one child, viz., Sarah Pettibone, who 
m. Josiah Penfield, .and d. 1814. 

7. Jonathan Bolles, Jr.. seventh child of .Jonathan Bolles. b. 1780; d. 1795. 

8. Naomi Bolles, eighth child of .Jonathan Bolles, b. 1782 ; d. 1792. 

Deacon ASA BOLLES, 1746—1801. 

5. Asa Bolles, fifth child of Enoch and Hannah Bolles. b. Dec. 2G, 1746, at New London ; d. April 
13, 1801, at Lebanon, Ct., where he was a farmer and Baptist Deacon. He m. Dolly Hill of Lebanon, July 
I 29, 1776. She d. Ai)ril 29, 1853, aged 77. TI.ev had nine children ; two of whom (twins) lived but a few 
hours ; the other seven, all girls, Esther, Damaris, Hannah, Mary, Ann, Betsey, and Dorothy, were born, &e., 
iis follows : 

1. Esther Bolles, first child of Dea. Asa Bolles, b. .June 4, 1780; m. David Clark of Ashford, Conn., Jan. 
4, 1807, and removed from Norwich, Conn., to Ithaca, N. Y., in 1820. Jlr. Claik d. Nov, 22, 1832. They 
had seven chihlren, who were born, &e.. as follows, viz., 1. Erastus, b. Oct. 22, 18u7 ; m. Catherine Dickin- 
son, at Svracu-e. N. Y., Jan. 17, 1837. 2, Asa B., b. Feb. 11. I8II1 ; m. Eliza, dau. of Arrain Bolles (see 

her name). 3, David, Jr., b. Feb. 14, 1812 : d. June 3, 1816.' 4, Cornelia .1., b. March 28, 1814 ; m. 

Totten. 5, Mary, b. .Jan. 10, 1817; d. Oct. 30. 1818. 6. Elizabeth, b. .Jan. 10. 1819. 7, Harriet N., b. 
June 10, 1821 ; m. H.aycs. and lives in Ithaca. N. Y. Mrs. Totten lives in Cincinnati. O. 

2. Damaris Bolles, second child of Dea. Asa Bolles, b. .Jan. 17, 17.>2; m. Prentice Buckley of Colches- 
ter, Conn. He d. June 4, 18 J9. Their chihlren were, 1, Flnoch Bolles. b. Dec. 31, 1801 ; d. March 19, 

<1 1847; 2, Abigail W.. b. Jan. 11. 1803; and 3, .Tames H.. b. Sept. 17, 1806. 

ft] 3. Hannah Bolles, third child of Dea. Asa Bolles, b. July 29. 1785. She m. twice, viz., 1st, Elisha C. 
Pendleton of Norwich, Conn., Jan. 1, 1806, by whom she had tliree children; 2d, Isaiah Daggett of Ando- 



03 =Q 

o 2 

THOMAS IJOI.LKS, 1G44— 1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1C77— 1767. 


Deacov ASA BOLLES, 1746— ISOl. 



ver. Conn.. !Mav 22, 1824. She d. May 10, 1845. Her three children were, 1, Jiili.a Ann Pendleton, b. 
Nov. 3. 1807 ; "m. Latham Gray; d. So'p'- H- l*^'^'- 2, A.-a Bolles Pendleton, b. Dec. 29, 1810. 3, Marj- 
BoUo* IViidlrton. 1.. All-. 14, 18i:l; d. Feb. 5, 1848. 

4. Mary lioUes. fourth child ot' Dea. A.-a IjuIIc.-. b. Feb. 10, 1788; single; lives in Lebanon. 

5. Ann BuUes. filth child of Dea. Asa Holies, b. March 9, 17'J1 ; ni. Erastus AVebster of Colchester, 
fiirmer; lives there; has had three children, born. &c., as follows, viz., 1, Emily E., b. Sept. 20. 1818; now 
Mrs. Pease of Colchester. 2, Lucy A., b. .Tune 30, 1821 ; now Mrs. Foot of Colcliester. 3, Erastus O., b. 
Nov. 24, 1-824 ; ra. Louisa Treadway of Colchester. 

G. Betsey Bolles, sixth child of Dea. Asa Bolles, b. May 28, 1794; single; Colchester. 

7. Dorothy Bolles, seventh child of Dea. Asa Bolles, b.' April 29, 1798; single; Colchester. 

Deacos JESSE BOLLES, 1749—1836. 

«- tl 

I S 7 




• ; CO 

6. Jessk Bolles, sixth child of Enoch Bolles. b. !March 31, 1749, at New London; m. Sarah, dau. of 
Capt. John Nichols of Maiislield. Conn., ^May 10, 1774. They lived and died in AVoodstock, Conn. She d. 
Sept. 5, 1820. lie d. Oct. 1, 183G. He was Deacon of the Baptist Church, fiirmer, tanner. Selectman, 
Representative in the Connecticut Legislature, and Steward of Brown University. He had ten children, 
viz., Hannah, Adolphus, Clarissa, Jesse A*., George, Ahicl, Eher M., Marcus, Sarah, and Ban, born, &c., as 
follows, viz. : 

1. Hannah Bolles, first child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. Jan. 14, 1775; m. Rev. Daniel Dow of Thompson, 
Conn., Aug. 21, 1795, and had eight children, viz., Elizabeth (Mrs. Seagrave of Thompson), Clarissa, 
Nancy A. (Mrs. Hiram Ketchum, N. Y.), Daniel P., Jessie E., Marcus F., Sarah, and William. 

2. Adolphus Bolles, second child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. M.ay 25, 1777: m. Betsey Lyon of AVoodstock, 
Conn., Nov. 9, 1795; d. in Savannah, Ga., Oct. 17, 1819; had three children, viz., Harriet, Frances, and 
Lucretia, the latter of whom m. Hosea Haughton, and moved to Chilicothe, O. 

3. Clarissa Bolles. third child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. April 10, 1779 ; d. March 6, 1795. 

JESSE N. BOLLES, 1702— 1£09. 

•^ ,^ —> I 



•— ^^ I 

o =' 

4. Jesse Nichols Bolles, fourth child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. Sept. 3, 1782; m. .Joanna L Fisher of 
Thompson. Conn., had one child, viz., .Jesse N., and d. Nov. 28, 1800. His widow d. there April 11, 
1857. She was a grand dau. of the celebrated Samuel Hopkins, D. D., and lived with him at Newport, 
R. I., till his death. 

JESSE N. BOLLES, 1809—. 


1845; 8, Charles E. Bolles, b. Oct. 19. 1840; 9, Frederick A. Bolles, b. July 29, 1850. 



i Jesse Norris Bolles, only child of Jesse Nichols Bolles, b. 1809 ; m. Mary Williams Barton, a 

g lineal descendant of Roger AVilliams, April 23, 1820. He lives in Philadelphia, and is an artesian 

1 well diirger— has had nine children, viz.: 1, Annie W. Bolles, b. May 19, 1831 ; 2, Caleb W. Bolles, 

K b. Oct.Y9, 1833, d. April 9, 1837; 3, Marv E. Bolles, b. Jan. 8, 1836, d. Sept. 2, 1837; 4, Samuel 

a H. Bolles, b. July 26. 1837, d. July 30, Ib'oO ; 5, Sar.ah N. Bolles, b. April 15, 1839 ; 6, Joanna F. 

M Bolles, b. Nov. 2'5. 1840. d. Dec. 25. 1843; 7, Jesse N. Bolles. Jr., b. ilarch 12. 1845, d. Oct. 12, 

5. George Bolles, fifth child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. June 18, 1784; m. Sophia F'"ield of Providence, 
R. L, May 7, 1807 : had four children, and died. The children were born, &c., as follows: 1, Eliza A. 
Bolles, (now Mrs. William P. Dana, Brooklyn, N. Y.) 2, Mary D. Bolles. (now Mrs. George P. Clark, 
Providence, R. I.) 3, Abbv F. Bolles. (now Mrs. Robert S.' Knight, Providence, R. I.) 4, Almira 
Bolles, (now Mrs. Phil. B. Fisk, Providence, R. I.) 


C. Ahiel Bolles. sixth child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. July 13, 1736; grad. at Brown L'niversity, 1808; 
I 'went as teacher to Charleston, S. C. where he now lives; m. there, Hannah Pattison of that city. M.ay 
] 10, 1811; had ten children, viz., Edwin A., Lawrence, Eliza, Mary A., Sarah N., Harriet L., Charles 
I P., Jesse n., William C, and Frances 0., who were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

'^1 1. Edwin A. Bolles, first child of Abiel Bolles. b. March 10, 1812; m. Harriet A. Parler, dau. of 
g.: William and Mary Parler, 3Iaivh 6. 1836. He is a clergyman of the Lutheran Church 
r;' and agent tor Soutii Carolina of the American Bible Society; resides in Orangeburg, S. C. ; has two 
children, viz., Eusebia B.. and Felicia P. B.. born, i.>^c., as follows : 

1. Eusebia Bachman Bolles, iirst child of Rev. Edwin A. Bolles, b. Jan. 25, 1837; m. Henry Bull 
>\ of Orangeburg, merchant, Feb. 22, 1860. 
X| 2. F'clicia P. Bergman Bolles, second child of Rev. Edwin A. Bolles, b. July 12, 1845. 



JOSF.rir 150LLKS, IGOS— 1678. 
_THOMAS liOI.LES, 1644—17277 
JO nX BOLL ES. 16 77—1767. 
ENOC H nOLLES. 1715-18007" 

Deacox JESaE BOLLES, 1749—1836. 



O "sl 

J' S 
W 3: 


cq; M 

m' CO 



« M ^3 

^ ^ 2 

2. Lawrence B'>lle<, second cliild of Abiel LoUes, b. Aug. 2.3, 1810 ; d. Oct. 1. 1817. 

3. Eliza Bolles, tliiid child of Abicl Bollcs, b. Oct. 30, 1814: m. Gcorjro K. Rin- of New York 
mercli.ant, Dec. 18, 1833, (.Jersey citv.) ° ' 

,..f; ^^'V7 -^"'' ^^'l'-^'^- f"""!' c'l'iW of Abiel Bolles, b. Aug. 10, 181G; m. Rev. George Hall, Central 
\ illiige, Conn., Oct. G, 18.jO. 

5. Sarah ^V. Bolles, fifth child of Abiel Bolles, b. Sept. 4. 1818; m. Xapoleon L. Co^te Cipt-iin 
revenue cutter. Charh^ston, S. C. Jan. 20. 1841 ; lins had seven ciiihlren. viz., 1, XaT.oleon E b Dec 
8, 1843; 2, Ciiarles A., b. June 2, 184.-.; 3. Jesse E., b. Feb; .5, 1847, d. June 20, 1848- -l Robert 
R. P., b. March 20, 1848; .5, Hannah P., b. March 22, 1853; G, AVilliam A., b. July 8, 1857 ; and 7, 
Lucuida M., b. June 21, 1858. ^ 

6. Harriet Lueretia Bolles, sixth child of Abiel Bolles, b. April 22. 1820; d. June, 1821. 

7. Charles Pattison Bolles, seventh child of Abicl Bolles, b. Mav 13, 1823; "rad. at Charleston 
College, 1844; m. Eliza, dau. of Major .lohn AValker, Wilmiiiirton. N. C. .Jan. fl, 1854- was Ion.' 
engaged on the V. S. Coa.-t Survey ; residence, Smitliville, N. C. ; has had two children viz • 

1. John ^^alker ISolles. first child of Charles P. Bolles, b. Aug. 17, 1855. ' 

2. Hannah P. Bolles, second child of Charles P. Bolles, b. Sept. 18, 1859. 

8. Jesse H. Bolles, eighth child of Abiel Bolles. b. .Alarch 8. 183G; is a da-uerreotvpist, Charleston, 
S. C; m. Catherine A. Williams of Beaufort, S. C, June 19, 1850; and has^two children, viz., Jesse, 
b. Ibol, and Ivate. ' 

9. William C. Bolles, ninth child of Abiel Bolles. b. Sept. 18, 1828 ; d. March 22, 1853. 

10. Frances Ophelia Bolles, tenth child of Abiel Bolles, b. June 22. 1833: m David Biilev Esq 
attorney-at-law, Mt. Ple.xsant, Christ Church parish, 8. C, Nov. 14, 1855. Has one child, viz.,' Han- 
nah E. Badey. ' 

5 5 = 

O' o 


J/arcus Bolles, seventh child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. July 25, 1788 ; d. June 27, 1790. 

8. Sarah Bolles, eighth child of Dea. Jesse Bolles, b. Sept. 11, 1791; ni. Hon. John Nichols of 
Thompson, Conn., Oct. 22, 1812. He d. at Norwich, Conn., Oct. 27, 1856. She resides in Norwich- 
lias two children, viz.: 

1. Ophelia, b. Aug. 22. 1813; m. Dr. Nathaniel A. Fisher, now of Norwich, Oct. 22, 1834; and has 
one child, viz., Ellen, b. Dec. 31, 1835. 

^' ."^Mj^T^"' o' F"''; ^m' i*^^' "'• ^^""''^ ^"""^ Sprague of Providence, R. I., June 20, 1844, and has 
one child, Ida S., b. April 28, 1847. 

EBERJI. BOLLES, 1793- 1822. 



of Pen- 
her dau. 



9. Mer y. Bolles. ninth child of Dea. .Jesse Bolles, b. April 29, 1793 ; ra. Elizabpth Tavlor of 
dleton, S. C. ; studied law and was .admitted to the Bar in Dalhis Countv. Ala.; d. Nov 15' IS-'-i 
ing a Midow and three children: I.Elizabeth; 2, Charles E.; 3, Mary" T. She resides with hei 
Elizabeth, in IJIobile. 

1. Elizabeth Bolles. first child of Eber 31. Bolles, Esq., b. Aug. 31, 1817; m. Sidney T. Douglas of 
Mobde, attorney, and has eight children, viz., 1, Charles L. : 2, Elizabeth: 3, Sidnov :' 4. William T ■ 
0, Larnot C. ; G, Louisiana B. ; 7, Lewis 0. ; and 8. Earl. Elizabeth, m. John B. McMilhin of Mobile! 
and has two children, viz., Thomas D.. and .James B. 

. ^- Cliailes Eber Bolles, Esq.. second child of Eb.-r M. Bolles, Esq.. b. in Alabama. ^larch 7, 1819 ; 

ires in Marshall, Texas; m. Virginia Hubbard of South Carolin.a. and has five children, viz., 1. Arthur 
?^v ;^^ o -;'■'• -^^nV'' -'■^■''"'^' ^f-' '^- -^P'-il 10- ISt'^: 3, Charles M.. b. Feb. 13, 1850; 4. Tavlor, b. 
beb. 12. 18.)C; o. :\[ary V.. b. April 12. 1858. Mr. Bolles is planter .and nttornev-at-law. 




3. Mary T. Bolles. third child of Eber :\[. Bolles. E.,,,., b. Nov. 30. l,s2U; m." .JohI A. Roberts, and 
h.^s had eight chddren, viz.. 1, Laura D. : 2. Willis; 3, Eber B. ; 4, Walsinglmm M. ; 5, Virginia H.; 
6 and /, ilary C, and Lamar; 8, Alexander. ' o » 

DAN BOLLES, 1794—. 

: o 
I » 

■ < 

io!^' ^"? f '"'■*■• '^■"''' <''"'J of I^'-'^- •T'--^e I!"lles b. Oct. 13, 1794; m. Pamela Cummings, Oct. 4, 
1812; had three children, viz.. Je-se. George, and John, who were born, &c.. as follows: 

1. Jesse Bolles, fir-t child of Dan and Pamela Bolb-.. b. in Thomp-on. Conn., Dec. 24, 1813. He re- 
''''00'° a,, [''''"''' ^"'"'^'': ""■ r>U' N.. dau. of .Sylvester Stanley of Atileboroush. Mas.,., Oct. 7, 
18.j.i. I hey have had three children, viz., 1, Elizabeth P.; 2, Edgar C. ; 3, William A.; born as 
follows, VIZ. : c ' ' 

B O L L K 5 gem: A I, O G V , 



JOSni'lI liOLI.KS, IfiOS— 1678^ 

_T11UMAS r.()I,I.T:S, ]<■>*■«— 1^27^ 

JOHN IJOLLES, 1677—1767. 

ENOCH liOLLKS, 1715— 1?00. 














Deacdn JKSSE ROr.I.KS, 1749— lS3fi. 

DAN UOLLES, 1794—. 

r^ r- 5 


U Ml 


S-i 2 S', - -> 


;-i U -3 

i § 


1. Eliz:ilK'tli riimchi Bclle.s flr-t I'l'.il.l of .T.'sr-o an.l Liu-iiul.i N. Holli>5, b. Oct. 2.^. 183.5. 

2. lM'_':ir C'omtlaiul Bolk'.-, >cooiiil diild of Jw^'c mid Liicind.'i >.'. IJoUes. Ii. Fcli. 1;_;. 1,S17 

3. ■\Vili;:im Albert ISollt-s. thiid child of .Jesse :ind Liicinda N. Dolles, b. March I'J, 18i'J. 

2. George IJolles, second eliiUl of Dan and Panieln Ilol'.cs, b. . ) 

3. Jo!iu Uolies third child of Uaii and Pamela Bolles, b. . j 

IJoth lo?t at sea, about 1837. 

Deacon- .JOHN BOLLKS, 1732— ISMi). 

7. John' Bolles. seventh chihl of Knoch, born in New London, Feb. 3, 17.52; lived .ind died in Hart- 
ford, Conn.; merchant ; for many years Deacon of First l)a]lti^t Cliiircli ; a man of .sin^jjular croodness, [lietv, 
and usefulness. He ni. twice, 1st, Lydia Taber of New London, by whom he had nine cliildren, and who 
d. June 10, 18IG; and 2d, Lydia Ann Francis of Newinton. Conn. He d. JIareli I'.). l.s.Jit. 

I will quote a few interestin,:j passages concerning Deacon John Bolles. from Dr. TurnbuU's " Mkmoi:ials 
OF THE FiiiST Baptist Ciili:ch. Haktfoi!d, C'o-NX.." which were read by Dr. T. as sermons .ifler the 
dedication of the new church edifice, May, 18-30: 

"Tiiere was no man, perhaps, to whom our church, in tlic early jieriod of its. history was more indebted 
than John Bolles. He was every way a remarkable man; not, indeed, that he possessed extraordinary 
powers of mind, or was fitted, by any splendid ac<iuiremeiit, to attract the admiration of the world; but he 
exhibited a rare combination of Christian gifts and graces. He was a Nathanael indeed, in whom there was 
no guile. And yet. shrewd beyond mo>t men, he never failed to command the respect of his aciiuaintances. 
Everybody loved him. Decided in liis ]>rinciples, his soul overflowed with love and charity. Easy, nimble, 
cheerful, he was ready to every good word and work. He lived for others. The young, especially, loved 
him. Tiie ageil, ami abo^e all. the poor, hailed him as their friend. He was perpetually uevi:-ing soiuetliing 
for the benefit of tlie church, or the good of souls. 

How or when lie wa.> converted, he could not tell. His parents were pious, and had brought him up iu 
the fear of Ciod. and in early lite, he had given his heart to Christ ; but all he could say about it was that 
God had been gracious to him, and as he hoped, brought him into his fold. On the relation of hi.s experi- 
ence before the church in Sutneld, the brethren, on this very account, hesitated to receive him; but the 
pastor, Rev. John Ha-tings, shrewdly i-emarked, that it was evident that Mr. Bolles icas in the way. and that 
this iciis more importunt tltua the question, when or hij whut means he got in to it ; upon which they unani- 
mously received him. He was very hajipy in his connection with the church in Suflield. The members 
were all his friends. He would often start from Hartford at midnight, and arrive in .Sulliehl at carh" dawn 
on Sabbath morning, when they were making their tires, and sur|>rise them by his pleasant salutation. After 
breakfa-t, and family praynr, all hands woidd go to church together. Of cenrse, he was efpially at home 
with the church in Hartibrd, and spent nuich of his time in visiting, especially the poor of tlie flock. He 
had a kin<l word and .a ready hand for every one. One severe winter, a fearful snow storm had raised the 
roads to.a level willi the tops of the fences. A certain widow Burnham lived all alone just on the outer 
edge of P2ast Hartford. The Deacon was anxious about her; he was afraid that she niiglit be covered with 
the snow, and sutlcring fVom want. He [iroposeil to vi^it her; but his friends thought it perilous to cross 
the meadows; but being light of foot he re^olvcd to attempt it. The weather was cold and the .-r.ow slightlj- 
crusted on the top. By means of tliis he succeeiled, with some effort, in reaching the widow's house. As 
he su]vposed, he found it covered with snow to the chimneys. He made his way into the house, and found 
the good ^ister without fire or water. He cut paths to the wood-pile and to the well, and asjisted her to 
make a fire and put on the tea-kettle. He then cut a path to the pig-pen and sup[>lied the wants of the 
hungry beast, by which time breakfast was ready. After breakfast, he read the Word of God and prayed, 
and was ready to start for home. In the meanwhile, the sun had melted the crust of snow, and as he was 
passing through the meadows, he broke through. He tried to scramble out, but failed. He .--liouted, but 
there was no one to hear him. Tiie wind began to blow keeidy ; and he did not know but that he mu-t 
remain there all night and perish with cold. But he committed him^elf to God, and sat down for shclli.r 
on the lee-?ide of his temporary prison. He tiiialh" made a de.-perate effort, succeeded in reaching the ed^e, 
and found to his joy, that the freezing wind had hardcued the surface of I he snow, which enabled him to 
make his way home. 

'• On a iili-a>ant Sabljath morning, some seventy years ago, mitrht be seen a little group, wemling their 
way from Hartford, througii the green wools and meadows of the Connecticut valley, towards ilie little 
church on Zion"s Hill. Among them was a man of small stature, something like Zaccheus of olii, of erect 
gait, briglit eye and agile movement. Tiiough living eighteen miles from Sutlield, he was wont, on plea-ant 
days, to walk the whole 'li-tanee, beguiling the way with devout meilitation ; or if some younger brother 
chose to accom[)any him. with pleasant talk about the things of the kingdom. Tiiis was Deacon Jnhii 
Bolles, brotiier of Ilev. D.ivid Bcdies, and uncle of the late excellent Uev. Matthew Bolles, and of Dr. 
Lucius. Bolles, so well known in connection with the cause of i'ori'ign missions. 




J? £? 

^llOMAS UOLLII.S, 1G44— 17:i:. 
JOHN nOLLES, 1677—1767. 


Deacon JOHN BOLLES, 1732— 1S30. 

•'In llie year of our Lonl 1700. just about tlii- cotiimi'iiccnK'nt of tlic Frenoh l»L\olution. tlii< irooi.1 luotlipv 
and a fi-w others caino lo the ronclu.-ion \\irA the time hail arrived to organize a ISapti^t C'Inin-h in the city 
of Ilarll'ord. I'reviou-; to that, th<'y had lieUl Mici'tinjrs ju the Court Ilou-e. an<l in private liouses. and ou 
the liftli of Aujii-t, 17.-^0. tlie tiist baptism, according to our u,-atre, was admini.-tcred in this city. On Sep- 
tember 7th. it was re-olved to hold public services on the Sabbatii in a more Ibrmal wav. Accordiiiiilv, the 
Krst meeting of this kind was held October Istli. in the dwelling house of John Ijolles. Tliese services were 
continued, and in the ensuing season, a number of per-ons were bai)tized 'on a j>rofessioi! of their t'aith 
in tlic lAird .Jesus Chri.-t.' On the "2;!d of JIarch, 17'J0, sixteen brethren and sisters were recognized as a 
Church of Christ, by a regularly called council, over which Kldcr John Hastings presided as Moderator." 

"A\ !ien the Bapti.-ts began to liold public service-, an over zealous member of Dr, Strong's Society, (the 
Centre Congregational Society.) called ujion him. and askeil him if he knew that '.John LJoUes liad started 
an opposition meeting?' 'No,' said he; 'when, where!'' 'AVhy. at the Old Court House.' 'Oh. yes. I 
know it,' the Doctor carelessly replied; 'but it is not an op]iosition meeting. Thev are Iiaptists, to be sure, 
but they preach the same doctrine that I do: you had better go and hear them.' • Go I' said the man, 'I am 
a Presbyterian!' 'So am I." rejoined Dr. Strong, 'but that need not prevent us wishing them well. You 
had better go.' 'No,' said the man. with energy, 'I sha'n't go near them. Dr. Strong, a'n't you going to do 
something about it ?' ' ^^'hat ?' ' .Stoj> it. can't you ?' ' ^ly friend.' said the Doctor, seriou.-ly. 'Jiibn Uolles 

I is a good man. and will surely go lo heaven. If you and I get there, we ^hall meet him, and we had better, 

I tlierefbre, cultivate pleasant acquaintance with him lierel'" 

The nine children of Dea. .John Bolles, all born in Hartford, were born. &e., as follows, viz.. 1, Harris, b. 

Feb. 2f, 1780, d. Feb. 2."), 1782 ; 2. John, b. April 2'J, 17.s.>, d. Sept. 19. 17.s:J ; 3. Lijdla, b. Oct. 20, 1781. 

m. her cousin Rev. Dr. Lucius ISoUc-;, son of Kev. David Bolles (see ante) d. June 20, 1851 ; 4, Geunje W. 

^ _ BoUis. Doctor of ^Medicine, b. Jan. 25, 1787, m. , and d. without issue. 1858 ; 5, John. b. Feb. 25, 

S S J, 1780, d. July 27. 1790; G, Jeremialu b. May 15, 1791, d, single, Sept. 23, 1818; 7, A davjhter, b. and d. 

"* ►! t^ 

^ t.2 f-1 ^^ 

■-3 ^ '^ >.: 

ij tr "-5 S 

O ^ ^ ^. 

n '-' 2 £ 

^ « "^ w, 

^ S s c 

V3 O O 5 

o a •-» ^ 

June, 1703; 8, (See below, " Lucinda, &c.) 

8. Lucinda Bolles. eighth child of Dea. .John Bolles, b. Aug. 19, 1794; m. Lemuel Swift of Hartford, 
Conn., merchant, who d. Feb. 10. 1824. She d. Julv 3, 1845. Thev had two children, viz.. 1st, Lydia 
Bolles Swift, b. June 17, 1818; 2a, Lemuel J. Swift, b. Jan. 10. 182"l, m. Ilarriei Tyler, 1841, lives in 
Hartford, and has three children, viz., 1, Lemuel T., b. Jan. 13, 1S42; 2, Clara, b. May 28, 1840; 3, 
, b. Feb. 15, 1855. 


9. Edward Bolh's. ninth child of Dea. John Bolles, b. Oct. 25, 1707 ; is a merchant in Hartford. Conn.: 
m. Abigail Kaud, isi'j, and has nine children, viz.. 1, Edward .John; 2, Eliza .Jane; 3, Abigail M. ; 
4, Caroline L. ; 5, George AV. ; C, Lucius S. ; 7, Lydia Ann ; 8, William C. ; 9, Charles II. ; born, &(^ as 
follows, viz. : 

1. Edward Jolin Bolles, first child of Edward Bolle.', b. Feb. 13, 1820 ; m. Ehoda J. Burr, Xov. 27, 
1845; had three children, and d. April 28. 18i;0. The children were. 1. I-abel Jane Bolles, first child 
of Edward John Bolles, b. April 27, 1847, d. 1800; 2, Edward Mason liolles, second ciiild of Edward 
John Bolles, b. .July 12, 1853 ; 3, , third child of Edward John Bolles, b. . 

2. Eliza .Jane Baire Bolles, second child of Edward Bolles, b. Oct. 22, 1821 ; m. George Sexton of 
Hartford, merchant, Sept. 3, 1841 ; has had and lo:^t two children, both named George Edward; one, b. 
July 3, 1812, d. March 15, 1843 ; the other, b. Aug. 20, 1844, d. Nov. 2, 1841. 

3. Abigail IMaria Bolles. third child of Edward Bolles. b. Jime 28. 1S24: m. Adjutant Gen. Joseph 
D. Williams of Hartl'ord, (merchant,) Dec. 25, 1845; and d. June 1, 1854, leaving one child, 31aria A., 
b. March G, 1847. 

4. Caroline Lucinda Bolles, fourth child of Edward Bollos, b. .Jan. G, 1S2G; m. Edward S. Cleave- 
land of Hartford, meridiant, Dec. 3, 184G; has had three chihlren. viz.. 1, Edward ^Mason Cleavelaud, b. 
Nov. 23, 1847 ; 2, George Henry Cleavelaud, b. Aug. 10, l.slO ; 3, , b. 18GU. 

5. George Whitfield Bolles, fifth child of Edward Bolles, b. Xov, 27, 1827; d, Nov. 4, 1849. 

6. Lucius Stillinan Belles, si.xth child of lidward Bolles, b. June 3, 1820; m. Ann E. Wcstcott, April 
IG, 185G; and has had two children. 

7. Lydia Ann Bi>lle-. seventh ciiild of Edward Belles, b. Nov. 7. 1831 ; m. Ludlow Barker, niu-ic 
teacher, Ilartt'ord. !May 2. 1^53; has two children, viz.. 1. AViUiara Ludlow Bolles Barker, b. Feb. 8, 
1854; and 2, Lilla Maria Adehiide Barker, b. Sept. 20, 1855. 

8. William Carey Bolles, eighth child of Edward Bolles, b. March 31, 1804; m. 

9. Charles Henry Bolle.s. ninth child of Edwatd Bolles, b. Oct. 8, 1836. genealogy. section XII. 


_ JOSK PH JRO M.ES^l G(>S— 1678. 

^JIOM AS JiOj.LEi;, 1(;44— 1727. 

JOHN nOLU:S, 1677— l-fiT; 

KNOCII BOLLKS. I7I.2— 18i)0._ 
ISAIAH BOLLES, I7-.1— 1S47. 

8. IsAiAii BoLLKs, eifrlitli cliikl of Enoch rjollc?. b. in New London, Conn.. Jlay 2G, 175-1; ra. Eliza- 
beth Tillotson, July 1, 177G. Tiioy iv-ided lii'.-r in Ikbioii, Conn., then in New London, and finally dierl in 
Newark, N. J. IIo was farmer and shoe nianiil'actnrer ; a Jlethodist, and a man of llie devoutest piety. 
She d. May 11, 1:;* -13. aged SS. He d. April -1, 1.S47. in 0.3d year. They had eleven children, viz., 
1, Ralph ; 2. Enoch ; o. Ephraim : 4, Dnii : 5. Betsri/-; i3, Xothan ; 7, Aaron; 8, Faitni/ ; 9, Xancy ; 10, 
John; 11, William: who were born, &e., as tbilows, viz. : 'fl ^'-^^V lL^(^ 

S ••? 

2 I 


lT ,A — 



1-. H 

3 2 
n o, 

< 55; 
^ ^ ' 




2 2-1 

RALPH BOLLES, 1777—1856. 

has one child, viz., Olive Willes. 
ra. Lewis Edwards of Berlin, 

1. Halph B-iUcs, first child of Laiah Bollcs, b. !Marcli 7, 1777, at Hebron, Conn.; m. Happy Branch 
of Preston, Cuiiu., July 17'JG: d. Nov. 2"2, 185G, at Norwich, where he had long resided. She d. Dec. 
25, 181)0, Ilis ehildren were nil horn in Norwich, were nine in number, viz., 1, Sarah K. ; 2, Eliza; 
3. Julia A,; 4, Nancy ~Sl.\ 5. Olive W. ; 6, James B. ; 7, an infant; 8. James A.; and i), Harriet L. ; 
who were born, i&c, as follows, viz.; 

1. Sarah K. Bollcs. first child of Baljih Bolks, b. April 8, 1797 ; m. iier cousin, Nathan H., son of 
Nathan Bolles. and grandson of Enoch ]5olies. 

2. Eliza Bolles, second child of Kalpli Bolles. b. March 2, 1799 ; m. tv,-ice, 1st, Capt. Henry Per- 
kins of Norwich. Aug. 10, 1826; 2d, Hoiatio Willes of Norwich; 
Mr. W. now lives in Vernon. Conn. 

3. Juliix Ann Bolles. third child of Ralph Bolles, b. May 5. 1801 
Conn., and died leaving two children, viz.. Lewis A., and Sarah M. 

4. Nancy Maria Bolles fourth child of Ralph Bolles, b. Feb. 27, 1803 ; m. Capt. AVilliam "U". Coit 
of Norwich. Julv '26, 1833; and has had four children, viz., 1, John L., b. Dec. 5, 1834, d. Oct. 20, 
1838; 2, James B., (attornev.) b. Sept. 29, 1836; 3, John AV.. b, Mav 10, 1840; and 4, Ann C, b. 
Sept. 7, 1842, d. Feb. 17, 1845. 

0. Olive W. Bolles, fifth child of Ralph Bolles. b. Dee. 23, 1805 ; ni. Albert Daniels of Saybrook, 
Sept. 30, 1830, and d. Mr. D. resides in Canandaigua, N. Y. She had four children, viz., 1, Eliza; 

2, Harriet ; 3, Happy A. ; 4, JIary. 

G, James Brown, sixth child of Ralph Bolles, b. May 12, 1807; d. Oct. 21, 1808. 
7. An infant, b. and d. July. 1808. 
^i 8. James Aaron Bolles, (Rev. Dr.) eighth child of Ralph Bolles, b. May 2, 1810; grad. at Trin. 
a' Col., Harttbrd, Conn., 1830, and at the General Theolog. Seminary, New York city, 1833; ordained 
'^ as Deacon, same year, and as Priest in 1834 ; Assistant of Rev. Dr. Hawks of St. Thomas's Church, 
g N. Y., 1833; Assi.-tant of St. Luke's. Rochester, N. Y.. one year; Rector of St. James's, Batavia, 
. N. Y.. upw;irds of 19 years: D. D.. from Iloliart Free College. Geneva. N. Y.. 1848; Rector of 
'"'Trinity Ciuircli, Cleveland. O., .several years; and now of the Church of the Advent, (Episcopal.) 
a Boston, Mass. Rev. Dr. Bolles has m. twice, viz., 1st, his cousin, Mary Frances, dau. of Ephraini 
^ Bolles of Newark, N. J., Sept. 3, 1833, by whom he had three children, and who d. April 29, 1849 ; 
i^,2d, 3Iartiia Elizalieth. dau. of tiie hit-; Joseph Evans. Esq., of Baltimore, Oct. 15. 1850. by whom h'j 
a lias had one child. These four children were born, &c., as follows, viz., 1, Abby C. Bolles, first child 
of Rev. J. A. Bolles. b. April 15. 183G. d. Nov. 11. 183G; 2, Constance E. Bolles. second child, b. 
i, April 1, 1840. d. Sept. 3. 1840 ; 3, Kendrick 'SI. Bolles, third child, b. and d. April 28, 1849 ; 4, Mary 
«I Frances Bolles fourth child, b. June 18, 1852. 

9. Harriet Louisa Bolles. ninth child of Ralph Bolles, b. Feb. 28, 1817 ; m. Eben. Fuller, Dec. 13, 
1337. Her live ehildren were born. &c.. as follows: 1, James E.. b. Sept. 2, 1838; 2, Maiy L., b. 
Nov. 21, 1841. d. July 31. 1843 ; 3, Mary Louis.-i, b. March 22, "1844 ; 4. Alvan B., b. June 3", 1847 ; 
5, Martha E., b. Jan.'lS, 1850. 



2. Enoch BolUs, second child of L-aiah Bolles. b. March 11, 1778; m. Annie, dau. of John Owen of 
New London, June 2G. 1802 ; moved to Newark, N. J., where he now lives. Mrs. Bolles died Aug. 15, 
1849. He has had four children, viz., 1, Isai.ah ; 2, Charles O. ; 3, Enoch, Jr.; 4, John 0.; born, &c., 
as follows : 

1. Isaiah Bolles, first child of Enoch BoUe^, b. June 2G, 1804 ; single ; Newark. 

2. Charles O. Bolles second child of Enoch Bollcs, b. Jan. 13. 1807 ; single ; Newark. 

3. Enoch Bolles, Jr., third child of Enoch Belles, b. May 19, 1812; resides in Newark; ra. Phebe 
Thompson. 3Iav 7, 1837, and has had eight children, viz., 1, Anna C. Bolles; 2, John O. Bolles; 3, 
Elizabeth P. ; 4, Frederick 3i. ; 5, Frances A. ; G, Phebe T. ; 7, Enoch ; 8, Charles L 

4. John Owen Bowles, founh child of Enoch Bolles, b. 1810; d. at 13. 




THO-NfAS i;<>l,r,i:S, 1644—17.27. 

JOII\ liOLl.KS. l';7 


EXOCII I'.OI.l.KS. 171.-)— 1 SHI). 






S ^ 

ISAIAII ilOLLKS. l7.-)4— IS47. 

2 ' '^ 


EPIIIiAI.M r.liLI.KS, 17,'JO- 


3. Ephraim Jhlics, tliiiil cliilJ of I~niali liulle.-;, I). Jan. 14, 178(1; in. Abigail T. Litteil of "We^itiL-lJ, 
N. J., IS'ov. 1(1. 1803. He re.^iLles in Newark. N. J., where she d. Xov. 5, 182.5, aged 08. Tiiey had 
nine children, viz.: 1, an iiitani ; '2. Eli/;ibetii II.: o Kliai^inl L. ; 4, Mary F.; o, Constance; (5, Jesse 
N. ; 7, Alex:inder C. ; 8, an iiitiint ; 9. Nathan T. ; bo:'n, &e., as t'oHows, viz. : 

1. An infant .■^oii. b. and d. ^March, 1807. 

2. Elizabeth H. Boiles. seeond chiUl of Epliraiin Bollrs b. Jlay 29, 1808; rn. Muses G. Baldwin of 
New York, inainil'aoturini: jeweller, April 12, I8.j2; has had four children, viz.. 1, Saraii E., b. Au"'. 
3, 18.';;3, d. Aiij:. lo, is:;4; 2, Helen, b. Dee. 2'.t, 1834. d. 18G(i: :i. Elizabeth 11., b. Nov. 28, 1838, n\. 
George W. Carhon of New York. i>ubli.-h(T, Dee. lo, 18.')9: 4, William B., b. Dec. 2. 183D. 

3. Eliakiin L. Bolles, third child of Ephraim Bollo. b. Eeb. 27, 1810; r.i. Mary Tucker, Nov. 10, 
1832. He is a nierchant, and they reside in New York. Thev have had seven children, viz., 1, Wil- 
liam T. Bolles, b. June 15. 1834 ;' 2; Sarah Belles, b. .!ulv 17", 183G; 3, Marv F. Bolle.s b. Jan. 22, 
1838; 4, Emma C. Bolles, b. April 21, 1840. d. June. 1842: .5, Emma C, 6,'Abbv E., twins, b. Oct. 
20, 1843; 7, Hamilton :.IcC. Bolles. b. Feb. 14, 18.51. d. Dec. 1, 185G. 

4. Mary Frances Bolles. fourth child of E[)hraim Bollc.~. b. Aug. 2.5, 1811; m. her cousin, Rev. 
James A. Bolles, D. D. (^>Ve /tis ivcord, tmfe ) 

5. Constance Bolles fifth child of Ephrain. Bolles. h. March 30, 1813; m. Heraan J. Redfield of 
Batavia, April 14, 1840; has four children, viz., 1, Frank Bolles; 2, Abby L. ; 3, Una C. ; and 4, 
Martha E. 

C. Je»se Nichol.ron Bolles, si.xth child of Ephraim BuHes, h. July 3, 1815; is a merchant in New 
York; in. JIartha W., dau. of Uriah and Eliz:i Collin of Nantucket, Sept. 2, 1840. They liave had 
six chddreii, viz., 1, Frederick C. ; 2. Eliza C. ; 3, Ansusta T. ; 4. Henry W. ; bom, &c., as follows: 
1, Frederick C. Bolles, b. Oct. 26, 1841. d. ; 2, Eliza C^ Bolles. b. Jan. 2. 1844; 3, Augusta T. Bolles, 
b. Dec. 10, 184.5; 4. Henry W. Bolles, b. July 2'J, 1856; 5, AValter P. Bolles, b. Aug! 5, 1858; and 
6, Caroline T., b. Oct. 2G, i8G3. 

7. Alexander C. Bolles, seventh child of Ephraim Bolles, b. April 23, 1817; died, 18G1, in New- 
ark, single. 

8. A son, b. Aug. 10, 1818 ; d. an infant. 

9. Nathan T. Bolles, ninth child of Ephraim Bolles, b. April G. 1S20; m. Mary 51,, dau. of Lewis 
M. Burnet of Newark. April 3, 1850 ; has lour children, viz., 1. Frederick T. ; 2, Edgar R. ; 3, Isabella 
K. ; and 4, Frank Bolles. 

4. Dan Bolles, fourth child of Isaiah Bolles, b. April 1, 1782 ; d. .Tune, 1784. 

5. Befsei/ (Elizabeth) Bolles, Mh child of Isaiah Bolle.s, b. Feb. 22, 1784; m. Benjamin Williams, 
Sept. 22, 180G: and has had eight children, viz., 1, Abby E. ; 2, Aaron B. ; 3, William H. ; 4, Louisa;! 
5, Harriet W. ; 6, George W. ; 7, Benjamin C. ; 8, Edwin T. 


6. Xathaii Bolles, si.\tli child of Isaiah Bolles, b. Feb. 17, 178G ; m. Abby J. Baldwin. They reside iu 
•Newark, N. J., and have had ten children, viz.. 1, Ezra B. ; 2, INIary E. ; 3, Henrietta A.; 4, Julia F. ; 
0, Nathan B. ; G, Thomas N. ; 7, Nathan J.; 8, Emma C. ; 0, Charles E. ; 10, Annie A.; who were 
born, &c., as ibllows, viz. : 

1. Ezra Baldwin Bolles, eldest child of Nathan and Abby ,J. Bolles, b. Aug. 16, 1821 ; m. Mary E. 
Summers, May G. 184G. Lives at Newark, N. J. Mrs. Bolles died Feb. 2, 1853. He ra. her 
sister, Adaline H., June 15, 1854. They h.ive two children, viz., William C, and Franklin S. 

1. William Clayton Bolles, b. June'22. 1848. 

2. Franklin Summers Bolles, b. Aug. 26, 1855. 

2. Mary E. Bolles. second child of Nathan and Abby J. Bolles, b. June 4. 1823 ; m. Augustus Crane, 
March 9, 1338. They live in Morri=town, N. J., and hare four children, viz., Mary, b. Jan. 14, 1839 ; 
Julia, b. June 23, 18.50; Augustus, b. Oct. 27. 1852; and Benjamin, b. June 19, 1854. 

3. Henrietta Augusta Bolles, third child of N;ithan and Abby J. Bolles, b. May 7, 1825 ; m. John H. 
Meeker of Newark. N. .J., where they reside. Oct. 4. 1846. They have four children, viz.. Samuel, I.. 
June 24. 1849 ; Henrietta H., b. NoV. 4, 1851 ; John H., b. May 19, 1854 ; and Mary A. B., b. Aug. 
30, 1857. 

4. Julia France.s Bolles, fourth child of Nathan and Abby J. Bolhis, b. March 30, 1827 ; m. Henry 
B. Clapp, .Jan. 13, 1852. They live in Newark, N. J., and have four children, viz., Julia F., b. 
May 10, 1853 ; Eliza B., b. May 25, 1855; Henry W., b. Dec. 5, 1856 ; and Nathr.n B., b. July 21, 

5. Nathan B. Bolles, fifth child of Nathan and Abby J. Bolles, b. Jan. 8, 1829 ; d. Feb. 11, 1832, 



THOMAS IJOLLE.S, 164-1—172:7 

JOHN 130LLES. 1677— 17H7. 



a 1 





K - CO I 

O H 

" o 
2 o 



55 ; 


_ C. Tliomas Noi-ris Bolles, iixlh child of ^satlmn and Abby J. Bullo?, b. April 8, 1831 ; lives in 
Newark, X. J. 

7. Nathan J. Bolles, seventh child of Nathan .nnd Abbv .J. Bolles, b. .Tan. 2fi, 1833. 

8. lOnima C. Bullos, eighth child of Nathan and AbbvJ. Bolles, b. Fob. 24, 183.5: ni. William F. 
Adams of Lee, Ma^s., March I'J, 18 Jo. They have two children, viz., Frank B., b. :March 10, 18jG; 
and Emma L.. b. .luiie lO, 18.37. 

9. Charles Edward Bolles, ninth child of N. .and A. J. Bolles, b. .Jan. 9, 1840; d. Feb. 17, 1813. 
10. Annie A. Bolles, tenth child of Nathan and Abby J. Bolles, b. Feb. 2.3, 1841. 

7. Anron Bolles, seventh child of L-aiah Bolles, b. ilay 25, 1788; d. Oct. 15, 1808, in the island of 

8. Faiuii/ Bnlles, eighth child of I-^aiah Bolles, b. Feb. 20, 1790; m. Uzal "Ward, Sept. 4, 1815; -nho 

d- • Tlicy had tbiir children, viz., 1, Sarah A., b. May 24. 181G, (nuw Mrs. John .Jiile) ; 2.' Uzal 

J., b. April 23, 1818, m. Eliza Darling; 3, Frances, b. July 11, 1S20 ; and 4, John A., b. Oct. 7, 1822. 

9. Kancy Bolles, ninth child of Isaiah Bolles, b. June 30, 1793; m. Bonj. S. Taylor, and died. 

10. John Bolles. tenth child of Isaiah Bolles, b. June 30, 1795; lives in Newark.' 

11. William Bolles. eleventh child of Isaiah Bolles, b. March 17, 1797 ; m. and had three children, viz., 
1, Anna Constance Bolles, first child of William Bolles, b. 1838, d. 1859; 2, John Bolles, second child' 
b. 1840; 3, Eliz.abeth Bolles, third child, b. 1841. 

Deacon- NATHA.V BOLLES, 1757—1797. 

9. N.4.THAN- Bolles, ninth child of Enoch Bolles, b. in New London, 7, 1757; moved to West 
Springfield, Mass.; and m. Elizabeth Howard, July 23, 1787. He d. at that place, Oct. 23, 1797. She d. 
tlicre, March 9, 1S13. He was a Baptist Deacon. Tliey had six children, viz.. 1, Elizaheth : 2, Peter; 3. 
Nathan ; 4, Nathan H. ; 5, Enoch ; and G, William B. ,-' who were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

1. Elizabeth Bolles. tirst child of Dea. Natlian Bolle>, b. in Hartford, Conn.. Julv 4, 1788: m. Col. 
Silas Stedinan of Sp.ringiield, Dec. 29, 1825. They had no children. Mrs. Stedmau'lives at Shebov^an 
Falls, A\ isconsin. ' ^ 

2. Peter Bolles. second child of Dea. Nathan Bolles, b. at Hartford, Conn., .Tan. 20, 1700; m. Harriet 
E. Rogers of Stratford, Conn., Aug. 18, 1835 : luid two children, Peter and Harriet E., and d. Aug. 19, 
1839, in New York city. His widow ni. W. Van Wvch. had two children, ami d. 185G. 

Peter BoUe-^, lirst child of Peter Bolles, b. June 14, 183G; d. Julv 24, 1837. 

Harriet E. Bolles. 2d child of Peter B., b. June 7, 1 837 ; m. John J. Ilalsev of N. Y., merchant, Sept. 
IG, 1857. They re-^ide at Astoria, and have one child, viz.. William Bolles Ilal^ev. b. July 6, 1858. 

3. Nathan Bolles. third child of Dea. Nathan Bolles, b. Feb. 27. 1791 ; d. Aug. 17, 1791. 

^4. Nathan Howard Bolles. fburth child of De:a. Nathan Bolles. b. Sept. 12, 1703: m. his cousin. Sarah 
K., dau. of Pvalph P.olles of Norwich, Conn., Aug. 4, 1825. They had three children, viz., 1, Ernesto 
V. ; 2, Happy B. ; 3, Henry P. ; who were born, &e.. as follows, viz. : 

1. p:rnesto P. Bolles, first child of Nathan H. B illes, b. in Norwich. Conn., May 11, 1829; d. 
May G, 1857, by railroad colli-ion ; unmarried. 

2. Happy Branch Bolles, second child of Nathan II. Bolles, b. in Annsville, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
Feb. 28, 1831 ; d. single. 1SG2. 

3. Henry Perkins Bolles, third child of Nathan II. Bolles, b. in Chicago, El.. Jan. 3, 183C; died 
Doc. 22. l.-^ol; single. 

5. Enoch Bolles. fifth child of Doa. Nathan Bolle=, b. Oct. 22. 1795; d. Sept. 3, 1802. 
_6. William Brijjjs Bolles. sixth child of Dea. Nithan Bolles. b. at West Springfield. iMass., Mav 18, 
1797; merchant in New York, re-iding In A~toria. L. L He m. Leonora S. IJeboul. dau. of Jolin B. 
Reboul and Elizabeth Ilurtin, .March 15, 1827. She died at Astori.i. Long Island, Oct. 11, 1844. They 
had one child, viz., Leonora Soi)hia Bolle=, only cliild of AVilliam B. Bolles, b. April 11, 1828. 

RICHARD BOLLES. 17.59— 1S.36. 

10. I{icn.%.nD Bor.LF.s, tenth child of Enoch Bolles. b. in New London, April 14, 1759. He was a shoe 
manufacturer: removed to Hudson. X. Y. ; and there married, lived and died. He m. twice, viz., 1st, Abi- 
gail Spencer, by whom he ha-i two children, Ahif/ail and Geonje, and who d. Oct. 25. 1788 ; and 2<1. Ki.lx-cca 
Goo'Irich, by whom ho liad five chil.lren. He <lied Sept. 20, 183G. These seven children were born, &c., 
as follows, viz. : 

1. Ahiyail Bulks, first child of Richard Bolles, b. 3Lay 12. 1785 ; d. July 22. 1789. 



_JOSKn[ BOLLi:S, ICDS— 1078. 

_THOMAS liOLLKS, 1G4-1— 1727. 



_ENOCII r.OLt,ES, KID— isno. 
KICHAUD r.OLLES, 17J9— Isni^T 







George Spencer JioUes, secoiul cliilJ of Ili.'liard Bollcs, b. :^^!U•ch 9, 1787; ni. ].,ovi>a Hunt, and d. 
23, l.S-_>('., leaving two children, viz.. Abigail S.. and Joseiili, boi-n. itc.. as follows, viz.: 

1. Abigail .Spi-'ncci- Bollcs. lirst child of George 8. Bolles, b. Jan. 5, IS12; ni. Biainard ]Monta- 
gue of ^■e\v York, stabler, Feb. 11, 1833, and has had five children, viz., 1, Gcorce IJ., 183-1; 2, 
Ellen Selina. 18315; 3, Harriet E., 1838; 4. Edward B.. 1841 ; and .), Minnie A., 18.7.5. 

2. Joseph Bolles, second chilil of George Spencer Bolles, b. 1815; went in early niaidiood to the 
Rocky Mountains, and spent many years there as liunter. tiapper, and guide ; m. Cecilia Sunige, at 
La Paz, New ^Mexico, in 1830, by ^vhom he had two cliiidren. Both tlioy and their motlierdied. 
Mr. B. then came back to the Atlantic States; in. Elizabetii Pruden, in 18"l2; and died iu Boston. 

Charles BoHts. third child of liichard Bolles. b. Feb. l'5, 17'Jl ; d. Feb. 3, 1793. 
Gil'iert BoIh'S, t'ourth cliild of Richard Bidle^. b. March l':>. 1702; d. June 30, 170,3. 
SaU'/ Ann BuUta, fitlh cliild of Richard BoUe-. b. Mav od, 1704; d. Xov. 18. 181.5. 
Jiic'luird 21. B.>l/cs, M. D., Williams College, Ma^s.," sixth child of Richard Bolles, b. Sept. IG, 
; resides and pi-actiscs medicine in Now York city; m. Henrietta Hoilgkinson of Xew Y'ork city, 
22, 1832. They have had seven children, born, &c., as follows, viz.. 1, Anna ^Maria. b. July 3, 
: 2, Henrietta, b. Aug. 10, 1835. d. Feb. 12, 183(5; 3, Clara Rebecca, b. Jan. 5, 1838. d. Sept. 19, 
; 4. John Harris, b. Aug. 23, 1841 ; 5, Richard Johnson, b. Aug. 1, 1843; G, Henrietta Martha, b. 
14, 1845, d. Oct. 3, 184(3; 7, Ella Barrington, b. Sept. 21, 1847. 

REBECCA M. BOLLES (Mrs. PADDOCK) 1302—1863. 

(-1 I f 

TlT 5' 

:i - S 




S< — 5^ ^ 

r5 *^ ^-* ' r-i 

S O 

7. Rebecca JIaria Bolles, seventh child of Richard Bolles, b. Feb. 26, 1802; m. George Hussey Pad- 
dock of Hudson, banker, Oct. IG, 1322. He d. June 5, 1851. His wi.low died in Princeton, 111., June, 
18G3. They had eight children, viz., 1. Solomon A.; 2. Stephen G. ; 3, Richard B. ; 4, George L. ; 5, 
Sarah E. ; G, "William G. ; 7, Charles B. ; and 8, Henrv; «ho were born, Ac. as follows, viz.: 

1. Solomon A. Paddock, M. D., b. at Hudson, Sept. 23, 1823 ; m. Aiigelica H., dau. of Charles S. 
Boyd, of Princeton, III., Feb. 1840; was a physician in Princeton, with four children, lie grad. at 
the Medical School of the New York University, 1844; was Resident Surgeon of the New York 
Ilo-pital in 1845; passed examination as Assistant Surgeon, United States Navy, and removed to 
Princeton, 1S4G; died. 18G2. His children have been. 1, Eliza D., b. March 20, l''S50; 2, George, b. 
Jan. 14, 1852; 3, James, b. Jan 5. 1854; 4, an infant, b. .Jan. 4, 1857, d. May IG, 1857. 

2. Stephen G. Paddock, b. at Iludjon, April 22, 1828; is a merchant in Princeton; m. Margaret, 
dau. of James V. Seaman of Harlem, N. Y., Nov. G, 1855, and has two children, viz., James S., b. 
Aug; IS, 185G. and . 

3. Richard B. Paddock, b. at Augusta, Ga., Aug. 20, 1830; sailed from Martha's Vineyard, in 
1851 ; left the vessel at Navigator's Lland, in 1852 ; since then unheard of. 

4. George Laban Pad.lock, b. at Augusta. Ga., Oct. 8, 1832; grad. at Cambridge Law School, 
1850; attorney-at-law, Princeton, III.; m. Caroline :SL. dau. of Hon. .loha A. Bolles of Winchester- 
Mass., Oct. 1, 18(32; has one child, Katherine Dix. b. Dec. 3, ISGS.ti-c^ i^.U^^'-^. ^■<^-"'>^' ^■ 

5. Sarah E. Paddock, b. at Augusta, Aug. 3, 1834. J » it-^^^^ 

6. William G. Paddock, b. at New York, Sept. 22. 1838; d. Sept. IG. 1839. 

7. Charles B. Paddock, b. at N. Y.', June 4, 1841.' 8. Henry Paddock, b. at X. Y'., Jan. 21, 1845. 

11. IIanvah Bollks, eleventh child of Enoch Bolles. b. in New London, Feb. 16, 17G0 ; m. her cousin, 
Jeremiah Rogers, (son of John Rogers and Elizabeth Bolles,) Dec. 1701. He was a farmer, and d. June 
2, 1845. She d. Dec. 13. 1850. They had eleven children, viz., ]. Jlary ; 2, Rebecca, (Mrs. David An- 
drews); 3, Guidon; 4, Rus.-ell. (m. Hannah AVilcox, lives in New London); 5, Aaron ; 6, P2noch ; 7, Han- 
nah, (Mrs. James Miner) ; "S, Jeremiah; 9, Chailes ; 10, Albert; 11, Sarah, (iNIrs. Joseph Dickinson). 

12. Lucy Bolles. twelfth child of Enoch Bolles, b. June 1. 1772 ; m. Rev. .James .7. Berg, a Norwegian 
Methodist, in 1820; no children. He d. 1852. Mrs. Berg died in Groton, Conn., 1SG3. 

13. Naomi Bollhs. thirteenth child of Enoch Bolles, b. July 10, 1774; m. Samuel Frothingliani of 
Mid<lletown. Conn., 1815. She d. Nov. 20. 1830. He d. July 4. 1847. They had two children," viz., 1. 
Abigail Bolles Frothingham, b. April 23, 181G, who now lives'in Groton; and' 2, Charles Frothin-diara, b. 
and d. M.ay, 1810. 

14. SfSAK Bolles, fourteenth and last child of Enoch Bolles, b. Nov. 13, 1780; m. George Culver of 
Montville, Conn., ma.-on. Sept. 26, l.so2. He d. April 18. l.slO. She d. June 3o, 1850. They had eight 
children, viz.: 1, :Mary Cidver. b. July G, 1803; m. Rev. Caleb D, Rogei-s of Norwich, Conn. 2, George 
Culver, b, Sept. 2G. Is"!; d. Feb. 5, l.':(05. 3. Enoch Bolhs Culver, li. Dee. 30, 1805; ns. ; lives in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y'. ; has two cliiidren. viz., Benjamin E.. b. May, 1«3G. and Susan M., b. Oct. 1830. 4, Georac B. 
Culver, b. Sept. 8, 1807 ; d. IMarch 7, li^l 1. 5, Susan E. Culver, b. iJIarch 26, 1.S09 ; m. Ozias L. Gillett 

rf. ^i 




_josF,pii Bor,Lp:s, loos— igts^ 

THOMAS r.OI.LES, 1C44— 17:.'7. 



of New Loiulon. Sept. (>, ISiO. G, l)cnj;iinin II. Culver, b. Dee. 3. 181(1; in. Aduliiie A. Cariui'.ter. Oet. 

31, 1S30: lias had four ehil<ln-ti, viz., 1, Euoeli P... b. Oet. I'T, 1810; •>, Caroline C, b. Oct. 23. 1812; 
pi 3. Elizabeth G.. b. Sept. -28. 18t-l; 4, Ella .AI.. b. Nov. 14, 1848. 7, Luey Ami Culver, b. Jan. 8, I81G; il. 
'■^'\ Oct. 4, 182J. 8, Jeru>ha T. Culver, b. Sept. 17, 1817. 

JOSHUA 130LLES, 1 7 1 r--l 800. 

"- 2 

5 2 

o — ■ 


o S 2 5 

^^ •" "^ ■ 

Jo^ncA Eoi.LES. tenth child of .John and Sarah Eolle<, b. Aug. .5, 1717, at New London. lie was a fanner, 
on Bolles's Hill; ni. .Joanna, dau. of Thoma:? AViJliiuus of New London, Jan. 30, 173'J, and d. Se[)t. 18, 1800. 
She d. Oet. 28, 1777. aged ■>'}. They had fifteen children, including three pairs of twin-:, liv his will it 
appears that he married a .-ecoiid wife, whom he calls '■(Jrace." Tiic children were. 1, Samuel ; 2, Sara/i ; 3. 
Ezra; 4, Josfiiia. Jr. ; 5. William ; G, A/jJteiis ; 7 and 8. J-JiJa/i imd FJisl'<t : 9, Sarah; 10, ^fl■rr•J ; 11 and 
12, Ilczel.iah and Juremiuh ; 13 and 14, Patience and Ziiiporalt ; \h, Ehenezer ; who were born, litc, as 
follows, vii. : 

1. Samvel Bollcs. the fir~t child of Joshua and Joanna BoUcs, b. Dec. 7, 1740 ; d. Nov. 5, 1783. He m. 
and had one child, who d. without issue. 

2. Sarah Bulks, second child of .Joshua and Joanna Belles, b. July 30, 1742 ; d. 1754. 

3. Ezra Bolli's. third child of Jo~luia and Joanna Bolles, b. June 18, 1744, in Hebron, Conn. lie was a 
shoemaker au'l farmer; settled in ^Marlborough, Conn., and d. Jan. 28, 1824, in Sehenectadv. N. Y. He in. 
Abigail, dan. of Benaiah Jones, who d. ilareli 27, 1813. They had nine children, viz., 1, Joanna; 2, Abi- 
gail; 3, Ezra, Jr.; 4, Da\id; 5, Nelson; 0, Damaris; 7, Guidon; 8, Sophia; and 'J, Laura; who were 
born, (fce., as follows, viz. : 

1. Joanna Bolles. first child of Ezra Bolles, b. March 19, 1708, in Marlborough, Conn.; m. Jacob 

Lyman of Bolton, Conn., and d. there. 
I 2. Abigail Bolles, second child of E^ra Bolles, b. Aug. 3, 1779, in Hebron, Conn.; m. "William Sum- 

I mers, tanner, of South Livonia. N. Y. 

' I 3. Ezra Bolles, Jr., third child of Ezra Bolles, b. Aug.- 15, 1781. He was farmer, tanner, shoemaker, 
I ' &e., and d. at Livonia, N. Y., 3Iay 2, 1828. lie m. Sarah, dau. of Charles Keid of New I,ondun, Conn., 
' .1 Nov. 1, 1808, and had two children, viz.. Frances E., ami Jeremiah. His wife d. Jan. 10, 1S14. He m. 
1^1 for his second wife, Jane Reid, (his tirst wife's sister.) Nov. 14, 1814. and had six children, viz., Elton, 

Sarah, Reid, AViUiaui. Jeremiah, and .John P. Mr. Bollcs's eight ehihlren were born, i!k.c., as follows. ^ iz. : 

1. Frances E. Bolles, first child of Ezra Bolles, Jr., b. Oct. 2, 1809 : m. William Huntley of Wat- 
erford. Conn., farmer. Oet. -5, 184G. They have no children. 

2. Jeremiah Bolles, second ehil.l of Ezra Bolles, Jr., b, Feb. 1-5, 1811 ; d. Sept. 15, 1814. 

3. Elton Bolles, tiiinl ciiild of Ezra Bolles. .Jr.. b. Nov. 2'j, 1815. at Middletown, Conn.; m. L'retta 
Freeman, Jan. 10, 1847; is a tiirnier, in Livonia Centre. N. Y. ; has no children. 

4. Sarah Bolles, fourth child of Ezra Bolle.-, Jr., b. Oct. 10, 1818, at Geneseo, N. Y. ; m. Elijah 
"W. Brii'zs, farmer. Sept. 20, 1843 ; lives in Liiha, N. Y. ; no children. 

5. Reid Bolle-. fiiih child of Ezra Bolles'Jr., b. :\Iay 2G, 1821 ; d. May 23, 1843. 
G. AVilllam Bolles, sixtli child of Ezra Bolles. Jr., b.' April G, 1823; single; Livonia. 
7. Jeremiah Bolle-, seventh child of Ezra Bolles, ir., b. July 2, 1825 ; foriQer. Livonia .Station ; in. 

Caroline D., dau. of Adam Kimb.irk. Nov. 11, 1851 ; had one child, viz., Elton R., b. Feb. 11, 185o. 
j 8. John V. Bolles, eighth child of Ezra Bolles, .Jr., b. March 2, 1828; is a farmer; resides with his 

j widowed mother, at Lakeville, Living-ton County, N. Y. 

4. Dar id Bulks, fimnh child of Ezra Bolles, b. JrJy 23, 1783, at Eastbury, Conn.; m. Jlary, dau. of 
Thomas Carrie of Jlarlborough, Conn., in 1809. He was a farmer and shoemaker; had nine children; 
and d. March 1, 1858. The children's names were, Mary, Abigail, Caroline, Clarissa, Alniira, David H., 
Edwi.i C., 'William E., and Henry .S.. who were born, tte., as follows, viz.: 

1. Mary Bolles, lir,-t child of David and Mary Bolles, b. at ilarlbnrough. Conn., March, 1810; m. 
Calvin Robin-on of 'Williinantic. Conn.. .Ian. 1839. He is a farmer. Their children are, Emily S., b. 
Dec. 1840 ; David, b. Aprih 1 -i 12 : and :\Iary .J., b. June, 1846. 

2. Abigail Bolh-s. sei'oml child of David and ^Mary Bollcs, b. Jan. 6, 1813; m. Horatio Lester of E. 
Haddam, Conn.. Merchant, April 10. 18.'J9 : residing in Norwich. N. Y. ; no children. 

3. Caroline Bolles, third child of Da\ id and 3Iary Bolles, b. Feb. 1817; m. J. E. Abbott of A'ernon, 
Conn., farmer, June. 1851. 

4. Clarissa Bolles, fourth child of Davi.l and Mary Bolle.-, b. .Jan. 20, 1819; ni. AHen R Smith of 
Jlontviile, Conn., manufacturer. Mav 2l.», 1837. He <i. April IG, 1843. They had two children, viz., 
Sarah C, b. Oct. 27, 1838 ; Mary B., b. 1841, d. 1815. 


















B O L L E S G E X K A I. O G T . 



THOMAS HOLI.KS, 1044—1727. 

JOHN nOLLF.S. 1677—1767. 

J0SUII.\ BOLLES, 1715-1800. 

EZRA BOLLES, 1744— 1S24. 

£ e 5 i 


lis " 

! O 



5. Almira K.illes. fiftli child of Diivid and ^lary r><)llc5, b. :MairIi, 1821 ; ni. J. AV. N. Sill of Ver- 
non, Conn., buihlcr, Jlay, 181G. They livt- in AnduviT, Conn. Tlii'V have had six ihildren. viz., Anna 
F., b. March, 1847; G.-orire N.. b. Jaii. 1S40; Klia A., b. Sept. 18j6; Louis B.. b. June, 18J2; Ilattie 
C, b. Aiiril, 18.34: William II., b. :Mav, 18.37. 

0. David II. Bollos. .vixlh child of David and iMaiy Bulks, b. Juno, 1823; m. Zada Dewel of Galhips- 
ville, N. Y. He i-: a carpenter, in Gallupsville, N. Y. 

7. Edwin C. Boll.'s, seventh child of Davi 1 and IMary Bollcs, b. March. 182C; m. I\Iary O. Rogers of 
Andover, Conn.. ]M.iy, 18.31. lie is a lumber merchant, in Andover, and was a member of the Con- 
necticut Legislature of 18f)0; two children, .-on and dau;;htcr. 

8. AViUiam E. B.jlles, eiirhth child of David and :Mary Bolles. b. :May, 1829 ; m. Jane Dowel of Gal- 
lupsville, N. Y., 3Iay, 18.32. He is a carpenter in Gallupsville, and has one child, viz., Mary Y.. Bollcs, 
b. JIarch, 18-35. . 

9. Henry T. Bolles. ninth child of David and :Mary Bolles. b. Xov. IS, 1833; m. Laura E. Perkins 
of E. Windsor IliU, Conn., Apiil 7, 1859; is a teacher in Kockville, Conn. They have one child, Ida 
Townsend Bolles, b. Oct. 23, 18G0. 

5. Julias BolJes, fifth child of Ezra Bolles. b. Sept. I^. 178.5; d. at Marshall, Mich., Sept. 8. 1842. He 
was a farmer and carriaL'O maker. He m. Amy (or Uuamy) dau. of Isaiah. Tower of Duanosbnrg-, N. Y. ; 
lived in Schenectady, and moved to Marenfro, ilich.. in ls;J8. Ilis widow now lives in Jlar.-liall. They 
had thirteen children, viz., 1 Joaima ; 2, Elisha T. ; 3, Georjre N. ; 4, Benjamin T. ; 5 and 0, Emily and 
Amanda (twins) ; 7, Harriet ; 8, Sylvia ; 9, William S. ; 1 1>," Rebecca ; 11, Deborah; 12, Abigail; aiid 13, 
Mary ; who were born. Oic. as follows : 

'l. Joanna Bolles. first child of Julius Bolles. b. March 17, 1808; m. Frederick Burgess 1828. He 
d. Oct. 1850. She d. Oct. 28, 183G. They had two children, viz., Amy Burgess, b. 1831, d. 1832; 
Sophia Burgess, b. Sept. 1833, m. John E. Sterling of Toronto, C. AV., Sept. 1857, and d. without issue, 
March 30, 1859. 

2. Elisha T. Bolles, second child of Julias Bolles, b. April 2, 1810, in Schenectady. N. Y. ; m. Amanda 
Bryan. June 21, 1832, !Mr. Bolles is in Califinhia. His wife i.s in Rochester, N. Y. They have had 
six children, viz., 1, AVilliarn Alanson Bolles. b. Dec. 21, 1834, d. March IC, 1837; 2, Thcron II. Bolles, 
b. March 17, 1837, d. April fi, 1840; 3, .Julius Bolles, k May 22, 1839, in Rochester; 4, Charlotte 
Frances Bolles. b. Aun. 18, 1841. in Rochester; "o, James C. Bolles, b. Ajiril 4, 1844, in Rochesier. d. 
Jan. 31, 18415: C, Rebecca Bolles, b. Mareh 19, 1847. 

3. George Nelson Bolles. third child of Julius Bollcs. b. Feb. 21, 1812. at Schcnect.ady, N. Y. ; m. 
three times, viz., 1st, Anna E., dau. of Jos. TillinLrha<t of Amsterdam, N. Y., July 14. 1844. who d. at 
Marshall, Mich., Oct. 3, 184C; 2d, Sarah Ann, dau. of Henry P.jlhemas of Marshall, March 2, 185J, 
who bore him two children, and d. July 29, 1854; 3d, Mehitable P., dau. of Abraham Letts of Kalama- 
zoo, Mich., where Mr. B. now lives. They have one child. Mr. BoUes's three children were bora, &c., 
as follows, viz.: 1, Henrv P. Bolles, b. No'v. 23, 1851 ; 2, George Bolles, b. June 30, 1854; 3, Charles 
L. Bolles, b. Sept. 8, 18.j8. 

4. Benjamin T. Bolles. fourth child of Julius Bolles. b. .Jan. 20, 1814; m. Calinda Latin, Sept. 20, 
1843. Site d. April 3, 1852. He d. in Marenio. Mich., Xov. 8, 1855, Thev had two children, viz., 
Lucy Bolles, b. Sept. 12, 1844; Myron Bolles, b. Sej.t. 9, 1848. 

5. Emily Bolles, fit'th child of Julius Bolles, \ twins, b. ( ra. Squior Gregory of Rochester, X. Y. 
C. Amanda Bolles, sixth child of Julius B., j' Doc. 23, 1815, ] m. Alvin AVilkinson of I^lche^fer, X. Y. 

7. Harriet Bolles. seventh child of Julius Bolles. b. IMarch 5, 1818; ra. S. H. G. Gritlith of Marengo, 
Mich., Dee. 10, 1857: lives there: no children. 

8. Sylvia Bolles, eighth child of Jidius Bolles. b. Feb. 19, 1820; single; Mar>hall, Mich. 

9. AVra. Summers Bolles, ninth child of Julius B., b. Dec. 4, 1821 ; farmer; >in2le : Marengo, Mich. 

10. Deborah Bolle-, tenth child of Julius Bolks. b. March .8, 1824: d. Sept. I. 1839. 

11. Rebecca G. Bolles. eleventh child of Juliu> Bolles, b. April 8, 1820: d. Feb. 18, 1828. 

12. Abigail .J. Bolh-s, twelfth chihl of .Julius Bolles, b. Feb. 16, 1829; d. Sept, 10, 184(3. 

13. Marv Bolles, tliirteenth child of Julius Bolles, b. Sept. 27, 1833; m. twice, 1st, J. A". D. .Sergeant 
of Marshall, Mich.. April 2, 1852, who d. Aug. 28. ]S54: 2d, .John B. Alead of Marshall. Al.ay G, 1857. 
She has two children, viz., Thomas L, b. Feb. iH, 1854; :ind Charles A., b. March 22, 1859. 

6. Damaris BoUes, sixth child of Ezra and Abigail Bolles, b. Dec. 25, 1787 ; m. John Mason of Middle- 
town, Conn., farmer; and moved to Ohio, (near Painsville). 

7. Gurdon Bolles, seventh child of Ezra and Abigail Bolles, b. Feb. 13. 1790; m. LouLsa. dau. of Thomas 
Carrier of Marlboro', Ct. ; moved to Royalton, O. ; Iuls two sons, viz., 1, Gurdon Bolles; 2, AVilliarn Bolles. 

8. Sophia Bollcs, eighth child of Ezra and Abisail Bolh's. b. :May 10. 1792 ; m. Xathaniel G. Cone, farmer, 
of Mi<ldle Iladdam, (Chath.ara,^ Conn., Oct. 23, 1>513. Slic had ten children, and d. March lf>, 1843. The 



_TIH).MAS BOLLKS, 1644— 172£ 
JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 

JOSHUA BOLLES, 1717—1800. 
EZKA BOLLES, 1744— T824! 

j cl.n.irfn were. 1, Atplion.-^o B. ; 2, N:ul>anid G. ; :\ Damaris S. ; 4, David P.; 5, Ft-tus C • 6 Alarv A • 
I ., Clan»a A.; 8. William S.; ;», Fejius V. E.; 10, Ezra G. 15. '>-:■, 

I 9. Laura Bollcs ninth child of Ezra and Abigail Bolle.^ b. Sept. G, 179.3 ; d. June 2. 179C. 

4. Jos/unj Loll.'g, Jr., fourth child of Jo-hua an.I .]„anna 15„lles, b. Dee. 2(5. 171G; m. Eunice Shei.nrd of 
Uarttonl, Lonn.. .nnd d. If.l2. They had two rl,iMn-n. viz.. Marv. who m. William Wh-at : and llurief 
b. Aprd 2, 1,81, who m. Brnjamin S. Uoot. May J. l.-fM. They removed to F:-;inklin. N. Y. .AIr< Wheat 
had nine ehiMiy-n, and d. .Alarch 4, 1S;;9. Mrs. Hoot had five chihlieii, and d. Feb. 3, l6o3. Mr. IJuot 
d. Jan. 28, 18o3. 

WILLLVM BOLLES, 1743— 18L'5. 


^ 1 -J I "^ 

^ ■=; ?; -^ 




c , 



1 ■ 














i ►J 

■ c 

I 5. n<'W'?,« if^L.i'/c's, fifth ehilJ of .Toslma and Joanna Bolles, b. Nov. 19, 1748; m. Ruby Stron- and d 
I in i^ast Hampton. Conn., Feb. 7. 182.J. They had fourteen children, viz., I. Roswell ; 2, Joanna T'o AVill- 
I '«'"; -i-.thsha; 0, Guy; G, Ale.^.inder; 7, Eli.a.s; 8, Edmund; 9, lluby ; 10, Solomon; 11, Epaphr;w 
12, Justice; 13 and 14, Lydia; who were born, lic, as follows, viz.: 

j I 1. Roswell Bolles, first child of William and Baby Bolles b. Nov. 13, 1773. in Afarlboro', Conn. He 
I ^. ^ca* farmer and shoemaker; m. Lois Nortluim, Nov.'lS, 17'J9 ; had five children, and d. Julv 2-> 18.')7 
j £' She d. April 29. 18.38. Their children were, 1, William; 2, Elisba; 3, Horatio; 4, Mary;"5, Watson- 
i j born, &e-.. as follows : 

I f3l 1. William Bolles, first child of Roswell and Lois Bolles. b. in Marlborough, Au"-. 10, 1800; orad- 

-| uated at Amherst College. 1828; is living single in Marlboronsh. ° ' ° 

2. Eli^ha Bolles, second child of Roswell a'n.l Lois Bolles, h. Feb. 14, 1804; Uves in Marlborou'rh ■ 
m. Rachel F. Bradford. Oct. 26, 18.3'.) ; is a farmer. ° ' 

3. Hor.itio Bolles, third child of Roswell and Lois Bolles, b. July 7, 1807; lives in :MarIboron-h ; 
IS a farmer; ni. Phebc A. Mack of E. Haddam, Conn., Sepi. 9, 18.58, and has had siv chiidr-n \lz ' 

1. Ellen A., b. July 13, 1810, d. Nov. 2J, 184.3 ; 2, Sarah W.. b. .Jan. 3. 1842 ; 3, William W., b. Oct! 

2, 1844: 4, Florence C, b. July 3, 184G; J, Charlie, b. :\Iay .3, 1848; G, Alice E.. b. Julv ]3, iCi.'.O. 

4. Mary Bolles, fourth child of Roswell and Lois Bolles, b. June 2G. 1811 ; m. William' Buell. Jan. 
4, 1813. He d. at Willlmantie, where slie resides, Feb. 15, 18G0. They had three children, viz., l' 
Theron. b. July 2.3, 1841; 2. Lu.-ian, b. Aug. 30, 184G: 3, Harriet A., b. Dec. 19. 1849. ' ' 

5. Watson Bolles, fifth child of Roswell and Lois Bolles, b. Feb. 2, 1816; d. Aug. 14, 1818. 

2. Joanna Bolles, second child of AVilliam and Ruby Bolles, b. Nov. 14. 1774; d. single. 183.3. 

3. AVilliam B<:>lles. Jr.. third child of Wm. and Ruby Bulles, b. Oct. 16. 177G ; d. single, May 25, 1799. 

4. Elisha Bolles. fourth child of William aud Ruby' Bolles, b. Feb. 19, 1778; d. single^ 1»0.3.' 

5. Guy Bolles, fifth child ot' William a:id Ruby Bolles. b. Aug. 12, 1780. He was a sea captain, and 
was lost at sea, 1824. leaving a wido'.v. and a young -on, GeorgoBolles. of whom I have no trace. 

^6. Alexander Bolles, sixth child of William and Ruby Bolles, b. Nov. 1782; is a farmer, in Franklin 
N. Y.; m. twice, viz, 1st, Azubali Young, 1809, who d. 1835; 2d, Sarah Newell, 1836. He lias hid 
no children. 

7. Elias Bolles, seventh child of William and Ruby Bolles, b. .Jan. 27, 1785. at Chatliam, Conn.- m. 
NancyTaylor, in Vernon, N. Y.. Jlarch 1, 180',) ; and d. in Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 15, 185G. She d. Oct. 
23, 1857. They had fourteen children, viz., I.Tompkins; 2. Frederic A.; 3. Olivia; 4, Eliza: 5, Mar- 
garet M.; 6. William J.: 7, Solomon T. : 8, Angeline R. ; '9, Mary A-; 10, Sheldon E. ; 11, Kate; 12. 
James H. ; 13. Henrietta; and 14, Frank G. ; who were born, &Ct as follows, viz.: 

1. Tompkins Bolles, tir^t child of Elias and Nancy B<.lles, b. at Vernon, N. Y.. Jan. 11, 1810; m. 
Jeru^h^S. Marshall, at BaldwhisviUe. N. \\. Feb. I'l. 18.35, wliere he die<l. March 10, 1846. Thev 
had two children, viz., 1, Mary A. BoUe.-:, b. .May 26, 1830; married; d. Dee. 4. 1859. 2, James T. 
Bolles. b. Nov. 4, 1844. Mrs. Tompkins Bolles noiv lives in Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

2. Frederic A. Bolles, second child of Elias and Nancy Bolles. b. at Vernon, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1811 ; 
ni. Julia A. Cone. June, 1839: living in Unadilla. N. Y.'; no children. 

3. Olivia Bolles, third child of Elias and Nancy Bolles. b. at Oswego, N. Y., .June 30. 181 2- m 
Ethan Ingersoll of Guiifonl. N. Y.. May 17. 1832. Mr. Ingersoll is living in Oxford, N. Y.. (P. o!- 
address, Guilford). They liave had two children, viz., Helen, born Aug. 29, 1H33, (^Is~. Silas W 
Nott of Chicago. III..) and Theodore G., b. April, 1839. 

4. Eliza Bolles, fourth eliild of Elias and Nancv Bolles, b. at Oswego, N. Y., IMarrli 30. 1814- m 
John Hull. Jr.. ofOxtbrd. N. Y., Sept. 9, 1H39. Th.-y have three children, William H., .John C.,'and 
Mary, living m (Juilftrd. N. Y.. and have lo^t one. viz., Julia A. 

5. Margaret .AL I'.olles, tilth cliild of Eli.a.s and Nancy Bolles, b. at O-wego, July 16, 1816; ui. Rev. 
J. T. Goodrich of Canton, N. Y. ; has had three children, Everett E., Clare:iec, and Lla. 

n — . 

1 1 






JOSEPH ROr.Li:S, 160S-MCT8^ 
THOMAS nOLLKS, 1044—1727. 

JOHN UdLLKS, 1677— 17ti7. 


s 2 f^ n: ^ 

a: I ^ 

o ;=' = 

<« ^' 

*^ -^ — f 


•-a C I — "- I 

1 w 

WILLIAM nOLLES, 1748—18257 

6. 'William J. Bolk-s, .<;i.\th cliiM of Eli:\~ ami Xiiiicy Cullc^ b. at Oswr^ro, April 26, 1818. lie 
lives ill Pewaiikcc, Waukt'.-iiaw County, \Vi>. ; iiinLrli'. 

7. Solomon T. r>olle.-, .>ov('iiili cliilil of Klias anil Nancy Bollc?, h. in Franklin. N. Y., Feb. 27, 
1821 ; m. Maria .Smitli of Oxlbnl. X. Y. ; lias no ohiUlron ; re-ides in Watertown, Wis. 

8. AiiLrelino R. Bolles. eiL'lilh cliilil of Klias and Nancy liolles, b. April 15, 1822; ra. John ]M. 
lleatli. Sept. 2'>, ISl'.); lives in Tewaukee : has one chikl. viz., Frederic. 

i). !Mary A. Bolles. ninth ciiild of P^lias and Nancy Bolle-, 1). Nov. 1."), 182.'^. Has been twice m., 
viz., 1st, to John F.radley. ivho d. April 12, 18-33, by him she had one child ; 2d, to S. T. Day, AVater- 
town. Wis. The name of her child is Fl(jrcnee. 

10. Sheldon E. Bolles, tenth child of FA\a-i and Nancy Bolles, b. Sept. 5, 1825; m, Eveline Arm- 
strong of OxI'urd, N. Y., and there lives ; no children. 

11. Catherine J. Bolles, eleventh child of Elias and Nancv Bolles, b. Dec, 21, 1827 ; m. A. Bradley 
of Guilford, N. Y., Oct. 19, 1852; no children. 

12. James II. Bolles, twelfth child of Elias and Nancy Bolles, b. June 7, 1829; m. Fanny Graves 
of I'ewaukee, Wis., and has one child, AVni. ^I. Bolles. Mr. J. II. Bolles lives in Watertown, AVis. 

13. Henrietta N. Bolles. thirteenth child of Elias and Nancy Bolles, b. April 10, 18.'31 ; d, April 17. 

14. Francis G. Bolles, fourteenth child of Elias and Naticy Bolles, b. Sept. 28, 1833; live^ in Guil- 
ford, N. Y. ; single. 

8. Edmund Bolle~, eighth child of AVilliani and IJubv Bolles, b. in Marlborough, Conn., Oct. 24, 1787; 
m. Tabitha J. Grilluh, Nov. 20. 1813; d. in IVIiddle Iladdani, Feb. 5, 184i;. She lives there with her 
daughter, Mrs. Southmayd. lie was a cabinet-maker, and had eleven children, viz., 1, Eunice ^I,; 2, 
Jane M. ; 3, Stephen G. ; 4, Ziljiali C. ; 5, Deliorah II.; G, ]Mary P.; 7, Amelia B. ; 8, Charles S. ; 9, 
William J.; 10, Norman P.; 11, Almira V.; who Wi'.rti born, &C., as follows, viz.: 

1. Eunice Maria Bolles, eldest child of Edmund and Tabitha J. Bolles, b. Sept. 25, 1814; m. W'm. 
G. Buell, Nov. 29, 1837. He is a resident of East liainjiton, Conn.; is hotel-keeper, &e. They 
have had three children, viz., 1, Frederic AV. II. Buell, b. April 13, 1839: 2, Ellen 3Iann Buell, b. 
June 19, 1844; 3; Mary Emma Buell. b. Feb. 15, 1«47. 

2. Jane !Malone l')olles, second child of Edmuutl and Tabitha J. Bolles, b. Feb. 29, 1810 ; m. Joseph 
Soutlnn;\yd ; resides in !Middletown, Conn. 

3. Ste[dien Guy Bolles, third child of Edmund and TaV)itha J. Bolles, b. Nov. 11, 1817; is now 
second in cnmmand of ^hi]) Comet of New York; m. Lucy Ann .Spencer, Nov. 24, 1842. Tliey have 
had five children, viz., 1, Fi-anklin Guv Bolles, b. Jidv 31, LSll; 2, Stephen Gi-iliith F.oUes. b. June 

4. 1^40; 3. Edward Forrc-ter Bolles, 'b. Auir. 0, l.Sl.S. d. Dec. 19, 1849; 4, Amelia Blair Bolles, b. 
July 25, 1857 ; 5, Edith Maria Bolles b. June 7, l.'<59. 

4'. Zilpali Clark Bolles. tnuith child of Edmund and Tabitha J. Bolles, b. July 20, 1819; ui. David 
Sclden, Middle Iladdam. Conn. 

5. Deborah Ilonora Bolles! fifth child of Edmund and Tabitha J. Bolles, b. March 20, 1821; J. 
Nov. 20, 1822. 

6. Mary Prentiss Bolles, sixth child of Edmund and Tabitha J. Belles, b. Jan. 10, 1823 ; m. Henry 
Hurd, merchant, ^Middle Iladdam, Conn, 

7. Amelia IMair Bolles, seventh child of E. and T. .J. Bolles, b. Oct. 0, 1824; d. Jan. 29, 1828. 

8. Charles Smith Bolles, ciirhth child of Edmund and Tabitha J. Bolle-, b. Feb. 18. 1828; d. Auq. 
27, 1858, of yellow fever, in Charle-ton. S. C, in command of ship Camden of New York. 

9. AA'illiam Jo-enh Bolles, ninth child of Edmund and Tabitha J. Bolles, b. Jan. 8, I»31; d. Sept. 

5, 1854, in S.ivannah, Ga., of yellow fever. 

10. Norman Parker Bolles. tenth child of Edmund and Taiiitha J. Bolles, b. Jan. 27, 1333; now 
second in command of ship Bhu-k Hawk of Ni:w York: single. 

11, Almira A'irgiiiia Bolles. eleventh child of E. and T. J. Bolles, b. An2-.27, 1830; d. Nov. !2, 1836. 

9. Ruby Bolles, ninth child of AVilliam and Ruby Bolles, was born in ^larlboroiigh, Conn., Aucr. 14, 
1790; m. .John Markhtim, by whom ;he had chihiren, one of whom is John S. Markham of E. Hamp- 
ton, Conn. She d. in 184-. 

10. .Solomon I'.olles, tenth child of AA'illiam and Ruby Bolles, was bora in Marlborough, Conn., .Jan. 
5, 1792. He nevc-r married; resides in Brooklyn, O. 

11. Epaplinis Bolles, eleventh child of AVilliam anil Rubv Bolles, born in !MnrlI)oroii<ili, Conn., Alay 
22, 1793; inovi'd to Fnmklin, O., June, 1810, where he now resides. He m. Fanny P:uker, April 3, 
1817 ; is a fanner, and h;is no children. 

12. Justus Bolles, twelfth eliilJ of AA'illiam and Ruby Bolles, b. in Marlborough, Conn.. Sept. 7. 1794; 
farmer; now livin;i in Chatham, Conn, He ni. Lydia Morgan, .Jan. 10, l.'<22. Thi'ir five children, 
Charlotte S., Lucy M.. Elijah A.. Fninces A., and Festus E.. were born, I'tc, as fidlows, viz.: 
1. Charlotte S. Bolle-, olde?t child of Ju-tiis and Lydia Bolles, b. Nov. 4, 1.'522. 

B O L I. E S G K N F, A L O G Y . S E C T I O X XIII. 


JOSEPH nOLLF.S, IfiOs— 16:8._ 

jriioMAS Koi.Lr.s, icu— 1:27^ 

_ JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 

JOSHU A lior.E E S. kk— is oo. 

AVILMA>f UOLLES, 174S— 1S25. 




























9S ^ 

"o := ^ i-i 

1 _ o .- 

y) ;^ 

Si J 

— o 

fe ? 2 

i 1 2 

2. T.iicy ^I. Bollcs, secoiul oliild of JiHtus .ind Lydia Bolles, b. Nov. 27, 1823; rn. Soklen C. Ilink- 
ley of rorihiiid. Conn., m;i~on, .Tiily 21, 184J. Tlu-y have one cliild. b. Sejit. 'M, 18.V.). 

3. EliJMli A. r.ollf>. third child of .Justus and Lydia Hulks, b. .June 21, 1«27. He iii., Hilary A. 
Bailcv, i'\'l>. 2it, 1S.')L He had two ehildivn, viz., Frances A., and Mary T. He was nia-ti-r of a 
schooner on the Conneclicul Hiver, and d. Oct. 2i\ lS.")("i. Tiie children were born, lie., as follows, vi/.: 

1. Frances A. Holies, eldest child of Elijah A. and Mary A. Holies, b. ,Ian. 28, is:)5. 

2. Mary I. I'.olles, second chihl of F-Iijaji A. and JIary A. Holies, b. Nov. II, l)s.3t;. 

4. Frances A. Bolle.s, fourth cliild of ,Ju-tus and Lydia Bolles. b. April 28, 1820 ; m. Henry G. 
Clark of E. Hampton, Conn., trader, Jan. 8, 18o7. 

5. Festu.s E. Hollos, fifth child of Justus and Lydia Bolles, b. Nov. 30, 1830. He is a joiner, and 
lives in Chatham, Conn. 

13. Lydia Bolles, thirteenth child of William and Ruby l5olles, b. Ajiril 1, 179S; d. Dec. 15, 1798. 

14. Lydia I'xdlcs, tbnrteenth child of AVilliam and Ruby Hulies, b. A|iril 2o, l.SOU; m. Horace lirowu 
of East Hampton, Conn.; had nine children, one of whom i- AVilliam Brown, Esq., Ciiathain, Conn. 

I o 1 . 


6. Alphetfs Bolles. sixth child of Joshua and .Joanna Bolles, b. Oct. 4, 17.52; d. July 2G, 177G; single.- 

7. £///"(/A ijo/Zc.?. seventh child of Joshua and Joanna Bolles, b. Oct. 15, 1754; m. Alniy (or AIniira) 
Rogers, dau. of John Rogers and Delight Green, and sister of Mrs. Hczekiah Bollcs. They li\ ed and died 
in New I^ondon, without issue. 

8.. EUslia BolUs, eighth child of Joshua and Joanna Bolles, b. Oct. 15, 1754 ; twin with Elijah ; d. single, 
in Cuba, 18(ii). 

9. Sarah Jhiiks, ninth child of .Toshna and .Joanna Bolles, b. Oot. 10, 175G; m. Saville Rogers, who vYas 
lost at sea. Thev had but one child. Mary, who m. and d. without issue. 

10. Mercy Jiolles. tenth elnld of Jo-liua and Joanna Bolles, b. July 19, 1753: m. Guy Wheeler of Water- 
ford, Conn., ship carpenter; had ten children, and d. Jan. 17, 1828. Two of these eliildren, Zaccheus and 
Jo.-hua B., are now living in Colchester, Conn. 


11, I/ezekiah Bulks, (twin), eleventh child of Jo-hua and Joanna Bolles, b, in New London, Dec. 15, 
1759 ; m. Anna Rogers, dau. of John Rogers and DeliL'ht Green, and sister of ti;e above named !Mrs. Elij.ah 
Holies. Feb. 1, 1791. and d. :May 12, 1828. Slie d. Nov. 10, 184(5, aged 8<l. He settled as a farmer in 
Great Harrington. !Mass., and removed to Griswold. Conn. They had six children, viz.. 1, Eliza; 2, De- 
light R. ; .'>, William; 4, Joanna W. ; 5, Jo-hua; fi, John R. ; who were born, &e., as follows, viz.: 

1, Eliza Bolles, first diild of Hczekiah and Anna Bolles, b. Nov. 25, 1791 ; single; lives in N. London. 

2. Delight Rogers Bolles, second chihl of Hczekiah and Anna Bolles. b. Sept. 13, 3 79G; ni, Ebenezer 
Williams of Hampton. Conn., May 17, 1821 ; d. without issue, Dec. 2, 1825. (See Joanna, below.) 

I 3. William Bolles, third child of Hezekiah ai>d Anna Bolles, b. Aug. 7, 1800; in. Cornelia C. Palmer 
I of !Montville, Conn., Aug. 5, 1841. He lives on the original Bolles homestead, on BoUcs's Hill, in Wat- 
Si erford. Conn.; formerly publisher and bookseller; now retired from business. They have Lad four cliil- 
J i dren, viz. : 

1. AVilliam P. Bolles, first child of William and Cornelia Bolles. b. June 14, 18J5. 

2. Elijah P. Bolles, second chil 1 of Wni. and Cornelia Bolles, b. Jan. 21, 1847 ; d. :March 23. 1851. 

3. Co.-nelia D. Bolles, third child of AVm. and Cornelia Bolles, b. Oct. 21, 1848; d. Nov. IG, 1854. 

4. Hezekiah E. Bolles, fourth child of William and Conwdia Bolles, b. Jan. G, 1853. 

4. Joanna W. Bolles, fourth child of Hezekiah and Anna Bolles, b. .Tan. 25, 1805: on the death of 
her sister Delight R. (]Mrs. Williams) she in. the widower, Ebone/r-r Williams, Dec. 27, 1826. She d. 
Jan. 11, 1841. He d. June 2, 1854. a!,'ed 58. They had six children, viz.: 

1. Frances D. Williams, first child of .Joanna AV. and Eben. A\'., b. Aug. 14, 1830 ; d. Feb. 2G, 1838. 

2. I^benezer B. Williams, second child, b. .Sept. 8, 1832; printer, Harltbrd, Conn. 

3. A daughter, b. and d. .Jan. 1835. 

4. Thomas J. Williams, fourth child, b. April 1", 183G ; book -binder. New London. 

5. Caroline Williams, fifth child, b. Sept. 2, 183.S ; d. June 21, lo41. 

6. Anna ¥A\y.a Williams, ^ixth child of Joanna AV. and Ebenezer AVilllams, b. June 11, 1840. 

5. Joshua Bolh'-, fif[h child of H'-ztkiah and Anna Bolles. b. .Jan. 21, 18<.»8; m. Theresa Augusta J. 
Wheeler, Aug. 2, l.-<55 ; had one chihl, .Joshua Augustus, b. M,ay 26, 185C: and d. May 22, 1857^ Mrs. 
Bollcs now lives on Boiler's Hill, AN'atcrlbrd, Ctmn. 

6. .John Roger- Bolle-. sixth child of Hezeklaii and Anna Bolles, b. Aug, 13, 1810; aitomey-at-law, 
JCew London; ni. JIary Heniiistead of New London, May 3, 1839, who bore him two children, and d. 
June 22, 1859. Their children were, 1, Mary Lydia Bolles, b. June 13, 1840; 2, John Hempsiead 
Bolles, b. Jan. 13, 1851, d. Jan, 18, 1858. 


UOLLE3 GEN E A I, O or. 


JOSEl'II BOr-LKS, 1608—1679. 

TliOMAS IJOLI.KS, 1644—1727. 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677— 1767._ 

JOSHUA BOLLES, 1717—1800. 

12. Jeremiah BoUes, twelfth child of Joshua and .Tonnim Holies, (twin with Jlezckinh,) b. Dec. 15, 175'J, 
at New London; never inarrii-d ; <1. at .Selienceiadv, X. Y., Dec. 2S. 183.'5. 

13. Patience Jlcl/i's, (twin witli Zi|i|)Of:ih.) thirteenth child of Jo.-hiui nnd .Toann.i Bolles, b. June 19,1702; 
m. Ashbel Stoddanl ; liad two children, William and Surah, wlo live in Hudson, N. Y. 

14. Zij'porali JSiillrs. (twin with I'alienoe.) 1'ourlcenth child of .Jo.-huu and Joanna liollcs, b. June 19, 17G2; 
m. Joshua Minard, and liad several children. 


7 I 

ri :■£ 





1.5. Ehenezer liulles, fifteenth child of Jnshua and .Toanna Bolles, I). Julv 13, 17(51; m. Abitiail Penfield 
of New Haven, Conn., Dee. 20. 1789. He lived and d. at Litcidield, Conn.. Aupr. 28. 1826. She d. there, 
Dec. 29, 1844. They had eiudit children, viz, 1, Samuel 1'.; 2, Kbenezer W. ; 3, Samuel P.; 4, Joshua; 
o, George; G, Henry; 7, Jlargaret C; 8, William; who were born. &c.. as follows, viz. : 

1. Samuel Pendeld Bolles, first child of Ebcnezer and Abigail Bolles, b. at. Litchfield, Feb. 25, 1791 ; 
d. Sept. 18, 1792. 

2. P>benezer W. Bolles, second child of Ebenezer and Abijrail Bolles, b. Feb. 2. 1793; m. twice, viz., 
1st, Lucretia JI. Lewis of New Haven. Sept. 21, 1823, who bore him tour children, and d. Jan. 8, 1831 ; 
2a. Lydia, widow of Sliubacl Strong, Oct. 10, 1832, by whom he bad two children. He moved to Del- 
phi, Ind., and there d. Oct. 8, 18.54. His six children were born, &c., as follows: 

1. JSIary Abigail Bolles, first child of Ebenezer W. Bolles. b. Sept. 9, 1824; m. Albert L. Holmes, 
Esq., of Delphi, attorney, who d. 1847. They had two children. Charles, and . 

2. Charles Elienezer Bolles, second child of Ebenezer "W. Bolles, b. Dec. 19, 1825 ; m. Sarah Bla- 
den of Delphi, April, 1849. Thev had one chihl, Lewis. Parents and child, d. 1850. 

3. Frances Grace Bolles, third "child of Ebenezer W. Bolles, b. Oct. 31. 1827; d. March 17, 1829. 

4. Lucretia F. E. Bolles, fourth child of Ebenezer AV. Bolles, b. Oct. 1, 1829 ; d. Aug. 14, 1850. 

5. Lydia W. Bolles, fifth child of Ebenezer AV. Bolles, b. Feb. 7, 1835; m. W. L. F. Black, Esq., 
attorney. Del[dii. Sept. 1, 1853. He d. May 24, 1854. 

G. A'bigail P. Bolles, sixth child of Ebenezer "\V. Bolles, b. .Lin. 27, 1838; d. Sept. 15, 1842. 

3. Samuel Penfield Bolles, third cliild of Ebenezer and Abigail Bolles, b. June 2, 1795 ; ni. Roxana 
P. Clark of Litchfield. Conn., IMay 27, 1824. Mr. B. resided in that town many years, but is now of 
New Haven, Conn. They have had five children, viz. : 

1. Roxana C. Bolles, first child of Samuel P. and Roxana Bolles, b. :M.ay G, 182G; d. Nov. 5, 1840. 

2. Penfield Bolles, second child of Saiu"! P. and Roxana Bolles. b. 3Iav 24, 1831 ; d. April 12, 1835. 

3. Sarah M. Bolles, third child of Samuel P. and Roxana Bolles, b. Julv 8, 183G. 

4. Marv P. Bolles, fourth child of'l P. and Roxana Bolles, b. May" 4, 1842; d. Nov. 13, 1843. 

5. Mary R. Bolles, fifth child of Samuel P. and Roxana Bolles, b. March 16, 1846. 

4. Joshua Bolles, fourth child of Ebenezer and Abigail Bolles, b. Aug. 20, 1797; d. Jan. 15, 1799. 

5. George Bolles, fifth child of Ebenezer and Abigail Bolles, b. Nov. 27, 1799; m. Clara M. Kil- 
bourn of Litchfield, Conn., Nov. 29, 1821 ; settled in Delphi, Ind., had six children, viz., 1. Julia M. ; 
2, Caroline A.; 3, Manha J. ; 4. Caroline A.; 5, Emma V.; 6, Susan H. ; and d. June G, 1863. 

1. Julia M. Bolles. first child of George and Clara Bolles, b. Oct. 14, 1822; m. James H.Stew- 
art. INI. D., of Delphi, May 2\), 1851, and has had four children, viz., 1, James H. ; 2, Julia; 3, Regi- 
nald ; and 4, . 

2. Caroline A. Bolles, second child of George and Clara Bolles, b. ^May 17. 1825 ; d. July 7, 1830. 

3. IVIartha J. Bolles, third child of Georgeand Clara Bolles, b. Oct. 27, 1827 ; m. Lewis B. Sims, 
Esq., of Delphi, attorney, Oct. 8, 1848. They have had four children, viz., 1, Clara .L ; 2, John L. ; 
3, George B. ; 4. JIartha J. 

4. Caroline A. Bolles, fourth child of George and Clara Bolles. b. Dec. 1 4. 1830. 

5. Emma V. Bolles, fifth child of George and Clara Bolles. !i. Sept. 7. 1833; d. Oct. 3, 1848. 
C. Susan H. Belles, si.xth chihl of George and Clara Bolles, b. April 9. 183C; m. Caleb P. Gwinn 

of Burlington, Ind., fanner, April 9, 1854, and ha.s two children, Caroline B., and John B. 

6. Henrj' Bolles. sixth child of Ebenezer and Abigail Bolles, b. at Litchfield, Conn., Jlarch 4, 1802; 
d. at Burlington. Ind., March 5, 1849 ; m. twice, 1st. Nancy Hitchcock of New Haven, 1827, who bore 

him one child, and d. 1829 ; 2, , who bore hiru six children. These seven cliildren were born, 

&c., as follows, viz : 

1. Henry C. Bolles, first child of Henry Bolles, b. March 31, 1829 ; m. Mary 0. Limberk; lives at 
Pittsburg, Ind., and has two children, viz.: 

1. Ella A. Bolles, fir-t child of Henrv C. Bolles b. Sept. 15, 18.54. 

2. Ilenr)- L. Bolles, second child of Ilenry C. Bolles. b. Feb. 15, 1857; d. Jan. 1861. 

2. Jlargaret P. Bolles. se.ond child of Henry Belles, b. Nov. 9, 1833. 

3. Adelaide A. B.illes, third child of Henry Bolles, b. .March 23, 1836. *■ 

4. Mary E. Bolles, fourth child of Henry P.olles, b. July 5, 1S38. 

i W 



I W 


JOSEPH BOLLKS, 1C08— 1678. | 


■ TIJOMAS ROLLKS, 1644—1727. | 

JOHN BOLLES, 1677—1767. 

JOSHUA BOILKS, 1717—1800. 

EBENi:Zi:rt EOLLES, 1764—1826. 

5. C.iroline S. BoUes, fifth chiM of Ilenrv Bolles, b. Oct. 12, 1840; d. July 29, 1856. 


6. Emilv r...Iles sixlh child of Iloiirv Bollc>. h. D.'c. 10. 1811 ; d. Sept. 10, 1842. 



7. Daniel \V. Bi.iler=, se\cnth child of Ilonry Bollcs, b. April 11, 1840. 
7. MareMiot C Bolles. seventh cliihl of ICbcnezcr find Ahi^riiil Bolle?. b. Jan. 2, 180G; m. Joshua 

-1 5 

Garrett of Litcliticld, Cniui., Nov. 24, 1S"J8; lives in Dciidii, Ind.; has had four children, viz.: 1, Anna 

a: < 

M. Garrett, b. An^. 20. 18o0 ; ni. Geo. Gayloid, June 4, l.s.)0. 2. Joshua B. Garrett, b. Jan. 23, 18.'j2 ; 


1-) - 

ni. Sarah A. Crowe, Dec. 25, 185G, and is now Professor of Latin langua'.;e. &c.,' Hanover College. Ind. 



3. "William P. Ciarrett, b. Dec. IG, 1836. 4. Charles Garrett, b. June 20, 1841. 



8. "William BoUes, eiehlh child of Ebcnczcr and Abigail Bolles, b. April 12, 180S ; removed to Delphi. 





Ind., 1835; is now a merchant in Toledo, 0.; married tliree times, 1st. Emilv L. Evans, Oct. 19, 1837, i 




who d. Feb. 2, 1838; 2d. Lydia A. "Watson of Spencer, .AIa<s., who d. May 13, 184C; 3d, Roxana Wat- 



son, sister of his second wife, Nov. 20, 184G. 3Ir. Bolles has had nine ehildien. who were born, &c., i 




as follows, viz.: 1. Edwin A., b. June 1, and d. June 7. 183',). 2. "William W., b. Feb. 2.^. 1841. 3. Har- 



riet J., b, .Ian. 21, 1843; d. Feb. 23, 1843. 4. Ann E., b. May 18, 1848; d. Sept. 14, 1848. 5. Samuel 


P., b. Ausr. 11, 1840. G. Svlvia 'SI., b. :\Iav 23, 1852. 7. Mary E., b. Feb. 5, 1854. 8. George A., b. 


Nov. 13, "1855, 9. Jlargaret L., b. April 22, 1857. 






. ilARY Bor.i-ES, eleventh child of .John Bolles, (the first borne to him by his second wife, Elizabeth,) 







in New London, Conn., April 11, 1737 ; m. Sweetinghara ; d. without issue. 






. Chhistiaxa Bolles. twelfth child of John Bolles, (second child of his second -wife, Elizabeth) b. in ' 



j Xew 

London, !March 5, 1738; m. William Crouch; d. in child-bed, 1782. 




Ti* TT'i'\"OT7'''PTT T>r^TTT7*2 1*Y10... 


. Elizabeth Bolles, thirteenth child of John Bolles, b. at New London, March 5, 1742; m. John 



rs, son of .Samuel Rogers and Hannah Gardner, and brother of Mrs. Joseph (Deborah) Bolles. They 

<| lived 

on Bolles's Hill, and had seven children, viz.. Jo/iti. and Gurdon, both drowned in youth; Juremiah, who 

21 m. I] 

annah Bolles, (his cousin,) dau, of Enoch Bolles, his uncle; Fanny, who m, Joshua Wheeler; Betsey, 

P5 .£^i/«i 

ce, and Darid, each of whom married a Wheeler, 


SAMUEL BOLLES, 1744--18-43. 



Son OF Jons Bolles. 


. Samuel Bolles, fourteenth child of John Bolles, b. at New London, 3Iav 10, 1744. when his father 

2 was 

57 years old, and d, Aug, 10, 1842, in his OOth year. He w.os a farmer, and lived and died in a house 

1 built 

by himself at the a^'e of 19, on a wild and rocky lane leading from New London to Norwich, He m. 

;t twice 

, 1st, JIargaret Moore, a sister of Mrs. David Bolles, Dec. 18, 17G6. who bore him 13 children, and died 

~ June 

30, 1820; ^d. Widow Lois Hamilton, (whose maiden name was Wickwire.) in 1827, when he was 83 

2 year: 

old. The Historian of New London (Caulkins) very properly notices the extraordinary fact that the 

>-i three 
oi 1»42 

lives of Mr. Bolles, his father John, and grandfather Thoma-, covered the whole period from 1644 to 

, .and amounted to an a'/gregate of more than 271 years, John, the oldest son of Samuel attained the <ige 


of al 

most 90. Mr. Bolles's thirteen children were, \, John ; 2, Rebecca; Z, Martin ; 4, £liza/jet/i ; i>, Murtja- 



G, Elizabeth; 7, Calvin; 8, Susanna; 9, Gilts; 10, Francis ; 11, Samuel; 12, -Vary; \Z, Lyman ; who 



bom, &c., as follows, viz. : 




_JOSEPII ROI.LES, 1603—1678. 
THOMA.S liOr.LKS, 1644—1727. 

JOUX n OLLES , 1677— 17ii7. 
SAMUEL BOr.LKS, 1747—17^27 

JOHN SULLES, 1767—1860. 

1. John JiiiUes, fii-st cliilil of Samuel and Jlarjrarct IJoIIp-:. h. Aug. 17, 1767; m. Botscy Avery of Grotoiv 
April 1, 1792; moved in 1800 to the then "far West," Wilke>bane, Pa., and d. at .Montrose. Pa., Mav 8, 
18C0. He was a larmer, a.s well as a sa<ldler and harness-ni.iker. Ilis wife d. at iMontrose, July ;J1, 1859. 
They had five children, viz., 1, Avery; 2, Andrew; ;!, Jfaria ; 4, .Stephen; 5, Eliza; who were born, &c., 
as follows, viz. : 

1. Avery Bolles. first child of John and Bet-sey Bolles, b. in New London, Feb. 15, 1794; m. Eunice 
ATilter; is a farmer in Dimock, Pa.; hius had ten children, viz., 1, Elizabeth M. ; 2, John; 3, Erederick 
"Uilliam; 4, Harriet; 5, Charles M. ; G, Helen M.; 7, Jasper A.; 8, Emeline ; 9, Jerome; 10, Eliza; 
born, ite., as follows : 

1. Elizabeth ^Ilnerva Bolles. first child of Avery and Eunice Bolles, b. July 5, 1819; m. Charles 
Tingley of Dimock, June 30, 1841. and has had si.x children, viz., George il., Frederic, Favette A., 
Charlt;s E., Frank L., and Helen J. 

2. John Bolles, Jr., second child of Avery .and Eunice Bolles, b. Feb. 8, 1821; lives in Dimock; 
m. Eve Ward, Oct. 5, 18.54. and has had two children, viz.: 

1. James AV. Bolles, first child of John, Jr., and Eve Bolles, b. Nov. 18, 18.55. 



ED fcJ 

I iJ 

to g 



2. Charles Frederic Bolle-. second chdd of John. Jr.. and Eve Bolles, b. April 2, 18G0. 

3. Frederic William Bolles, third child of Avery and Eunice Bolles, b. Feb. 29, 1824; m. Julia 
)ok, Feb. 27, 185G; resides in .Shopiere, Wi<. 

4. Harriet Bolles fourtli child of Avery an<l Eunice Bolles. b. Dec. 6, 1825 ; m. Elisha Baker, April 
11, 1852; resides in Shopiere, and has one child, viz., Harriet E., b. Feb. 13, 18C0. 

5. Charles M., b. June 9, 1828. G. Helen M., b. April 25, 1830. 7. Ja<per A., b. Oct. a, 1835. 
8. Emeline, b. Feb. 1, 1838. 9. Jerome, b. March 13, 1840. 10. Eliza, b. Jan. 15, 184G. 

z ' ^ ' 2. Andrew Bolles, second child of John and Betsev Bolles, b. April 25, 179G ; m. .Susan Beardslev of 

:3 Kent, Conn., .Sept. 24, 1823. He d. Xov. 18, 1834," leaving a widow and two children, now livin"- in 
Dimock. viz. : '^ 

^ n 



2 55 « 

«5 — S 

1. Mary E. Bolles. first child of Andrew and Susan Bolles. b. Nov. 8, 1824; m. Israel B. Lothrop, 
M. D., of Springville. Pa., Sept. 24. 1845, who has had fbur children, viz., 1, Henry A., b. April s! 
1850, d. May 23. 1853; 2, Edgar J., b. Aug. IG, 1852; 3, William A., b. Aug. 4, 1854; 4, Homer 
B., b. M.ay 29, 185G. 

2. Sarah Bolles, second child of Andrew and Susan Bolles, b. Feb. 18, 1829. 

3. Maria Bolles, third child of John and Betsey Bolles, b. Sept. 4, 1798; m. Phineas Arms, April 4, 
1822. They live in New Oregon Grove, Howard Co.. Iowa, and have had seven children, viz., 1, Will- 
iam ; 2, Elizabeth; 3, Mary Ann; 4, Daniel D. ; 5, Edward P.; G, Minerva; 7, George W. 

4. Stephen Bolles, fourth child of John and Betsey Bolles, b. March 24, 1801 ; m. Emily Ilorton, Jan. 
8, 185G; is a merchant of White Haven, Pa. 

.i 5. Eliza Bolles, fifth child of John and Betsev Bolles b. Doc. 6, 1806; m. Thomas Johnson, now 
Sj Montrose. Pa., Feb. 14. 1830. They have had three children, viz.: 
" 1. Elizabeth, b. April 30, 1831 ; now Mpj. .\. J. Brewster of Montrose. 

2. Allen B., b. Oct. 15, 1835. 3. Gilhert S., b. Dee. 7, 1839. 



2. Rebecca Bolles, second child of Samuel and :Margaret Bolles, b. March 16, 17G9; m. her cousin John 
Robinson Bolle^, (son of Enoch Bolles, Jr..) 1788. (See aiife. p. 24.) 

3. J/artin Holies, third child of Samuel and Margaret Bolles, b. Nov. 21. 1770 ; d. April 11, 1793 ; single. 

4. Elizabeth Bolles, fourth child of Samuel and :Margaret Bolles, b. Sept. 5, 1772; d. Nov. 12, 1774. 


5. Margaret Bolles, fifth child of Samuel and Margaret Bolles, b. March 27, 1774; m. Capt. Bailey 
Hathaway, a native of Fall River. :Ma-s.. then resident of Hud-on, N. Y., master mariner, July 13, 1794. 
He d. Aug. 18, 1831. She d. June 14, 16G3. They had twelve children, viz.: 

1. Harriet, b. Oct. 12. 1797; m. Frederic AV. Moores, 181 G; had .*even children, and d. Jlay 8, 1839. 

2. Phebe B.. b. Dec. 19. 1799; (now Mrs. Henry P. Skinuer of Hudson;) eleven children. 

3. John, b. June 5, 1801 ; d. Oct. 18, 1802. 

4. Bailey J., ^ twins, b. ( m. Julia A. Ilesketh, 1835 ; ha.s one child, viz., Mary H. Hathaway, 

>■ ) ''■ ^""6 '•^' 18-15. He is a merchant in New York citv. 

5. HeniT B., ) Aug. 4, 1802; ( m. Hetty C. .Samls, 1824; had 6 chil., and d. Oct. 9. 1843. 

6. A son, b. and d. May 12, 18(U. 7. John Bolles, b. Nov. 19, 1805; m. twice; 8 chil. 8. Francis 
W., b. Oct. 31, 1807; d. Oct. 14, ISOS. 9. Margaret E., b. Dec 5, 1810; (now Mrs. Dea. Aaron Hand, 
N. Y.;) 8 chil. 10. Sarah J., b. Oct. 18, 1812; (now Mrs .James Hine. Savannah ;) 8 chil. 11. Mary, 
b. June 16, 1814. 12. Cornelia, b. Dec. 27, 181G; (now Mrs. Stephen Hand, Ma.-^s. ;) 8 chil. 



I 3 ^ 

^ t; 



« s 

o s 

to ;- 

JOSF.PII ndLr.KS, lf.()S.-I678. 

J^UOMAS nuLLES, 1C44— 1727. 

JOHN KOLLES, 1677—1767. 

S.\MUi:r, liOLLKS, 1744— lS4->. 

EI.IZAlilCTH HOI.l.K.S, 177S— IS- 

-• C. Elhnhelh Bolhs, sixth cliild of SiiinucI and ]\I:irgarot Dolles, li. Feb. 27, 177G; m. Kzni Smith, 

h| cloehicr. Dec. 27. 1708; moved to Ol>ej;o Co., N. Y. She outlived her llu^baIld, having liad two cliildreii! 
5 viz., Eliza and Amy, horn. &c.. cis tbllow?, viz.: 

1. Eliza .Smith, h. Jan. 20. ISOO; (now Mrs. Xalhan S. Pahiicr;) three cliildren. 

2. Amy Smith, b. July 22, I8O0 ; m. Samuel U. Sutherland; had four children, and d. June 5, 18J1. 

CALVIN BOLLKS, 1777— lSf>7 

7. Co/(/« 7io//(i, seventh child of Samnel and Marsaret Bollcs, b. Dec 18, 1777. lie was a farmer; 
lived _in Montville, Conn.; and d. there, Dec. 21, 1857. lie m. three times, viz.. 1st, Rebecca Danow, Oct! 
24, 1799, She bore him three children, and d. June 11, 1811. 2d, Hester Darrow. sister of liis Hr^t wife, 
Dec. 5, 1811. She bore him two children, and d. Nov. 12. 1818. 3d, Sarah Turner, Julv 1. 181'.) 
who d. Feb. 18G1. His five children were. 1, Rebecca D.; 2, Margaret H.; 3, Francis W.^ 1, Harriet N. i 
5, John C. ; wlio were l»orn. ifcc. as follows, viz.: 

1. Rebecca D. Bolles. fir-t child of Calvin Holies, b. Jlay U, 1803; m. Samuel B. Talmer, farmer, 
Spencerport, X. Y., and has had eight children, viz., 1, Sarah T. ; 2, John O. ; 3, Jo.4iua G. ; 4, Calvin ; 
5, Lucretia ; G. Sarah ; 7, Nelson ; 8, Fr;;ncis. 

2. Marg;uet II. Bolles. second child of Calvin Bolles, h. Nov. 27. 1S0.5 ; m. Daniel F. Beebe. farmer, 
Norwich. Conn., Dec. 11. 182.5; has had eight children, viz., 1. Samuel D. ; 2, i:iizabeth M. ; 3, Re- 
becca; 4, Harriet A.; 5, Hannah E. ; G, Calvin B. ; 7, Xancy M. ; 8. Sarah A.; born. &c.. as follows: 

1. Samuel D., b. Feb. IG. 1827; m. Cynthia Griswold, 18J0; had one child, and d. Dec. 18.>i;. 2. 
Elizabeth M., b. June 21, 1828 ; (now Mrs. Cliauncey AVillard of Madison, Ct. ;) 3 chih 3. Rebecca 
B., b. 183(1; twice m., 1st, Daniel Foster, by whom she had four children; 2d. Nelson Vergason of 
Norwich, by whom she has two children. 4. Harriet A., b. Sept. 2G, 1 831 ; (now Mrs. Andrew Sutli- 
erlan<l of Waukan, Wis.:) one cliild. 5. Hannah E.. b. :March 13. 183G ; (now 3Irs. Edmund G. Coe 
of M:idison, Conn.) C. Calvin B., b. Oct. G. 1834; m. Eunice Coe. Oct. 8, 18,JJ; lives in Bozrah, 
Conn.; one child. 7. Nanev M., b. April 14, 1833; (now Mrs. Henry J. Mun-er, Madi::0n, Conn.;) 
one child. 8. Sarah A., b. Nov. 2.5, 1843. ^ o > j 

3. Francis V,'. Bolles third child of Calvin Bolles, b. July 24. 1808: is an oil manufacturer in East 
Lyme, Conn. Dea. Bollcs ra. twice, viz., 1. Nancy C. Morgan of E. Haddam, Conn., Nov. 9, 1831, who 
bore him three children, and d. Not. 30, 1854. 2, Annis M., sister of his lirst wite, July 1, 1855. Bv 
her he lias one child. The names, &c., of his children, are as follows : 

1. Rebecca E. Bolles, first child of Dea. Francis AV. Bolles, b. Sept. 14, 1832. 

2. Francis A. Bolles, second child of Dea. Francis W. Bolles, b. June 24, 1838. 

3. Emeline S. Bolles, third child of Dea. Francis W. Bolles, b. OcL 5. 1841. 

4. Charles Bolles, fourth child of Dea. Francis W. Bolles. b. Feb. I8G0. 

4. Harriet N. Bolles. fourth child of Calvin Bolles, b. July 1, 1814; m. A. G. Schofiehl of Norwich, 
Conn., Dec. 29, 183G; had three children, viz., Ile.-ter, Mary, and Harriet, and d. Sept. 13. 1843. 

5. John Calvin Bolles, M. D., Montville, Conn., fifth child of Calvin Bollcs, b. Sept. 18, 181C; is a 
physician in Jlontville, Conn.; ni. Eunice Buddington of Lcdvard, Conn., Feb. 7, 1843, and has two 
children, viz., Harriet A. Bolles, b. Jan. 2G, 1850 ; and John C'., b. Feb. 1, 18G1. 



8. Susanna (or Susan) Bolles. eighth child of Samuel and Margaret Bolles, b. Dec. 14, 1779; in. Dc;u 
Caleb Lyon of .Montville, carpenter, Feb. 1, 1821. He d. Jul7"24, 1854. She now lives in Montville, 
Conn. Their only child, 

Margaret M. Lyon, was born in Montville; m. Arnold Rudd, April IG, 1848, and ha.s had two chil- 
dren, viz., Stephen A., b. Feb. 3, 1349, and d. 18G-; and John L., b. Feb. G, 1852, d. July 12, 1853. 

9. Giles Rjlles. ninth child of Samuel and Margaret Bolles, b. Nov. 27, 1781 ; d. Sept. 2G, 1787. 

10. Francis Bolh-s. tenth child of Samuel and .^largaret Bolles, b. Aug. 12, 1783; m. Alice Chapell, Jan. 
1, 1806; and d. .May 23, 18UG; no issue. 

11. Siimnel Bolles, Jr.. eleventh child of Samuel and Margaret Bolles, b. June 18. 1785; d. 1793. 

12. Mary Bolles, tweltth child of Samuel and .Margaret Bolles, b. March 22, 1788; m. Lemuel Darrow, 
1809 ; d. April 5, 1.S22. She had one child, viz. : 

Samuel Bollcs Darrow, b. April 17. isH ; cj. April 15, 1813. 

13. It/uian Bollcs, thirteenth child of Samuel and :Margaret Bollcs, b. April 12, 1793; d. 1794. 

Here ends the Genealogy of Tliomas Bolles, oldest son of Jo-eph and Mary Bolles. I now return to 1046, and t:ike up 
the Genealogy of Samuel Bolles, second son of Joseph aud Mary Bolles. born at Wells, Jle., 1G46, died at Rochester, 
Mass., 17 — . 




I have spent mncli time, but to littlo purpose, in my enr?c;ivors to compile a toleral)ly full and accurate frenralojry of this 
junior branch of the Joseph Bolles of WoUs Family- Unwiilinji: to throw away even tliis poor product of my [laiustaking 
eObrts, I ffubuiit it with all its defects to such as care to follow me over a tield whose gleanings are so meagre. 

Samiel Bollfs. third child of .Joseph and JIary BoUes of "SVells, Me., b. in Wells, March 12, IGIG; m. Mary, dau. of 
William l\ver of Shccp-<-ot, Me., (Xi-w Dartmouth). • In l(''f>8. as appears by the town record-, the inhabitants of Wells 
granted him oOO acres of land, on condition tliat he sh.ould "improve the same within a year." He afterwards removed to 
lioche-ter, ^lass. One of his dcscciiihuils informs me that "'after being three times burnt out in ?>Iaine, by the Ir.dir.n-^. he 
moved fir>t to Clark's Island, in Ilo-lim Harbor, and next to Roche-ter. Ma--., where he clianged lands witli Samuel 
Hammond, and that his house was about two miles nortii of JIattapoisett Village." He and liis wife were living in 1713. 
In June, 1712, they conveyed to Henry Flint of Cambridge "000 acres of land, situated in New Dartmouth, alias Shcep- 
scot, commonly known bv the name of Dyer's Xeck. or ^^'ossacmac, which said neck of land," says the deed, "was foimerly 
granted bv Ivor.ix Hood. Sngomore of the said Xassacmnc. unto Willi;im Dyer, father of the said JIary." — (York County 
Rcj. of Uecth, Book \b. pofjc 'I'lA). In 1713, they conveyed to Samuel Hammond of Rochester 310 acres of land, '• lying 
in the township of Wells." — (Book S. p>iffe 120.) Dyer and his son, Christopher, were killed and scalped by Indians at 
Dyer's Neck. — (S'-e njUdai-its in I'ork Reg., B. 15, p. 228.) Neither record nor tradition gives the dates of Mr. and Mrs. 
Bolles's death. They had three children, viz., 1, JosErii; 2, S.\>iuel ; 3, Jox.*.tu.\x ; who were born, ic, as follows: 

JOSEPH BOLLES (Son of Samuel ami M.irv) 

1. Joseph Bolles, first child of Samuel and Mary Bolles. I cannot learn the date of liis birth, marriage, 
or death, nor the name of his wife. They lived and died in Kochester, and had eight children, vi/., 1, Abigail ; 
2, Catharine ; 3, Hosea ; 4, Ebcnezcr ; -5, WilUatn ; G, Solomon; 7, Amos; 8, David; who were born, &c., as 
follows, \\i. : 


7 ! 

o o ^ 

2 -1>J 


CO tJ 



1. Ahignil Bolles. fir<t child of .Joseph and Belles. The dates of her birth, marriage, and death, and 

the Christian name of her husband, I cannot learn. She had one ciiild, viz., Amaziuh. 


Amaziah I>ol!?s, only child of and Aliigail Bolle^, (date of birth not found); m. Mary Stuart; 

lived and died (<late unknown) in Rochester. They had seven children, viz., 1, Isaac; 2, Joseph; 3, Eliza- 
betii; 4, Hannah: 5, Abigail; 6, Zurah ; and 7, Asenath ; who were born, &c., as follows, viz.: 


a H 5 

o ■*< 

^ o 

< ?3 

1. Isaac Bolles, tirst child of Amaziah and IMary Bolles, b. 1782; m. his second cousin, Hannah 
Bolles, dau. of his great uncle. Ho-ea, and d. 1852. His widow lives in Rochester. They had eight 
children, viz., 1, Ebenezer; 2. Reuben: 3, Avery T. ; 4, George W. ; 5, John D. ; G, Sarah; 7, Mary; 
8, Cordelia ; who were bom. &c., as follows, viz. : 

1. Ebenezer Bolles. first child of Isaac and Hannah Bolles. b. 1809 ; lives single in Rochester. 

2. Keuben Bolles, second child of Isaac and Hannah Bolles ; d. single ;. as did al=o his brothers 
Avery T. ; George W. ; and .John D. 

G. .Sarah Bolles, sixth child of I-aac and Hannah Bolles ; single. 

7. Mary T. Bolles, seventh child of Laac and Hannah Bolles ; m. Michael Bums, and lives in 

8. Cordelia Bolles, eighth child of Isaac and Hannah Bolles ; m. Joseph Ellis ; lives in Fairhaven ; 
has had five children. 

2. Joseph Bolles. second child of Amaziah and !Marv Bolles, d. young and unmarried. 

3. Elizabeth Bolle-. third child of Amaziah and !Mary Bolles, d. single. 

4. Hannah Bollc:-. fourth child of Amaziah and Mary Boll>.-s, m. Capt. James Curtis, the widower of 
her sister Asenath. and d. 1847. 

5. Abigail Bolles, tifth child of Amaziah and ^lary Bolles, d. single. 

6. Zurah Bolles, sixth child of .Vmaziah and Marv I>.j11c-, m. Phineas Hillcr; lives in Maftapoisett. 

7. Asenath Bolles, seventh child A' Amaziah and .Mary Bolle*. m. Capt. Janjes Curtis, and d. . 

2. Catherine Bolles, second child of J-^scph and Bollej. (I have no date or fact.) 



SAMUEL DOLLES, 1040—17—. 


3. Ilosea Rillt'.t. thiiJ cliild of Joseph and T^o]\■c?, m. Meliitabol Fi.-li, had two children and d. 

widow in. GcTfhom DextLT. The childix-n were, Ebenezer, and llosea, Jr., born, ifcc, as follows: 


EBENE7-ER BOLLES, 1750—1825. 

1. Ebenczer Ijolle^^. first child of Ilosca and Mehitubol Bolles b. Oct. 14, 1750; m. Anna Clifton, JIarch 

3, 1775 ; had eisbt children, and d. :Ma_v 10, 182.'). His eight children were, 1, Savory ; 2, Delia ; 3, Obed ; 

4, .tUden ; 5, Dully ; 6, 'William ; 7, Anna ; 8, Lydia ; who were born. &c.. a.s follows, viz. : 

SAVORY BOLLES, 1775—1826. 


1 1 


EI fc3. 
« 5 


'■^ , So 

2 ■ "^ 



1. Savory Bolles, first child of Ebenezer and Anna Bolles, b. Oct. 9, 1775; ra. Mercy Savery ; d. 
July 1, 1826. Ilis wife d. Au^. 5, 18.30. They had nine children, viz., 1, Leonard : 2, Sophia ; 3, 
Delia; 4, Charlton II.; 5, John N. ; G, Eliuira ; 7", Mi.Tey ; 8, Eliza A.; 9, Savory A.; who were burn, 
&c., as follows, viz. : 

1. Leonard Bolles, first child of Savory and :Merey Bolles. b. Dec. 3, 1800. He is master mari- 
ner, living in Marion, (Sippican.) ;\Ia-s. ; m. Lovisa Hathaway of 'Wareham, ^Mass., Sept. 3. Ls2ii ; 
has had tour children, viz. : 1, Lydia A.; 2, John ; 3, Drusilla L. ; 4, Leonard A.; who were born, 
&e., as follows, viz. : 

1. Lydia A. Bolles, first child of Leonaixl and Lovisa Bolles, b. March 12, 1823; m. Franklin 
Hathaway of Marion. 

2. John Bolles, second child of Leonard and Lovisa Bolles, b. March 12, 1830; m. Kate Clifton 
of Marion, and has one child, viz., Lovisa C. Bolles. 

3. Drusilla L. Bolles, third child of Leonard and Lovisa Bolles, b. April 24, 1835 ; m. John 
Shaw of Carver, Mass., Feb. 13, 1855. 

4. Leonard A. Bolles, fourth child of Leonard and Lovisa Bolles, b. . 

2. Sophia Bolles, second child of Savory and Mercy Bolles, b. Aug. 12, 1803 ; m. Barnabas Green 
of "Wareham, ilass., Aug. 20, 1822. and has had ?ix children, viz., 1, .Susan, b. June 10, 1834 ; 2, Paul, 
b. Julv22, 1825, Captain of ship Rosseau ; 3, StiUman, b. Aug. 17, 1827, d. 1854; 4, "William, b. 
Sept. 13, 1829 ; 5, George F., b. Jan. 13, 1832 ; G, Barnabas, jr., b. Feb. 22, 1835. 

— ; m. Stillman Savci"y, and has 


3. Delia Bolles, third child of Savory and Jlercy Bolles, b. - 
had seven children, viz., Polly N. ; KufusL. ; .John T. ; .Sophia M. : Josephine; Hannah; and Henry 
The last named three d. single. Polly m. Linus Ptider, and has had two children ; Kufus in. Harriet 
Hammond; and Sophia m. .iVrthur Hammond. 

4. Charlton H. Bolles, fourth child of Savory and Mercy Bolles, b. March 12, 1806; m. Sarah F. 
Pope of Rochester, rvluss., Aug. 17, 1829. and has had two children, born, &c., as follows, viz.: 

1. Sarah E. Bolles, tirst child of Charlton H. and Sarah Bolles, b. jMay 17, 1832 ; m. L. F. 
Thaver of Ramlolpli", Mass., Nov. 5, 1854. 

2.' Edmond H. Bolles, second child of Charlton H. and Sarah Bolles, b. June 22, 1840 ; d. Sept. 
16, 1813. Mr. Charlton H. Bolles lives in Middleborough, Mass. 

5. John X. Bolles, fifth child of Savory and Mercy Bolles, b. in Rochester, Slass., Dec. 19, 1809 ; 
lives in New Bedford, Ma-s. ; m. Sarah Burgess, and has had ten children, viz. : 

1. Abraham N. Bolles. b. Aug. 2, 1833; lives in Fairhaven ; ship-carpenter. 

2. John F. Bolles, b. Feb. 20, 1836; married; lives at Suspension Bridge. 

3. Charles E. Bolles, b. Dec. 26, 1837. ] 7. Emma F. Bolles, b. May 16, 1848. 

4. Sarah B. Bolles, b. Aue. 4, 1840. 1 8. George H. Bolles, b. June 27, 1850. 

5. James C. Bolles, b. April 25, 1842. ( 9. Walter B. Bolles, b. Oct. 18, 1852. 

6. Edmond H. Bolles, b. March 5, 1844. J 10. Henry C. BoUes, b. Feb. 4, 1855. 

6. Elmira Bolles, sixth child of Savory and Mercy Bolles, b. ; lives in ilarion. 

7. Mercy Bolles, seventh child of Savory and Mercy Bolles, b. ; d. . 

8. Eliza A. Bolles, eighth child of Savory and Mercy Bolle>. b. ; m. Alvin Drake, An?. 14, 

1831 ; lives in Rochester; lias had three children, viz., Abby, Adelaide, and Mary. Abby m. Brad- 
ford Brayley, Dec. 5, 1858. 

9. Savory A. Bolles, ninth child of Savory and Mercy Bolles, b. June 26, 1821 ; mariner; d. Dec. 
22, 1859. He m. Nancy M., dau. of John ilillery of Barre, Vt., ini.j, and had .three children, viz., 
Francis S., b. March 13, IS 10 ; Robert "W., b. July 23, 1848, d. 1856 ; Martha E., b. Aug. 3, 1851. 

2. Delia Bolles, second child cf Ebenezer and Anna Bolles, b. Sept. 24, 1777 ; m. 





JOSEPH BOU.ES, 1008—1678. 

SAMUKL ROLLKS, 1C46— 17— . 


CO o CO 

(ft I to ' »— ^ 

CO tn 

•J ■-; 

o o 

cs « 





EBEN'EZER BOLLES, 1750—182.5. 

OBEI) BOLLES, 1779—1841. 





3. ObeJ IJollcj, tliinl child of I--benczer an.l Anna r.olles, b. Sept. (5, 1770; d. 18 41; m. Sopliia 
Briggs. 1801, and had Ion children, viz., 1 , Rali)li 15. ; -J, Frederic P.. ; 3, Ann .S. ; 4, Obed, Jr. ; 5, Eben- 
ezer; 6, IJet^cy 15.; 7, Harriet N. ; 8, Abigail; 9, Josliua T. ; and 10, Israel B. ; who were born, &c., 
Jis follow?, viz. : 

1. Ralph B. Bullet first child of Obed and .Sophia Bolles, b. 1805; d. in Gcorjria, 1<^26. 

2. Frederick B. Bolles, second child of Obed and Sophia Bolles, b. 1807. Capt. Bolles lives in 
3Iarion; m. twice, viz., 1, Lucy Iladlcy. 18;n, who d. without issue, 1834; and 2d, Drusilla Leonard, 
1836, by whom he has had one child, viz., Obed Frederick, b. 1840. 

3. Anna S. Bolles, third child of Obed and Sophia Bolles, b. 1800; m. Elbridge G. Fearin"-, 1832; 
and d. 1839. He then ni. her sister Abigail. 

4. Obed Bolles, .Jr., fourth child of Obed and Sophia Bolles, b. 1811 ; d. 1837, in the Indian Ocean. 

5. Ebenezer Bolles, fifth child of Obed .and Sophia Bolles, b. 1814; ni. Phebe Swift, 1840; lives 
in Illinois; has had three children, viz., Benjamin, Silas, and Ebenezer. 

6. Betsey B. Bolles, sixth chiM of Obed and Sophia Bolles, b. 1817 ; m. "William VT. Allen, 1837. 

7. Harriet N. Bolles. seventh child and Sophia llolles, b. 1819; ni. Gershom Bearse, 1841. 

8. Abigail Bolles, eighth child of Obed and Sophia Bolles, b. 1822; in. Elbridge G. Fearing, the 
widower of her sister, Anne S., 1841. 

9. Joshua T. Bolles, ninth eliild of Obed and Sophia Bolles, b. 1824; d. 1828. 

10. Israel B. Bolles, tenth child of Obed and Sophia Bolles, b. 1827; m. Mary Cain, 1848; lives in 
Wareham; has bail three children, viz., 1, George P. Bolles, b. 1850; 2, Charles E. Bolles, b. 1852; 
3, Ella Bolles, b. 1856. 

4. Alden Bolles, fourth child of Ebenezer and Anna Bolles, b. Nov. 3, 1781 ; moved from Rochester, 
Mass., to Xew Hampshire. 

5. Dolly Bolles, tifili child of Ebenezer and Anna Bolles, b. Sept. 29, 1786; m: Gurney. 

6. William Bolles, (Capt.) si.xth child of Ebenezer and Anna Bolles, b. Nov. 16, 1788; m. Abigail 
Lewis, Nov. 4, 1823; d. Dec. 11, 1827. They ha.l two children, viz.: 

1. William A., b. Nov. 24, 1824; lives'in Marion. 

2. Mary A., m. Albert Seabury of Westport, Mass. 

7. Anna Bolles, seventh child of Ebenezer and Anna Bolles, b. 1792; m. Silas Handy of Westford, 
and had five children. 

8. Lydia Bolles, eighth and last child of Ebenezer and Anna Bolles, b. March 4, 1795 ; d. single. 


2. Hosea Bolles, Jr., second and la^t child of Ho-ea and Mehitable Bolles, b. 
Oct. 31, 1774. They had live children, viz., Hannah, Ebenezer, Sarah, Amos 
bom, &c., as follows, viz. : 

; m. Sarah Dexter, 

and Reuben, who were 

1. Hannah Bolles, lir.-t child of Ilose.a, Jr., and Sarah Bolles, b. Sept. 18, 1775 ; m. her second cousin, 
Isaac, son of Amaziah Bolles, in 1798. 

2. Ebenezer Bolles, second child of Ho^ca, .Jr., and Sarah Bolles, b. Nov. 20, 1777; m. Desire Dex- 
ter, 1810; d. 1819. They Iwd six children, viz., Charles D., Albert, Desire, Reuben, Rebecca H., and 
John D., who were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

1. Charles D. Bolles. first child of Ebenezer and Desire Bolles, b. in Rochester, July 11, 1812; 
is a master mariner; lives in Marion; m. Susan J. Snow, April 29, 1838; has one child, viz., 
Ch.arles N. Bolles b. April 21, 184.?. 

2. Albert Bolles, second child of Ebenezer and Desire Bolles, b. 1813; m. Eliza A. Allen, 1847. 

3. Desire Bolles, third chihl of Eben. .and Desire li., b. 1818; m. AVm. Randall, 1841 ; one child. 

4. Reuben Bolles, fourth chihi of Ebenezer and Desire Bolles, b. 1820; d. 1840. 

5. Rebecca H. Bolles, fifth child of Ebenezer and Desire Bolles, b. 1824; m. William Snow, 
1844, and has had three children. 

6. John D. B(jlles. sixth child of Eben. and Desire Bolles, b. 1827; lives in Mattaf.oisett ; sinirle. 

3. Sarah Bolles, third child of Hosea and Sarah li.. b. ?ilay 1, 1780 ; m. John Edward-, Jan. 30, 1799. 

4. Amos Bolles, fourth child of Hosea and Sanih Holies, b. ; m. Gardner of Nantucket; 

lives in Matt.apoisett : has had nine children. One of these nine children, George W. Bolles of Nan- 
tucket, informs me that his father married Widow Lydia Adams of Nantucket, went to sea, and was lost 
between 1807 and 1811, leaving only one child, the .■ibovenamed Gcorc;e W., who has been twice mar- 
ried, 1st, to Sarah Swain, by whom he had two children, viz., Anna L., and John — John dying at tlie 
age of two, and Anna L. marrying John B. Nicker-on of Nantucket ; 2d, to ^lartha B. Homes of Con- 
necticut, (1844) by whom he has one child, P^melinc. 

5. Reuben Bolles, fifth child of Hosea and De.-ire Belles, b. ; never married. 

B O L L r. S r. E N E A L O O V . 



Ti I 

.t - 

00 JO. 


& < 

"^ CO 


SAMUEL UOr.T.KS, 1646—17—. 


4. Ebenczcr lioUes; 5. WllUmn Bolh-s ; G. Solorvjn B«!I>'S : 7. Amos JijUes ; 8. Durid Jhlles ; of these five 
brotkei-.s cliiUIron of Jo.-^i-pli, the son of Samuo! lioUes .and M:iry l^yer, I c:in giither no information. 


2. Samufl BoLiES, Jr.. second child of S.imtiel and Marv Bollcs. h. ; m. Lvdi.a BuK-h, and had eipht 

children. I have a copy of hi# will, dated Oct. 3, 17fil. His childien were, 1, Lydia ; 2, Sviiuel ; 3, Benja- 
min; 4, Dm-td ; 5, Ruth ; 6, Ddivcrance ; 7, Deborah; and 8, Joanna. 

1. Zy(/ia 7?o//p.?, fnvt child of Samnel and Lydia 15olles, b. ; in. Rotise TTowland of Pemljroke, Mass. 

SAMUEL BOLLES, 3i>, 17-21— 1S05. 

2. Samuel BoUes, oy\, .-econd child of Samuel and Lydia Bolles. b. 1721, in Rochester. Mass.; m. Molly 
■Walden of ^^lartha's Vineyard, and d. 1805. She d. 1817, ap;ed 84. Tijey had ten children, viz., Joshua, 
Lydia, Eunice. Samuel, Juanna, Joseph, Lois, Nathan. Ezra, Molly, who were born, &c., as follows, viz. : 

1. Joshua Piolles. first child of Samuel and Jlolly IJolles, b. : m. Prudence Taber of Eairhaven ; d. 

1802; had one child, viz., Joseph Pollcs, only child of Jo-hua and Prudence BoUcs. b. March 14, _17'J0. 

2. Lydia Bolles. second child of Samuel and Mollv Bolles, b. ; d. 1819; single. 

3. Eunice Bolles. third child of Sanuicl .and Molly Bolles, b. 17G4 ; d. 1833; m. Elisha Dexter of Roch- 
ester, December, 1778, and had eight children. 

SAMUEL BOLLES, 4tii, 1765—1827. 

4. Samuel Bolles, 4th, the fourth child of Samuel and :Molly Bolles, b. Sept. IG, 1765; d. at Rochester, 
1827. He m. Maria Ellis, and had twelve children, viz., Lois, Ellis B., Joshua, Prince, Sylvia, Joseph L., 
Joanna, Eunice, ^Slar^', Richard, Sarah A., and Solomon, who were born, &c., as follows, viz.: 

1. Lois Bolles, first child of Samuel and :Maria Bolles, b. July 27, 1797 ; m. Job Randall bf Roches- 
ter, seaman. JInv 2, 1819, and had four children. 

2. Ellis Bolles, second child of Samuel and Jlaria Bolles, b. Sept. 13, 179S ; d. Jan. 'M, 1825; single. 
J 3. Joshua Bolle^. third child of Samuel and Maria Bolles, b. Nov. 8, 1801 ; is a farmer in Maltapoi- 

sctt, (formerly part of I\oclie~ter.) on the old Bolles homestead. He m. Rachel M. Kenney, Ecb. 7, 
1843, and has had four children, viz. : 

1. Amanda C. b. April 15, 1S46 ; d. 1848. 2. Rufus S., b. June 14, 1848. 3. Elmore A., b. July 
28, 1852. 4. Clara M., b. Jan. 5. 1858. 

I 4. Prince Bolles, fourdi child of Samuel and Maria Bolles, b. Dec. 9, 1803; lives in Mattapoisett ; he 
i m. Deborah T. Aikin of Fairhaven, April IG, 1825; has six children, viz., William E., .Job A., 
gi Henrv P., Charles E., Lydia A., and .Joseph "\V., who were born, &c., as follows, viz.: 
-J 1. William E. Bolles, tirst child of Prince and Deborah B., b. July 25, 1S2G; Jlattajioisett ; single. 

2. Job A. Bolle«. second child of Prince and Deborah Bolles, b. M'arch 13, 1831. He is a seaman; 
resides in Mattapoisett; ni. Bethaiah A. Buck, May IG, 1853; has two children, viz.: 

1. Lizzie T.. b. Feb. 13, 1850. 2. Lewis R,, b. Oct. 30, 1857. 

3. Henry P. Bolles, third child of Prince and Deborah B., b. May 31, 1832; seaman; Mattapoisett. 

4. Charles E. Bolles. fourth child of Prince and DcU'h 15.. b. April 17, 183G; mechanic; Mattapoisett. 

5. Lydia A. Bolles fifth child of Prince and Deborah Bolles, b. Nov. 12, 1839; m. Richard A. 
West of New Bedford, Sept, 17, 1857. 

6. Jose,di W. Bolles, sixth child of Prince and Deborah Bolles, b. June 15, 1843. 

5. Sylvia Bolles, fifth child of Samuel and Maria Bolles, b. Feb. 24, 180G; ra. George Purrinton of 
Rochester, carpenter. They live in Mattapoisett, and have had six children. 

6. Joseph L. Bolles, sixth child of Samuel and ^laria Bolles, b. Jan. 25, 1808; master mariner; 
single ; lives in Mattapoisett. 

7. Joanna Bolles, seventh child of Simuel and Maria Bolles, b. Jan. 27, 1810; m. Warren Aakin, and 
has had nine children. They live in Fairhaven. 

8. Eunice Bolles, eighth child of Samuel and Maria Bolles, b. March 18, 1812; single; Mattapoisett. 

9. Mary Bolles, ninth child of Samuel and Maria Bolles, b. July 24, 1818; m. John T. Atsult of 
Mattapoisett, trader; has had seven children. . 

10. Richard Bolles, tenth child of Sam'l and Alalia B.. b. in Rochester, Dec. 17, 181G; is a cooper, in 
Fairhaven ; m. Betsev O. Savory of Marion, Nov. 9, is 15, and has h,ad four children, viz., Mary S.. h. 
Dec. 17, 184G ; Eliza S., b. Jan.'22, 1848 ; Walter A., b. Oct. 17, 1852 ; and Arthur M., b. May 2G, 1855. 

11. Sand; A. Bolles, eleventh child of Samuel and ALaria Bolles, b. July 24, 1820; m. Thomas lian- 
dall of Mattapoisett, farmer. May Ifi, 1841, and has had three children. 

12. Solomon E. Bolles, twelfth child of'l and JLaria B., b. Feb. 16, 1823; mech.anic; Mattapoisett. 




to » 


JOSKPII nOLI.KS, 160S— 1079^ 

SAM L'l'.L nOLlJ'.S, IC- tfi— 17— . 


SAMUKL UOLLES, 3r>, 1721— ISO.i. 

5. .Toann;i Bullc>, fifili cliiM of Saniupl iSuIIp*. Sil, ami ^NFolly Walden, b. March 7, 1VG7; in. Bciijainiii 
Cufhiiiix of l\OfIif>tcr. faiiiu'r, Dd-. 1H13; d. Sept. .">, 1S.')(;. air»(l 00. 

6. Josei-h i;oHc>. sixlh cliiUl of Sanual aiul :\lully IJollos li. .Inly 10. 170.'^; d. 1778. 

7. Loi-i liolle.-:. sevciitli cliild of Sannirl and ^IdHv linllo^, 1). May 8, 1770; m. twice, viz., l»t, Capt. Jo- 
seph Loavitt, 17'.i'': 2d, rhilij) At.-utt. May 1.'). 18ii7; d. ;March l.j, 18jG. wilhout is.-iic. 

8. Nathan Lolles, ci-hlh child of Sanuicl and Molly ISullcs h. Dec. 3, 1771 ; d. 1778. 

EZRA BOrj.KS, 1773- 



of Pembroke, and had roveu children. 5. Charity, b. April 4, 1808; in. Ansel Gibbs of Pembruke; had 
I I six children. 

B I EZRA BOLLES, Jr., 1810— . 

6. Ezra Eolles. .Jr., si.xth child of Ezra and Diana Eollcs, b. Jan. 12, 1810 ; Mattapoisctt ; in. Kos 
H. Davis of Fairhaven, and has had eight cliildren, viz., 1. "Wealthy S., b. Jidy IG, 1831 ; ni. Len 

T>___i_ii .1.' r> ,1. „ ...... io(r\ 1 i.^, i,.l.i 1'. ..k:i. !„.,., o c..™..,.r ixr i. /^ .. t r. io.>'5_ t7> 


^. - ^.,_... ^ ^ , .. ..^ _. „., „. „>.._, *„, ...„., .... „^muel 

^, - Randall of Rochester, 1849, and has had four children. 2. Samuel' "W., b. Oct. 15, 1833; m. Emn-.a J. 
! ^ AVestgate of Rochester, 18-54, and ha? had two children, viz. : 1, Julia, b. Nov. 13. 1855 : 2, Saiah E., b. 
5,JS June 18, 1858. 3. William H. II., b. Oct. 22, 1840; d. Nov. 2, 180O. 4.^ 
^ " 5. Georgiana T., b. Dee. 15, 1845. 

G. Adelbert 13.. b. Oct. 17, 1847. 

d. July 30, 1850. 8. Charles II. K., b. Dec. 25, 1852. 

Rebecca L., b. Nov. 22, 1843. 
7. Alphonso T., b. Aug. 5, 1849 ; 



esj 7. Taber Bolles, seventh child of Ezra and Diana Bolles, b. !March 30, 1812; lives in New Bedford; 
S m. Susan Shurtletf of Rochester, and has had three children, viz., 1. Albert A., b. Aug. 21, 1833; m. 
< ': Abby A. Harding, and has had tiiree children, viz., .Susan A., Abbv 11., and Albert A., Jr. 2. Surah J., 
b. March 19, 1838; m. Ale.xander Hamilton. 3. Herbert T., b. March 21, 1849. 

10. Molly Bolles, tenth child of Samuel Bolles, Sd, b. April 3, 1775; m. twice, viz., 1, Solomon Ellis, Nov. 
1797, and had one child; 2, Capt. Josiah Bowlin, Dec. 1801, and had five children; lives in Marion, Mass. 



3. Benjnnun Bolles. third child of Samuel, Jr., and Lydia Bolles, b. , and d. about 1800, in Rochester, 

Mass. lie ra. Hannah Randall of Rochester, and had four children, viz., Benjamin, Joanna, Mqry, and Debo- 
rah, who were born, &.C., as follows, viz. : 

BENJAMIN BOLLES, Jr., 1750—1816. 













1. Benjamin Bolles. Jr., first child of Benjamin and Hannah Bolles, b. 1750; d. April 12, 181 C; m. Ab- 
igail Dexter, who d. Aug. 9, 1822, aged 76. They had two children, viz., Reuben and Mary, who were 
born. &.C., as follows, viz. : 

1. Reuben Bolles, first child of Benjamin, Jr., and Abigail Bolles, b. 1774; in. Hannah Cowin, March 
10, 1804, and d. April 4, 181G. They had seven children, viz.: 1. Laura, b. June 19, 1804; m. Solo- 
mon AVilbur, rnason. Jan. 15, 1832, and has had three chiWren. 2. Nathaniel H.. b. Sept. 5, 1305; d. 
182G. 3. Abigail D., b. Feb. 15, 1807; m. Franklin Lobra, Oct. 15, 1837. 4. M.iry A., b. May 30, 
18('8; m. Potter .S. Greenman. April. 183G. and has had one child. 5. Betsey, b. Jan. 11, 1810; m. 
"William B. Brown, June 10, 1830, who died; she then ra. Charles A. Rounseville, June 3, 1839; has 
three children. G. Richard E., b. Aug. 25, 1811 ; m. Sophronia Hiller, Nov. 3, 1844; lives in Marion; 
has three children, viz., Sophronia "W.. b. Aug. 1849 ; AVilliam G., b. Dec. 1852 ; Hannah E., b. May, 
1855. 7. Charles H., b. Mtiy .5, 1813 ; d. 1834. 

2. Mary Bolles, second child of Benjamin, Jr., and Abigail Bolles, b. . 

2. Joanna Bolles, second child of Benjamin and Hannah Bolles, b. March 14, 1751. 

3. iMary Bolles, third child of Benjamin and Hannah Eolles, b. June 3, 1753; m. Seth Hammond of 
Rochester, Mass. 

4. Deborah Bolles, fourth child of Benjamin and Hannah Eolles, b. Sept. 27, 1757 ; ns. Nathaniel Ham- 
mond of Rochester, Mass. 



JOSKl'lI BOLLES, 1608—1678^ 

_SAMUKL UOLLKS, 1C46— 17— ^ 



m. LyJia Kirby ; removed from 

4. David Bolhs, fourth cliilJ of Samuel, Jr.. and I-ydia Bollc?, b. 

Eocbe>ter, !M:is<., about IT^li, to lvi>.liuioiKi, N. II., atid d. lie liad eleven cliililren, viz., Joliii, Nathauii-I, 
Catliarine, David, Obed, Elijah, Jonathan, Abigail, Mary, Jesse, and ILmnah, who were born, &c., as follows : 

JOHN BOLLES, 1755—1829. 

» I * 

1. John Bolhs, fir-t child of David and Lydia Bolles, b. in Kochester. in 175.5 ; m. twice, viz., 1st, TJercy 
Randall, and hail twelve ehildren; id, Cynthia Southwick, by whom he had si.\ cliildren. He moved to 
Richmond, N. II., and d. Man-h 2l'. 1829. Ills eightien children were. Jlaiy, David, Obed, Prudence, 
John, Simeon, Mercy, Ilosea, Daniel, Lovisa, Lewis, Amos, Jesse, Itandall, Slepiien, Benjamin, Elibha, and 
Elizabeth, who were born, ttc., as follows, viz.: 

]. Mary Bolles, first child of John and Mercy Bolles, b. Jan. 20, 1780 ; m. Livin Aldrich. 

DAVID BOLLES, 17S1— 1S16. 

2. David Bolles, .second child of John and Mercy Bolles, b. Feb. 15, 1781 ; m. Lucy Stone of Charles- 
town, Jla^s., Nov. 3, 1805. He d. Dec. 12, 181C. He had five children, viz.: 

1. Lucy S. Bolles, dau. of David and Lucy Bolles, b. at Charlestown, :May 9, 1808; m. James F. 
Wood of Boston, teamster, .Jan. 7, 1811. They have three children, viz., 1, Lucy M. ; 2, Sarah B. ; 
and 3, James A. 

2. James II. Bolles, son of David and Lucy Bolles, b. at Charlestown, March 23, 1811 ; m. Dorcas 
Russell, 1833; lives in Peppcrell, Mass.; ha- had four children, all of whom d. single. 

3. David, .Jr., son of David and Lucy Bolles, b. . 

4 and 5, Elbridcre G., and James II., who both d. in childhood. 


-i I 




3. Obed Bolles, son of John and ilercy Bolles, b. June 12, 1782; moved from Rochester, Mass.. to 
Dalton, N. H., where he now lives. He m. AVaitstill Aldricli, Jan. 1, 1801 ; has had seven cliildren, viz., 
1, Luke; 2, Lovisa ; 3, Natlian ; 4, Arnold; 5, Lovi-a; G, Lewis; 7, James, born, &c., as tollows: 

1. Luke Bolles, son of Obed and Wait-till Bolles, b. May 23, 1808. He is a farmer, living at 
Forest Lake, Pa.; m. Emeline Dike, Dec. 9. 1830. They Irive had ton children, viz.. 1, Obed, b. 
Nov. 10, 1831 ; resides at Liberty, Pa.; m. Adelaide Blowers, June 10. 18.J7. 2, Louisa, b. Nov. 'J, 
1833; m. James Fiske of LibertV, Pa., Oct. 30, 1849: they have two children, viz., I, William A., b. 
Oct. 12, 1850, and 2, Frederic, b' July 14, 1856. 3, Mary J.. 3d child of Luke, b. July 24, 1830 ; m. 
Hubbard Newton of Liberty, Pa., Oct. 11, 1853; has one child, viz., James R., b. Dec. 185C, 4, 
Eugene, b. March 21. 1839. '5. Phebe A., b. Sept. IG, 1842. 6, Frances E., b. Aug. 3, 184.5. 7, Cal- 
vin^L., b. Nov. 8, 1847 ; d. Nov. 12, 1847. 8, Sybilla L., b. June 27, 1850. 9, James C, b. May 11, 
1853. 10, Herbert N., b. March 31, 1857. 

2. Lovisa Bolles, dau. of''Obed and AVaitstiU Bolles, b. Aug. 1810; d. Sept. 1834. 

3. Nathan Bolles, son of Obed and Waitstill Bolles, b. 1813; m. Fanny Streeter, Oct. 7, 1837; 
lives in Bethlehem, N. H. 

4. Arnold Bolles, son of Obed and WaitstUl Bolles, b. March 12, 181G ; m. Phebe Fisher, Sept. 27, 
1838 ; lives in Dalton. N. II. 

5. Lovisa Bolles. dau. of Obed and Waitstill Bolles, b. July 1, 1813; m. Amos Whitcomb, Feb. 
1857 ; lives in Lisbon, N. H. 

6. Lewis Bolles, son of Obed and Waitstill Bolles, b. Nov. 20, 1820 , m. Amanda Gilmore, March, 
1857; lives in Dalton, N. H. 

7. James Bolles, son of Obed and Waitstill Bolles, b. Feb. 3, 1823; m. Lovisa, dau. of Si.meon 
Bolles, Dec. 2G, 1847 ; lives in Dalton, N. H. 

4. Prudence Bolles, dau. of John and ]\Iercy Bolle.s, b. July IG. 1784; m. Aaron Kenney, Dec. 1803; 
and d. at Bethlehem, N. H.. July 24, 1842. She had nine children. 

5. John Bolles, son of John and Mercy Bolles, b. July 8, 1787 ; m. 1st, ; and 2d, Eliza Sweet, 

184C; and d. without issue, Aug. 10, 1857. 


6. Simeon Bolles, son of John and Mercy Bolles b. Jan. 3, 1789; m. Sally S. Ilutchins, Dec. 31, 
1818; is a farmer in Bethel, N. II.; has had .-i.x children, viz., 1, Sarah.S.. b. Jan. 22, 1820; m. .lo-eph 
M. Felch. farmer. May 28, 1851. 2, Emeline B., b. June 20, 1822; m. Harry S. Nutting, mechanic, 
Oct. 3, 1849. 3, Elvira, b. Dec. 10, 1824; m. Obed Crane, farmer, June 2(>, 'l843. 4, Lovi^a F., b. 
Oct. 15. 1827; m. .Tames BoUes, farmer, Dec. 2G, 1849. 5, Simeon, Jr., b. April IG, 1830; farmer. 
C, Orrin, b. Oct. 11, 1833. 




* ROLLKS. 16US— 1C7S. 

■ - 




SAMUKI. noLLKS, 164C— IT— . 












DAVID 150I.LES. | 




JOHN BOLLKS, 1755—18-29. 




7. Mi-rry Bollc::, dau. of John and Mercy BoUes, b. Nov. 29, 1791 : m. Peter Snow; lives in Wiii- 
che>ter. N. II. 

8. lIo<ea Belles son of Jolin and Mercv Bolles, b. :\Ian-h 12. 1791 ; d. . 




9. Daniel Bolles, son of John and Meioy Bolle.s, b. June 29. 1800; lives in Littleton, Mass.; trader; 
m. Clari-sa Warren of Townsend. ^Mas-., June 14, 1822. Has ha<l four children, viz., 1, AVarrcn, b. 
Sci)t. 2S. 1S2j ; lives with iiis fatlier; single. 2. Sarah, b. April 2.5, 182.5; d. April 20, 1842. 3, Maria 
A., b. June 21, 183.j. 4, Fernando, b. Feb. 2-5, 183J; ni. Louisa A. Gannnon, Nov. 4, 18.54; no ('hil- 
dren ; is in Oregon. 



10. Lewis Bolles, son of John and !Mercy Bolles, b. May 1.5, 179G; lives in "Winchester, N. H. ; m. 
1st, Anna Flint, 1821, and had three children. She d. May 2(i. 184.5. 2d. Eliza Pratt, 184G. and had 
one child. T'lC four cliildrcn were these, viz.: 1, Cliarlotte E.. h. .June 1 G. 1823; in. James Fosgate of 
Winciiester. N. H.. 184.5. 2. IIe>ter A., b. :Mav 12. 1825; d. Nov. 7, ly47. 3, Charles, b. March 12, 
1830 ; d. Jan. 17, 1833. 4, Maria R., b. July 5, 1847. 

11. Luvisa Bolles, dau. of John and Mercy Bolles, b. Jan. 28, 1798; m. Calvin Fields; d. at Swan- 
zey, X. II. 







AMOS BOLLES, 1802—. 

12. Amos Bolles, son of .John and 3Iercy Bolles, b. June 17, 1802; lived at Forest Lake, Pa., in 
1858, tanner; in. Eliza Saxton, who d. May 13. 18.58; and has ha<l four children, viz.: 

1. Sarah A. Bolles, dau. of Amos and Eliza Bolles, b. Sept. IG, 1827 ; m. Jackson Baker, Nov. 18, 
1847. fanner in IIu-li, Pa.; and has had three children, viz., 1, Eliza, b. July 16, 1849, d. Sept. 1, 
18-50; 2, Mary A., b. July IG, 18.51 ; 3, Horace T., b. Nov. 4, 18.57. 

2. Henry B. Bolles, son of Amos and Eliza Bolles. b. Oct. 29. 1829 ; farmer. Rush. Pa. ; m. Fanny 
Kdluni, Aug. 8, 18J0; has two children, viz., 1, Silas N., b. Nov. 1, 18-51 ; 2, Linus A., b. 18.5G. 

3. Lyman L Bolles, son of Amos and Eliza Bolles, b. :March 10, 1833; lives in Jessup, Burchard- 
villc. Pa.: m. Olive M. Burrows, May 15, 1853; has two children, viz., 1, Judson L-, b. Aug. 2G, 
1854; 2, Mary E. E., b. Feb. 16, 1857. 

4. William D. Bolles, son of Amos and Eliza Bolles, b. July 14, 1843. 

13. Jesse Bolles. son of John and Mercy Bolles, b. Nov. 11. 1805; lives in Richmond, N. H. ; ra. 

_ - ,. - - Ills Iml .;tv r-Tiililrrn tIv 1 Tnlin h T^i-p '-*! l.S'V^- "^ VHr-n h 'Nil" 1.5 18.3.5* .S ("'vnTllin b 

Nov. 29, 1837; 4, Henry, b. Dec. 29. 1839; 5. Samueh'b. Sept. 30, 1842; G. Edwin, b. .Jan. To. 181,5. 

14. Randall Bolles. son of John and Mercv Bolles. b. Sept. 22. 1807: fanner. Swanzey. N. 11.; ni. 
Su^.an A. Holbrook. Nov. 7, Is35; hn< tour chihlren. viz.. 1. Hiram H.. b. Jan. 19, 1839; 2, Maria 
M., b. :\Iarch 11, 1841 ; 3, Alida. b. May 11, 18.50; 4. Ellen E.. b. Jan. 24. 185.5. 

15. Stejihen Bolle~, son of John and ilercy Bolles, b. Se|)t. 17, 1809; lives in Richmond. N. II. 

IC. Benjamin Bolles, son of John and Mercy Bolles, b. Oct. 17, 1812; lives in Richmond, N. H. ; m. 

. 1,T- V,.,,l ,;,- f.lMl,lrnn tit 1 'Wnltf-r T li AF-ii-.-h 11 IS 1 f! • '? Vn H b SfTlf ''''> 18(1 d • 

3, Clara E., b. .Al.irch 1 1. 1847 ; 4, William A., b. March 23, 1850, d. ; 5, Erama F., b. May 1 G, 1853, d. ; 
6, Addie M., b. May 23, 18.57. 

17. Eli^ha Bolles, son of John and Mercy Bolles, b. Nov. 15, 1814; lives in Richmond, N. TI. ; m. 
Sarah Richardson of Templeton. Ma^s., Oct. 4, 1842 ; ha~ had three children, viz.. 1, Eliza J., b. Feb. 9, 
1844; 2, Julia A., b. Feb. 21, 18 tG; 3, Lucy A., b. April 19. 1818. 

18. Elizabeth Bolle.s, dau. of John and Mercy Bolles, b. Aug. 11, 1820 ; Richmond, N. H. ; single. 


Rev. NATHANIEL BOLLES, 17.58—1843. 

2. X:i!lianiel Bolles, 7?ci-., son of David and Lydia Bolles, b. Marcli 2G, \toS, in Rochester, :Mass. ; m. 
Thanktul Bolles. dau. of .Jonathan Bolles. Oct. 1 1", 1777, .ami had tivelve chihlren, viz.. 1, Lyili.i ; 2, Jane; 
3, Ueliveranee ; 4. Nathan ; 5, Sallv ; G, N:itluiniel. Jr.; 7, Thankful ; .S, Bulloik; 9, Jerrniiah ; 10, Han- 
nah ; 11. Marv; and 12. Phebe. lie d. in Richmond, N. II., Dec. 2, 1813. His wife d. there, Nov. 19, 
[Dec. 18?] 1819. aged 88. 

1. Lydia nolle,, dau. of Rev. Nathaniel Bolles, b. Oct. 8. 1798; d. June 9. 184G; m. Jesse Phillips. 

2. Jane Bolles, dau. of Rev. Nathaniel Bolles, b. Aug. 2, 17oa; d. :May 7, 1819; m. Moses Kenney. 

B O L L K S G E X K A L O G V , 

C II A r T E II II. 


JOSEPH n0LM:S, IfiOS— 1078^ 
SAMUEL BOM.KS, lf.4G— 17— . 


o ^ 
i ^ 


Is < 

O ;s 

Rkv. XATHANiKL HOLLES, I75S— 1843. 

a I 

3. Di'livcraiicc U.illi'-. il:ui. of Rov. Nalhani.l liollcs, b. July 2.0, 1782; in. IJayman KicliaiJ^on, Oi-t. 
22, 1802; li\i's in Swanzcy. N. H. ; lias liail ten cliilili'cii. 

4. Xatliaii Hollos, son of Kov. Xatlianiel Holies, b. Si^pt. 2, IT.s I ; m. Lizzie ]>i-liop, Jan. 7. 1810 ; il. 
Jan. 5, 181'J. \\f bad si'vcn cliildron, viz., ].,uki.", wlio lived in ]>ivei-niore. Me.: James, d.; Estber, d. ; 
HirvL'v, in Mo.; Sarali, Dixlield, Me. ; Natlian, llicliniond, X. II.; Clarence, South Boston. 

5. Sally IJolles. dau. of IJev. Xallianiel IJolle.s, b. July 2o, 178G; m. Jonathan Scott, April 5, 1807 ; 
lives in Dalton, X. 11.; has had .>i.\ children. 

G. Xatlianiel Bolles. .Jr.. son of Rev. X'aihaiiiel Eollos, b. An^. 11. 1788; is a clergvinan in Bethle- 
Lem, X'. II.: m. Sallie Fowler; had one child, (Mrs. llildreth of iicthlehem). 

7. Thankful Dulles, dan. of Ecv. Xathaniel Hollos, b. May 29, 1700; m. Samuel Starkey ; lives in 
Ricliniond, X. II. 

8. Bullock IJulles, son of Rev. Xatlianiel Bolles, b. .July 12, 1702 ; d. Aug. 2, 1703. 

9. Jereuii:»h Bolles. sun of Rov. Xatlianiel Bolles. 1>. Oct. 25, 1700 ; lives in Richmond. X''. 11. ; farmer ; 
m. 1st. Ilauiiah Aldrich. .Ian. 0, 1814. and had six children. She d. Oct. 20. 1840. He in. 2d. Lvdia 
Bachelder. Dee. 12. 1847. His six children were, 1, Ahifrail, b. Oct. (!, 1814; d. June IG, 18.51.' -2, 
X'athanich b. May .5. 1817. 3, Leonard X'.. b. Xov. 27, 1819 ; d. Sept. 28. 18.jG. 4. Charles A., b. 
M;iy 10, 1820; d. Oct. 20, 18.3J. 5. Phebe. b. Oct. U, 1827; m. Charles Xorwood ; resides in Rich- 
mond, X. II. G, Jonathan, b. Feb. 7, 1830; d. April IG, 1853. 

10. Hannah Bolles, dau. of Rev. Xath'l Bolles, b. M;irch 2, 170G; m. Daniel Ball; d. Sept. }7, ISCO. 

1 1. :Mary Bolles, dau. of Rev. Xath'l B., b. July 20, 1798 ; m. Elijah Buxton ; live* in Reading, Mass. 

12. Phebe, dau. of Rev. Xatlianiel Bolles. b. Sept. 8, 1800; d. Sept. 21, 1823. 

3. Catherine Bolles, dau. of David and Lydia Bolles, b. 

4. David Bolles, Jr., son of David and Lydia BuUes, b. - 

■; d. in Swanzey, X. IT., in 185G; left no 

OBED BOLLES, 1774— 1S57 

> T 

5. Obod, son of David and Lydia BuUcs, b. in Rochester, ^Nlass., Aug. 1, 1774, d. Aug. ]8.)7, twice m., 

viz.: 1, Cclia Goss, by wlioni he bad live children, and who d. Dec. 1808; 2d, Harriet Ilolbrook. by whom 

he had five children, and who d. 18-52. His ten children were born, ifcc as follows, viz. : — 1. Belinda' Bolles, 

■ ;; b. Feb. 1799 ; Mrs. Ira Qiiimby. -Sugar Hill, X. II. 2. Ira Bolles, b. J:in. 10, 1801, Whitelield. X. H. : m. 

~ Abigail Page, !Mareh 27, 1823, and iiad four children, viz.: 1, Laura, b. Jan. 10, 182G. m, James Colbv, 

\ g June 7, 1^840, resides m Whitefield, X. II. ; 2, Reuben, b. Oct. 0, 1830, m. Jane Y. Marston. Dec. 25, 1850, 


lives in Pine I-land, Goodhue Co., ^linnesota ; 3, Harriet, b. Jlav OO, 1835, m. Ilenrv O. Tibbitts, Oct. 25, 
185G; 4, Hiram, b. Jan 29, 1838. 3. Obed I'.olles, Jr., 3d child' of Obed, b. iLircli'lO, 18(»4, Sugar Hill, 
X. H. 4. p:riza Bolle-. b. April I 0. 18im', ; Mrs. Dodge. "VVhitelield, X. H. 5. Iliram Bolles, b. "^Ausr. 9, 
1808.. G. Jonathan II. Bolles, b. Sept. isis, d. Sejit. 1827. 7. David ^X. Bolles. b. Auir. 9, 1820, Susar 
Hill, X. IL 8. Ben-on Holies, b. Xov. 2.-^. 1822. lives in Xew Boston. X. H. 9. Loran E. Bolles, b. Jan. 
16, 182C. 10. .Jonathan II. Bolles, b. March 25, 1829. 




6. Elijah Bolles. sixth child of David and Lydia, m. 1st, Lucy Robinson in 1795, she d. 1820, by whom 
be had seven children ; and 2d. ilrs. Xaney Brilton, who bore him no children. He d. in Richmond, X\ H., 
1832. Children: — 1. Eunice Holies, who d. in early childhood. 2. Robinson Holies, a mechanic in Ash- 
uelot, X". H., b. .Jan. 13, 1707, in Richmond; m. 1st, Polly Capron. Oct. 30, 1825, she d. in AVincliester. X. 
IL, Sejit. 31), 1834 ; 2d. Mary C. Houghton, of Guiltord, Vt., 3Iav 2, 1830 ; he has had six children, viz. : — 
1, Cynthia M. Bolles, b. March 27, lf<28, m. Russell Cobleigh,' of Chester, Vt.. June G, 1848. where they 
now reside ; 2, Martha C, b. Aug. 7, IK.iO, m. AVm. Clark, Oct. 00. 1851, live in Swanzev, X. II. ; 3, Em- 
mett E.. b. May 28. 1832, lives in Two Rivers. "Wisconsin ; 4, PolJv C, b. Sept. 12, 183-1, d. Oct. 7, 1834 ; 
.5, Hiram R., b. April 30, 1837, lives single with his father : 0, Mary .J., b. Jan. 10, 1839. 3. Cynthia 
Bolles, who d. j-oung. 4. Emory Bolles. a wiieelwright in W. Chester, Vt. 5. C'liloe Bolles. who m. Lewis 
Cross, Aug. 28, 1.S25. and lives at Xugent's Grove, Linn Co.. Iowa; has had five children. G. Barney 
Bolles, b. Oct. 8, 1805, m. Emily Olcott, March 30, 1801, is a farmer in '\Ve:.t Swanzey. X. IL ; have had 
six children, viz.: 1. Elmily JL, b. Dec. 24, 1833, m. Alonzo L. Chatterton, in S|>riniitielJ, 111., April 8, 
1858, and had one child, vi'z.. Emma Alice, b. Aug. G, 1859; Mr. C. d. Oct. 3. I.'i50; Mrs. C. now lives in 
Swanzey; 2. Hiram O., b. .July 29, l.s08; lie is a teacher in Indianapolis, Ind. ; 3, James E., b. June 12, 
1842; 4, Mari.ih JL. b. Sept. 14, 18 1.5, d. Feb. 5, 1^5'.); 5, Sarah C, b. Sept. 14, 1-845; G, Flora L, b. 
June 23, 18 19. 7. Lucy Holies, 7th chlM of Elijah and Lucy Bolles, b. in Richmond, X. IL, April 9, 1808; 
m. Jona. H. Warren, farmer, Erieville, X. Y.. starch 25, ]8-'ii1. and has had four children. 




SAMUEL BOLLKS, 1C46— 17— . 




! O 

7. Jonathan, son of David and Lydia I'<olIo>, d. in Li;^boa, N. II. Large f.iinily. 

8. Abigail, dau. of Dasid and Lydia 15olle?. 

9. Mary, dau. of David and Lydia IJollos. 

10. Jesse, son of David and Lydia Dulles, d. in Lisbon, N. II. Left children. 

11. Hannah, dau. of David and Lj'dia Bolles. 

5. Rntli Bolles, fifth child of Samuel, Jr., and Lydia Bolles, m. Joshua Snow, of Eocliester, Mass. ; had ten 
children, and d. Feb. 2o, ItiOO. 

6. Deliverance Bolles, siith child of Samuel, Jr., and Lvdia Bolles, m. Timothy Clifton, had nine childien ; 
d. 1778. 

7. Deborah Bolles, seventh cbild of Samuel, Jr., and Lydia Bolles, ni. Jedediali Beals, of Tembroke, M.ass. ; 
had one child and d. 

8. Joanna Bolles, eighth child of Samuel, Jr., and Lyilia Bolles, m. Ebenezer B e cords ; had children and 

d. Her son Jonathan d. in Buckfield, Me., about 18.3G, at the great age of 105 years. 

JONATHAN bolles" 

3. JoxATnAN Bolles, third child of Samuel Bolles and Marv Dver. b. 

-, ra. 

• ; d. aboui 1773, in 

Rochester, ]Mass. His will (Plymouth Co. Keoords) bears date 17G3, and «as admitted to probate 1770. 

He had five children, viz. : 1, Thomas; 2, Mary ; Z, Hannah ; 4, John ; b, Jonathan, ulio were born, ikn., as 
follows, viz. : 


1. Thomas Bolles. first child of Jonatlian Bolles, b. in Rochester, Mass.. June 11, 17'21 ; m. Anna Cowin ; 
had six children and d. They were as follows, viz.: 1, Asa; "2, Reuben; 3, Paul; 4, Thankful; J, Sanih, and 
6, Rhoda, who were born, &e., as follows, viz. : 

ASA BOLLES, 1:56—1796. 

1. Asa Bolles, fir^t child of and Anna Bolles, b. at Rochester, ]Mass., Jlay 19, 1750 ; tc. Keziah 
(or Desire) Waldron, of ^Martha's Vineyard; moved to Sandisfield, JIass.; d. 1796. He had six children, 
born, &C., as follows : 

1. Thomas Bolles, first clnld of Asa and Keziah Bolles, b. April 14, 1784. 

2. Jemima llolles. second child of Asa and Keziah Bolles, b. June 28, 1756. 

3. Anna Bolles, third child of Asa and Keziah Piolle-, b. Aug. 5, 1788. 

4. Reuben Bolle-^, fourth child of Asa and Keziah Bolles, b. Oct. 2. 1791, now living in Xew Preston, 

Conn.; m. , and had seven children, who were lorn, &c.. as follows, viz.: 1, Caroline Bolles. b. 

1820, ra. "William F. Dowle, lives in Bourdman, O. ; 2, George W. Bolles, b. Oct. 2, 1821, lives in N. 
Preston, ra. Louisa Black, Nov. 1-5, 1848, and has had two children, viz., Charles W., b. Jlav 16, 1853, 
and Edgar A., b. .Tune 21, 1855 : 3, Noble Bolles. b. June 8, 1824, lives in X. Pnston ; 4. llenrv Bolles, 
b. March 19, 1825, lives in N." Preston ; 5. Maria L. Bolle-^, b. 1828, m. Henry Peck, of N. Milfo'rd, Cou. ; 
6, Jeannettc Boiler, b. 1830; 7. J.ack-on Bolle*, b. Dec. 28. 1833. 

5. John Bolles, fit'tli child of Asa Bolles, b. in Rochester, Mass., Xov. 29, 1793, now living in E. Ran- 
dolph, Dodge Co., AVis. ; m. Minerva Tomlinson, New Preston. Con., !March 22. 1822; have had twelve 
children, viz.: 1. Charlotte R. Bolles, b. :March 31, 1823; 2, Horace T. Bolles, b. Sept. 12. 1824. lives 
in Utica, N. Y., carpenter, m. Caroline Putnam, had one child, which d. 1858; 3, Theodore W. Bolles, 
b. Dec. 11, 1826, trader, L'tica, N. Y.. ra. Mary Davis, has had two children ; 4, Mary. & 5, .Sarah Bolles, 
twin^. b. Sept. 22, 1829, both single, M:iry living in L'tica, N. Y., and Sarah in Ann Arbor, !Mich. ; 6, Ed- 
gar W. Bolles, b. Sc[)t. 30, 1S30, m. . lives in AVatertown, ( Brownville p. o.) N. Y., has had two 

children; 7, Betsey 3L Bolles, h. Af>ril 22, 1831, m. E. A. Alb'v. live^ in Ann Arbor, Mich.; 8. Freder- 
ick O. Bolles, b. Sept^21, 1833, live- in E. Randolph, "Wis.; 9,' Julia A. Bolles, b. March 22. 1835. lives 
in E. Randolph, "Wi-. ; 10, Frances T. Bolles. b. Sept. 29. 1838, lives in do.; 11, "S\'iHiam H. Bolles, b. 
Nov. 30, 1840, lives in do.; 12. Happy L. Bolles, b. Aug. 26, lrt44, lives in do. 

6. Joshua Bolles, sixth ciiild of A-a Bolles, b. in Rochester, Jla^s., Mav 17. 1796, still living in N. Y. 

2. Reuben Bolles, son of Thomas Bolles, b. in Rochester, JIass., Dec. 22, 1765 : m. Sally Howard, of N. 
Bedford or Fairhaven ; had twelve children, viz.: 1, Jlary. b. 1793 ; 2, Asa, b. 1795; 3, William, b. 1797; 
4, Ann:i, b. 1799 ; 5, Reuben, Jr., & 6. Elizabeth, twins, b. If5i>3 ; 7, Luther, b. 1806 ; 8, Levi, &. 9, Pht-be, 
twins, b. 1809; 10, Sarah, b. I(il3 ; 1 1, Mary, b. 1816 ; 12, Rhoda, b. 1822. 

3. Paul Bolles son of Thomas Bolles b. 

4. Thankful Bolles, dau. of Boiles, b. 

5. Sarah Bolles, dau. of Thomas Bolles, b. ; m. Bcnoni AMridge, of Richmond, N. II. 

6. Rhodu Bolles, dau. of Thom.'is Boile.'*, b. 


c n A I' T E i: 



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_josi:pii bolles, leos— lers^ 


2. Munj BoUcs. (lau. of Jonntlian and Mary Eolle.-i. b. Dec. 11, 1T23. 

3. Jfonna/i Bollts, dau. of Jonathan and Marv. 1). Dec. 2.3, 1725, 

4. Juhn Btjlles, son of Jonathan and Marv, b.' Oct. 2'J. 1727. 

JONATHAN BOLEES, Jr., 1732—1824. 

5. Jonntlam Bollcs, Jr., son of Jonathan and Mary Holies, b. Dec. 19, 1732. He m. Klizabelh Randall, 
1758, and removed to Uiclimond, N. II., uhence lie moved to Rockingham, Vt.: d. 1824. lie had twelve 
children, viz. : 

1. Solomon r,ollcs, had five children, viz.: 1, Timothy, b. Au;z. 7. 1780; 2. Elijah, b. Aug. 1, 1782; 3, 
Abigail, b. Oct. 18, 17S0; 4, Isaac. K June 2, 1788 ; 5, Samuel, b. May 21, 1793. 

2. Mary Hollos. 2d child of Jonathan BoUes, Jr. 

3. Thankfid Holies, m. her con<iu Rev. Nalh'l Holies, and d. Xov. 10, 1840. 

4. John Holies, 17G0, in Vermont; moved to Owcrro, N. Y., 1818 ; m. Deborah Tngols, d. Oct. 21, 18.5C ; 
lie had five children, viz.: 1, Esther, m. 1st, Elisha Jones, and ha^l si.x children; he d. and she then m. Hi- 
ram Lewis, the widower of her sister Harriet: 2, 3Iary, ra. Porter Stockwell, had three children, d. ; Mr. 
S. lives in Owcgo, N. Y. ; .'5. Harriet, n\. Hiram Lewis of Schenectady, had tour children and d. ; Mr. Lewis 
lives at Apolacon, Little ^leadows. P;u ; 4, Alexander H., ra. ]\Ialiala Harden of lOxeter. I'a. ; resides in 
Meschoppen, I'a., Wyoming Co. ; has had six children ; 5, Holies. Rev., b. at "Williamstown, Vt., Sept. 
5, 1810, is now in St. Paul. ilin. ; m. 1st, Helen Seely, of Sodus, X. Y. ; 2d, Charlotte Iluckins ; has had 
four children, viz. : 1, Helen ; 2, John ; 3, Edraond : 4, Minnesota. 

5. AVilliam Holies, son of Jonathan Holies, Jr., insane, never m- 
C. Sarah. 

7. Jonathan. 

8. Rest, d. 18 GO. ' 

9. Nicholas Bplle^, son of Jonathan, .Tr., b. in Rockingham, Vt., Xov. 10, 1775, m. Sarah E. House of 
Rockingham, had seven children, and d. Dec. 28. 1850 ; his wife d. Oct. 20. 182C. His children were, viz. : 

1. Salome Holies, b. Dec. 10, 1802, single, lives in Maine \'illage. N. Y. 

2. Caroline Holies, b. June HI, 1805; ni. Stephen Parker, and d. in Watertown, N. Y., .about 1827. 
She had one child, viz., Jason Parker. 

3. Jason R. Holies, b. April 30, 1807 ; m. Caroline E. Iloldcn. April 10, 1844 ; lives in Maine Villa-e, 
N. Y. They have had children, viz. : AVallis H. Holies, b. April Ui, 1845; Jerome. U July 7, 1846; 
Columbus, b. April 11, 1348; Lafayette, b. Nov. 10, 1850; Isabel, b. March 21, 1851; Elvira, b. May 

G, 1859. 

4. Charles H. Holies, b. May 12. 1809 ; m. Abigail Robbins, of Union, N. Y., April 22, 1836; lives 
in Philadelphia; physician; has had two children, viz. : Charles R., b. Oct. 13, 1838, d. April 8, 1845; 
and Abigail A., b. Nov. 11, 1843, m. C. G. Adams, Philadelphia, Jan. 2, 18G0. 

5. Freeman Holies, b. Sept. 20. 1814, m., lives in Elaine Villncre, has had four children, viz.: 1, Sarah, 
b. Oct. 2, 1839 ; 2, Caroline, b. March G, 1841 ; 3, Cynthia, b. 31ay8, 1843 ; 4, Martha, b. July 23, 18 IG. 

G. Marv Ann Holies, b. March 22. 1818; d. Oct. 8, 1819. 
7. Ira ilolles, b. J,an. 10, 1820; d. May 2-3, 1S39. 

10. Lemuel, son of Jonathan Holies. .Tr., b. in Richmond, N. H. ; m. Mary Chamberlain, of Keene, N. II., 
and had seven children. He d. in Rockingham, Vt. His children were horn, &c.. as follows, viz. : 

1. Lemuel Holies, Jr., m. ]\Iary A. Weaver, lived in Catnbridgeport, Vt., and d. there. May, 1828. He 
had three children, viz.: Delia, Esek, and Charles. 

2. Ithamar Holies, m. 3Iartha S. Wood, 1830 ; is J. P. ; lives in Cambridgeport, Vt., and has had two 
children, viz. : Francis A., born 1844, and one who d. in i ifaney. Mrs. H. d. Nov. 27, 1850. 

3. Nel-on Holies, m. Emeline Putnam, is a farmer, lives at Cambridgeport, Vt. ; has five children, 
viz.: Esther, Lemuel, Mary, Ella, (who d. aged two years.) and George. 

4. Hannah Holies, m. Prosper Merrill, of Felchville, Vt. He has had one child, viz.. .John. 

5. Nancy Holies, m. P. Winslow, lives in Townshend, Vt.. and has had five children, viz. : George, 
Nelson, (d.,) Samuel, Rhoda, (who d. April 15, 1850, aged 22.) and Nelson. 

C. Augusta Holies, m. Samuel H. Wells, lives in Athens, Vt., and has had four children, viz. : Lucian, 
Mary, Cora, and Samuel. 
7. Mary Holies, d. 1830. 

11. Phineas, son of Jonathan Holies, Jr., moved from Rockingham to Woodford, Vt. His song were 
Lyman, Calvin, and Lewis; his daus. were Lydia and JIartha. 

12. Hannah Holies, 12th child of Jonathan Holies, Jr., of whose birth, ra'arri.ige, or death, I have been 
able to obtain no information. 



This IiiiJex coiilains the names of the Polios fiiinily, and of such otlior families as have marrieii BoUcs wive*. I have ni:ule but little attempt i 
to trace ilie i?»ue of such marriaircs hevomi iIk- lir>t foneraiion. Al;ain^t i.;u-li name will ho foiuul tin: paiie in wliieli to seek tlie family history | 
of that name. On ret'crrin" to that page the margiu will show all the lineal JBoUcs aneestors as far back as tliey arc known. 

Abbott, Miv. (Caroline Bollos) 39. 

Adams, Mrs. (U^lizahoth U.) 21; (Emma C. 

' U.) .37; (Ahi-ail B.) 57. 
Aikin, Mrs. (Jcjaima li ) 51. 
Aldrieh. Mrs. (.Marv B.> 5.J. 
Allen, Mrs. (Uetsov B.) ,50. 
AUev, Mrs. (lietsev M. B.) 56. 
Arm's, Mrs. (.Maria B.) 46. 
Arnold. Mr.~. I. Marv \V. IJ.) 26. 
Atoatt, Mrs. {.Mary B.J 51 ; (Lois D.) 52. 


Bailev, Mrs. (Fr.mces O. Bolle?) 32. 

Baker. Mrs. (A'.i-ail B.)21 ; (Harriet B ).;6; 

("Sarah A. B.l 54. 
Baldwin, Mrs. (Nancy L. B.) 20; Elizabeth 

H. B.) 36. 
Ball, .Mrs. (Hannah B.) 5.5. 
Barstow, Mrs. (Diana U.) .52. 
Bartlett, itrs. (Anna H. B.) 27. 
Beach, Mrs. (.J.ine B.) 16. 
Beals, Mrs. (UehoraU B.) 56. 
Bearso, .Mrs. (Harriet N. B.) 50. 
Becke, Mrs. (dau. of Joseph BoUes) 1. 
Beehe, Mrs. (I.uctetm B.) 12; (HaanahB.) 

30; (.Mar-aret H. B.) 47. 
Benhani, .Mrs. (Frances B.) 14. 
Ber-, Mrs. (Lucv B.) 33. 
Bill, Mrs. (Amv B.) 20. 
Bishop, Mrs. (Amv B.) 15. 
Black, -Mrs. (Lvu.i W. B.) 44. 
Elaekwell, .Mrs'. (Delia B.l 4'J. 
BoUcs, Aaron, sou of Isaiah, 37. 

Abhv F. (Mrs. Knight) 31 ; Abby C, 

35"; Abby E., 36. 
Abel, son of Robinson, 13; sou of 

Araos, 21. 
Abie), son of Jesse, 31. 
Abisail. (.Mrs. Baker) 21 ; (Mrs. Hol- 
ers) 23; (Mrs. Williams) 34; dau. 
of Richard, 37; Abi-^'ail 3. (Mrs. 
Montague) 3S ; Abi;,'!iil, (.Mrs. Sum- 
mer?) 39 ; (.Mrs. Loier; 39; Ajiirail 
J., 40; Abijrail P., 44 ; Abijrail, dau. 
of Joseph, 48 ; dau. of Amariah, 4S ; 
(Mrs. learin;.') 50; dau. of Jere- 
miah, 55 ; (Mrs. Lobra) 52; dau. of 
David, 56 ; dau. of Solomon, 57 ; 
(Mrs. Adams) 57. 
Abrahanj X., son of John X., 49. 
Addie -M., dau. of B-.njamin, 54. 
Adelaide A., dau. of lleury, 44. 
Adelbert, sou of Ezra, 52. 
Aden R, son of Abel, 19. 
Adolptius, son of Jesse, 31. 
Albert, son of Ebcn., 5U ; Albert A., 
son of Taber, 52 ; sou of Albert 
A., 52. 
Ablen, son of Ebenezcr, 50. 
Alexander, son of William, 41 ; Alex- 
aniler C, son of Ephraim, 36 ; Alex- 
ander H., son of Jonathan, 57. 
Alfred, son of Amus, Jl. 
Alice E., dau. of Huraiio, 41. 
Aliiia, dau, of Kamlall, 5t. 
Alnpri, dau. of E!)cnezir, 14 ; {^hs. 
(iill) 40; Alraira A., 23; Almira 
A. (Mrs Fi^k)31; Almira V., duu. 
of Edmund, 42, 

Bollcs, Alpheus, son of Joshua, 43. 

Alphonso r., son of Ezra, 52. 

Amanda, (.Mrs. Wilkinson) 40; Aman- 
da C, dau. of Joshua, 51. 

Amaziah H., son of Calvin, 17,18; 
son of Abigail. 4S. 

Amelia, (.Mrs. Jcnckcs) 24; dau. of 
Stephen G., 42 ; dau. of Eilmund, 42. 

Anios, son of Thomas, IS; son of 
Simeon, lU; son of Amns, 21 ; son 
of Hosca, 50; son of Joseph, 51 ; 
son of Joliii. 54. 

Amv, (.Mrs. Ci>liop) 5; (Mrs. Smith) 
12; (.Mrs. Keed) 17; .laughter of 
Amos, 20. 

Andrew, son of John, 4''. 

An^'elina, dau. of James S., 20; (Mrs. 
Howth) 42. 

Ann, Anna, and Annie, (Mrs. Lang- 
worthy) 12; Anna M,, daiiLihter of 
Eikanah, 20 ; Anna, dau. of Amos, 
21; Annie C, dau. of Joshua, 23; 
Annie H., (Mrs. Bartlett) 27 ; Annie 
S.,(.Mrs. Dr. Krelis) 2S ; Auu,(.Mr3. 
Webiter) 31 ; Annie \V., daa. of 
Jesse N.,31 ; Ann E,, dau. of Wm., 
45 ; Anna C, dau. of Enoch, 35 ; 
Annie A., dan, of Nathan, 37 ; Anna 
C, dau, of William, 37 ; Annie M., 
dau. of Dr. Kichard M,, 3S, 

Anna, (Mrs, Handy) 50; Anna L., 
(.Mrs. Niekerson and Mrs. Holmes) 
50 ; Anna, dau. of Asa, and dau. of 
Reuben, 56. 

Annis R., son of Abel, 19. 

Anson, son of Simeon, 19 ; Anson W., 
son of Edward R,, 24. 

Armin, fo'.i of JudL'e David, 25. 

Arnold, son of Obed, 53. 

Artliur W., son of ( harles E., 32 ; Ar- 
thur M., son of Richard, 51. 

Asa, son of David C.,25 ; son of Enoch, 
30 ; A>a JL, son of Jud-e David. 26 ; 
Asa, son of Thos,, 56 ; son of Reu- 
ben, 55. 

Asenatb, (Mrs. Curtis) 43. 

Au;:usta T,, daUL'hter of Jane N,, 36 ; 
(.Mrs. Wells) 57. 

Augustus, Rev., (son of David) 28; 
Augustus L., son of liev. Augus- 
tus, 28. 

Avery, son of .John, 46. 

Barney, son of Elijah. 5.'5. 

Belinda, (.Nfrs. Quimhy) 5.5. 

Benjamin, son of Jonathan, 30 ; Benj, 
T., son of Ji:lius, 41); Benjamin, 
sons of Samuel and Benjamin, 52; 
son of Jobri, 54, 

Benson, son of Obed, 55, 

Bet.-ey, (.Mrs. Wonhy) 13; (Mrs. Wil- 
liams) 36; dau. oV Asa, 31; (Mrs. 
Allen) 50; (.Mrs. lir^wn. and Mrs. 
Rounceville) 52; (Mra.Aileyj 56. 

Biendina, 20. 

Bullock, son of Nathaniel, 55. 

Bvron D. W., 20. 

Caleb W., son of Jesse N,, 31, 

Cklvin, son of Geor;;c W., 17 ; son of 
Samuel, 47; son of I'hincas, 57; 
Calvin L., son of Luke, 53. 

Bollcs, Caroline, dau. of Charles, 16 ; Caroline 
M., (.Mrs. Clark) 26; Caroline M.. 
(.Mrs. Wallace) 27; Caroline M., 
(Mrs. Faddock) 28; C.xroline L., 
(Mrs, Cleaveland) 34 ; Caroline T., 
dau. of Je.sse N., 36 ; Caroline, ( Mrs. 
Abbott) 39; Caroline A., dau, of 
George N., 44 ; Caroline E,, dau. of 
Henry, 45 ; Caroline, (.Mrs. Dowle) 
56 ; ( Mrs. Parker.) 57 ; d.iughter of 
Freeman, 57. 

Catherine, (Mrs. Hughes) 18; (Mrs. 
Brailley) 42; dau. of Joseph, 48; 
of David, 55. 

Celia, dau. of Lsaac, 15 ; Celia A., 24. 

Charles, son of Ebcn., 13; of Charles, 
13; Cha's 11, son of Ercd'k D., 16; 
Charles, son of Stephen. 16; Cha's 
L., 17; Charles, son of Divid, 18; 
Cha's Bradv, 19; Co.i's W., 23; 
Cha's JL, 32; Cha's E.. 24 ; Cha's 
p;., son of Jesse N., 31 ; Cha's P., .32; 
Cha's E., son of Eben. .M.,32 ; Cha's 
H., son of Edw'd, 34 ; Chas's O.. 3 > ; 
Cha's I., son of Enoch, 35 ; Cha's 
E,, son of Nathan, 37 ; Cha's, bon of 

. Richard, 3? ; Cha's L,, son of Geo. 
K,, 40; Cliarlie, son of Horatio, 41 ; 
Cha's E., son of Edmuml, 42 ; of 
Ebcn. W., 44 ; Cha's F., son of 
John, 36 , Cha's E,, son of John 
N,, 49 ; of Israel, 50 ; of Prince, 52 ; 
Cha's D., son of Eben,, 50 ; Cha's 
H, K,, son of Ezra, 52 ; Cha's H,, 
son of Reuben, 52 : of I^cwis, 54 ; 
Charles A., son of Jeremiah, 55 ; 
Cha's W,, son of George W , 56 ; 
Cha's II„ Dr., son of Nicholas, 57 ; 
Charles R., son of Dr Cha's 11,, 57 ; 
Charles, son of Lemuel, 57. 

Charlton H., son of Savory, 49. 

Charlotte S,, daughter of William, 42 ; 
Charlotte E,, (Mrs. Fosgaie) 5t; 
Charlotte R,, dau, of John, 56. 

Charitv, (.Mrs. Gibbsl 52. 

Chloo,'(Mrs. Cro=si 55. 

Christ ana, (Mrs. Croucii) 8 and 45. 

Clara E., dau.:hter of Benjamia, 54 ; 
Clara R., dau, of Richard, 38. 

Clarence, son of Nathan, 55. 

Clarissa, daugh'.cr o: Jesse, 31 ; (Mrs. 
Smith) 3). 

Consunce E., dau, of Rev. J. A., 35 ; 
Constance, (Mrs Rodtield) 36. 

Cordelia, dau. of Wilhaaa, 43; (Mrs. 
Ellis) 48. 

Cornelia A., 23. 

Cymanthe, (.Mrs, Bumap) 24 

Cynthia, dau. of Jesse, 54 ; of Elijah, 
'55 ; of F'eeman, 57 ; Cynthia M., 
(Mrs. Coblei-h) ,55. 

r)AM.VKI.s, MhS. BlCKLEY, 30. 

Dantaris, Mr». Mason, 40. 

Dan, son of Je5^e, 32 ; son of Isaiah, 36. 

D.iMEL, son of Geo. Vt'., 1,"^; son of 
Thomas, IH ; son of DaTiiel, 1» ; son 
of James S,, 2d ; son of AiuoJ, 21. 

Da.mkl W., son of Henry. 

DA.vitL, sou of John, 51. 




BollCj!, Daviii.son ot' Joseph, I'i ; Ri'v. DaviJ, 
son 01* Kiioch, ;i4 ; Ju-ij;e l>avtil,son 
of Kcv. IJuvid, -JS; Ucw IJavid 
Cli.irlcs, sou of Jiidt;? Pnviil, 25 ; 
DaviJ C.son of l\i;v. Daviil L'., 'Jj; 
David il., son of Asa M., 2C; >on of 
tzr*, 39 ; son cf Ulv. Maithuw, iS ; 
David 11., sou of 1 >avi.I, 4i' ; son of 
Joseph, .')! ; son of ^aimu'l, 53; sou 
of John, 33 ; ton of Daviil, Xi, 5b; 
David \V., son of OUd, 65. 

Dehorah, .Mrs. Ki;.irs, \2; Ua«»liter 1 Bolle 
of Julius, 40; J)c!)oi:ili 11., ilau. of | 
EUmnaii, 4'.? , Mrs. Uamiuoud, 5i ; i 
Mrs. llonls, 56. 

Dtlia. daii. of Lemuel, 57. 

Di:li(:ht, Jli-s. Willi.iins, 43. 

Di'livuTKncL', Mrs. Kiwliardson, 55 ; Mrs. 
Clifton, 56. 

Desire, Jlrs. R.indnll. 50. 

Diana, dan. of Zebadiali, Mns. Wil- 
liams, 21 ; Mrs. Uarstow, 52. 

Dolly, Mrs. Gnrney, 50. 

DoaoTiiv, dau;;li!er of Asa, 31. 

Drnsilla, Mrs. SShaw, 4'j. 

Ebcnezcr, son of Jolin, ». 22 ; son of 
Joseph, 12, 13 ; son of Ktv. David, 
28; son of Joshua, 44. 

Ebenezcr W., son of Kbenpzer, 44 ; 
Ebenozer, son of Isaac, 4S ; son of 
llosea, 49, 5il; son of Obcd, 50; 
son of Joseph, 51. 

Eber M., son of Jesse, 32. 

Edgar W., son of Elkauah, 20. 

Edgar C, son of Je?=,c, 33 ; Edgar R., 
soc of Nathan T., 36. 

Eil^ar A., son of George W. 56 ; Ed- 
gur W., son of Joliii, 36. 

Edgcoi.inbe, son of Jo.-iph. 23. 

Edith JI., dau. of Stephi n U., 12. 

EJmoud, son of Ktf. t^ias, 57; Ed- 
Bioad U., son of Charlioa U., 49: 
son of John X., 4S 

Ertmond, son of William, 42. 

EnwAur K., son of Joi;n R., 24 ; Ed- 
ward A., son of Ed ward R., 24 ; 
Edwabu. son of Deaeon Juliu, 34 ; 
Ednard J., soa of E.l"aicl. 34 ; Ed- I 
ward M., son of Edward J., 34; | 
Edward f., son of Siepheji G., 42. I 

Ejiwis, son of Sti;|ih'-n, 16; Ji-v. I 
Ej;wiy C, son ot Edwin, 16; Kd- I A., son of Armin, 25; Edwin | 
Monijismery, son of l.'ev. Autrustus, | 
29; /.''.r. i^Ui. A., son of'.\bicl, I 
31 ; Edwin C., sen of David, 40; I 
Edwin A., son of William, 45; | 
E-lv\in, sen of Jo-sr, 54. 

Elbri li;e G., sou of David, 50. 

Eliakim L., sr,n of X^pliraim, 36. 

Eiias, son of Wiiliain, 41. 

Elijah JJ.,son of .'.riios. 21 ; Elmaii, 
son of Isai.ili, 2-1; tiij.ih I., son of i 
Elija!:, 2.J ; Eli.iih A., son of Ju-tus, \ 
43 ; Elijah, son of Joshua and Joan- | 
na, 4'> ; Elij ".li 1'.. ^o'l of William, I 
43 ; Eiij.ili, sou of David, 55 ; son | 
of Solomon, 57. ' | 

Elisua T., son cf T,or»nzr>, 26 ; Eli- | 
SHA T., son of Jiiius, 40; Elisua, 
son ot Rosw-.ll, 41 ; son of Wm.. 4i ; 
.son of Joshua, ».3: son of John, 54. 

E'.ipba/! II., srii of Hcv. .Mi:. hew, 27. 

Elii.1, of Jo=.-pli D. of Wells, Me., 
I ; dnn. of Isaiah. 23 ; -Mrs. Clarke, 
25; Airs. Kin;', 32; Mrs. Willes, 
.•55; daii. of lltzflich, 43; Eliza 
J. li., I Mrs. S-xtoii) ."4; Eliza C, 
dan of Jesse N., .36; Eliz*, (Mrs. 
Uull) 41; .\Ir3. .johiiton, 46, Mr«. 
Drake, 49 ; Jir--. Ooti;'-, 55 ; Eii^a 
S., dan. of I'icha.-d, 51 ; V.V11A J., 
dau. of Eiisha, 54. 

Elixabcth, (Mrs. Ro.-ers) dau. of John, 

8,45 ; Elizabeth U., (Mrs. T'onicroy) 
13 : Eli/abelh, dau. of J.inies S., 20 ; 
Mrs. Adams, 21 ; dau. of D.;. id, 25 ; 
dau. of Eber .M., 32 ; K'.i/.abeih 1'., 
dim. of Jesse Li., .iS ; Elizabeih 1'., 
dau. of Enoch, H5: Mrs. Haldwin, 
.36; dau. of William, 37; Mrs. 
Sadman, 37 ; Mrs. Tiiiirley, 46 ; 
dau. of Samuel, 46 ; Elizainlii, dau. 
of Aniariah, 4? ; dau. of John, 54 ; 
dau. of Reuben, 56. 
, Elkanaii S., Sun of Robinson, 20. 

Ell.i IJ., a.ui. of Dr. Kidiard .M., 33 ; 
Ella .-v., dau. of Ucnry, 45; Ella, 
dau. of Israel, 50 ; dau. of Nelson, 57. 

Ellen M., .Mrs. Tayne, 26 ; Ell.n A., 
dau. ot Horatio, 41 ; Ellen, dau. of 
Jesse, 54 ; dan. of Randall, 34. 

Ellis, son of Samuel, 31. 

Elmokl E., son of Abel, 21. 

Elmore A., son of Joshua, 51. 

Ei.Tos, son of Eira, 39. 

Elvira, Mrs. Crane, 53; Elvira, dan. 
of Jason R., 57. 

Emeline, Mrs. Eox, 13 ; Emeline S., 
dau. of E. W., 47 ; Emeline B., Mrs. 
NutiinL', .53. 

Emily, Airs. Stoddard, 21 ; Mrs. Gre- 
p)ry, 40; dan. of Henry 15., J5 ; 
Mrs. Chutterton, 55. 

Emma C, dau. of Eliakim L., 30 ; 
Mrs. Adams, 37 ; Emma V., dau. of 
George N., 44 ; Emma F., dau. of 
John N., 49; dan. of tionjamin, 54. 

E.M.METr E., Son of Robinson, 55. 

Euop.Y, son of Elijah, 35. 

Enoeh, son of Jo.m, 1?, 23 : son of 
Enoch, 24; Enoch, son of Isaiah, 
35 ; and sos of Enoih, 35 ; son of 
Lorenzo, 26 ; son of Nathan, 37. 

Epaibuas, ,-on of William, 42. 

EriiKAiJi. son of Isaiaii, 42. 

Ernesto P., son of Nathan II., 37. 

Esek, son of Lemuel, 57. 

Esther, Mrs. Jon.-s, 22 ; Mrs. Ciark, 
30; dan. of Xailian, 55; dac. of 
Nel..>ou, 57 ; Mrs. Jones, 57. 

Eugene, son of Luke, 53. 

Eunice, dau. of James (n;r,rJoreJ by 
Hannah Occu-ish) 12; Mrs. How- 
ard, 12; .Mrs. Ruell, 42; dau. of 
Samuel, 51 ; dau. of Elijah, 65. 

Eiisebia U., (.Mrs. Ruoll) 31. 

EzitA C, so.i of Nathan, 36; Ezra, 
son of Jo'^hua, 39 ; son c' Ezra, 39. 

Fanny, d:ui. of James. 12 ; Mrs. I'rown, 
13; Mrs. Ilarriiigron, 16; Mrs. 
Ward 37. 

Felicia 1'. B., dau. of Rev. E. A. B., 31. 

Fernando, son of Daniel, 54. 

Eestls E., son of Justus, 43. 

Flora I., dau. of Barney, 55. 

Florence C. dau. of Horatio, 41. 

Frances, Mrs. ISonham, l-' ; dan. of 
F. D. li., IG; Frances M., Mrs. 
McConn, 25 ; Frances, da'.i'l.ter of 
Atlolphus, 31 ; Frances (J., Mrs. 
Builcy, 32 ; Fiances A., dauchte.' of 
Enoch, 35 ; Mrs. Huntley, 39 ; Fran- 
ces G., dau. of Eben. W., 44 ; trances 
A., dau. of W. 0. B., 29 ; Frances, 
dau. of Elisha T., 40 ; Frances A., 
dau. of Elijah A., 43 ; dau. of Juslu.s, 
43 ; Frances E., dau. of Luke, 53 ; 
Frances T., dau. of J.ihii, 56. 

Francis L., .'on of Joseph, 23 ; Fbav- 
CI8, son of Elias, 42 : Francis W , 
son of ("alviii, 47 ; Kr.;ncis A., -on 
of Francis W., 47 ; Francis, son of 
Samuel, 47 ; Francis S., son of Sa- 
vory A., 49; Francis A., bon of 
Ith.Hmar, t,7. 

Frank, son of Franklin, 16, son of 
John A., 2!* ; son of Nathuu T., 36. 

Bollcs, FnvsKLix, son of Stephen, 16 ; Frank- 
lin S., son of Ezra, 36 ; Frauklin 
G., smi of Stephen ('■., 42. 

Frederick D., sou of Stephen, 16; 
FittDi-.RiCK A., son of John K., 24 ; 
sou of Jesse N., 31 ; Frci'.eriek M., 
son of Enoch, 35 ; Frederick ('., son 
of Jesse N., 36 ; i"rederick T., sou of 
.Nathan X., 36; F;;i;dkkick A., son 
of Eii.t!., 41 ; Fitt.DKiiicK W., ion of 
Avery, 46; Fr.-u.riek B., son of 
Obcd, 50; Vied.iick O., son of 
John, 50. 

Fi:i;.';mas. son of Nicliolas, 57. 

Gf.oiitiK F., son of J'reiUiick D., 16; 
Glougs \y., son of Thomas, 17; 
GiiOKGE W., son of George W., 17 ; 
Gr.oBr.E, son of James S., 2D; 
Geokgi: W., son of John, 34; 
George, son of Jes^e, 31 ; son of 
Dan," 33 ; Geo. W., son of Edward, 
34; Geo. S., son ot Richard, 3S ; 
Gf.i). N., son of Julius, 40 : George, 
son of Geo. N., 40 ; son of Guy, 41 ; 
George N., .son of Eben., 44; Geo. 
A., son of \Vm., 45 ;"Geo. 11., sou of 
John N., 49 ; Geo. P., son of iM-ael 
B.. 30 ; Gko. W., son of Amos, 50 ; 
Gko. W., son of Reuben, 56 ; Gcoigc, 
sou of Nelson, 57. 

Georgiana T., dau. of Ezra W., 52. 

Gilbert, son of Joseph, 23; son of 
Isaiah, 23 ; son of Richard, 3S. 

Giles, sun of Samuel. 47. 

Grace M., dan. of Elijah, 23. 

Gurdon, son of Ezra, 40; son of Gur- 
doii, 40. 

Guy, son of William 41. 

Hamilton McC, sou of luliakim L. .30. 

Hann.".h, daughter cf Joscj)^!. 1 ; .Mrs. 
Woods, 13; Mrs. G.ites, 15; Han- 
nah, dau. of Robinson, 19 ; 11. Ma- 
ria, dau. of Abel, 19 ; Uniinah, .Mrs. 
Fickett, 20 ; dau. of Isaiah, 23 ; 
Jlrs. Loudon, 25; Mrs. Beebo, 30 ; 
Airs. Daggett, 30 ; Mrs. Dow, 31 ; 
Mrs. Ro-eis, 3^ ; 11. 1'., da jgiitcr of 
Charles 1'., 32 ;, Mrs. Cur- 
tis, -.h; Airs. Amariaii Bollcs, 50; 
H. E., dau. of Richard E., 52 ; Airs. 
Ball, 55 ; dau. ot David, 56 ; dau. of 
Jouathac, 57 ; Airs. .Meniii, 57. 

Happy li., daughter of Nath.ui U., 37 ; 
Ilaiiiie L., dau. of John, 50. 

Han ice B., .^Irs. Miokeli, 16; Harriet, 
dau. of Matthew, 2g; dau. of Adol- 
phus, 31 ; H. L., d.->u. of Abiel, 32; 
Mrs. Fuller, 35 , H E., Mrs. U.ilsev, 
37; U., Airs.'iith, 40; Mvs. 
Root, 41 : dau. of William B.. 45; 
Mrs. Baker, 46 ; ilrs. Schotield. 47 : 
H. A., dan. of Dr. John C., 47 ; 
H. N., Airs. Beiric, .".0; il., Mrs. 
Tibbetts, 55 ; -Mrs. Lewis, 57. 

Harris, sonof -johii, 34. 

Hari-ey, son af Nathan. 55. 

Helen, dau. of Rev. .Siiis U., 57. 

Henriett-i, dau. of Dr. R. .\l. B., .3.S ; 
H. A., Airs. Aleeker, 36 ; Henrietta 
AI., dan. of Dr. R. At. B., 38 ; H. 
N., dau. of Elias, 42. 

Henry, son of Ebenezcr, 13; II. D., 
son of John, 14 ; sou of I-aiah, 23 ; 
Jlcnry, son of Simeon, 19; H. P., 
son of Elijah, 23 ; IIksuy, son cf 
Benjamin, 30; II. W., son of Jesse 
N., 36 ; H. P., son of Nathan li.. 37 ; 
Hi..NKV T., son <-f D.tvil, 40: II 'n- 
ry P., son of G-orgt N., 40 ; H., son 
of Ebcnezer, 44 ; IIe.nrv C., son of 
Henry, 44. 

Henry L., sou of H.nry C. B., 44 ; 
II. C, son of John X., 49 ; Henry 
P., son of Prince, 51. 

U O L L E d G E N E .V I, O G Y . I N D I : X . 


Bollcs, IIkniit V,., son of Ainos, 54 ; If., son 
of Jessi.', 5+ ; Hk.nuv, ton of Kiu- 
lioii, 56. 

llcrheit T., son of Tabcr, ji. 

lienor, dau. of Lewis, 54. 

]Iezckiah, son of Joshua, 43; II. P., 
son of William, 43. 

Uirnm, son of lia, oj ; son of RoMn- 
soil, 55 ; son of Oln'ii, 55 ; son of Kun- 
(lall, 54 ; son of BarMov, 53. 

Horace T., son of John, 56. 

}lv)IlATIO, son of KOaKlll, 41. 

llosea, son of Jofi'fih, 4J; sou of 

Ilosoa, .50 ; son of John, 54. 
Ira, son of Georire W., 17. 
Ira H., son of IKnjamin, 54 ; In, son 

of OL^C'd, 55; son of Nicholas, 57. 
Isaar, son of Stephen, 15; Isaac N., 

son of Isaac, 15; Isaac S., son of 

James, 20 ; Isaac, son of Amaiciali, 

43 ; son of Solomon, 57. 
Isahel, <tau. of Ja^on U., 57; Isabel 

J., ilau. of Kilward .1., 34. 
Isahclla K., dau. of Natimn T., 30. 
Isaiah, son of John, 8, 2'J ; son of 

Joseiih, 22 ; .^on of Enoch, 35. 
Israel M., sod of OLcd, 50. 
Ithamar, son of Lcniuci, 57. 
Jackson, son of IJcuhen, 56. 
James, son of Jo>c)dj. 1:;. 
Jasies T., son of F. 1). 15., 16. 
James S., .-on of KoliiiKon, 20. 
James G., son of Rev. .Matthew, 27, 28. 
James T., son of Rev. Augustus, 23. 
Jaiucs H., son of Charles K., .32. 
James B., son of Kalpli, 35. 
J x.MES A., lit V. Dit., son of ]?al|ih, 35. 
James C, son of LIi?ha T., 40. 
James T., son of Tomjikins, 41. 
James II., son of Ella;, 42. 
James \V., son of John, 46. 
James C, son of John iS'., 49. 
James II., son of David, 53. 
James C, son of Luke, 53. 
James, son of 01" -J, 53 ; son of Bar- 
ney', 55 : son of Nathan. 55. 
Jane, (Mrs. Beach) 16 ; Jane E., (iau. 

of Joseph. 23; Jane JI., (Mrs. 

Southmavd) 42; Jane, (Mrs. Keii- 

uey) 54. 
Jarid, son of Joseph, 23. 
Ja^ion !l . ••on of Nicholas, 37. 
Jedida, (.Mrs. Mondell) 52. 
Jemima, (.Mrs. C:ine) 12; (Mrs, Pratt) 

13; (Mrs. Van Beuthaysen) 24; 

dau. of A<a, 56. 
Jeremiah, sen of John, 34; son of 

Ezra, 3J ; of .fo-h'ia, 44; Jeremiah 

B., son of Arinin, 25; son of Xa- 

tbanicl, 55. 
Jerome, .son of Jason I?., .". 
Jerusha P., (.Mrs. Peahody) 27. 
Jesse, sou of Luocli, 31 ; Jesse X., son 

of Jesse, 3!. 
JrsSE N., son of Je«-e N., 31. 
Jesse \V., son of Jesse N., 31. 
Jesse II., son of Ahicl, 32. 
Jesse, son -of Jesse II., 32; son of 

Dan, 32. • 

Jesse N., son of Ephraim, 35. 
Jesse, son of John, 54 ; son of Uavid, 56. 
Joanna, (.Mrs. MoiTis) 18. 
Joinua P., dau. of Jefse N.. 31 ; (Mrs. 

Lymuii).''.'^ ; (.Mrs. Burzess and Mrs. 

Sterlir.jr; 40; dau. of William, 41 ; 

(Mrs. Aikin) 51; (.Mrs. Cusliin?) 

52 ; dau. of Beiijamiu B., 52 ; (Mrs, 

Records) 56. 
Job T., son of Jonathan, 30; Job A., 

son of Prince, 51. 
Jo'm, sou of Thomas and Zipporah, 

5, ? ; son of John, 8 ; son of John 

Kaymond, 14 ; .lonx, son of Rohin- 

son, 20; Juha N., sou of Joshua, 


23; John Ro'iiison, 24; John, son 
of Rev. 1). C., 25 ; son (d' Lorenzo, 
26 ; John A., son of Rev. Matthew, 
28; Jons I)., -son of John A., 2S ; 
John W., son (if Charles P., 32 ; 
John, s<-i uf Dan., 33 ;, I)ca., 
son .11 Eroch, 33 ; son of Dc.i. John, 
31; John V., son of Enoch, ;15 ; 
John, son of Isaiah, 37 ; Jons II., 
son of Dr. Richard M., CS ; John 
P., son of E/ra, 3'J ; Joiix Roglks, 
son of Hezckiah, 4'!; John II., son 
of John Ro^'crs, 4.i ; John, son of 
SainUvl, 46 ; John, son of Avery, 
46 : Dit. John C, son <jf Calvin, 47 ; 
John C, son of Dr. John C, 47; 
John, son of Leonard, 4'J ; John N., 
son of Savory, 40 ; John F., son of 
John N., 41) ; John 1)., son of Ehcn., 

50 ; Joliii, son of G-o. W., 50 ; son 
of David, 53 ; son of Ji>hn, 53 ; son 
of Jesse, 54 ; son of Asa, 56 ; son of 
Jona., 57 ; son of Rev. Sias B., 57. 

Bolles, Johii<on, son of Jo.-:')>h, 13. 

Jonathan, son of Enoch, 24, 30 ; son of 
Jeremiah, 55 : Jonathan IL, son of 
Obed, 55; Jonathan, son of David, 
56; Jonathan, son of Samuel, 5b; 
son of Jonathan, 57. 

Joseph, the tirst Eiiijlish Bolles settler 
in America, 1 ; ,losc|il., son of Jo- 
seph, 1 ; son of Thomas and Z., 5 ; 
son of Jolm and Sarah, 6, 14 : son of 
Joici'h, 12, 13; son of Jolin, 14; 
son of John Raymond, 14 ; son of 
Ciiarles, 16 ; Joseph E., son of John, 
20; Joseph, son of I^ajah, 22, 23; 
son of GeorL-e S., 3S ; son of Samuel, 
48 ; son of Amaziah, 48 ; Samuel, 52 ; 
Joseph W., son of i'rincc, 51 ; Josep'a 
L., son of S.imui.1, 51. 

Joshua, son of John, S, 39 ; son of 
Martin, 13 ; son of Isaiah, 23 ; son of 
Joshua, 41 ; son of IU;:'kiah, 43 ; 
Jo^llua A., son of Joshua, 43; Joshu.i, 
son of Elienezer, 44; Jojlma T., son 
of UheJ, 50 ; Joshua, ton ol Samiie!, 

51 ; son of Asa. 56. 

Judith T., dau. of John A., 28. 

Jadson L., son of Lvnian .J., 54. 

Julia P., CMrs. Cla'pp) 36 ; Julia M., 
(Mrs. Steward) 44; Julia, dau. of 
Samuel W., 52; Julia A., dau. of 
John, 56 ; dan. of Eli.-ha, 54. 

Juliana, (.Mrs. Richards) 14; (Mrs. 
Lewis) 25 ; (Mrs. EdwatJs) 33. 

Julius, son of Ezra, 40; son of Elisba 
T., 40. 

JcsTLS, son of William, 42. 

Kate, dau. of Jtssc U., 32. 

Keiidrick M., son of Rev. James A., 35. 

Lafayette, son of Jason U., 57. 

Laura, dau. of Ezra. 41; (.Mrs, Wil- 
bur) 52; (Mrs Colby) 55. 

Law.enee, son of Ahiel, 32. 

Lemuel, son of Jonatnan, 57 ; son of 
Ijcmuel, 57 ; son of Nclion, 57. 

Leonard, son of Jercmiali, .H5 ; soa of 
Safory, 49 ; son of Lco >!ir.i. 4 ). 

Leonora S., dau. of W. B. 15 , 37, 

Levi, son of Reuben, 56. 

Lewis 11., son of Job T., 51 ; Lewis, 
son of Obed, 33 ; son of Jolui, u4 ; 
sou of Pliineas, 57. 

Linus A., son of IRnry B., 54. 

Li/zie T., dau. of .Job A., 51. 

Lois, (.Mrs. )!aiidall)3l ; (Mrs. Leavitt) 
52; (Mrs. Atsuitl 52. 

Loran E., son of Obed, 5.». 

LoKEMZO, son of Jud;;.; David, 26. 

LoKENZD. son of Lor. I120, 2'>. 

Loui.-a, (.Mis. Pi-ke) 53. 

Ljjvisa C , dau. of John, 49; Lovisn, 
dau. of Obed, 53 ; (.Mrs. Wiiitcomb) 

53 ; Lovisn F., (Mrs. .lames Bollc.-) 
53 ; Lovi-.a. (.Mrs. Fuids) 54. 
Bolles, T.ucia, {.Mrs. I>llnl^leal!) 2Li. 

Luciu>, Rev. Dr., son o; ICev. David, 
29 ; Rev. Lucius .S., .-i>n of Rev. Dr. 
Lucius, 29; Dit. Ltciis .S., son of 
Rev. Lucius S., 29; I.i tits Jr., ;o:i 
of IMw.iid, 34. 

Lucinda, (.Mrs. Swift) 34. 

Lucreliii, f.Nlrs. licelic ) 12; dan. of 
Martin, 18; CMrs. 31; 
J.ucretia F. E., dau. of Ebenezer 
W , 44. 

Lu'T, (Mts. Turner) 18; Lucv Di.N, 
dau. of John A., 28: Lucv,' (.Mrs. 
Bcr^;) 3.S ; dau. (.f IJcnj. 'T., 40; 
Lucy .M., (.Mrs. lliackby) 4.i ; Lucv 
S., (.Mrs. Wood,) 53; I.iicv A.daii. 
ofEli^ha, 54; (Mrs. Warrin; 55. 

Luke, son of Obed, 53 ; son of Xa- 
than, 55., son of Reuben, 56. 

Lvdia. (.Mrs. Kcnncv) 13; dau. of 
■j. R. B., 14; (.Mr;. Richards) 22; 
(.Mrs. Kirklaiid) 2.i ; (.Mrs. Ilal^cv) 
24; (Mrs. Barker) 34; (.Mrs. RcV. 
»r. Bolles) 34; (Mrs. Brown) 43; 
Lydia W., (.Mrs. Black) 44; (.Mrs. 
Hathaway) 49 ; dau. of Ebcn'r, 5o ; 
Lydia A", (.Mrs. Wc-i) 51; (.M.-s. 
Phillips) 54 ; dau. cf I'bineas, 57. 

Lyin.m, son of Kobin^or., 20 ; son of 
S.iniuel, 47 ; Lyman J., sjn of 
Amos, 54 ; son of I'iiiiicas, 57. 

Marcia, (Mrs. Work) 26. 

Man us, son of Je.-se, 32. 

Marjrarct, (.Mrs. Uurlbul) 21 ; dau. of 
Isaiah, 23 ; dau. of Joseph, 23 ; 
(Mrs. Olcott) .30; (Mrs. Goodrich) 
41; dau. of Henry B., 44; (.Mrs. 
Garrett) 45; (.Mrs' llathaw.iv) 46; 
dau. of Wm., 45 ; (Mrs. Beebe; 47. 

Maria E., dau. of Frederick D., 16; 
Maria, (Mrs. Stevens) 19; (Mrs. 
-■Vrnis) 46; dau. of Daniel, 54; d.iu. 
of Lewis, 54 ; dau. of Randall, 54 ; 
d.iu. of Barnev, 55, Jlaria L., (iirs. 
I'eik) 56. 

Maiictta, (Mrs. Peters) 24. 

Martha, dau. of Joseph, 12; (Mrs. 
Sin-.-) 44; (Mrs. Clarke) 55; daus. 
of Freeman and Pbiiicas, 57. 

Martin, son of Daniel, 18; son of 
Samuel, 46. 

Mary, wife of Joseph B., 1 ; (Mrs. 
Col. Ciiarles Frost) 1 ; daufhter of 
Thomas, 5 ; (Mrs. Ssveetin^'hain) 8, 
45; (.Mrs. Siickney) 16; {.Mrs. Wil- 
liams) 21; (.Mrs. Force) 23; Mary 
C, dau. of Isaiah. 23 ; Marv A., 
dau. of Elijah, 23 ; .Mary W.,(Mrs. 
Arnolil I 26 ; Marv Ann, i .Mr». Ca-e) 
13; (.Mrs. Hall) 32; (.Mis. C;irpcu- 
Ur) 18; -Marv L., dau. nf .Maiticw, 
23; dau.of John R.,43 ; .Mary Ann, 
(Mrs. Siinison)2S; dau. of B.->',j...;o; 
(.Mrs Ca.-i) 30; dau. of Asa, 31; 
Slary E., dau. of .Jesse N., 3i ; Jiary 
1)., (Mrs. Clark) 31 : Ma.v V.,d:u. 
of Cha's E., 32; (.Mrs. Uoh-n,) 32; 
Mary P.. Jau. of Rev. Jaiii.s A. ,35; 
d.iu.'of Fliakin L, 36; Mr'.ry, (.Mrs. 39; M;\'v F., 'l:iUL-Iitef of 
Ephraim, '!6 ; Marv E., (Mrs. Crane) 
36: .M.'.rv, (.Mi-s. S'.r.^ean: ao i .Mrs. 
5Iead)4ij; (.Mrs. Wheal) 41; (.Mrs. 
Bueiij 41 ; .Mary A., d.iu.-hier of 
Ttmpkiiii, 41 ; iirs. Brad'ev and 
Mrs.'Tlay) 42; (Mf> Hui 1) 42; 
Mary 1., daa. of Eiiiah A., 43; 
Mary V., ( Mrs. Holme-) 44 : .Miry 
I', and .M.iry R., dat;.-<. oi .S mia.d 
P., 44 ; .Mai V E„ dau. of Han , 44 ; 
dau. of William, t.'-j (Mrs. Loihrop) 


•IC; (Mrs. Darrow) 47; (■>[r3. niims) 
4S; .Mary J., il:iu. of Kodinson, 55; 
M;ir.v A., (Mrs. S.iliinv) .H); ilaiLoC 
Join;, 5ti: {^hf. At<uii') 51; dai. cf 
Itoiilien, 56; iluii. cl' Ifiuliiirii, 3l ; 
(Mrs. Bri-i?*) 52; .l;ui. of Benj., 52; 
(.Mrs. Gr«iim:iii) 52; (Mrs. AMricli) 
5;t; (Mrs. Newioii) 51; (.Mrs. Bux- 
tOQ) Oi; M;>ry E., ■lau. ot' I.ymoil 
J., 34; daus. of IJavid and Kciil.en, 
56; dans, of Jona. auJ Nclsou, 57; 
(Mrs. SlockivcU) 57. 
Bt»Il03, Slatil.lii, (Mrs. Cisilds) 23. 

Matlhew, llev., 2(i; soai of MaUli«vr, 
27, 2S. 

MiTcy, dnnphter of .Joseph, 1; (Mrs. 
Wheeler) 4-1; dau. of Savory, 4SI; 
(Mrs. Snow) 54. 

Mirliiiel Bhopanl, sou of ^^atthcw, 28. 

Minnesota, dan. of Uov. .Sias, 57. 

Molly, ( Mrs. Kills and Mrs. Bowlin) 52. 

Myron, son of B ■iijainin T., 40. 

Nancv, (Mrs. Brown) 12; Naucv L., 
(.Mrs. BalJnin) 2i); Nanev, (.Mrs. 
Smith) 21; Nancv il., (Mrs. Capt. 
Coit) .iS; Xancy,"(M;-3. Taylor) 37; 
(itrs. Wiuslow) 57. • 

Naomi, (.Mrs. yrotliingham) 3?. 

Nathan, soa of, 14; Natu.vx 
T., son of Epiiraiir., ."6; Natiias, 
son of Isaiah, 36; N.uhan C, ■^on of 
Nathan, 3>"'; NAruA>r J., son of 
Nathan, 37; Nutlian, son of Enoch, 
37; son of Natlian, 37; Nathan H., 
sou of Narhan, 37; son of Samuel, 
52 ; sor. oi' Ohtd, 53; sous of Nathan 
and Nathaniel, 53. 

Nathaniel 1{., son of Charles, 13; 
Naihatiirrl II., son of Reuben, 32; 
Rev. Kaihaniel, son of David, 54 ; 
Nathinitl, sons of Natliauiel aud of 
Jeremiah, 55. 

Nklson, son of Simoon, 19; son of 
Kobinsou, 19 ; Nki^ok, sou of Lem- 
uel, 57. 

Nicholas Brown, son of Hew Lucius 
S., 29 ; Nicholas, sou of Jonathan, 

NoDLE, son of Reuben, 56. 

Norman P., Capt., =on of Edmund, 42. 

(.'bed, son of Ehe.\e/..:r. 50; of Obed, 
50, 55 ; Obed I'., son <i: Feed. B., nO ; 
Obcd, 'on of John, 50 ; of Ljke, 33; 
of Divid, 55. 

CUvu A., (.Mrs. E.isterlv) 24; Olive 
W.. (Mrs. Daniels) 35." 

Olivia. Jan. of Eiias, 41. 

Orlando, ?on of Amos, 21. 

<.>rriu, son of Simeon. .53. 

l-aticiicc, Mrs. Turnci-, 3 and 22 ; dau. 
of John, I4 and 17 ; Mrs. Stoddard, 

Patty, (itr»- Po.ver.^) 13. 

Pani, son of Th jmas, 56. 

Penheld, :oa of Samuel I'., 44. 

Veier, eon of irattian, 37 ; son of Pe- 
ter, 37. 

Pbeba T., dau. of Enoch, 35; Phebc 
A., (Mrs. Norwood) 55. 

Phebe, dau. of Nuthacicl, 33 ; dau. of 
Kcabeu, 56. 

Phileua A., (Mrs. Lacy) 19. 

Phireas, sod of Jon.uhtn. 57. 

Pollv, (Mrs. Uev.-ev) 13; daughter of 
Daniel, 18. 

Prince, sou of Samuel, 51. 

Prudence, (Mrs. Picket) 20; (Mrs. 
Kcnney) 53. 

Rd/j/i, «)P. of Isaiah, 35 ; son of Obed, 

PanJoU, son of John, 54. 

Rtly.c-M, (Mrs. Wallace) 24: (Mrs. 
Johr. r.. B.) 40; A'. .1/., (.Mrs. 
Paddock) 33 ; dau. of Eliiha X., 40 ; 

Rltcca C, riauu'hter of Julius, 40 : 
H>t<cca, dau^jhtcr of Samuel, 46; 
A'.!»vr<4 D., (.Mrs. Palmer) 47; 
lul:cc<t /,'., dm. of Friuicis W., 47 ; 
(Mrs. Snow) 50 ; dau. of Etra, 52. 
BoUos, RiJ, son of Ezra, 3<!. 

Hot, son of OoMr.iian, 57. 

Jitiiben y., soii ol isaiah, 23; Hcttben 
C, son of .fo-.cph, 2.1 ; Rniltn, son of 
Isaac, 4S ; son of Ehenc/.er, 50 ; son 
of llosea, 50 ; .^i n of B.nj.-.min, 52 ; 
ton of Ira, 55; ^on of Asa, M', ; son 
of Thomas, 36 ; son of Keiihcn, 56. 

IiJi<x!a, dau. of Keuben, 56 ; of, 

Rkluird, son of Enoch, 37; nii;hi'n! F., 
son of Matthov, 2,< ; Dr. IxUluuU il., 
son of l\icl ard, 3S ; liickard .1., son 
of R. M., 3S; son of Sanjiiel, 51; 
jiichard E., son of Keuben, 52. 

Kobcrt, son of .Martin, 13; liolxrt JP., 
son of Savory A., 49. 

Robinson, sou of Amos, 10; son of 
Simeon, 19; Hobinsou G., son of 
John, 20; son of Elijah, 35. 

ilosella, (Mrs. Bourne) 16. 

Koswcll, sou of William, 41. 

Koxana C, d.iu. of Samuel P., 44. 

Unby, son of Wiiliam, 42. 

Uufus S., son of Joshua, 51. 

Ivuth, (.Mrs. Snow) 56. 
■>-. Sat'.u, (.Mrs. Scoti) 35 ; Sallv R., (Mrs. 
Ilurlbut) 20; Sally Au'n, dau. of 
Richard, 33. 

Salome, diiii.'hter of Nicholas, 57. 

Saiii'Ml, son of Joseph, 1, 12, 13, 43 ; of 
Joh.i, 3, 14, 13,21,43; of Joshua, 
39; cf Samuel, 47, 51 ; of Jesse, 54; 
of Solomon, 57; Snnnd A., son of 
Augustus, 29 ; Sivuud H., son of 
Benjamin, 30; Samuel U , son of 
Jesse N., 31 ; Hoinnel p., son of 
Ebenezcr, 44; of William, 43. 

Sarah, dau. of Joseph, 1, 12; (Mi-s. 
Canlkins) 12; (Mrs. Chappoll) 12; 
(Mrs. Cir^en) 13; (Mrs. Watsc.n) 
16; (Mrs. Jones) 17; (.Mrs. Lewis) 
17; dau. of James S., 20; dau. of 
Amos, 21; (Mrs. Peitibonel 3; 
Sirah a., dan. or Ebjab, 23 ; darah 
A'., da.!, of Jesse N., 31 ; Siia/i IV'., 
(Mrs. Coste) .52 ; Scruh, (Mrs. Nich- 
ols) 32 ; Sarafi A'., (Mrs. Nathan H. 
BoUes) 33 ; Scieah, dau. of Eiiakim, 
35 ; of Jofhua, 39 ; of Ezra, 39 ; 
Sarah I'"., dan. of Horatio, 41 ; 
Sarah (Mrs. Rojrers) 43 ; S-jnJ^ M., 
dau. of Samuel 1'., 44 ; Smth. dan. 
of Andrew, 45 ; of Isaac, 43 ; of 
John, 56 ; (Mrs Edwards). JO; dau. 
of Nathai;, 35; of Warren, 54; of 
Reubfn, 5G; of Frcemau, 57 ; 6'ara/i 
S., (Mrs. Fe!<.h) 53 ; .SVa'i £., (Mrs. 
Thayer) 49 ; Sar'jh I,'., dniiiihtcr of 
Barney, 55 ; Scraii B., dau. of John 
N.,49;»A J.,(Mrs. R.-.ndall) 51 : 
(Mrs. Bahf-r) 54: Sardi /,'., dan. of 
Samuel \V., 52; Sarah T., (Mrs. 
Potter) 32 ; Sarah J., Mrs. Haiail- 
tOD, 52. 

SncoTij, son of Ebcnezer, 49. 

Seth, son of Calvin, 17. 

SuELDOx £., son of Elias, 42. 

S:a9, Kev., sci. of John, 57. 

.'iilas, son of Henry B., 54. 

Simeon A., son of Robinson, 18; 
Simeon, son of Calvin, 17; son of 
John, 53 ; of Simeon, 53. 

SoLO.HOS T., son of Elias, 42; SoLO- 
Mox, iion of William, 42 ; soa of 
Joseph, 51 ; Snlamon E., son of 
Samuel, 51 ; son of Jona'han, 57. 

SovuiA, (Mrs. Cone) 40; (ilrs. Grjen) 

Bollcs, Sophronin W., d.-\u. of Rich.ard E., 52. 
Stki'Iies, son of John R., 14 ; Ste- 
/ihtii, son of Sitriuel, 15; son of 
Sti'pben, 16; son of, 13; 
son of Daniel, 13 ; .S'-y /ini <J., son of 
Edmund, 42 ; son of Siephen G., 42 ; 
Sltjihcii, son of John. 46, 54. 
Susan, dau. of Stephen, IC; Su-'art 
ICIiza, dau. of Rev. M.. 27 ; Susan 
I M., (.Mis. Spauldimr) 23; Su.i-Mi, 

I (.Mrs. Dr. S:im,-on)29: (Mr.;. Cul- 

i vcr) 38; Susvi il., (.\irs. Gwian) 

I 44 ; Snsiin A., d:iu. ol Albert, 42. 

• Stininna, dau. of David, 25 ; (Mrs. 

I Lyon) 47. 

j Sijiiilia, dau. of Luke, 53. 

■^ytva, dan. of Julius, 4'J ; Sylvia M., 
I dau. of Williim, 45; S^i'jia, (Mrs. 

j l'urrin<jtoii) 51. 

I Taber, son of Ezra, 52. 

Taylor, son of Charles E., 32. 
Thankful, dau. of Jo^cpii. 12, 14; 
(Mrs. Starkle) 53: dau. of Thomas, 

36 ; (Rev. Mrs. Nathaniel B.) 57. 
Theodore W., son of Joim, 56. 
Theron H., son of Lli^ha T., 40. 
Thomas, son of Joseph, 1,5, 17; son 

of Johu, 3, 17 ; son of Stephen, 17 ; 
of Geo. W., 13 ; Thomas P.. son of 
Elijah, 23; 27.o's A'., son of Nathan, 

37 ; Thoma.", son of Jonathan, 56 ; 
son of Asa, 56. 

Timotliy Di.";, son of Jolin A., 23; 
Timothy, son of Solomon, 57. 

Tompkins, son of Eiias, 41. 

Wallis B., son of Jason R., 57. 

Walter P., son of Jesse N.,36 ; Walter 
B., son of John N., 49 ; Wslter A., 
ton of Richard, 51 ; Walter J., son 
of Benjamin, 54. 

Warren, son of Daniel, 54. 

Watson, son of Rosiveil, 41. 

Wcatthy, (.Mrs. Run.Ull) 52. 

Williarn G., son of Eben., 13 ; Wm. 
i'., son of Tied. D., 16: Wm., son 
of Stephen, 16, Wm. K., son of 
Isaiah. 23; V>'m. II., son of John, 
20 ; Wm. M., son of David C, 23 ; 
Wm. C, son of Rev. Lucius, 29; 
Wm., son of Benj., 30 ; Wm. C, 
son of Abiel, 32 ; Wm. A., son of 
Jesse, 33 ; Wm. C, son of Edwa-^, 
34 ; Wm. T., son of Eliakim L., 36 ; 
Wm. C, son of Ezra, 36; V.'m. W., 
son of Wm., 37 ; Wm., son of E.ra, 
39; Wm. A., sen of Elisha T., 40 ; 
Wm. S., sen of Julius, 40 ; Wm., 
son of Eosweli, 4' ; Wm-, son of 
Wm., 41 ; Wm. M., son of James 
H.,42; Wm., son of IKickiuh, 43: 
Wni., son of Ebeu., 43, .io ; Wra., 
son of Joseph, 51 ; Wai. II., son of 
Ezra, 52 ; Wra. D., son of Amjs, 
34 ; Wm. II., son of John, 55 ; Wm , 
son of Joua., 57 ; ^^ m., son of Laiah, 
37 ; Wra. B., son of Nathan, 37 ; 
Wm. E., son of David 40 ; Wui., 
son of GuidoTi. .40; Wm., son of 
Josbu.1^41 ; Wm. W., son of Hora- 
tio, 41 ; Wra. J., son of Elias, 42; 
Wm. J., so'i of Edmund, 42 : Wm. 
P., son of M'm., 43 ; \\ in. VV., son 
of Wm., 43 ; Wm. A , son of Wm., 
50; AVm. £., son of Prince, 51; 
Wm. G., sou of Richard E., 52 ; 
Wm. A., son of Benj., 54 ; Wm., 
son of I'.euben, '6. 

Zebadi.ah, son of Thomas, 21. 

/.ilpa C, (.Mr... Scl.ioii) 42. 

Zipporah, (.Mrs. Whij tie) 3, 22 : dan. 
of Joseph B., 12 ; (.Mrs. Minard)44. 

Zarah, (.Mrs. Hillcr) 43. 
Bowles, Dei lumia, and Bowleses of Boxbary, 
See., 13. • 




Unwlin, Mrs. (MolIrB.) 52. | 

(Jurncy, Mrs. (DoIIv B.) 50. 

Powers, Mrs. (Patty B.) 13. 

Unullcv, .Mrs. (Cathtrino J. B.) 42. | 

Gwiuu, " (Susan H. B.) 44. 

Pratt, " (Jemima B.> IJ. 

Bri-s^; .Mri. (M;iry \V. 13.) 5:> | 

Purriiigtco, •• (Sylvia) 51. 

Brown, Mrs. (N.iiu-yB.) 12; (LjJii B.) 43 ; i 


(l;et^ev 11.) 52. 1 

Hall, Mrs. (Mary \ ) 32. 


Bnfk, Mrs." (.Man- U.) 41 ; (Kunicc M. B.) 42. 1 

Ualsey,.Mrs. Cylia J.) 24 ; (Harriet E. B.) 37. 

Qiiimby, 5Irs. ^Belinda B.) 55. 

Bucklcv, Mrs. (1) iniaris B.) 30. 1 

Hamilton. r>ir-; (Sarah J.) 52. 

Ba:ii»toa,I. .Mrs. (Lucia B.) 29. 

Ilammonii, " ( Deljorali B.) 52. 


Banjap, Mrs. (Cvniamlio B.) 24. 

Handy, " (.\nna B.) 50. 

Randall, Mr^. (Desire) 50; (Sarah A.) 


Burns, .Mrs. (Ma'ry F. U.) 43. 

Harriii^-ton, " (Fanny B.) 10. 

(Lo-sB.) 51; (Wealthy 


Buxton, Mrs. (Mary B.) 55. 

Uathawav, " (Mar-,-«re') 4fi ; (Lydia A.) 49. 

Records, " (,Toanm) 56. 

Heath, ' " (An-elina U.) 42. 

Kedliidd, " (Constance; 36. 


Hildreth, " dau. of Nailianiel B., 55. 

Kicliariis, " (Juliana) 14; (Lydia) 22. 

Cai-pcnicr, Mrs. (M.irv A. B.) IS. 

HiUer, " (Zura B.) 4ii. 

Uiohardson, Mrs. (Dcliveraucc/SO. 

Ci-se, Mi^-. (.Marv A. B.) 14. 

Hinckley, " (Lucv .M.) 43. 

King, Mrs. (ElizaJ 32. 

Caulfcins, Mni. {Sarah B.) 12. i 

Holmes, " (Mary A.) 44. 

Roberts, " (.Mary T.) 32. 

CUaJiiourm-, Mr.-, (ilaa. ol'Josepii B.) 1. : 

Honas, " (Anna L.) 50. 

Robinson, " (Mary) 39. 

Chapman, Mrs. (.Juha B.) 14. i 

Howard, " (Eunice B.) 12. 

Rogers, " (Joseph B.J 12 ; (Abigad) 


Chappcll, Mrs. ( I'liu's B.) 5 ; (Sarah B.) 12. 

Huirlies, " (Catherine B.) 13. 

(Hannah) 38; (Sarah) 


Chattercon, .Mrs. ll'.nuW .M. B.) 5.i. 

Huntlev, " (Fr.ances E.) 39. 

(Elizabeth) 45. 

Chillis, ^:r;. {.Matihla B ) 2'J. 

Hurd, ' " (.Mary 1'.) 42. 

Root, " (Harriet) 41. 

Clapp, Mrs. (Julia F. B.) 3G. ; 

Hurlhut, " (Sally H.) 20; (.Margaret) 21. 

Rouuseville, Mrs. (Betsey) 52. 

Clurkc, Mrs. (EWza. B.) 23 ; (Caroiine M. B.) 

26; Esther B.) yo; (.M.irv 1). B.) 31 ; 



(.Martha B.) 55. 

Jenks, Mrs. (Amelia B.) 24. 

Savory, Mrs. (Deli.-i B.) 49. 

Clay, Mrs. (I'ati.iice B.) 1". 

Johnson. .Mrs. (Eliza B.) 4G. 

Schoti'cid, •' (Harriet N.) 47. 

CUfton, Mrs. (DuSiierance B.) 56. 

Jones, Mrs. (Sarah B.) 17 ; (Esther B.) 22, 57. 

Scott, " (Sally B.) 55. 

Oiac, Mrs. (.Jeinio\3 B.) 12. 

Sc'ibiiry, " (.Marv A.) 50. 

Cobleizh. Mrs. (Cviithia M. B.) 55. 


Selden, " (Zilpah) 42. 

Coit, Mrs. (N'an^v'M. B.) 33. 

Kcnney, Mrs. (Polly E.) 13; (Prudence) 53; 

Sergeant, " (Mary) 40. 

Coll.y, Mrs. (Laiir.j B.) 55. 

(Jane B.) 54. 

Se.Kton, " (Eliza J. B.) 34. 

Coue, Mrs. (Sophia B.) 40. 

Kirkland, .Mrs. (Lvdia B.) 23. 

Shaw, " (Urusilla) 49. 

Coste, Mrs. (Sarah \V. B.) 32. 

Kniphi, Mrs. (Abby F.) 3J. 

Sill, " (Almira B.l 40. 


Crane, .Mrs. (.M.trvE. B.^Jii; (Elvira B.) 53. 

Krebs, Mrs. (Annie S.) 23. 

Sims, " (.Martha J.) 44. 


Cross, ilrs. (ChloV B ) 55. 

Smith, " (Amy) 12; (MancyJ 21; 


Cronch, Mrs. (Clirisiiana B.) 45. 


rlssa) 39 ; (Elizabeth) 4' 

Culver, Mrs. (Susan B.) SH. 

Langworthy, Mrs. (Anna B.) 12. • 

Snow, " (Rebecca H.) 50 ; (.Mercy 


Curtis, Mrs. (Haunah and Asenath B ) 48. 

Lcavitt, ' " (Lois B.) 32. 

(Ruth) 50. 

, Cashing, Mrs. (Jo.'.iina B.J 52. 

I^-ster, " ( Abigail B. ) 39. 

Sonthma;-d, Mrs. (Jane M.) 42. 
SpauIJing, " (Susan M.) 23. 

Lewis, " (Sarah B.) 17; (Julia A. 


B.l 25; (n.irriet B.) 57. 

Starkie, Mrs. (Thankful) 55. 

Daggett, Mrs. (Hannah B.) 30. 

Lobra, Mrs. (Ahi-;iil B.l 52. 

Starr, " (Lydia) 14. 

Dana, Mrs. (Kliz.i A. B.) 31. 

Locke, " (Eliza Boiles) 1. 

Stedman, " (Elizabeth) 37. 

Daniels, .Mrs. ( W. B.) 35. 

Loudon, " (Hannah W. B.) 25. 

Stevens, " (Maria) 19. 

Darrow, Mrs. (Mary B.) 47., " (Joanna B.) 39. 

Stewart, " (Julia M.) 44. 

Delamo.'e, Miriam. (Mrs. John B.) 14. 

Lyon, " (Susanna B ) 47. 

Sticknev, " (.Vlarv) 16. 

Destin, .Marv M. (.Mrs. Ch's B.) 13. 

Slim.son. " (.Mary A.) 23 ; (Susan) 29. i 

Dowcv, .Mrs. (I'oHv B.) 13. 


Stoekwell, " (Marv) 37. 


Dodge, Mrs. (E'.iza B ) 55. 

Mason, Mrs. (Damaris E.) 40. 

Stoddard, " (Amy) 20; (Emily) 21 ; 

(Pa- i 

DoccLAS, Mrs. ^Vnna B.) 21. 

McConn, " ( Erancos M. B.) 25. 

tience) 44. 

Dongias, .Mrs. (Elizabeth B.) 32. 

Mead, " (.Mary B ) 40. 

Summers. " (Abiirail) 39. 

Dow, Elizahcth, (.Mrs. Ja.l^e B.) 25. 

Meeker, " ( Henriotla A. B.) 36. 

Eweetingbam, Mrs. (.Mary'; 45. 

Dow, .Mrs. (Hannah B.) 31. 

Mendell, " (.ledida B.) 52. 

Swift, Mrs. (LucindaJ 34! 

Dowle, Mrs. (Caroiiue B.) 56. 

Mickle, " (Harriet B. B.| 16. 

Drake, Mrs. (Eliza A. B.; 49. 

Minard, " (Zipporah B.) 44. 


Dyer, Mary, (.Mrs. Samuel B.) 1, 4S. 

Minor or Minar. (See Minard.) 

Taylor, Mrs. (Nnncv B.| 37. 

MontJigue, Mrs. (.\bi_'ail S. B.) 38. 

Thaver, " (Sar.ih E. B.) 49. 


Morns, " (Joanna B.) 18. 

TibbitLs, " (Harriet B.l 55. 

Kastcrly, Mrs. Olive A., 24. 

Tingicv, ■• (E'.i^ah..Lh .M. B.) 46. 

Edjeco'nib, Sarah, Mrs. Joiin B., 8. 


Turner, " (Lucy B.) IS ; (Patience B 


Kdwaids, Mrs. Julia A., 35 ; Sa.-ah, 50. 

Newton, .Mrs. (Mary J. B.) 53. 

Ellis, Mrs. ilolly, 52. 

Nichols, M'S. Judje, (Sarah B.) 32. 


Nickerson, Mrs. (Anna L. B.) 50. 

Van Bcnthaysen, Mrs. (Jemima B ) 24. 



Norwood,' " (Phehe B.) 55. 

Fearing, Mrs. Ahieail B., 50. 

Nutting, " (Eaieline B.) 53. 


Felch, " Sarah S. B., 53. 

Wallace, Mrs. (Reberca B.) 24. 

Fields, " Lovisa B., 53. 


Ward, " (FaonvB.)37. 

Fiske, " A'r..ira B., 31. 

Olcolt, Mrs. (M.'irgaret B.J 30. 

Watson, " (S.'.raii B.) 16. 

Fiskc, " Lfluisa B., 53. 

Webster, " (.\une B.) 31. 

Force, " Mirv B., 23. 


Wells, " (Augusta B.) M. 

Foszatc, " Cl.arlottc E. B., 54. 

Paddock, Mrs. (Caroline M.) 28; Rebecca 

West, •• (Lvdia A. B. ) 51. 

Fox', " Emeline B., 13. 

M.) 33. 

Wheat, " (.Marv B.) 41. 

Fro5t, " .MaryB., 1. 

Palmer, " (Rebecca D.) 47. 

Wheeler, " (.Merry B.) 43. 

Froihint;! am. Mr=. ^'.aoini B.,33. 

Parker, " (Caroline) 57. 

Whitcomb, " (Lovi,-a B ) 33. 

FaUer, Mrs. U.irriet L. B., 35. 

Pavne, " (Ellen .M.) 26. - 

Will'ur, " (Laura B.) 53. 

Peabody, " (.Jenisha P.) 27. 

Wilkinson," (.\manda B.) 40. 


Peck, " (Maria L.) 56. 

Willes, " (Eliza B.) 33. 

i .Tiotftt, Mrs. (Margaret C. B.) 45. 

Pendleton, " ( Hannah) M). 

Williams, " (.Marv B.) 21 ; (Betsev B. 


iCitci " (Hannah B.) 15. 

Peters, " (.Marietta) 24. 

(Delight and JoaunaB.) 43. 1 

;C;-.boi " (Charitv B.) 52. 

Pettibonc, " (Sarah) 30. 

Winslow, " (Nancy B.) .57. 

ii»y«<>T» <• (Sarah'B.) 13; (Sopliia B.) 49. 

Phillips, " (Lvdiu|54. 

Wowl, " (Lucv S. B.) 53. 

WTO fnirj Mrs. (.Marv A. B.) 52. 

Pickett, " (Hannah; 20; (Prudence) 20. 

Woods, " (Hannah B.) 13. 

urejory, " (Eraiiv B.) 40. 

Pomcror, " (Elizabeth 14.) 13. 

Work, ■• (MardaB.)26. 

Grifith, " (UarrictB.)40. 

Potter, ■ " (Sarah T.j C2.